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"Doom 3, just Prettier"

Well Quake 4 takes place immediately after Quake 2, which a direct port of it comes on the bonus disk. You don't really need to play 2 though since there was pretty much no story; basically all you did was kill stuff, blow stuff up, and then kill this really big guy called Makaron. From what I can tell Quake 4 doesn't have much of a story either, your a soldier and choose what weapon you want to shoot stuff with. There is a surprising twist at the end of Act I that caught me off guard. I would tell you more but sadly after the second level into Act II my game froze, and won't go past a certain point.


Out of all the launch titles I would have to say this one has the best graphics (Call of Duty following closely behind). The lighting and characters are just amazing, and once you first see the Hannibal (nice name for a ship) land you **** your pants. Sadly there is one problem, frame rate, every now and then you can see the frame rate can get kinda choppy.


All and all most of the sounds fit. The guns are ok, the enemies are ok, and even the moving objects sound ok. The one problem is the voices, they sound good and all, but they are soft as ****. I have to crank my TV up to full blast just to understand the conversation, and there is no in game option to change it. Another thing is that theres is almost no background music. For most of the game you walk around and here nothing but you messing with your gun. I suppose this is ok, for when something pops out and scares the hell out of you, but I like something to listen to when I'm walking down a corridor.


The controls are pretty basic. Nothing really revolutionary, no jump, run, dodge, etc. buttons. The only nice thing is that the shoulder buttons change weapons, which I found to be quite helpful.


I don't know if it was just me or if it was me playing this right after Quake 2 (for those of you that have played it, it's FAST as ****) but Quake 4 just felt SLOWWW. You literally walk at like 0.2 MPH. Now I guess it's logical since in real life you wouldn't run into life and death situations, but dang it this is a video game and I want to run. After you get used to the speed it feels just like Doom 3, just prettier. This can be a good and bad thing. Good if you loved Doom 3, bad if well you didn't. All in all it feels solid and besides the slow part I have no beef.


The multiplayer is pretty much the same as Quake 3, but with some new weapons. Some of the online achievements are ridiculous though, for one you have to get #1 in on the All Gametypes ranked leaderboard.


From what I can see, unless this games multiplayer is godly, you have no reason to replay it. You have to beat the game at least 4 times if you want all the achievements (one on each difficulty) and after the 2nd time I can guess the game gets really old.


Meh I would say rent it, beat it, forget it. If you liked Doom 3 or are a die hard Quake fan then get it, if not forget about it you won't loose any sleep.

6.57/10 or 7/10 if you round up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/06/06

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