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Reviewed: 03/11/09


Quake 4 was released as a launch title for Xbox 360. At the time of launch, this and Perfect Dark Zero were really the only FPS choices. They were both very different types of games, with Perfect Dark being more slower and Quake 4 being fast as lighting. Quake 4 managed to get me through what was a pretty boring launch.

Everything in Quake 4 does look pretty, especially considering that it was a launch title. The detail is very well done and the characters also look pretty good in my opinion. While most of the environments are pretty similar and consisting of passage ways indoors, the few outdoor places in the game look great. What hurts this score is the massive amounts of slowdown experienced. They hurt the experience of the campaign, and also explain why the game looks so good (because it cannot be handled).

SOUND - 8/10
The sound is pretty standard, which is a good thing. The guns sound good, the voice acting during cut scenes and the campaign is also good. Small music pieces come on during appropriate moments in the game. Nothing here to astound, but everything is pretty solid in the sound department.

Story - 6/10
This story is definition of run of the mill. And anyone who has played Quake 2 will see a lot of similarities. There is one big plot twist in the game, and while its not a huge shocking moment, it is definitely pretty cool. All and all, the story definitely did not drive me to play the game, but did a good job of keeping me mildly interested into why I was doing what I was in the game.

GAME PLAY - 9/10
Extremely polished as I would expect any Quake game to be. Controls were standard for an Xbox FPS, and felt very responsive especially considering the speed of this game. Levels in the campaign offered a decent deal of variety, including a mech level and other outdoor adventures. A little more variation and some more bosses really would have made this aspect of the game perfect.

Multiplayer is the best part about this game. Game types include death match, team death match, tournaments, capture the flag, and arena capture the flag (CTF with power ups). These are all pretty fun modes, with death match and arena CTF being favorites. Up to 8 players are supported, which feels right on just about all of the maps. There are really only two negatives I can think of in multiplayer. One is that the game craps out way too often, and there is definitely no patch coming. The other is that while you can invite your friends to play with you, on team games you will get split up. There are ways around this, but take time and effort that I wish was just built into the game. And also to note. there are slowdowns in terms of graphics on multiplayer.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Quake 4 (US, 11/18/05)

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