Review by shags2dope78

Reviewed: 08/03/06

Great single player story but with very bad online play

I have been following this game for some time and once I played the demo, I realized that the story in the game was awesome. It has a very addicting story when you are playing single player. For those who are not very good at FPS games, you are in luck because once you get to a point very early in this game, it makes it impossible for you to die. Which some players will think is stupid because it takes out the skill needed, but you won't have to restart the level, you basically spawn right to the point where you died.

The single player has 22 levels, some that go by very fast and others take time. Overall, the game goes by pretty fast, at least it did for me. The game has many cool things to do in it, for example walking on walls and upside down, and also has a lot of small puzzles in it that can be hard to get at first, but once you realize what you have to do, it makes a lot more sense and makes you feel pretty much stupid. Basically, the story is that you and the love of your life along with many others are captured by aliens and the story is focused on an alien ship. You go through the story trying to find your girlfriend with aliens getting in your way. As you advance through the game, you will notice a radio show on earth about what has been happening on the planet. It is pretty funny and cool to listen to it.

When you get to the online play on Xbox Live, the game takes a turn for the worse. The online play is very laggy. When I first started, I was wondering why it was difficult to find any online matches, but after my first game online I realized why. The game is almost impossible to enjoy online with the lag. I have heard about a patch being released to fix this, but have yet to seen it. I do not understand why the developers would even think about releasing a game with online play if the online play is going to be that bad. It's almost as if they never even tested the game online.

Overall, I would say this game is only a rental. You should be able to beat the game within 5 days, if not less. The single player action is great, but falls a little short. The story in the game will have you hooked and the graphics are pretty impressive. If you are looking for a game to play online, I suggest you look elsewhere because this game is lacking in that area.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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