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"My first 360 game, but not the best."

This is my first 360 game, but byfar not my best. This game may have a lot of horror in it, but thats three quarters of the games goodness. Quake 4 may have polished graphics, but it doesnt have goog graphics. Doom 3's graphics was better, even though the two games run on the same engine. This game got a seven from me, so let me tell you why.

Gameplay 8/10

The gameplay is how a normal FPS should be, but the abrupt change of speed and gauges at the middle of the game could need a little time getting used to. Also, the vehicles are very slow, but the weapons make up more than enough for it. In fact, they make up for it so much, it makes the game too easy. The normal, human (and strogg) gameplay is even easier. The machine gun does way too much damage, the shotgun seriously blows away enemies(which is quite the fun part), the nailgun does even more damage, and another gun(I forgot the name) literally sucks in enemies, making the game a hundred times easier. The nailgun is quite weak for all the hype about it, and the lightning gun was way too strong. All I say is, the only 360 game easier than this is Perfect Dark Zero, which I already reviewed and submitted and is now in the process of posting.

Graphics 6/10

Now, heres where the game really sucks. The ripped skin of the strogg is bloody but looks like the rip was a tattoo. The walls sometimes look really nice, but sometimes they just look like they were done in vain. The weapobs dont have good lighting effects, but, then again, how much light do you see in the game anyway? However, the vehicles and robotic enemies were done very nicely. They were almost as good Gears of War. And that says something. Quake 4's graphics are, overall, not good enough for the Xbox 360.

Story 9/10

The story is as good as the game is gruesome. You are one of the marines in a human army fighting against alien creatures called Strogg who build up their army by capturing the humans and turning them into one of them. You get caught by the leader of the Strogg and get turned into a Strogg, though you still have your own personality. One bad thing which I am still not sure is true, is the fact that you are (as you see in many games) a mute. So the story is good for the legendary next-gen system, XBOX 360.

Single Player 8/10

The single player, gameplay-wise, is fun enough, however easy it maybe.

Multiplayer 9/10

The multiplayer is excellent because blowing your fellows away is also very fun.

Rent or Buy

Although this game is worthy enough to buy for you money risk-takers, it would be good if you rent it, as there is a high chance of disliking the game.

Conclusion 7/10

This game is an awesome game for beginner first-person shooter players although for hardcore gamers, it may just not come to liking. I didnt like nor dislike this game, although I loved the Xbox live, I beg of all of you to at least try out this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/09/07

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