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"Its been a long time since a good FPS was released"

Its been so long since a good sci-fi FPS came out since the Halo series and all I have to say about Prey is WOW!

Graphics~ The graphics are amazing a little better on the PC but if you have a 360 and a somewhat good hi-def tv it will work just as fine even if you have a normal old model tv. Back to the graphics they are truly amazing, the enviroments are really neat, real nice hi-tech futuristic alien looking levels, I mean the art to the game is what made the game. I gave the graphics a 10/10

Gameplay~ The gameplay is great with its really amazing ideas like the gravity effects. The thing that really lured me was the warp portals they were really a nice idea to put that into the levels so you can use they for doing various tasks on the storyline missions. The controls have a nice feel to them and if you don't like it you can customize your controls to a certain layout that fits you best. Another feature I like is that there is no HUD its just a mini tommy on the screen that shows you your health and your spirit mode health. The Fighting system is amazing not only can you kill your foes with a wrench and crazy alien weapons of your choice you can switch to a new mode called spirit walk when in spirit walk you leave your body to do various tasks that your human body can not do for example in the game you will see alot off doors sealed off from a force field now you can't go through it unless you use spirit walk to go and then press a button to take down the force field. Or you can kill your foes with it too. I gave the Gameplay a 10/10

Storyline~ I enjoyed the story alot because of the facts that it is not a really complex story but still good as they kept it simple. Its about a man named Tommy and he has a girlfriend who owns a bar and Tommy is a Indian who does not believe in his religion and is always not wanting to believe in it and is cracking jokes to his grandfather about their faith who is pushing him to start believing his faith. So one night at the bar hostile aliens attack earth and while abducting all the humans they take Tommy, Jen (Tommy's girl) and his grandfather on an hugh alien ship where Tommy has to fight to save himself the earth and his two loved ones. I gave the story a 8/10

Online~ Is horrible its always lagging and what not. I gave online a 5/10

So I hope all you gamers out there will enjoy this review as much as I enjoyed Prey and encourag all you people out there who want to buy this game. In just a last few words this game has some nice replay value like once you beat the game on normal mode you get to play over but this time around there is arcade machines in Jen's bar you play game like Blackjack,Poker face,and a Pac-man type game. If you beat this game on normal mode you unlock concept art 1 and if you beat it on hard mode you unlock concept art 2, these concept arts just show you renderings of the game. In my opinion this game is worth the $60.00.
Its a good fun game to pick up and really get into it real fast also its really easy to get the achivement points for it all you have to do is play the story and you get a lot of points then the easy online ones are not too hard.

Overall I rate this game a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/06

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