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"Catching, but simple."

I got this game un-expectingly for Christmas of 2005 and was like, "Wow! Another Quake game?" Unfortunately, I have never been hooked by the Quake games. I've played Quake I, II, and now IV and I've found them all to be the same. Search and Destroy. However, this game involves a lot more interaction with your environment because you are told what to do by marines that fight with you. You also get a chance to use tanks and other vehicles. The weapon selection remains the same, and do not expect anything from the multi-player mode.

To start things off, the graphics of the game are very mediocre. I'm pretty sure that a new game on the Xbox can come very close to matching the graphics of this game. The only things that I give kudos to are the body movements and general figures. Unlike PDZ, this game actually has humans that don't look like plastic. They actually look pretty realistic, and some of the ways you see bodies getting tortured are quite interesting. The environmental graphics are lacking. Expect to be surrounded by a metal dungeon for most of the game. Sometimes, you go back to the same areas which means redundant environment even more!

The Storyline is very simple. You are a transferred marine fighting on the Strogg planet. When your landing, your dropship gets hit and goes off course. So basically, your squad is abandoned and has to deal with a whole new problem. The storyline gets a little bit more involved with the change of one thing, but that would be a spoiler so you'll just have to play it.

The Sound in the game is very well done. You get clear commands and directions from other marines and the shooting sounds are accurate. Most of the dialogue is stereotypical marine slang and lots of screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Expect there to be a lot of screaming. Did I already say that? Oh well if there is one thing that Quake IV got right, it is the screaming.

Do not buy this game for multiplayer use. This game has the worst multiplayer system ever created and you will be able to find no one to play with. The first time I tried playing multiplayer, I selected Quick Match expecting it to find a lot of other players fast and get the game going. Well after fifteen minutes of waiting, the game finally started. After the game started, it was over in two minutes. I find out after the game, that Quick Match means 5 frags equals victory. Sweet! Thanks for warning me! So I set the options making a custom match game. I wait another twenty minutes for three other players to join. This time the game was just partially laggy and consisted of a 10 minute match. Wow I'm so glad I can entertain myself on the campaign. What's also sad, is several achievements are only unlockable if you do things on multiplayer. It seems the creators of this game thought it was going to be more popular than PDZ. Hmmm I guess they were wrong.

The Gameplay to this game is very simple. Pick your weapon and shoot is usually what you do for 90% of it. Sometimes you can try being stealthy and duck, but your enemy usually will charge you to hit you more often then shoot with their guns. A first for the Quake series was the introduction to vehicles. This is a nice addition since I was getting bored with walking around and blasting things apart. Instead I get to drive an amazingly swift hovercraft that is ultra sensitive to touch on the joy-stick. It takes about five minutes to learn how to drive the hovercraft while you are getting the crap shot out of you by ten turrets.

Overall I found this game to be somewhat catchy because the destructive part of me came out and I was like, "Yeah, lets shoot everything!" However, the only you can't shoot is your allies. Instead they are there to take away all of your kills unless you are told to protect them. Even then your NPC that your guard is near invincible so he will charge the enemy and hit them with his gun. How can he hit things with his gun but I can't? I recommend renting this game because after you beat it, there's absolutely no multiplayer to look forward too.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/15/06

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