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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sk8terguyjake

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    			Gears of War FAQ/Walkthrough
                    G G G    EEEEEE            A             RRRRR                SS
     		  G          E                A A            R     R            S
    		G            E               A   A           RRRRR R           S
    		G  G  G      EEEEEE         AAAAAAA          R                  S
    	       G     G      E            A       A         R R                  S
    		  G G G      EEEEEE                          R   R               S
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. General Gameplay Strategies  (GGS)
    IV. Enemies/Weapons      (ENEMY/WEAPON)
    V. Game Walkthrough      (GAMEWALKTHROUGH)
    ACT 1: Ashes
    14 Years After E-Day     (14YAED)
    Trial By Fire            (TBF)
    Fish In a Barrel         (FIAB)
    Fork in the Road         (FITR)
    Knock Knock              (KK)
    Hammer		       (HAMMER)
    Wrath				 (WRATH)
    China Shop			 (CHNASHP)
    ACT 2: Nightfall
    Tick Tick Boom		 (TTB)
    Grist				 (GRIST)
    Outpost                  (OUTPOST)
    Lethal Dusk              (LTHLDSK)
    Dark Labyrinth           (DRKLBYRNTH)
    Powder Keg               (PWDKG)
    Burnt Rubber             (BRNTRBR)
    Last Stand               (LSTSTND)
    Act 3: Belly of the Beast
    Downpour			 (DWNPR)
    Evolution			 (EVLTN)
    Coalition Cargo		 (CLTNCRGO)
    Darkest Before Dawn      (DRKSTBFRDWN)
    Angry Titan              (ANGRYTTN)
    Tip of The Iceberg       (TOTI)
    Act 4: The Long Road Home
    Campus Grinder		 (CMPSGRNDR)
    Bad to Worse             (BDtoWRS
    Hazing			 (HZNG)
    Close to Home            (CLStHM)
    Imaginary Place          (IMGNRYPLCE)
    Entrenched			 (ENTRNCHD)
    Act 5: Desperation
    Special Delivery		 (SPCLDLVY)
    Train Wreck			 (TRNWRK)
    Pale Horse			 (PLHRSE)
    Multiplayer Strategies
    VI. Multiplayer General Strategies
    VII. Game mode specific strategies
    VIII. Map Strategies
    Tyro Station
    Fuel Depot
    War Machine
    Old Bones
    Raven Down
    IX. Specific Techniques
    X. Acknowledgements and Contact Info
    XI. Legal Info
    I. Introduction
    Hey there, I got this game for christmas and was delighted with the games
    gameplay, controls, weapons and overall storyline and all that good stuff.  So
    anyway I decided to write up a guide for this game.  I have written 5 previous
    guides, all of them multiplayer guides, for Perfect Dark, Battlefield 2: Modern
    Combat, GRAW, Rainbow six vegas, and Call of duty 3, all for the 360.  I have
    never written a single player guide, so I decided to try this now.  You're going
    to see a big portion of multiplayer as well because I really believe that the
    Multiplayer is the meat and potatoes of any game.  My email address is
    boardslide30@yahoo.com that is boardslide30@yahoo.com.  So if you have anything
    you want to contribute, ask me, or tell me anything then just go ahead and send
    me an email.
    II. Version History
    Version .1 December 26 2006
    Wrote up some general strategies and wrote up walkthrough for 14 Years after E-
    DAY and most of Trial by Fire.
    Version .12 December 27, 2006
    Wrote up Fork in the road and Fish in a barrel walkthrough
    Version .13 December 28, 2006
    Wrote up Knock Knock and Hammer walkthrough
    Version .14 December 29, 2006
    Version .15 January 3, 2007
    Finished Act 1
    Version .16 January 7, 2007
    Finished Act 2
    Version .17 January 10, 2007
    Finished Act 3
    Version .18 January 15, 2007
    Finished Act 4.
    Version .19 January 18, 2007 
    Finished Act 5. 
    Version .2  January 21,2007
    Finished Enemy/Weapon section
    Version .21 January 24, 2007
    Finished Multiplayer Section
    III. General Gameplay Strategies
    A lot of this is going to be a flash of the obvious, so  you don't need to read
    this if you're really expierenced, but it might be good to go over.  So these
    are general tips that you can use in any situation or place, so always keep
    these in mind when you're playing.
