Review by gamerdude611

Reviewed: 03/16/07

Warning!!! Doom 3 Comparisons ahead!!!

I am going to warn you: I will be making comparisons to Doom 3 in this review.

Game play: 7/10

Remember when you bought your shiny brand new copy of Doom 3, and when you started shooting space monsters and zombies you were thinking “Oh man, this is cool!”? Well, Quake 4 is like that… while infused with adrenaline. With Doom 3, you are stranded alone on a space station fending for yourself. In Quake, it drops you right in the middle of a war zone between the Strogg and the Human Race. Instead of blasting scary monsters in the dark alone, you will be doing it with some squad mates!

This game does a real good job of making you feel like you are actually there in the war zone. When a giant enemy Strogg member comes along and rips one of your squad mates apart, at times you actually feel like you are actually seeing a person dies. Combine this with some (hardly) next gen graphics, and superior sound effects, and you’ve got yourself a heart pounding game that trumps Doom 3 in atmosphere.

Controls: 8/10

When the 360 controller was released, I found that it was more conforatable in your hands, especially in intense first person shooter games. The left and right bumpers also make life easier. In the game, you use the X and Y buttons to switch weapons, but what really shines is that if you press the Left Bumper, then you automatically switch to a weapon with a flashlight (Lets see Doom 3 come up with this).

The controls are fluent and smooth, and I rarely found myself stuck with the controls. However, the crouch button being mapped to the left thumbstick occasionally gets on your nerves.

Sound: 9/10

Quake 4 is one of the best sounding game I have ever played. Explosions, gunfire, Strogg battle cries, and the sound of your squad mates screaming combine together to give you one of the most cinematic experiences you will probably feel in a Sci-Fi game. The sound of your squad mates screaming on the radio when they get wiped out adds a tension that adds to the creepy atmosphere (combined with the dark alleyways). Aside from some war games, Quake 4 has some of the best sound effects I have ever heard.

Graphics: 7/10

I am not going to bash this game that hard because it has been a year since the 360 launch, and graphics have been improved (Gears of War), but I do have one complaint: If you have been working on this game for a while, trying to make a good impression for the 360 on launch, why give the game graphics that are slightly better than the original X Box? Put this game side by side next to Doom 3, and you will hardly see a difference.

Lag also makes this game suffer. Shoot some grenades in a room full of baddies and your game will slow down like molasses. This lag gets more fustrating as you get deeper into the game, when you get more explosive weapons, and the enemies are harder and bigger.

However, for a launch game, the graphics are impressive. The character models are better than most games on the X Box, and the textures are nice and shinny. For a launch game, the graphics deliver. It’s a shame that later games make this game look like crap…

Online: 4/10

Wow… This game’s online mode flat out sucks. The game looks horrible online, and your character’s speed is so fast, its hard to aim weapons and fall off ledges. You move so fast, you oftentimes run past your enemy and not even notice it. The matchmaking is alright, but the player lobbies suck, and after a game, you are kicked from the server, and you have to track down the people you just played with.

It is pretty sad, that after 1 year, the lobbies are deserted. I waited 10 minutes for a game, and the biggest game I could find was with 3 people.

Final Score: 7/10

I am not saying that this game is horrible; it’s a pretty solid game. I am just saying that some flaws prevent this game from becoming great. Buy it if you want a great Sci-Fi experience. If you want a truly amazing game, then spend your money elsewhere.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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