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    Enemy/Weapon FAQ by The Nightmare Alpha

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 01/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Enemy/Weapon FAQ
    By: The Nightmare Alpha (aka Kevin N.) 
    Email: TNAForever0@gmail.com
    Table of Contents 
    (1) Versions (toc1)
    (2) Contact Info (toc2)
    (3) Weapons (toc3)
    (4) Enemies (toc4)
    (5) Bosses (toc5)
    (6) Credits (toc6)
    (7) Copyright Jazz (toc7)
    Ctrl+F and type in toc, the number, and the parenthesis to find what you need.
    (1) Versions (toc1)
    0.9: For the most part, the entire FAQ is complete. I'll be adding more in a
    couple days but in terms of completion, it has what you need so far.
    Not too big of an update. Changed a bit about the Kryll and added a bit to the 
    Torque Bow section.
    1.0: For now it's a filler update. I added a bit to the Pistol. Personally, I 
    haven't been up to doing much seeing it's the holidays. When my laziness blows
    over (which will be in a day or two) I'll be posting a weapon bit on the 
    Troikas and make sections for the bosses. General RAMM will probably be an 
    interactive one. Details later. For now, enjoy break!
    1.3: Alright, so the Weapons portion of the FAQ...is lacking at the moment. But
    thanks to some insight I'll be revamping it. However, due to some discrepancies
    and miscommunication, this might be a temporary transition. Depending on what
    happens, you'll see changes toward the weapons section. This also means a 
    revamp of the underestimated Snub Pistol. Yes, I neglected it quite a bit but
    after trying it out and new info, I've redone it. 
    And the Boss section is started. Albet not completed entirely but it's being
    worked on.
    1.4: Added the Troika section. This is momentary and I'll add another part 
    later tonight. I'm really looking forward to the next couple additions for the
    guide, but the problem is school. I have an essay to do and two possible tests
    for the week. So, cross your fingers for plenty of updates.
    1.45: Added a couple contributions and a Find command. Just to make things 
    (2) Contact Info (toc2)
    If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with the FAQ, you can contact
    my e-mail address up above. With schoolwork and such, it'll take me a day or
    two to get to any e-mails but I'm pretty good at checking my mail frequently.
    Just be patient; sending e-mails 100 times will just make me disregard it more.
    Since we're on the topic: NO E-MAIL FLAMING. Seriously, I can't stand it. If
    you don't like the FAQ, cool, just don't read it. I'll gladly accept any tips
    or strategies you'd like to contribute with FULL CREDIT. :D
    (3) Weapons (toc3)
    Locusts invading Sera? Not till you drop dead and lucky you have a tremendous
    of exotic weaponry to dispatch your foes. So before we analyze what we're up
    against, lets take a look at the weapons we have at our disposal.
    [Lancer Assault Rifle]
    Overall: 9/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 9/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 9/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 4/10
    Kickback: Low
    Firing Speed: Excellent
    Normal Reload Speed: Medium-Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast
    Miss Reload: Medium-slow
    Ammo Rarity: Semi-Common
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: Chainsaw melee, greater use at closer ranges.
    This is a rather unique and all-around good weapon: managable clip size, fast
    fire rate, quite potent at medium>close range fights, and a one hit melee that
    would satisfy anyone's bloody needs. The right trigger can be held down for a 
    constant barrage which serves as a nice way to keep your enemies pinned down 
    and staggered and held in one place. Blind firing the weapon is great for an 
    approaching enemy as most of the shots will connect at a closer range. (Tip:
    If you had previously aimed to fire at an enemy, you can simply release the aim
    and blind fire will fire at the previous spot you aimed at) The chainsaw is
    activated by pressing B and _holding it_ while approaching an enemy. Once
    you're close, you'll automatically deliver a grizzly one hit kill to any enemy
    within your vicinity. Attaining a perfect reload is greatly encouraged as it'll
    expand the use of each bullet which compensates for it's lower count of ammo
    compared to the Hammer Burst However, the gun has it's assortment of 
    disadvantages but it's purely dependant on what you use the gun for.
    The gun is an automatic, which contributes to full on barrage of bullets...and
    a lot of ammo loss. Just because the clip is rather large does not mean bullets
    are plentiful like the Hammerburst. Aside from the occasional pickup and Lancer
    dropped by Locust, you won't be finding a lot of ammo for the gun and if you
    run into rooms thinkin' your Al Pacino...your bound to run low on ammo. Long
    range fights are also not the Lancer's forte; while you still can kill someone
    with a Lancer at longer ranges, you're bound to use a couple spare bullets in
    order to compensate for the lower accuracy. On Insane, keep long range Lancer
    fights at a low unless you're sure an ammo pick up is around the corner. Also,
    the chainsaw...be careful how you use it. Boomers, Bosses, and Berserkers
    aren't affected by the chainsaw which...will pretty much leave you dead. Don't
    bother chainsawing Lambent Wretches either as they'll explode long before you
    can react to them. Also be careful where you chainsaw enemies, if your in a
    huge firefight obviously chainsawing your way through battle is a risk and
    suicidal on Insane. As long as you're engaging one on one with an enemy, you
    shouldn't take damage.
    The Lancer is a great weapon for medium and close range firefights but don't 
    use it other than that, otherwise it becomes useless. However, this becomes the
    weapon of choice once you use some common sense.
    [Gnasher Shotgun]
    Overall: 8/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 5/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 9/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 4/10
    Kickback: Medium-Low
    Firing Speed: Somewhat Above Average (For a Shotgun)
    Reload Speed: Pretty Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast
    Miss Reload: Medium-Slow
    Ammo Rarity: Common
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: Great for close up encounters. Best for guys getting ready to 
    jump your cover.
    What an impressive shotgun. Seriously. This mother can tear a Locust in 2-3
    well placed shots and has an impressive radius to complement it. The time it
    takes to reload the gun is rather impressive as well and it can hold quite a
    bit of ammo for such power. Easily, you can't go wrong with the shotgun. To
    _further_ make this gun useful, blind firing a close by enemy can pretty much
    turn them into slabs of smelly crap and Perfect Reload further effects the use
    of the bullet. Oh and this weapon is a lovely Wretch killer. When you know
    there's Wretches, it is always nice to keep this weapon close by. But wait,
    just cause I placed so much praise on it doesn't mean it's the best.
    The lovely shotgun is short ranged. Very short ranged. Since it has a greater
    blast radius, it will eventually give at medium>long range. Using the shotgun
    at a longer range will just be like throwing toothpicks at the Locusts. Running
    into the open with shotgun at hand and blasting through won't help you either
    because 1) you probably won't do much damage to them until your close and 2)
    you will pretty much be dead by the time you get there unless you're lucky,
    then it only take a couple bullets to give you the lovely red screen of death.
    Instead of taking the fight to the Locusts, let them come to you before you
    blast their brains through their asses. Even then, it can be risky and one that
    isn't worth taking on Insane. Insane enemies take hefty loads of punishment and
    avoid your line of fire easily, not to mention the enemy will sometimes advance
    in groups of two or three. In that situation, you're lucky to pick off even
    one of them before they murder you. So the best solution is to take cover and 
    soften up the opposition before unloading widespread carnage. Peppering them 
    with Lancer/Hammerburst fire + Picking off stragglers with Shotgun fire = 
    Cleared room.
    In short, the shotgun is good secondary weapon choice. As long as you aren't
    dumb about using it, it'll be your best friend in any close quarter situation.
    Great in conjunction with the Hammerburst (Covers all types of ranges.)