    1. Use the Cover System!!!
    This is pretty obvious, but I have to restate here.  In this game patience
    rewards the player for waiting in cover and letting the target come to them.  A
    great thing about cover is that you can basically be invisible to the enemy, and
    you can still see him, because it uses a third person view.  Take big advantage
    of this, this will pay off. The thing is that you'll see a guy walking along in
    this post-apocalyptic world, minding his own business, maybe whistling.  Then
    you pop up and just serve him a tray of lead bullets to the face.  That's how
    effective it is.  You'll be able to start getting ready to line up your shot,
    while he's just walking around.
    2. Use your squadmates!
    You can't give your squadmates direct orders like in rainbow six: vegas for
    example, but you can tell them to either go into a defensive stance, an
    offensive posture, or to regroup at your position.  So whenever you're playing
    the game and your allies are getting shot up, try putting them in a defensive
    stance.  You order them by holding LB (left bumper) and then pressing A to put
    them in an attack mode, press b to put them in a defensive stance, or press y to
    have them regroup.  All of them have to have the LB held just so you know.  So
    whenever you've bitten off a bit more than you can chew and you're getting shot
    up behind cover, call your allies over, they'll at least act as cannon fodder
    and will give you an opportunity to shoot a couple of the enemies up.
    3. Use the right weapons for each situation!
    So in this game you can have up to four weapons, so you can pick up plenty of
    different weapons for each situation.  When you're picking up weapons, it's a
    good idea to make sure that you're inventory is well rounded.  It probably
    wouldn't be a good idea to have 3 pistols in you're inventory.  That isn't going
    to do you much good.  IT would be much better to have a Longshot Sniper, Lancer
    Rifle, Snub Pistol, and Grenades or something.
    4. Flank your Enemy!!
    In this game you can really flank your Locust Enemies.  The levels are actually
    designed for you to take separate paths, and you'll even hear you squad mates
    say "MARCUS, FLANK RIGHT!!" or something like that.  So flanking is a huge part
    of defeating your enemy.  It's pretty obvious that the developers intended it to
    be this way, so keep that in mind.  If you're ever getting shot up then try a
    different path.  You'll be surprised at the difference it can make.
    5. Use the Active Reload 
    This is a pretty new game mechanism introduced by the people at Epic.  This
    basically doubles the speed at which you can reload, which is huge, especially
    when you're battling hordes of Wretches or drones.
    IV 	Enemies/Weapons
    Drone's are your Joe Schmoes of the Locust Horde.  They're the expendable
    privates that act as cannon fodder for the Locust Horde.  They are often armed
    with Hammerbursts, sometimes Sniper rifles or lancers.  They have pretty light
    armor and it's not too hard to take some of these guys.  A well aimed burst in
    the head will take any of these guys out.
    These things have absolutely no armament, protection or weaponry whatsoever.
    They basically just swarm you and melee you to death, which can be effective
    when there's a lot of them.  That's why you have to pick them off as they get
    close.  The best way to take them out is just spray with your lancer.  Ten
    bullets should take care of any wretch.  One thing to be aware of is that in the
    game you will also encounter glowing wretches which explode when killed.  Be
    careful of these as the explosion will do you damage.
    These are similar to Drones buy carry shotguns, and love to use grenades, thus
    the name grenadier.  They look like drones but they are all gray, they have no
    armor on them.  Be careful about getting tagged by grenades, because they like
    to do that.  There are also Grenadier Elites, which are basically just upgrades
    of regular grenadiers.
    Theron Guards:
    These are pretty tough.  They have red armor and where this thing with the
    collar.  One thing to be aware of is that a lot of these have chainsaws.  So you
    want to be careful using your chainsaw on these guys.  Theron guards usually
    have either a Lancer assault rifle, or they'll often have Torque bows.  The way
    you should kill one with a Torque Bow is wait for them to fire, then run up and
    chainsaw them.
    You can't really kill these guys.  They basically eat anything they see up.  The
    one thing though is that they are scared of light, so if you're in a well lit
    area then you're safe.  If you wander into the dark, then you're bound to get
    eaten alive by them.
    Ahhh yes.  Berserkers.  These guys are kind of tough.  You can't take them out
    with regular weapons, but you're hammer of dawn works awesome.  Just try and
    lure them outside then nail them with the hammer of dawn.  There is one level
    train wreck where you don't have a hammer of dawn, but I'll get into that in
    that levels walkthrough.
