Review by ChrisMeister91

"Quake 4, a miracle"

Audio 10/10: Why give this 100%? I'll tell you why, the voice acting in this game is just unbelievable, the guns all have distinct sounds, everything in the audio is perfect. There is no music in the game because all you hear are your guns blazing, and they are nice to hear. Moving on.

Graphics 9/10: Ok, now the framerate is just horrible, when you play and bullets a re blazing out of your machine gun you really notice the choppy framerate, maybe it was because of the jump from pc to 360 that affected it, I don't know. Some animations are a little weird though, like when your teammates climb up the stairs, its not a fluid movement. Other than that the different weapons at your disposal all look great, the levels are ginormous, there is always something new to look at that you haven't seen before. The level detail is awesome, but if you look close, zoom in with your machine gun, and you can see the polygons. Who notices polygons anyway? The lighting effect is just perfect, sometimes you'll find yourself nervous because all-of-a-sudden the lights turn off, great job ID, and Raven.

Gameplay 9/10: Now the only bad thing about the gameplay is the framerate once more, after that its just perfect. This game is a hardcore FPS, also this game is violent, so not advised to people who are against this type of game. Also this game is very, very long, prepare to have no sleep for many days if you want to beat it. Also, no multiplayer without Xbox Live, or system link, so you can't beat your friend on the same console.

Replay Value 10/10: Two words, Xbox Live.

Final Verdict: This game is a must, if you have a 360, or top of the line pc, get this game, it will not disappoint at all. Get Xbox Live, it will show you a different side of Quake 4, though the concept will be the same: aim, shoot, kill, its always fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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