    Overall: 8.5/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 4/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 6/10
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 9/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Kickback: Low
    Firing Speed: Above Average
    Normal Reload Speed: Medium-Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast
    Miss Reload: Medium
    Ammo Rarity: Plentiful
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: 6 Burst-Shots. Great for Blindfire.
    The Locust's answer to the Lancer. It's a nice little burstfire gun that shoots
    out six bullets per burst with a whopping 780 ammo in reserve. Burst shots also
    means more accuracy and that's nice for long range battles. Expect about 3 to 5
    bursts to take down a drone. What's even nicer about this gun is the blind fire
    is _much_ more accurate than that of the Lancer so using this gun other than
    when the enemy is a couple feet away is more than acceptable. It also helps to
    hit the enemy when you have a small opening of attack.
    One of the larger flaws with the Hammerburst is the melee. No Chainsaw. That
    can actually hurt you when such opportunities arise. While hitting the enemy is
    okay, it fails to get the job done when the enemy has a Lancer to combat
    against you. Using this gun at close range can also hurt your chances of 
    living, especially when you're at the recieving end of a Shotgun blast. At 
    close range you have less room for error than you do when you have a large 
    distance between you and the enemy.  It's best to switch out for a suitable 
    close range weapon and avoid taking damage. 
    The Hammerburst is a nice little weapon under the right conditions. It's not a 
    bad idea to pick it up and use it for whatever level seeing ammo is PLENTIFUL. 
    Oh, and carrying a Shotgun for close range battles keeps you covered. :)
    [Longshot Sniper Rifle]
    Overall: 9.5/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 4/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 3/10 (Keyword: LUCK)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 8.5/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 10/10
    Kickback: Medium-High
    Firing Speed: Slow
    Reload Speed: Medium
    Perfect Reload Speed: Pretty Fast
    Miss Reload: Terrible
    Ammo Rarity: Semi-Common
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: It's a Sniper so it's scoped. Press down on right analog to zoom
    Ah the Sniper Rifle. Headshots are incredibly satisfying in this game and this
    gun will get you one almost every time. Incredibly accurate and powerful, it's
    a monstrous powerhouse with an acceptable amount of ammo. One (or two if the
    Drone has headgear) takes them out and it only takes about 4 max to take out
    tougher enemies. What's nicer about this gun is Perfect Reload makes every
    bullet that much stronger in wiping out threats and ammo boxes will give you
    a couple bullets to spare. Not only does keeping this gun for long range
    battles give you a variety of options in eliminating threats, but it also
    expands your use of ammo for all your guns in any given fight. Variations is
    the keyword here. :D
    There are, of course, obvious downfalls to the gun at close range. At long
    range, you have room for error because 1) the enemy is farther away, giving you
    time to reload and make up your shot and 2) is fairly easy to follow the enemy
    movement with such distance. However at close range, one wrong move easily
    screws up your shot and the reload doesn't help. Seriously. This gun has the
    slowest reload time I have ever seen and screwing up Active Reload just makes
    things much more complicated on your part. If you're planning on firing at
    point blank, make sure to at least give yourself some time to align your shot
    before you fire. Or, you know, you could use a different weapon. That works
    I can't find another flaw besides using the gun for close range combat. IT'S
    [Snub Pistol]
    Overall: 8/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 3/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 5/10
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 7/10
    Kickback: Low
    Firing Speed: Surprisingly Fast
    Reload Speed: Medium Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast
    Miss Reload: Medium
    Ammo Rarity: Common
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: Small zoom-in ability. ****ing fast.
    Alright. This is an underestimated gun, IMO. Probably because I didn't give it
    that much credit. Regardless, let's take a closer look at it. It's got quite a
    bit of ammo for a pistol. 72 bullets can turn the tide and you get quite a bit
    of ammo from boxes. Atop that, if you press the Right Trigger rapidly, you'll 
    fire tremendously quick.  Considering how much ammo it has and the low recoil,
    the damage adds up rather quickly resulting in a quick kill. Also if you've
    done enough damage, you can aim for the head resulting in a headshot. 
    Still, the gun has its faults. Obviously going toe to toe with a Locust that 
    has a stronger weapon at close range is...foolish. The melee isn't anything to
    smile about either so switch to something bigger for those close range fights.
    This also isn't the weapon to use when you're being gangbanged by 5 other 
    Locusts with Troikas and Hammerbursts. Sure you'll get a kill or two, but the
    numbers can overwhelm you in the higher difficultes and yes... they can get 
    more shots in and take more hits than you can. It's better for one or two 
    individuals, not a whole army.
    So, looking back, it is a worthy weapon to use in battle. Speed is the key for 
    this small beast; as long as you have a fast finger and good aim, you'll kick
    [Boltok Pistol]
    Overall: 7.5/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 4/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 6/10 (If you hit all your shots.)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 4/10
    Kickback: Medium
    Firing Speed: Slow
    Reload Speed: Medium-Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast 
    Miss Reload: Medium
    Ammo Rarity: Common
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: Yes
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: Zooms in like the Snub. 
    This is the bigger, beefier 6 shooter brother of the Snub. It's the basic 
    premise of power in exchange of speed. It's a magnum. So it'll do quite a bit 
    of damage in one shot. You can zoom in with the right analog stick for more 
    accurate shots and Perfect Reload gives you a little more bang for your buck. 
    Headshots are guaranteed with this weapon. Simply aim at the chest and use the 
    recoil of the gun to push the aim up to the head, resulting in a headshot. If 
    you try and take a guy out in one shot to the head, it won't work as you need 
    to damage them sufficiently until they're weak enough for the resulting shot.
    (The same thing goes for the Snub Pistol.)
    Now if there is anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that screws the gun up it's the
    recoil and accuracy. With each shot, the gun trails up slightly and the recoil
    can keep you from killing something successfully. If anything, Perfect Reload
    and zoom-in when you use it. This also isn't the weapon for close encounters
    or larger fights. Switch to a different weapon and you'll have a better chance
    of surviving. Stick to one or two individuals.
    In the end. I still think it's a weapon to hold onto. Think of the Boltok and
    the Snub as opposites of each other. Power/speed. Speed/power. It's all about
    preference. If you like speed and greater accuracy, take the Snub. If you like 
    power in every shot, take the Boltok.
    Overall: 6/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 6/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 7/10 (If you hit all your shots.)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 9/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 6/10
    Kickback: High
    Firing Speed: Slow
    Reload Speed: Medium
    Perfect Reload Speed: Medium Fast 
    Miss Reload: Medium-Slow
    Ammo Rarity: Rare
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: No.
    Closes Emergence Holes?: Yes
    Unique Traits: Bursts in clusters. Basically an RPG. Good for clusters of 
    enemies (If you get the chance)
    Finally, we have arrived to the heavy artillery. Lo and behold, the Boomshot.
    However, it's not as easy as picking up the gun (Although, there are some
    sections of the game where you can.) as you'll have to deal with a Boomer
    before you can get your hands on it. Once in your possession, you can easily
    deal widespread carnage with this thing. All you have to do is point and shoot;
    you can use the splash damage of the gun when the Locusts are pansies and
    finish them off, or you can directly aim at them and splatter them all over the
    walls. The shell is pretty fast at reaching at its target so don't be too
    afraid that you'll miss when the reticule is red. Fire away. The gun holds
    about 12 shells too and with Perfect Reload, the damage can be pretty apparent.