    These are pretty easy to take out.  The only thing you have to worry about is
    that they have boomshots, and if they get a hit on you you're dead.  If you have
    a torque bow you can hit them and kill them with one shot.  If you have a
    longshot that works just fine as well.  If you don't have either you can always
    grenade tag them as well. 
    In this section I'm going to go through each weapon in the game and talk a
    little about it.  I'll tell you how to use it and just in general what you can
    expect from all of these weapons, so let's do this.  (note: *** means that it's
    a default multiplayer weapon.
    Snub Pistol***
    This is your standard pistol fire arm.  It support zoom, which is useful for
    scoping in on your enemy and popping them in the head.  This gun has decent
    accuracy, but does pretty good damage.  It's rate of fire isn't too awesome, but
    it get's the job done.  Don't forget you can zoom in by clicking the right
    Mulitplayer Analysis:
    This is probably the most unused gun, but it's actually decent.  In some ways I
    think it's actually more useful at a distance then the lancer.  It's more
    accurate and easier to score headshots then with a lancer.
    Gnasher (shotgun)***
    This is an awesome close range weapon.  One well placed headshot will take your
    enemy out, and two body shots will do the trick.  This gun is basically useless
    at more than 10 feet, but it's death when you're up close.  That's the thing
    with this gun.  Don't even try to shoot somebody if their far away.
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    This is your bread and butter gun.  If you're within 10 feet of a guy then just
    whip this baby out and you'll be able to score some pretty quick kills/downs.
    If you get a headshot from about 3 feet away it's an instant kill, so just
    remember that when using this gun.
    This is your gun that you're going to be using the most in this game.  The one
    thing this gun has is a chainsaw on it that you can activate by holding B.  This
    will basically chainsaw the guy in half.  Now apart from that this gun has very
    good range, and is quite accurate.  It's also fully automatic.
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    This gun can be kind of hard to get kills with.  Since there's a lot of cover to
    use in this game, it's going to be hard to get downs with this thing because
    when they're getting hit they'll just jump behind cover.  Use it if you catch a
    guy rushing a weapon or something.  For instance Longshot on War Machine.
    Boltok Pistol:
    This is like the revolver of the pistols.  The snub is a quicker shooter, but
    doesn't have near the firepower that the boltok does.  This gun is very deadly
    when you score headshots, and does very good damage.
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    This is a more powerful weapon than the pistol, and a few quick headshots will
    drop any enemy to it's knees.  It can zoom in by clicking the right stick.
    Grenades are really useful when you're trying to flush out enemies, close
    emergence holes that kind of thing.  Use these whenever you have a really tough
    group of enemies.  Don't forget you can grenade tag enemies by pressing B on
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    One thing is that Grenades are the most useful when pressing B and frag-tagging
    them.  I do it all the time too.  Yea that's right, at times I'm a frag tagger.
    People get pissed when I do it, but hey it's not my fault you can't shotgun me
    before I get that close.  Anyway, these are also good when you have a guy that
    is camping you can easily chuck a grenade and get the quick kill on the guy.
    The Boomshot:
    This thing doesn't show up a whole lot, and I don't really use it a whole lot.
    It's a deadly weapon when used correctly, but you don't have a whole lot of ammo
    to use for it, so I'd rather have a longshot, so this is a good weapon.
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    This is a good gun, but you only have 2 shots for it.  For that reason I just
    don't' use it a whole lot.  I'd rather have 11 longshots, or 12 torque bow
    shots.  That's the thing.  This is a good gun to grab if you're outnumbered or
    something, because a direct his is an instant kill.
    The Longshot:
    This is the sniper of the game.  This is an awesome weapon, because one headshot
    instantly kills.  The other thing that I love is you can often scope in on an
    enemy who thinks he's behind cover, but there's a fold of skin showing.  Just
    use your longshot on that and you can waste the enemy.
    Multiplayer Anaylsis:
    This is one of those guns that is great for people who are really skilled with
    this gun.  I'm not one of those.  I'm decent with the gun, but I'm not one of
    those guys who uses it at point blank range with the thing.  This is a good gun
    for covering large amounts of territory, ilke on canals.
