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"Another great FPS for the 360"

Alright, everyone is going on about how Quake 4 sucks, that the story line is so predictable, multiplayer is a beefed up version of Quake Arena, the graphics are just like Doom 3, and so on. Personally I found this to be one solid game with a few flaws. So then, here is my review on Quake 4.

Story: The story of Quake 4 takes place right after the events of Quake 2. If you remember, in Quake 2 a lone marine killed the Makron, the Strogg's leader. Your story picks up right after the Makron's death. Seeing the advantage they have over the Strogg forces the marines press the attack onto to the Strogg's home planet. You play as Corporal Caine, a marine who had a very shady past on a Space Station. Seeing as how I don't want to give away the story in all for those who haven't played this version or the PC version, I'll just say your next target is called the Nexus. You mission is to destroy the Nexus so that the Strogg are cut off from all communications, but as you are on this mission your captured and turned into a Strogg. From there your Marines save your life and your mission continues from that point on as a Strogg. Overall I found the story behind the game very compelling, and it was pretty interesting watching it develop.

Graphics: Alright, so really the graphics in the game is nothing more than beefed up ones form the game Doom 3. None the less, the graphics are there and they make the game excellent. You really appreciate them as you play through the gaming, taking Strogg.

Music/Sound: The sound for the game goes pretty well for the scenario that is going on at that point in the game. There really isn't a whole lot to say about this section. The sound and music added that extra depth that you really appreciate in a game.

Gameplay: Quake 4 does an excellent job with gameplay. The controls in the game are very, very smooth. It takes not time to get used to every single weapon and vehicle. The gameplay is fun and solid. I found multiplayer a little tedious though. Sure, multiplayer is fun in all, but I think it moves just a tad to quick for me. I found it hard for me to get a proper lock on an enemy, because everything, from moving to shooting, goes really quick. Not to say this is necessarily a bad thing, but I found myself missing most of my shots. Whenever I had a gun that would explode and almost instantly kill a target, it was more of a luck kind of shooting. You literally can't shoot directly at your target or you will miss. Instead you will do a lot of "luck shooting" in the direction of where your opponent might move to and get the kill. I found that a little frustrating at first, but you get used to it eventually.

Replayability: Alright, this game doesn't offer a whole lot for this section. You can play through the game all over again to beat it in all the difficulties to get the Achievements unlocked. The difficulty does get harder though, so you will be in for a challenge other than that, just pop in the extra CD with Quake 2 on it and play through that game over and over again. There might not be a whole lot to offer for replayability, but playing through the game again and again with different difficulties is a challenge its self, which you can really dig.

Quake 4 may not be the ultimate experience your looking for in a game, but long time fans and other gamers will be thrilled with this game. Both Id and Raven software, did an excellent job on this game. It is in my honest opinion that the game is actually worth a buy. Sure, $60 for a game that has really only been getting decent scores isn't worth it, but along with it you get a fully playable version of Quake 2 for the 360. If that is not worth a buy as well, then I don't know what is wrong. Quake for was an excellent game that will be played for many months from now.
Overall Grade-8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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