    This gun is also useful when you don't have enough grenades to plug up
    Emergence Holes. Simply point at the hole, fire, and you have one nicely sealed
    However, the advantages it does give you covers up a lot of its rationality
    during certain levels. Often times when you confront Boomers, you'll find
    one...and that will probably be the last one you'll ever see. Boomers appear
    very sporadically through the game and since your only pickups will come from
    random Boomers, chances are you won't be holding onto it for very long. The 
    only level that I did find the Boomshot useful and worth keeping was during the
    earlier parts of Act 2 when Boomers were introduced. Other than that, I 
    strongly recommend you use Boomshots when they come up and dump them during/
    after a battle, or not picking it up if you need the two guns you have at the
    time. Along with very low pickups, you'll find the weapon with usually 3 or 4
    shells which will barely last you a chapter unless there's another Boomshot to
    pick up ammo from. Atop that, the splash damage has to be ridiculously close to
    do a good amount of damage and the reticule doesn't help seeing the shell has a
    strange arc when fired. It's probably better to get the shell as excruciatingly
    close to the enemy for the massive damage, otherwise it'll just completely 
    bypass them. 
    If there were a couple more pickups besides the ones you find in the game to
    even out the bigger flaws, this gun would've probably been better. Still, it
    pales in comparison to the Torque Bow.
    [Torque Bow]
    Overall: 8.5/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 8/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 3/10 (Seriously, it's not too great. Lucks involved) 
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 8/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 8.5/10
    Kickback: Low
    Firing Speed: Medium-Fast
    Reload Speed: Medium-Fast
    Perfect Reload Speed: Fast 
    Miss Reload: Medium-Low
    Ammo Rarity: Somewhat Rare
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: No.
    Closes Emergence Holes?: Yes.
    Unique Traits: Chargable arrows. Fast traveling and explode upon firm contact.
    Now this is what I'm talking about. You can't go wrong with this beauty. Simply
    hold down the right trigger until the little reticule aligns with your target
    and release. You can also hold the shot until it auto fires itself; regardless,
    it will always give you an extremely accurate shot. Once latched onto the
    enemy, it'll explode the enemy from the inside and deliver a one hit kill. Use
    this to your advantage for getting rid of pesky or extremely hard enemies. One
    enemy noteworthy of using the Torque Bow on is a Boomer. Even with weapons like
    the Boomshot, the Boomer takes two or three shells just to take down; with the
    Torque Bow, all you need is an opening to charge a straight shot and fire. With
    one arrow, it'll take out a Boomer. If it doesn't, use one more to kill it for
    good. Another nice thing, is the melee. The bladed protrusions of Torque Bow
    provide higher melee damage, the highest damage next to the Lancer Chainsaw.
    The Torque Bow holds 12 arrows, which is about the same as the Boomshot. Nice
    thing about the Bow is that by the end of the game, you'll find Theron Guard
    running around everywhere so you'll find plenty of ammo for it (up to 6 in one
    pickup). Lastly, the Torque Bow CAN plug Emergence Holes! Charge up a Torque 
    Bow round and fire it as deep as you can inside the pit. If your arrow finds
    a suitable place, it'll easily cave the hole in. It shouldn't take more than 
    two to three rounds until it seals.
    So what faults hinder this lovely thing? For one thing is the charge time for
    a straight shot. It only takes a second or two, but usually, time is of the
    essence when you're taking heavy fire or when you're on Insane. The charge up
    time can be cancelled out by use of the blind fire option. Simply press and 
    hold the right trigger to do the necessary charge up time then aim and point to
    the target you wish to fire at. Another little problem is uncharged arrows. 
    Personally, prematurely fired arrows only end up falling close to your location
    and on Insane, can kill you outright if you're too close to the explosion.
    Pick it up. This should be one of your main secondary weapons next to the
    Sniper Rifle by the end of the game. It is a somewhat risqu, item for its 
    charge up and less than plentiful ammo but it's well worth it when you need the
    massive damage.
    [Hammer of Dawn]
    Overall: 10/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 4/10
    Short-range Effectiveness: 4/10 (You'll get hurt from the splash damage. >_>)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 9/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 10/10
    Kickback: Low
    Firing Speed: Slow
    Reload Speed: n/a
    Perfect Reload Speed: n/a 
    Miss Reload: n/a
    Ammo Rarity: Will be there when you need it.
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: No.
    Closes Emergence Holes?: Yes.
    Unique Traits: Explosive splash damage upon contact. With HoD in hand, you can
    move the laser toward wherever there is clear sky.
    Weapon of mass destruction. A global satellite that concentrates a large laser
    onto ground forces using a seeker that points at it. The gun acts like a laser
    pointer, mapping the location of the enemy for the satellite and in seconds,
    a hot, yellow laser fries enemies golden brown and dead. Normal enemies don't
    stand a chance against it, and others can take a beating before going down. To
    work this thing, just press and _hold_ the right trigger and point the laser at
    an enemy. Once you've found it, it'll take a couple seconds to charge up but
    once it does, it'll fire down with tremendous force on the enemy. The bastard
    doesn't even have to be under the beam as the splash damage can also rip the
    Locusts to shreds. You can then navigate the beam around to take out other
    enemies; you just need to keep it under the beam for a bit to kill em'. For 
    some enemies (like Berserkers and Seeders), you'll have to hit a double dose of
    the Hammer to finally take them down. It's also really good to have if you need
    to seal Emergence Holes; if you find it before anyone can emerge, it'll make
    your job a lot more easier.
    Problem is, the satellite only works out in the open where there isn't any
    cover which can present you a challenge if the enemy takes cover under
    something. Not only that, but it also only works when the Satellites decide
    they want to be in range so when Anya tells you its offline, don't bother
    trying to use it. The charge up can be a small problem, but the splash damage
    it delivers can even out the problems with it. 
    Basically, when you need it, it'll be there. Don't worry about carrying it
    around with you because you'll always find one. It's nice when the satellite
    coverage gives you enough time to fry Locusts; always use it until the you're 
    out of range. 
    Overall: 9/10
    Melee Effectiveness: 10/10 (If you tag the enemy successfuly.)
    Short-range Effectiveness: 7/10 (As long as you don't hurt yourself.)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 10/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 5/10 (There is a limit to how far you can throw it)
    Kickback: n/a
    Firing Speed: n/a
    Reload Speed: n/a
    Perfect Reload Speed: n/a 
    Miss Reload: n/a
    Ammo Rarity: Somewhat Rare
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: No.
    Closes Emergence Holes?: Yes.
    Unique Traits: Has trajectory shown when aiming. Can be blind thrown and "tag"
    a player.
    Simple enough, you throw them, they go boom. Bigger boom than you'd think. They
    pack twice the power a Boomshot shell or Torque Bow would. Crowd control comes
    complete with these babies and they're the weapon for Emergence Holes. Simply
    aim by holding the left trigger and moving around the right analog stick to
    give you a trajectory, then throw by pressing the right trigger. The trajectory
    is incredibly accurate unless some force of nature causes it to stray from its
    path. You can also blind throw grenades like you would blind fire a weapon. 
    Changing the camera angle with the right analog stick while blind throwing
    actually changes its trajectory. This comes in useful when you have very low
    grenades and you don't want to miss a toss. You can also "sticky" a grenade by
    meleeing an enemy with B while having the grenades equipped. It'll stick onto
    em' and blow them to kingdom come. :D
    To be honest with you, sometimes aiming the grenades can cause a huge hassle;
    I have seen myself come to near death by standing there trying to set up a
    grenade while a group of Locusts batter my body with bullet wounds. It's not
    pretty so when you can, blind throwing grenades can solve your problems quick
    but there is never a problem with aiming; just watch out for your health. It
    also bothers me that you only carry 4 grenades but you'll figure out when to
    use grenades as you play through.
    Watch how you use them and cherish em. They're great for a lot of things in a
    jiff, just be sure to have common sense and a bit of entry before using.
