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"Well it started out well."

Quake 4, when I heard the quake series had a new game, I remembered the fondness of playing quake 1, then I remembered the mindless action of quake 2 with no sort of human contact the whole way through. I heard this game was going to have more squad based action, I was very excited to hear this as I have been looking forward to a good squad based shooter. Sadly the fun times only lasted through parts of act 1. I got to around the middle of act 2. In this game the beginning to middle of act 1 had you working with a group, then it started to turn into a solo game with only squad members showing up here and there. Then act 2 came along and put the boring in boring games. You get stroggified so you are always alone. I guess the developers just got tired or something because the game went from average to being complete crap. Act 2 was pretty much go around in rooms that look the same killing the same enemies at the same time.

Sound: Average, the voice acting is decent and the sounds the enemies make are pretty good, the weapon sounds are also decent. Nothing spectacular but nothing wrong with the sound in this game.

Graphics: To be honest, the enemies look ok and the character models for the most part look pretty good. The weapons also look very nice. The textures in this game are bland and ugly though, this really made it look like a regular Xbox game, not to appealing for the 360.

Story: Macho and boring, but then again the quake games or IDs games don't have a reputation for having amazing stories though. I found the story to be very boring in general though, I think they could of made it a bit more deep rather then just some massive boring strike on the strogg home world, the idea is fine but it just seems so boring.

Game play: This game starts off very nice in act 1, nice squad based shooter and is very fun, then towards the end of act 1 it gets more lonely then in act 2 you are all alone. I cant stress the fact enough that this ruined the game for me. I didn't even finish act 2, I just game up seeing as the game turned into what I hated about quake 2. I only made it around 60% through act 2 then I gave up.

Do not bother with this game unless you see it for like $5 or you like solo commando games.

Overall score: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/14/08

Game Release: Quake 4 (US, 11/18/05)

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