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"A simple Doom 3 clone that can't stand up to the real thing"

Okay, stop. I just wanted to say that like in my previous reviews, I have said this before. Great designs are often copied and the copycats are never as good as the originals. Killzone copied Halo and it turned out to be a decent game, Terminator 3 War of the machines copied Battlefield and that was a disaster. However, this time around, it was Doom 3 that was their next target. Prey strives to be all the glory that Doom 3 was and there's a history lesson behind it. First announced ten years ago by 3D realms, (the same people who brought you Duke Nukem) Prey was soon shoved in the back seat because 3D Realms wanted to work on Duke Nukem forever, which still is yet to be released. However, it was announced again a few years ago with a new publisher and soon made its way onto the next-gen systems. Prey strives to be a Doom 3 but fails miserably. However, that dosen't mean that's it's terrible, it's just an average game and nothing more.

The story revolves around a man named Tommy who is a Cherokee Indian and who also wants nothing to do with his heritage. He lives on a forgotten reservation with his grandfather who is the only link to his bloodline. He wants to get out and see the world but wants his girlfriend whose name is Jen to come with him. However, she likes life on the reservation and dosen't want to leave…go figure. Anyways, one night, there are reports of strange lights in the sky that cause mass panic. The Alien ship attacks the reservation and wants the people only for food. Tommy is captured along with his grandfather and Jen. He witnesses the death of his grandfather and wants revenge, and to get his girl back. This is a very uninteresting story with uninteresting characters if you ask me.

Graphics- 8/10
Take the Doom 3 graphics engine and make it a little better and you've got the graphics on Prey. Its still looks a little sharper but everything from the character models, to the environments to the special effects to the lighting effects look so similar to Doom 3 that I just assumed that they used the Doom 3 graphics engine. There's also some framerate slowdown which is something Doom 3 never had. Still, the game does look nice and the special effects are cool enough but this game still looks like an Xbox game, not an Xbox 360 game.

Sound- 7/10
The sound is decent enough. The voice acting is good, the sound effects in the environments are good, but the music isn't that great. In fact, I can't tell if there was any music. The sound effects are yet another way that Prey tries to mimic Doom 3. Doom 3 had some creepy sound effects that made me jump so many times I lost count within the first fifteen minute. The sound effects in Prey however, are not so creepy, they just gross me out. If you ask me, this is pretty sad.

Gameplay- 7/10
Yet again, this is yet another way that Prey tries to mimic Doom 3. To start off, Doom 3 was a pretty straightforward game but Prey is even more so. All you do is move from point A to point B and kill anything is your way. You may need to flip a switch or something but it dosen't add too much variety into it. Ironically, even the huge amount of weapons adds almost nothing since I could practically beat every level with the basic rifle. The levels are too small, and the designs lack imagination. At least you can carry a gun a flashlight at the same time. Oh, wait, my fault, it's a lighter that only lasts two seconds and takes like twenty to recharge. Plus, you don't even need it.

I do have a few positive points about this game. When you die, you go into the mystic world where you fight condemned souls. You then return to the normal world. That is cool since you practically can't loose. When you go into spirit mode, you can pass through anything and activate a switch to get by something. Furthermore, the controls are pretty good, the camera is good, and the weapons themselves are cool. I also like the gravity effects. Being able to go on a wall, kill a soldier on the ceiling and watch him fall to his death and the real floor is awesome. The portal effects are awesome too. When a portal spawns, you can go from one room to the next, and these portals can be anywhere.

In the end, Prey is a decent enough game but it just wasn't all that it could have been. If it had been released 10 years ago, it would have been revolutionary.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/25/07

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