    [Troika Stationary Turret]
    Overall: 8/10
    Melee Effectiveness: n/a
    Short-range Effectiveness: 10/10 (It's bloody murder)
    Mid-range Effectiveness: 8.5/10
    Long-range Effectiveness: 6/10
    Kickback: Medium-Low
    Firing Speed: Fast
    Reload Speed: n/a
    Perfect Reload Speed: n/a 
    Miss Reload: n/a
    Ammo Rarity: Infinate (But only when a turret is available.)
    Refills from Ammoboxes?: No
    Closes Emergence Holes?: No
    Unique Traits: Can be zoomed in with the Left Trigger. Ridiculously powerful.
    Nothing says power like a massively anchored, fully automatic, heavy powered
    stationary turret; the Troika probably has the most exponentially damaging 
    firepower that can be exposed with only a couple seconds worth of fire. 
    However, you'll rarely find a unmanned turret, as you'll have to contend with
    a Locust Drone before you can take the controls. Once you've freed the controls
    of the Troika, you need to get behind it and press X to use it. From here, you 
    can Free Fire as you would any gun or press down the Left Trigger for Zoomed-In
    fire. Free fire allows you to quickly react to enemy fire, so turning is 
    greatly enhanced in this mode. Zoomed-In fire gives a higher volume of accuracy
    for each bullet which means dead Locusts in mere seconds. The best thing about
    the Troika is that it's suppressive fire is impressive for pinning down Locusts
    to a certain location, which can give you the upperhand when the enemy 
    outnumbers your squad and you need a breather. Again, the offensive power on 
    the Troika is MASSIVE, which doesn't limit the Troika from being just a 
    defensive weapon. Simply aim and hold down the Right Trigger to fire the steady
    stream of bullets. At longer ranges, it can take a little bit of time to mow 
    down Locusts, but at mid to short ranges it absoultely TEARS through them at 
    record speeds. Not only is this a great offensive weapon, but it bolsters the 
    users defenses from any forceful front attacks. 
    Sounds like a great deal, right? Well there are several flaws with the Troika 
    that can leave you a bit exposed to the elements. Lets start with the firing.
    If you cease fire with the Troika, you'll have to start up the barrels just 
    like a Chaingun would before you commence fire again. Sure it doesn't seem bad,
    but when you need to kill something before it bypasses your defenses, it can 
    really mess things up on your part. Each type of fire also has its flaws as 
    well. Zoomed-In mode gives you higher accuracy in exchange for slower turning
    speeds; Reavers, Wretches, and Drones can easly out maneuver your fire if you
    don't react quickly enough. In Free Fire, your accuracy gets hurt quite a bit
    which can lack what you're looking for when a bigger Locust comes along. Your
    defenses are also affected by a couple flaws, more noticably when you're hit
    on the sides or back. Your defense is only enhanced when you're hit from the
    _front_ which means you're a sitting duck if a Locust fires the sides or back.
    Explosives can also hurt you BAD behind a Troika as one direct explosion can
    mean life to instant death.
    Use it when they come by, but USE THEM WISELY. Just because you're behind a 
    Troika doesn't mean you're invicible. Use your head and the Troika will become
    deadly behind your sights.
    4) Enemies (toc4)
    So now lets look at what is plaguing the people of Sera: the Locust Horde.
    Basically, the FAQ will follow a similar format that'll change depending on the
    enemy but basically you will understand the idea of it once you get to it.
    Butt ugly is a good way of describing pretty much every Locust you'll encounter
    but that doesn't help you so... Drones. The standard look for a Drone is black
    attire for the lower body and the occasional head gear for protection. They're
    usually found with the basic Hammerburst but there is the occasional Locust
    with Lancers or Sniper Rifles. Be wary of those individuals. They're usually
    the "cannon fodder" of the Locust groups but they're still pretty tough for
    such a title.
    (Weapons Used): Hammerburst, Lancers, Sniper Rifles, Boltok Pistols.
    (Durability): Medium
    (Strength): Medium/High
    -Groups of Drones can become a hassle if they simultaneously fire upon your
    location. While Hammerburst fire doesn't seem apparent, it adds up tremendously
    when four or five Drones fire on you at the same time. To thin out their ranks
    more easily, try and concentrate fire on those that are firing while the others
    reload, then retreat under heavy fire. If you can, you can also fire upon them
    as they reload; sometimes these windows of fire are small but they're good
    enough to get some shots in.
    -Watch out for Drones carrying Lancers. They're fire is much heavier in groups
    and you'll see the pretty Gears logo fill up much faster when being gangbanged. 
    Try your best and take them out before engaging any other Drones. Another 
    reason to take out a Drone is because of the Chainsaw melee they gain. If they
    close the distance and approach you, you're as good as dead. For the sake of
    clarity, a good way to tell that a Drone is coming to saw you is if you see the
    Drone raise its Chainsaw and the familiar smoke puffs out from being revved.
    This should give you a big enough indication to shoot at them in hopes they
    lower the chainsaw or simply run and create a distance between you two.
    -Certain Drones carry Sniper Rifles with them and conceal their location in
    high areas where you can barely see them. They'll peak out during battle and
    fire a shot every once in a while. Personally, Drones make terrible snipers.
    Once they fire one shot, they give away their position rather easily and take
    forever to take a shot. Considering they have the lowest health of any Locusts,
    they aren't difficult even on Insane unless you can't spot them easily.
    -Drone behind the controls of a Troika are absolute murder if you aren't 
    behind anything. Just like you can mow down enemies, they can mow you down at
    just the same ridiculous speeds. They also gain great frontal defenses just as
    you would when you're behind the controls, which means that any direct attacks
    qre useless. There are a couple ways of damaging the Locust both obvious and 
    not so obvious. One is flanking the Troika user and attacking it's sides or 
    back. Your team will usually let you know when to flank a Troika user, so you 
    shouldn't worry too much about it. Another ideal way to take out a Troika user
    is by lobbing a grenade. If it doesn't kill the Drone, it'll stun them long 
    enough to throw another or fire at them. You can use the the Hammer of Dawn 
    whenever it is available as well, as the explosive splash damage can break 
    through the defenses of the Troika. The Torque Bow and the Boomshot are also
    alternatives if you have them at hand, though the use of them is very limited
    as the only exposed body parts are the legs. If you manage to somehow hit the
    legs, you can kill the Drone in one hit; luck is involved quite a bit here so
    don't expect a one hit kill the first time around.
    -Grenades work well for Drone crowd control. Simply throw a grenade in a Drone
    infested area and watch the chunks fly. If they manage to survive but were
    close to the blast, it only takes a couple rounds to take them down. Since
    Drones don't dodge or move fast enough, grenades do well at weeding out
    potential targets or thinning out the crowd.
    -When Drones figure they outnumber you or they have the upper hand, you'll
    often see brave Locusts run right behind your cover and leap over. If they're
    alone, rev up the Chainsaw and make quick work of them before they can do any
    damage. If you're surrounded by Locusts and they look as though they will jump
    over, blind fire them at all costs or retreat to another spot of cover. You'll
    lose ground but you'll be able to take out that Drone that much faster.
    -Drones can be stupid, especially on the lower levels. Often times you'll find
    Drones standing in one place even when they're clearly being fired on. They'll
    find themselves reloading in the middle of battle and show no regard in finding
    any cover. They can also be dense enough to walk into grenades their allies had
    just tossed. Always take measures to take out individuals such as these as 
    it'll make it easier on the long run.
    -...On insane, however, they do gain a bit of smarts. Some Drones will leap out
    of the way to avoid grenades and will Roadie Run to different locations for
    better fire. Do not take these guys lightly as any unpredicted close up
    confrontation will almost ensure you death.
