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"The rating would've been higher if ID just spent more time on this and ironed out some problems."

Quake ... the brother of Doom. Now that it is on the Xbox 360 it has to be perfect, right? WRONG!

Gameplay: 7/10

The guns and shooting in this game are well made and have different uses. An example would be you wouldn't use a Shotgun if an enemy is far away or the Railgun if an enemy is close. Yet, out of no where sometimes, the frame-rate lags up a bit..sorry, I mean a lot! It gets so lagged it sometimes probably runs less than 20 frames per second (The more frames, the better it runs)! You get helpful marines most of the time. Some are technicians or medics. The technicians heal your armor and the medics heal your health. Just press the Use button while your marines are out of combat and they will aid you. All in all the gameplay was good, but instead of having a button that centers your vertical view , have a darn melee attack! Why do your fellow marines melee enemies and you can't! On a good note, you can make the controls whatever you want, but when they aren't on the default setting, you cant press the Back button and see the objectives or use the control pad to select a weapon.

Story: 7.5/10

A lone marine has assassinated the Strogg (the aliens that you fight) leader. You are Matthew Kane, Corporal of Rhino Squad. You and fellow marines are now taking the war to the Strogg home world and vie to destroy the Nexus, which harvests Strogg corpses for use. Without it, the Strogg would be in disarray. Yet after about one third of the game, you get turned into a Strogg. Yes, it is all in first person view. Luckily your marines save you before you get brainwashed, which if you were you would forget that the marines are an ally and you would fight for the Strogg. It would have gotten a 10/10 if it just had come out earlier. Games like Halo have plots very similar to this.

Multiplayer: 6/10

There is Xbox Live and System Link.... but where is the Split Screen? I can't just have a 1 on 1 match without buying a link and another Xbox 360? What a rip off. The multiplayer comes with a couple of weapons that weren't in the game, but that is just about all you can look forward too. A little more effort would be nice.

Graphics: 8.5/10

The visuals are great. The guns are shiny and the humans are modelled perfectly.
Yet with the power of the Xbox 360, why are there so many load times? They are about 20 seconds or less, yet you get this load time when loading a game, dying, making a multiplayer match, and completing a level. That frame-rate issue shouldn't even be present with the Xbox 360. There are games on on the Xbox like Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 that have similar visuals, but a better frame-rate, Ouch.

Sound: 9/10

When you fight through countless Strogg numbers, you don't really pay attention to the music. But the voice acting is superb. From the first line "Haul *** or die!", to the last line of "Kane, we have another mission for you", you wont need to mute your T.V. at all. ID really outdone themselves, but that is a good thing.

Final Rating: Rent, Buy, or Stay Away? I recommend renting it, but...

Buy it if you can sit through load times and HAVE Xbox Live.

Rent it you must have a perfect frame-rate, hate load times, and DON'T have Xbox Live

Stay Away if you hate first person shooters, but then why would you be reading this review if you did?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/06

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