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""A First Person Shooter that we can all praise""

Quake 4 for the Xbox 360 is a first person shooter that is mostly the same engine used in doom 3 and previous quake titles. The game is a major improvement from quake 2 and quake 3 in the graphics and gameplay department. Although there are some down sides to the game, it's still the best first person shooter for the Xbox 360.

The graphics in Quake 4 can only be described with one word, Incredible. The character models look great and the various buildings and terrain areas that you explore all have the same great detail as the character models do. The one thing that stuck out in my mind was how much detail was put into the guns and vehicles. In some first person shooters, the guns and transport vehicles are not as solid as the character models or the various areas that you explore, but Quake 4 changes that in every way. The visuals and effects in the game are great. From when you see a soldier being blasted with the lightning gun to when the main character Mathew Kane is being turned into a Strogg.

The gameplay is mostly the same as doom and the previous quake titles, but there are a few new features that improve the game a lot. For starters there is a squad support. This allows you to venture through various areas and level with the support of a squad that provides cover fire and in some cases they replenish your health and armor. The second thing and sort of mentioned already, but you have some marines throughout the game, whether in your squad or not, that will replenish your health and armor back to its maximum number. You can also ride and drive in various tanks, machine gunners and walkers. It's the first time in a quake game that you can do this. The controls are easy to use and it's the most interesting part about the game.

The game itself is medium in length. It takes on average, but depending on your difficulty level, 6-10 hours to complete. Whether or not you try and get all the achievement points which also have to be completed on the online portion of the game is up to you, but they add more replay value to the game. Some other people have said that they find the game to be lagging in some areas as well as freeze for a few seconds when firing your guns rapidly. I have not encountered any of these problems so I have to say the game runs smoothly as it should.

The storyline follows the marine named Matthew Kane who arrives via a crashed space shuttle and then from there is when he starts to experience hell. As he undergoes various missions for the other marines, he will soon start to learn the ways of the Strogg and just what they are planning. If you have played the other games in the series, you will see old and new enemies and players alike.

The multiplayer version of the game is the same if you have seen or played quake 3 arena. There are a few more game types to play in as well as a few minor enhancers, but for the most part players will be brought back to something similar if they played quake 3 before.

Overall the game earns lots of credit. It definitely deserves a rental if you are not a die hard First Person Shooter fan. If you are one of these players, then this is the game for you. One of the best FPS on the Xbox 360 means you will not walk away from the game unhappy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/31/06

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