    Grenadiers look very similar to Drones except from the distance, their upper 
    bodies tend to look greyish and their chests are white. They're often seen 
    sporting Shotguns and are the only Locusts who like tossing Grenades into a 
    fray. These bastards prefer up-close fighting and with the boost in stamina,
    they're quite formidable at that range. 
    There seems to be a rank within the Grenadiers called the "Grenadier" Elites.
    They take the same amount of damage, but sport a little more gear than the
    Regulars. They really aren't that different from the minors in terms of damage,
    but they are a bit more cunning than minors. Consider these guys the Captians 
    of the Grenadiers.
    (Weapons Used): Shotguns, Grenades
    (Durability): Medium/High
    (Strength): Weak to Insane (Depending on range)
    No Upper Body attire > Minor Grenadier
    Shoulder Pads & Chest Bracer > Grenadier Elite
    -Despite their name being "Grenadier" they tend to throw grenades very
    sporadically and stick to firing their Shotgun. Whenever you do see one
    readying a grenade, be prepared to move out of the way. If you fail to see the
    grenade, your teammates will often signal a grenade approaching. Also, listen
    to the distinct dinging sounds it makes as it lands because that same grenade
    could very well appear next to you. Listen for the signs or spot the Grenadier
    tossing it to save you the hassle of playing guessing games.
    -Grenadiers who are firing Shotguns from a distance aren't a big deal, however,
    they do have a tendency of advancing forward to make their shots count. Any
    Grenadier who advances closer toward your location is an immediate hazard. If
    they get close enough where their shotgun round screw your health up, it's best
    to blind fire and hope they don't walk around toward your location. Spot them
    early and take out the ones that get closer. If they keep their distance, then
    focus on targets like Drones with Lancers and Hammerbursts before you tackle
    -For extremely close up encounters, it's best to catch these guys off guard and
    chainsaw them to death or counter with your own Shotgun blast. Shotgun blasts
    stun them long enough to get another round and possibly finish them off
    unscathed. It's best to blind fire the Shotgun though and a much better idea
    to widen the gap between an advancing Grenadier before taking it out. However,
    if you're the unlucky COG that takes a vicious shotgun blast, it's best to MOVE
    AWAY ASAP. Recovering from the attack is first priority before you engage it
    -I was fooling around one day on Co-op with a friend and got close to a 
    Grenadier with his grenades. He smacks me and seconds later, I get blown to 
    bits. So, if Grenadier has his grenades equiped and you apporoach him, HE WILL 
    TAG YOU. Once he tags you, you can't do anything about it. Just don't get close
    to him. And if you do, don't get close to a Co-op partner...it's not pretty.
    -On Insane, Grenadiers become a lot more bolder and opt to throwing grenades a
    little more frequently. Their Shotguns are also immensely lethal at close range
    and will take the initiative to Roadie Run over to your nearest location as
    well. The same rules apply: fire at them while they advance, blind fire your
    weapon or your own Shotgun, and finish them off if they manage to jump over
    your cover with the Chainsaw. You'll want to take cover and blind fire a lot
    more if they manage to get close enough to do massive damage.
    -Like the Theron Guard, surprisingly, Grenadiers (even the minor Grenadiers) 
    roll away from incoming Grenades. They don't do it often, but they spare 
    themselves the trouble once in a while.
    Boomers are always the same. They're large Locusts with rather heavy looking
    clothes and equipment. They make the controller shake whenever they approach
    your location and have a deep, caveman-like voice. Their biggest giveaway is
    the large gun they carry around with them that is fittingly called the
    Boomshot. You'll find Boomers once in a while and they're generally found in
    pairs or alone. Their large size keeps them immune from the one hit kill the
    Chainsaw delivers and have enough power to literally rape you with one hit.
    (Weapons Used): Boomshot
    (Durability): Strong
    (Strength): Insane 
    -Boomers have the habit of saying "Boom" before they fire their guns. If you
    ever hear Boom, take cover as you'll usually find a speeding missile flying
    toward your general direction. However, there are times when they will fire 
    without even saying "Boom"; more noticeably when you're running around in the
    -As said before, don't bother chainsawing a Boomer. They'll simply punch you 
    and pretty much kill you on Hardcore or Insane.
    -Whenever a Boomer is making his way toward your direction it is _vital_ that
    you MOVE. Do not stand in one spot thinking they will just stop at a certain
    point; they will keep moving toward your location until they have a clear shot
    and splatter you all over the walls. As they're reloading and you know they're
    moving toward you, move back so that you have a little more space between it 
    and you. If you're unfortunate to have a freshly reloaded Boomshot keeping you
    from moving away from an oncoming Boomer, you can do a rather cruel thing and
    have your teammates attack in order to distract it. If they go down, don't
    worry as you can revive them while you can't if you take a full on rocket. If
    you don't have that option, you need to roll or Roadie Run the hell away from
    that location and hope you don't get hit.
    -The biggest window of fire is always while they're reloading. Take the
    opportunity while they're reloading to unload on them before they get the next
    shot. If you have trouble getting them to fire a shot, simply peak your head
    out and hope they see you. Once they fire, duck back down and move along your
    cover in case they hit a small window of opportunity. Once they're reloading,
    repeat the process of fire.
    -In total, it takes 3-4 headshots from the Sniper Rifle, 3-4 Boomshot shells,
    3-5 clips of the Lancer, and the rest is just an undetermined amount to figure
    out at this point. There is ONE and only one exception to this: the Torque Bow.
    With one firmly attached arrow on ANY DIFFICULTY, you can take down a Boomer.
    It doesn't even matter where you fire whether it be his pinky or his head, they
    will die guaranteed. It gives you just another reason to carry around a Torque
    Bow. :D
    -It is possible for the Boomer to be tagged by a Grenade. It takes a little
    bit of speed and balls. >_> While it's reloading the Boomshot, run up to it
    and smack it with a Grenade. MAKE A RUN FOR IT once it's stuck. If done 
    correctly and you're not A) shot with the Boomshot or B) chased by the slow
    bastard, you'll kill him one hit.
    Annoying would be the best way to put it. Smaller, humpbacked creatures that
    resemble Smeagol from LotR's, they have a blood curdling scream that'll drive
    you nuts on the first playthrough. Personally, you don't need the description 
    as you'll always know they're around cause of the scream.
    (Durability): Pathetic
    (Strength): Low to Insane (Depends on hits and difficulty.)
    -The only way Wretches attack is through lunges and swipes. The lunges in
    particular can pile a lot of damage and stun you momentarily, leaving you open
    to further attacks. Dive away from their attacks or take them out with 
    Shotgun/melee attacks.
    -Wretches have an annoying habit of climbing on ceilings in order to get to
    you. Not only can they jump on you unexpectedly, but it also makes them harder
    targets to concentrate on. Most likely you'll be dealing with multiple contacts
    so try and focus on other individuals on the ground before tackling them.
    -Wretches do little sidesteps if they feel they're taking too much damage. This
    can get a little annoying when you're being gangbanged by several of them.
    -Wretches take damage from just about anything, but for more devastating
    results you'll want to use either the Shotgun or a melee attack. On any
    difficulty, you can knock out a Wretch with one melee or well placed Shotgun
    -The Boltok Pistol can actually be used on Wretches and it can work rather well
    on killing them. One well placed shot on any difficulty can kill them quickly.
    Not to mention the melee can still kill them like all the other weapons but it
    might take another on Insane.
    The best way to describe these guys is pitch black bats with glowing eyes. They
    hunt in large congregations and wait for anything that comes by in the dark.
