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"Next-Gen Doom 3 Clone?"

INTRO: At first look Quake 4 looks like Doom 3 but with Next-Gen graphics. The Quake and Doom series have always been competing, in fact they invented this genre. But Quake 4 surprisingly is very much its own game. And it has very little competion in the Mature themed category for the 360 launch. Unfortunately though Quake 4 has gotten very little attention in the 360 launch lineup.

GRAPHICS: For some reason Quake 4 has taken a huge amount of crap for its framerate. In fact I almost didn't even buy it because it was supposed to be so bad. But if I hadn't have been looking for framerate drop while playing, then I could have probably gone on with out noticing these very minor flaws. In no way does this really subtract from the game, and it is not even that common! Personally I really like the graphics in Quake 4. The art direction is the best of all the 360 titles released. Besides Kameo no other game has tried anything new graphically. For Quake 4 it is the lighting effects. Quake 4 runs off the Doom 3 engine and looks much the same but amplified with the power of the 360. Character models look great to, in fact their some of the most detailed and best looking designs yet. The guns are also amazing. The weapon animations are some of the coolest yet made.
Score 9

SOUND: The voice acting is really good for Quake 4, which is a good thing considering there is a lot of narration. Some of the voices sound annoying and out place though, but that can be easily overlooked. The music is decent and none of the special effects noises really stand out besides the weapons. You can really tell that a lot of effort went into the guns.
Score 8

CONTROLS: The controls are the biggest problem with Quake 4. This is a common problem with PC ports. The button mapping and sensitivity are off. The weapons take to long to cycle through. And the most annoying of all is it always seems like you are running at 50 mph. But besides these grievances Quake 4 does an alright job of letting you manipulate your world.
Score 6

STORY: The story is progressed by in game by AI interaction and dialogue, much like Half-life. The game picks up where Quake 2 left off as you now prepare for an invasion of the Strogg home planet aptly named Stroggos. The story is mainly just a way to progress the action, but it is presented well. The whole big twist of you turning into a Strogg is not as cool as it could have been though.
Score 7

REPLAY: The game does have online support, but no splitscreen. Which I think is disappointing. The online deathmatch is very fast pace, almost to fast. You will almost spend as much time loading as playing. The single player campaign is fairly lengthy though. A solid 15 hours a play through can be expected. But after you have beaten it there is little reason to try again. The addition of the PC version of Quake 2 is nice too, but be warned it is different than the N64 version (and not as good if you ask me).
Score 6

GAMEPLAY: Quake 4 is straight up hyper violent FPS of the old. Lots of blood can be expected. If you have played Quake 2 or any game like it then you know what to expect. Less than half the guns have a zoom in feature. The only real strategy in the game is deciding what gun to annihilate your enemy with. The AI is fairly impressive though. Some enemies can predict your movements and evade or discover your patterns and make accurate shots. The biggest downfall of the game is the long load times. But overall if you are looking for some true gore then Quake 4 is the best the 360 has to offer.
Score 8

THE BOTTOM LINE: As long as you are not expecting a groundbreaking experience then Quake 4 is a pretty good game. With the most gore yet off on the 360 Quake 4 deserves at least a rental from most 360 mature audiences.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/09/06

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