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Reviewed: 05/23/06

Quake 4- The Worst Frame-Rate Ever Witnessed

Ah yes, Quake 4. The latest in a long running series. But what is this? Single-player focused? Odd for the series. Is it a good thing though? Well read this review, or look at the score, to find out.


Yes, this is a 360 game. Yes, the graphics are stunning. Yes, the lighting affects are superb. And yes there are frame rate issues.

Wait, hold up…

You read correctly, this game has massive frame rate issues. More than 3 people on the screen causes slow down. But the slow downs themselves aren’t that slow, and are over with quite quickly. This means that even though they are common, the fact that it doesn’t affect game play much makes up for it. And you know what the odd thing is? This only happens in single player. Never online, and I mean that. You would expect that the online part would lag and have frame rate issues, but no, not here. And this is a great thing because with live competition, you need to be at your best.

So in summary, the graphics are everything you’d expect from the 360, just with some frame rate issues. Other than that, though, they’re great.



Now, let me start out with how the sound succeeds; The voice acting. The voice acting in this game is just so great. There must be over 100 characters for you to interact with, and each sounds unique. Sure, the dialogue isn’t the best, but the actors do great.

The gunshots are also well done. Well done, but nothing to raise the score. But you do have to give them credit; they invented all of these guns themselves. (The game is set in the future)

And the back round music, wait, there is none. Just ambiances. This may set the scene in the dark buildings, but while outside, it’s just boring. Really gets to you.


Game play:

One word: Fun

The game play in this game is solid. Very fun with little flaws. Even though it’s a first person shooter, it somehow makes the experience fresh. Maybe it’s the setting of the game, or the weapons. I have no clue. I just know that the game play kicks ass.

For one, you have your standard single player campaign. And because it’s a PC port, it uses the PC style of saving: Checkpoints. Whenever you get a checkpoint, it saves. Not something that you go back to after death, but something you can go back to when you play the game again. Though it may sound simple, it’s very convenient and player friendly. The ability to manually save anywhere is great too. The game is also challenging as an added bonus.

Now for the multiplayer, which has a big bummer. There is no split screen play. It’s either on Live or with two connected 360s. This really makes it inaccessible during get-togethers. But like I said, you can still play on Live or with two 360s. And though I have yet to play with 2 360s, I can say that Live is a blast. As mentioned before, there is no lag. The game is also very action packed, and the maps are somewhat small. This guarantees plenty of fighting, and no looking for your opponents.

So this game has tons of action for the FPS fan, and a long enough length to keep the hardcore coming back for a long time.



Now this game is Live-enabled, so if you have an account, you’ll be playing this one for a long time, but if you don’t, you’ll finish it up in a week or two. You can replay the single player on harder difficulties, but it won’t keep your interest that much.

Note: I’m rating this from the perspective of someone with Live.


Rent or Buy:

I’d say buy. Even if you don’t have Live, the game is pretty long. But if you don’t have much else to do, you might be able to finish it in the 7 day rent time. So it all depends on how much you play games. I think most people will have a slower pace, so I’ll say…



FPS games are never really hailed for their stories, but this game does alright. Gives you reasons for doing the missions, but makes you want to get to the end just to stick it to the enemy.


Closing Comments:

I loved this game, what can I say. It delivered everything that is to be expected. (Except split screen multiplayer.) It also came with a making-of disc that has bonus game on it. (Quake 2) So that was a nice treat.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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