    Flocks of Kryll can get annoying as hell if you move too slow through the 
    (Durability): Immune (Except to UV light)
    (Strength): Insanely Strong
    -For most of Act 2, you'll have to contend with Kryll flying all over the 
    place. However, Locust or Human, everyone is easy game for them. Use the Kryll
    to your advantage if Locust numbers are simply too large.
    -Keep under the light at all times for Act 2. If you get under any open shade,
    they'll strike ferociously and kill you no questions asked.
    -Kryll are immune to everything except for UV light. But your only defense 
    against them is hanging out under lights.
    -The only person who is able to use the Kryll to his advantage is General RAAM.
    He is the only exception to the "everyone is easy game" rule.
    [Lambent Wretches]
    If anything will depress you in this game, it'll be this exploding pain in the
    ass. They look exactly like Wretches except they have rock like skin and glow
    white from Imulsion exposure. To make these guys annoying, they explode once
    they die. Isn't Epic NICE to you? =/
    (Durability): Low
    (Strength): High
    -As I said before, these assholes explode once they hit the dirt. You can just
    imagine what three or four of these explosions can do to your health. If you
    kill one of these guys up close, dodge immediately to avoid damage.
    -The nice thing about Lambent Wretches is if one explodes and another Wretch is
    nearby, it'll take massive damage and explode itself. Getting these guys into
    clusters and taking out one can cause a very nice chain reaction. Just make
    sure you're not nearby them once they're exploding.
    -Just like Wretches, they also do an annoying sidestep. It's amazing how many
    times I've had one of these guys sidestep a shotgun blast only to end up
    killing me in the end. 
    -Just a rule of thumb: if you got used to Chainsawing Wretches, DO NOT CHAINSAW
    A LAMBENT WRETCH. This is extremely important on Insane because one close up
    explosion leaves you a bloody mess.
    -Keep your Shotgun and Lancer/Hammerburst handy as they're key weapons for
    taking out Lambent Wretches this time around. Lay fire on them with whatever
    automatic weapon you have and then pick off oncoming Wretches with the Shotgun.
    If they happen to get too close, fire at the hip and dive away from the
    explosion. Getting them to explode in a chain reaction really helps eliminating
    the Wretches early off in any battle.
    -When Automatic/ballistic weaponry isn't enough, the Boltok, just like with the
    Wretches, can kill a Lambent Wretch. It takes a headshot on Insane to kill
    one and two non-headshots to put it down. It takes a lot less ammo if you kill
    one on the other difficulties.
    [Theron Guard]
    Ohhh boy, these guys are the Elite among the elite in the Locust Horde. Wearing
    Black and Red uniforms and trenchcoats to match their full head helmet, these
    guys mean business and can be a challenge on any difficulty. They tend to carry
    a variety of weapons in their arsenal but one inclusion that separates them
    from all the other Locusts: the Torque Bow. Brilliant tacticians and skilled
    killers, don't expect an easy fight with these guys.
    Theron Sentinels seem to be the commanders on the battle field, directing 
    traffic to everyone including the lower ranked Theron Guard. You can tell you
    are dealing with a Sentinel if you notice the largely armored, more prominant
    helmet covering their entire head. Strategy doesn't change though, as they 
    don't seem to do or take more damage than the regular Guard. They're a bit
    more cunning and patient though. 
    (Weapons Used): Lancers, Shotguns, Boltok Pistols (Magnum), Torque Bows
    (Durability): High
    (Strength): Depends
    Standard Helmet w/ Attire > Theron Guard
    Intricate Helmet w/ Attire > Theron Sentinel
    -For the most part, you'll be facing Theron Guards with Torque Bows, and often
    you'll see these guys fighting from a distance. If you are fighting these guys
    from a distance, don't linger out in the open too long or else you'll find a
    nice surprise sticking out from your back. An easy way to tell the Guard is
    readying an arrow is if you see a glowing aura from their Torque Bow; this
    usually means the arrow is ready to fire but they often wait until the auto 
    fire does it for them. Wait it out until the arrow fires then retaliate as they
    reload and charge up the next shot.
    -Whenever you close the distance between you and a Guard, they'll try and fight
    you off by using the melee of the Torque Bow (Which HURTS). A Guard that hadn't
    noticed your presence will fire a prematurely charged arrow in your direction.
    The arrow has a has a pretty good chance of bouncing all over the place before
    finding a definite place to stick or simply flopping down to the floor. Watch
    out anyway as you could take damage from the stray arrow.
    -Depending on the situation, Theron Guard will switch their weapons out for a
    Shotgun or Boltok Pistol. They're the only enemies that will pull out a
    separate weapon besides the one they have at hand but it only seems to happen
    with Guards that carried Torque Bows initially. Try to avoid a Guard that is
    changing weapons as you could be at the wrong end of a Shotgun blast.
    -Generally, Theron Guards with Pistols aren't too much of a threat but ones
    carrying Shotguns and Lancers have a lot more skill with them and can easily
    rip through you. Don't bother having them get close or they'll chainsaw/blast
    you to bits. Keep your distance and take them out with whatever weapon you have
    in your disposal. If you have to, surprise attack them with the Chainsaw.
    -On most difficulties, the Guard are constantly on the move and very aware of
    their surroundings. They roll out of the way of oncoming Grenades and move
    around the battle field quickly. Guards with Lancers typically blind fire and
    keep their distance while Shotgun Guards rush toward your general direction and
    mercilessly fire upon you. 
    -Theron Guards take a lot of punishment; taking about two clips on the higher
    difficulties to finally kill. Carrying Torque Bows to take them on isn't a bad
    idea for its one hit kill.
    This thing got hit by every branch on the ugly tree. From what I can tell, the
    opening shooting Nemecysts is actually its ass. It jams your radio frequency
    and produces the Nemecysts that tend to shoot down the Ravens throughout the
    (Durability): Insanely strong
    -As said before, these things shoot Nemecysts into the air. This is it's only
    primary defense against your attacks but normally you face Seeders with the
    squad so they have your back.
    -The only way they can be taken down is by using a double dose of the Hammer.
    Just point and let the yellow beam of death do its work. Be weary as you'll
    still be under attack by Nemecysts and other ground forces. Also, if the Seeder
    was preparing to fire a Nemecyst, it'll still come out even under Hammer fire.
    -They jam radio frequencies and smell like crap. Not much else to say.
    These are the lovely suicide bombers that come out from the Seeders. They
    resemble flying squid and love to take out choppers.
    (Durability): Weak
    (Strength): Medium
    -These things tend to accompany Seeders and the occasional Locust troop. You
    won't see them much in Campaign except for cutscenes and the mentioned
    -While they are slow moving in battle, they make up for it in numbers and
    strength. On Insane, one can damage you critically and it only takes another to
    wipe you out. Fire at them and they'll go down fast.
    Reavers are large, squid like creatures that Locusts use for aerial strikes. 
    They need a head start before flying up into their air and just glide 
    mysteriously without any flying apparatus. Reavers come equipped with a Troika
    and an extra seat for another passenger. Be warned, these guys are tough as
    nails to take down and they can out maneuver your Troika fire easily.
    (Durability): High
    (Strength): High/Insane
    -For a large segment of Act 5, you'll have to destroy oncoming Reavers using
    the Troikas provided on the roof of the train. A good idea is to begin
    attacking even if they are at a distance. You'll gain a head start even before
    they close the distance and finish them off quicker once they do.
