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"Doom 3...on crack"

When I first got this game I absolutely hated it. The opening cut scene is disordered and uninteresting, and leaves you in a state of confusion. At the end of the scene the frame rate starts to get choppy, and then when you start to play, they just sort of throw you in and expect you to know what's going on. After these opening experiences, I could tell I had a mediocre game to look forward to.

GRAPHICS: 5/10 The graphics are bad. Surfaces are very poorly detailed when you get up close; even from far away they usually look pretty blurry and undefined. Every now and then you'll see some nice shadows or some shiny, good looking wall patterns with an okay amount of details. But it seemed as though they were just beefed up in certain areas, to look especially nice. Most of the time, however, they're just plain mediocre. In comparison, I've seen Xbox games that had just about the same graphics. Take Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for instance, it had really good graphics for the Xbox and yet Quake 4 can barely top those graphics. I definitely wouldn't consider them a whole lot better. Overall, for an Xbox 360 game there should have been a lot better graphics.

SOUND: 6/10 The sound is pretty good. The sound effects and gunfire sounded alright. There's not much to complain about except when you fight certain enemies (mainly bosses) they use the same battle cry/noise every time they attack or get attacked. It gets really annoying when you're fighting a difficult boss and he keeps yelling out the same thing over and over, especially since it takes a while to kill some of them. When they shoot grenades at you and one explodes next to you, it mutes the sound for a moment. I really liked this feature because it adds to the game's realism factor. An additional sound problem was when characters are talking to you in person-It's really hard to hear what they're saying; you have to turn your volume way up.

GAME PLAY: 4/10 To put it simply, there's a lot of shooting. The frame rate slows down a lot when there's a big battle going on with a bunch of enemies. About half way through the game the frame rate starts to get incredibly bad. In the really tough battles, the game play can just be horrendous. Having a choppy frame rate does not help. Imagine fighting an extremely large amount of enemies, in a small room, while your screen is all blurry, moving back and forth (this is an effect of an attack one of the enemies does). Now at the same time imagine hearing the same annoying warping sound the enemies use while disappearing and re-appearing right in from of you. Finally, because you were blinded and deafened to immobility, they kill you from massive amounts of rockets shot directly at your head. Now that's the game in a nutshell.

WEAPONS: 9/10 Ah yes, my favorite part of the game, and there's really not too much about this game I can say I liked. The shotgun, however, is definitely something I did enjoy. It's no doubt the best weapon in the game. Not damage-wise, but fun-wise. When you shoot an enemy, he goes flying. And I don't mean just a couple feet, I mean you ****ing blow his ass 10-15 ft away. It also holds 8-10 rounds, so unlike the super-weapons you can use it for a while without reloading. What surprised me about the weapons was that one of the first weapons you get is one of the best weapons though-out the game. Plus it gets upgraded, later in the game, so it gets even better.

CONTROLS: 7/10 The controls are pretty solid. However, when you're in the middle of a fire-fight, and you need to change weapons, it's hard to navigate to the correct weapon using the D-pad. It can be annoying at times and it gets dangerous in the harder levels.

REPLAY VALUE: 2/10 A combination of bad graphics, time-consuming load/save times, and repetitive game play makes this a one shot deal. Even if you just want this game for achievement points, the achievement point system is spread out. In other words, you can't just beat the campaign on General and expect to get all 1,000 points. You have to play the boring multiplayer and Quake 2 from the Bonus disc to get a handful of the Achievement points and some of them are ridiculous.

Rent or Buy? Neither, I'd stay away from this game all together. However, if you insist on playing it, rent it. The single player is short and the multiplayer sucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/21/06

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