Review by Nomad007

Reviewed: 06/28/07

An underated FPS

I would like to know, why is Quake 4 given low scores? It's not a bad game at all really. It's got some problems of course, but what games don't? To see what I have to say, read on.

GRAPHICS- Quake 4 actually has some pretty nice visuals( it does use the DOOM 3 engine). Character animations are very well done, so is the character design. The overall level designs are wonderful too. Just looking at the detail put into this game is simply amazing. Thumbs up to id! The only graphical downside is, well, the frame rate. It hardly ever runs smoothly(especially when firing the machine gun or hyperblaster), and that shoudn't be happening on the XBOX 360 at all. This game is a feast for the eyes, aside from the framerate, and the 2-D drawn backgrounds.

SOUND- Whoa, what the heck happened here? I did not here what you said comrade, I turned around and could not here you. So speak LOUDER. I don't know why it does this, but one thing I know is that this is really, really annoying. This problem should have been fixed. Now aside from that, the rest of the games sound is quite nice, especially the weapon effects. Voice acting is top notch and very well done. If only all games had voice acting like Quake 4's.

GAMEPLAY- Quake 4 has some addicting gameplay. No matter what anyone tells you, this game never gets boring. Just blasting a grunt makes you want to blast more, and more. Weapons make the gameplay even better. The best weapon, in my opinion, is the lighting gun. It's awesome to just electricute a Strogg until it explodes to bloody chunks. No BFG........

STORY- There is a story here, and if you've played Quake 2( which comes free with this game) you should already know it. Earth is under attack by an alien race called the Strogg who want human remains to harvest into new Strogg and make into stroyent. Sounds cool, right? Same in Quake 4, but you play Matthew Kane and you pump your way through the Strogg homeworld of Stroggos. You and your marines want to shut off the Nexus, but before that happens you get caught by the Makron( which was destroyed in Quake 2) and he takes you and turns you into a Strogg sorta. I won't say anymore, so play it to experience it yourself.

LENGTH OF TIME- This game isn't too short, neither is it too long, it will take about 6 to 8 hours to complete. But don't be upset, you've still got the mad dash multiplayer that's system link and XBOX Live- which supports up to sixteen players. 360 version comes with Quake 2. Quake 2's campaign should last from 8 to 12 hours depending on the difficulty setting. Plus Quke 2 has a four player splitscreen multiplayer which is still today actually quite fun. This game will be in your XBOX 360 for some time, garenteed.

graphics: 8
length of time: 10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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