    -Generally, you'll have a Drone manning the Troika with another Drone laying
    suppressing fire on you. For the most part, this combination is not too bad
    just as long as you have some piece of cover or Troika to take the brunt of the
    attack. The scarier combination is a Drone with a Theron Guard. Why is it so
    scary? The Theron Guard will _always_ be armed with a Torque Bow. On Insane, a
    combo like this puts you at risk seeing even one arrow that misses but is close
    can almost kill you. Behind a Troika, you don't have a lot of options except
    make every Reaver a priority target. Remember to fire at them once they come
    into your sights and take them out. If a Reaver strays from your line of Troika
    fire, chances are you'll be blocked by a huge metal crate so concentrate on the
    ones you can see!
    -There are times when you won't be behind a Troika and you'll have to face a
    Reaver. This situation can be a little easier for you as you'll have a nice
    sturdy piece of cover to depend on. You still have to deal with Troika fire
    though so you'll need a weapon that'll deal damage in a pinch. Hmm. OH! How
    about we use that nifty Torque Bow! Seriously people, two arrows tops will take
    down a Reaver on any difficulty. However, if you want to take a Reaver down in
    one shot, try and fire a well placed arrow somewhere nearby the pilot manning
    the Reaver. This should explode both the support and pilot as well as bring the
    Reaver down. If you don't have these weapons, you can use the Lancer or Sniper
    Rifle to shoot down the crew. Firing at the Reaver will just waste time.
    -Tidbit of trivia, you actually see Reavers very early in the game as you enter
    the House of Sovereigns.
    Picture a Locust Drone (Or something similar to it). Now imagine it having a 
    growth spurt, having hard-as-rock skin, and have a mean ass period 24/7. That
    is a Berserker. Still surprises me that it's a female considering Locusts all
    look exactly the same. Anyway, Berserkers are blind so they generally hunt by
    hearing and smelling its prey. Oh. By the way, they're strong as hell if you
    missed the COG getting pulverized into unnoticeable chunks upon your first
    (Durability): Insanely Strong
    (Strength): Instant Death on contact
    -If you didn't get the hint before, Berserkers are STRONG AS HELL. No matter
    what they do to you, expect to end up seeing that nice blood red screen if you
    get up close to one. They can only attack you through melee attacks and charges
    so be grateful that's all they can do.
    -As said before, Berserkers hunt by smelling and hearing its prey. If you run
    or make loud noises with your gun, it'll come charging in your direction.
    -Berserkers have two main attacks to punish you with. One is a massive swing
    with her arms in an attempt to whack your head off. This is usually done after
    the charge in case she misses but your still in her vicinity. The main attack
    you should watch out for is the tackle attack. You can tell she's about to do
    it when she pauses and "looks" in your general direction as if she spotted you,
    then comes running at full speed toward your direction. The latter is the move
    you should be looking out for the most. It is rather easy to dodge but you have
    to time your dive. Dive too early and she'll change her trajectory to hit you.
    Dive too late and well...you deserve it for your poor reflexes. For the most
    part, just watch out for diving too early as it CAN change direction during mid
    sprint. Dive a couple seconds before she reaches you so she has less time to
    react and change direction.
    -The Hammer of Dawn is the only weapon you'll be able to use on her. It's best
    to get the entire sequence of the beam to blast her. While she is taking damage
    from the Hammer, she can be shot to do more damage but it's just better to fire
    another shot from the Hammer. Two direct doses and she'll go down.
    (Note: You'll always find the Hammer of Dawn lying around before the battle
    begins so I strongly urge you to pick it up once you see it so you don't have
    to later.)
    -Not so much something the Berserker does, but what the satellites do. You'll
    always have to deal with a timer during the first two battles with the
    Berserker. They simply mean how much time you have until the satellite coverage
    disappears. Don't worry too much about it, as you have enough time to get the
    job done.
    Now that we got the basics down, lets break up each Berserker battle up to get
    an idea of what we're doing.
    Berserker Battle 1
    -First time we meet the Berserker, we'll be in the China Shop scared ****less
    of running into her. Once you do, head to the immediate right closest to the
    Berserkers' entrance. You'll have to dodge her first tackle so I recommend
    sticking to the wall closest to the door and dodging her attack. Roadie Run
    through the doorway and head through either hallway to a "dead end". (BTW, if
    Dom is knocked out, don't worry. He'll come back once you get to the outside.)
    The Berserker should come in looking for you and spot you rather quickly. If
    it's taking its time, start shooting your guns to get her attention. Once she
    finds you, stand in front of the door and let her charge at you. Dive away and
    she should tackle the door down. If not, hopefully she'll do her punch and
    knock the door down. Get her out of the way and run through. This time, you'll
    have a bunch of pillars in your way. Not good. Lure the Berserker into the room
    and make sure that when she comes charging, you do NOT HAVE a pillar blocking
    you from a successful dive. Same thing as before, a door to stand in the way
    of. Once you got the door down, run to the outside and use the Hammer on her.
    Do it once more and you've killed your first Berserker.
    Berserker Battle 2
    -The idea is generally the same for this battle as it was in the first. You'll
    be walking through the Greenhouse and right before you make your way through,
    you encounter the second Berserker. It may be easier this time depending on how
    good you are at dodging Berserker tackles but you only need to cross over to
    the next room before you annihilate her. As you pass through the junction
    connecting the first room of the Greenhouse to the second, the Berserker will
    break through the wall twice: once as you make your way through the junction,
    and the other as you arrive on the other side. Roadie Run past her and get to
    the other side then Roadie Run again as you pass through the second wall she
    breaks. Now comes the harder part. In front of you should be a valve. To the
    left of that valve should be three pillars. One of these pillars (I forget
    which) needs to be broken so that it reveals the way out you need. Back to the
    subject at hand. You NEED to have the Berserker break the pillars on both sides
    of the room in order to expose the room to satellite coverage. You don't have
    to break them all but it makes things easier if you do. Once you have her under
    an area a pillar used to be, target her with the Hammer and let her have it.
    It's probably best to start the windup right after she misses her tackle. Two
    doses and she goes down.
    [Another little tidbit thats been passed along for both Beserker Battles 1 and
    2 is the fact that you can Grenade Tag after the first initial HoD blast. On
    Co-Op it's a bit easier as you can unload a full HoD blast, have your co-op 
    partner wait till the HoD sequence is completly finished, then have them run
    in while the Berserker is still glowing red and writhing in pain to make the
    tag. If done correctly, the grenade will blow and kill her instantly.
    It is also possible to actually do this alone. I, myself, haven't had much 
    success in doing this as I'll always get blown up at the last second. 
    RingWraith, the person who actually succeeded, says it's possible. You drop the
    Hammer down on her and you need to be rather quick about tagging the Frag;
    the reason to rush is because the Berserker could regain her composure and end
    up kamakazing you. Not pretty. This has only been done on Hardcore. I'm pretty
    sure the risk is a little higher seeing Marcus is fragile as **** on that 
    difficulty but if anyone can get the info and successfully do it, I'll be
    thankful enough.]
    Berserker Battle 3
    -By now, Berserkers shouldn't be a big deal. This time we got to fight one atop
    the train. As bad as it seems with no Hammer, it's really an easy fight. (For
    the sake of my fingers, we'll skip how to dodge her moves during battle.)
    Option 1: Releasing the Cars
    It's not hard. The only challenge is getting to the back of the train where Dom
    will tell you about the Car Release Mechanism. Simply Roadie Run past her and 
    get to the end of the train. Dom will tell you where the panel is. Now, get the
    Berserkers attention and lure her onto the car. As soon as she comes running
    in, you dodge her and run onto the other car. Press the button and watch her
    fly off the rails.
    Option 2: Exploding the Cars
    Remember when you were taking control of the train and Dom mentioned the large
    red fuel tank? Well you can put it to good use. Lure the Berserker as close as
    you can to the huge thing and toss a Grenade right next to the tank. It'll blow
    up right in her face and send the cars right off the track.
    Option 3: Lure her right off the Train
    If all else fails, you can just make her run right off the train. Simply stand
    near the edge of the train and lure the Berserker into running at you. Dive out
    of the way as she runs toward you and she'll fall right off.
    You can choose either way of disposing the Berserker. It's up to you but you'll
    generally be using Option 3 in case the first two attempts failed.
    5) Bosses (toc5)
    And finally, we come to the big baddies of GoW. Similar style as the Enemies 
    You know the giant spider creature that reveals itself from the darkness and
    appears to kill Marcus? Thats the Corpser. Large, quite armored, and legs that
    can crush anything to dust. Sounds like you got yourself into a hell of a 
    battle, right?
    He's not as tough as it makes him seem. You just need a careful eye and know 
    whats going on.
    (Durability): Medium
    (Strength): Strong
    -One of the main points that I'd like to make clear before we continue: if you
    don't move, you will die. Sure, he seems like a sitting duck but that doesn't
    mean he can't pack a mean punch. It only takes one or two strikes from his
    legs to kill you and on higher difficulties, practically anything can kill you
    -Now his moveset. The Corpser uses three attacks to combat you. 
    =One is it's three consectuive blows with it's legs; The Corpsers legs will be 
    proped up in front of the it's face and stomach to prevent any damage from the 
    front. Depending on where your position is (For example, if you're in front of 
    it, the legs that are situated more toward the front of the Corpser will be 
    used.), it'll lift it's legs up one by one then a second or two later, strike 
    at your closest location. This move can easily be dodged by diving away to the
    sides or back a split second before it comes down. It is't a bad idea to dive
    again in case the attack isn't finished. There is also a certain range that 
    his legs can reach before he can't hit you, but eventually he'll either attack 
    Dom (Who is ALWAYS trying to fight up close with it) or break platforms once it
    sees you're out of range. You can also Roadie Run as soon as his legs lift up,
    he'll try and strike as close as possible but because you've sped away, his
    strikes will lag a bit. 
    =The other move is done once he's taken damage. Basically, he'll spread his
    legs open and then lift all of them up, resulting in a crushing, simultaneous
    blow that KILLS on higher difficulties and will destroy the platforms floating
    on the Imulsion. The platforms in the back will go first and then continue 
    until it reaches the Corpser. While this process is rather slow, don't take all
    the time in the world killing him. Oh, and doo NOT get close to the Corpser 
    when it is doing this move; it can easily pack a punch and escaping it at the 
    last moment isn't pretty either. Good news is, this move always has a preset 
    range at which he'll strike (Which actually isn't as far as his first move.) 
    The bad news is, if you take too long to attack the Corpser, it'll slowly drag 
    you right into its range with each platform he breaks. Just be careful, keep a 
    nice distance when he does this attack, and RETALIATE after! 
    (Note: He only does this move after taking damage twice. Never the first.)
    =The final move is used a lot less than the other two and only happens when you
    get up close to the Corpser. Approach the Corpser too much and it'll let out
    a blood curdling scream that pushes you away _and_ takes away a little less 
    than half of your health. While it's a nuisance on Hardcore and Casual, it
    KILLS you on Insane which eliminates any close encounters on that difficulty.
    Personally, I don't recommend getting too close, but since it's so random it
    isn't really a big issue if you're unscathed before he does it. On Insane, 
    don't bother getting close or else you'll be spewing profanities, throwing 
    controllers, and whining why that move is cheap.
    -To piss you off even more, Epic threw in a couple of Lambent Wretches into the
    fray. Luckily there is one wave that appears after the Corpser takes damage 
    and then none appear until the next wave. Now, to deal with the oncoming wave
    of Wretches; first off place a good amount of distance between you and the 
    Corpser for this. Last think you need is to be dancing around it's legs while
    firing off at the Wretches. Now, look up. Remember the giant hole where the 
    Corpser came out of? See the pipes it used to get down? Look to the left. 
    You'll see a ledge and a pipe that runs parallel to it. This is where the 
    Wretches come out from. Now, take a weapon of choice out and as soon as you 
    hear Dom say "Wretches!" get ready to fire as the Wretches climb on the pole.
    This is your cue to FIRE AWAY. This only takes a bit of your time and keeps 
    this fight from becoming a free for all melee. Any stragglers can be taken out
    as soon as they land. If you waste quite a bit of ammo, don't worry as there 
    are ammo boxes that regenerate during the fight. 
    -So how do we take him out? Well there are two methods of approaching this.
    Method I: Up close an Personal
    Take your nifty Gnasher and run toward its side. Before you make a mad dash, 
    be sure he isn't in the process of attacking you. It's better to be safe than
    sorry. ANYWAY, run to his side and you'll see a gap between his legs and his
    body. There you will see his soft belly. Fire at it. This should get the 
    Corpsers attention and leave it in a delirious, exposed state. Now, aim for his
    mouth and watch it whine.
    Rinse and Repeat for one more round then when it's on the platform, quickly 
    blow out the locks to kill it.
    This method is better used on Hardcore and Casual, as the scream does a lot 
    less damage than on Insane. Coupled with the fact that it's rather random, you
    run less of a risk than on Insane. But for those of us who have challenged 
    Insane, I recommend Method II.
    Method II: Playing the Distant Game
    Take whatever weapon you choose, preferably one that can still hurt at longer
    ranges and wait for an opening. The most preferable openings are during the 
    platform stomper AT A SAFE DISTANCE; his legs will be open for a while at the 
    beginning, but you can also fire right after he's completed the attack. Or by 
    successfully avoiding his continuous leg stop and using the time it takes for 
    his legs to retract back as a shield to pound his stomach with bullets. Once 
    he's stricken to the point of delirium, it's your cue to come in and blast him 
    in the mouth, causing him to back up.
    Once he's on the metal platform, shoot the locks and kiss his ass goodbye.
    This is the safer way on Insane. That way he won't do the scream and you can
    still hurt him. You just need to be a little more tedious with your dodging and
    finding windows of opportunity. Experiment with this method if you like on the
    lower difficulties and see what method of distance fighting suits you.
    RAMM coming soon...
    6) Credits (toc6)
    -Thanks to Epic for making a fun filled addictive bloodfest.
    -Kudos to Akubarix and MHxOGRE for their guides. They seriously helped when I
    needed to reference certain tips.
    -Thanks to Chompy213 for pointing out the Kryll are in Act 2 instead of 3.
    Whoops. >_>;
    -Thanks to Mujirul Haque for the info on the Pistol. :)
    -A LOT OF CREDIT to Felix L for the rating system he sent me. =3
    -Thanks to RingWraith775 and Mathew Mackay for the strategy on Grenade Tagging
    the Berserkers. 
    -Thanks to David Murdock for correcting my spelling error on the Sniper. >_> 
    And for the Boomer Grenade Tagging strategy.
    -Gracias to Evan Horan for the Boltok usage on Lambent Wretches.
    -Thanks to my finals for giving me the inspiration to procrastinate and make
    this guide.
    -Thanks to my HD T.V. and XBox 360 for not failing me while I played.
    -And thanks to you for reading!
    7) Copyright Jazz (toc7)
    I, Kevin N., claim full ownership of the FAQ and it may not be copied, 
    distributed, sold, or used for public purposes unless proper permission is
    asked beforehand. Should I find any confiscated work of mine that wasn't given
    proper permission, I will perform legal action and sue you for every dime,
    nickel, and quarter you have. You've been warned.
    Copyright 2006. Kevin N.

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