    The Torque Bow:
    This is a pretty hard gun to use.  The way you use it is that you pull the bow
    back by holding RT, then press LT and you'll see a little reticule.  When you
    see the orange dot then just release it on your target.  If you pull it back
    long enough and you release it then it's an instant kill.  Just keep that in
    Multiplayer Analysis:
    This is an excellent weapon to use if put in the right hands.  Again, I'm not
    one of those guys.  Whoever has the Torque bow should stay in the back and keep
    guys heads down with this thing.  Remember even in multiplayer, it's an instant
    kill if it hits the guy, assuming it's pulled back all the way.
    V. Game Walkthrough
    ACT I
    14 Years after E-DAY
    Starting Weapons: Snub Pistol, Hammer burst
    After having a cool little cinematic, you're going to get your first look at
    Marcus, and get into the game.  In this level you're going to spend a lot of
    time following your buddy Dom around.  So anyway right off the chute he's going
    to ask you which way to go.  I recommend going through the training so you can
    get a good feel of the game.  So let's do that.
    	After a brief encounter where you almost get killed by friendly bombs,
    it's now time to get rolling.  So follow dom up the stairs, and press the green
    thing next to the computer to open up the door.  Then you'll walk out onto a
    balcony and Dom will tell you that you need to shoot two circuit breakers.  One
    is right next the door in front of you, another is across the balconies to your
    left.  Once you pop those then walk up to the door in front of you and press X
    to kick it down.  Then you'll get a brief little tutorial on taking cover and
    doing moves.  Move down the hall way and take cover against the pillar laying
    then jump over it.  Grab the ammo and then bust down the door.  Continue along
    the balcony and head outside.
    	Now you're going to get your first taste of real combat.  Of course there
    is plenty of cover, so I recommend moving up and taking cover behind the fallen
    pillar.  There's only one guy in there, so you shouldn't have any problem with
    it.  Inside of the building where the Locust was is a button you're going to
    have to press to open the next door.  So press that and head into the door.
    Then they'll give you a nice shot of a couple of corpses tied to chains, very
    nice.  So go out the door and head downstairs and through the door on the right.
    You can actually find a couple of grenades in here, and you'll need those soon.
    If you go out the door you'll come out on a balcony with a couple of locusts
    under it.  So what you should do is take cover against the pillars and just pick
    them off, maybe use grenades if you want.  After that you should just follow Dom
    as he heads right and goes down the stairs.
    	So now you're being informed by your good friend Dom that the Locusts are
    cutting through the door.  Be ready to revive Dom because as soon as they burst
    through the door they pop a cap in him, so be ready to revive him.  What I did
    was just fire controlled bursts at their head while I just sat and took cover.
    Another good idea is to throw a grenade so it blows up just while their coming
    through the door.  Just make sure that no one flanks your left side, because
    that's when you'll be vulnerable.
    	So now you're going to head through the door that the Locust came through.
    Once you get out there it's basically going to be chaos.  The first thing you
    should do is flank left, because you'll be able to get some free shots on them
    this way.  So go left, and up the steps onto the ruined foundation of the
    building.  Take cover behind the wall and just start shooting.  Even if you
    don't kill the Locusts, you're basically forcing the Locusts to move out of
    there comfortable cover and move into the open, where Dom will start to shoot
    them up.  Once you've shot all of them up you're going to have to board the
    helicopter.  You'll be treated to a pretty sweet cinematic too....
    		Youtube video walkthrough link:
    		Trial by Fire			(TBF)
    	So after a quite long cinematic you're finally playing.  A couple of
    Locusts will walk down the steps, but the helicopter and you're allies will take
    care of them.  Walk up the steps and into the room and start heading outside.
    	So now a few locusts are going to rush out at you, but it's not too hard.
    Just take cover behind the falllen pillars and shoot their heads.  Don't get up
    close because that's where they'll do their damage.  So now you should go around
    the corner and walk up the stairs.  You can actually pick up a Lancer Assault
    Rifle, which you will learn to use a lot in this game.  You can pick it up at
    the base of the stairs.
    	This is your first really intense firefight of the game.  The first thing
    you should do is head left and start shooting your enemies up.  You'll probably
    have an opportunity to use your chainsaw (hold B).  You can also pick up some
    ammo and grenades over on the left side.  Just work your way around the left and
    you'll pull through it.  Use your chain saw as well, because that's an instant
    kill.  You're also going to encounter your first Locust Hole, which is basically
    a hole that comes out of the ground where Locusts jump out.  You can close it
    quickly by throwing a grenade inside of it, or you can just shoot up a bunch of
    enemies and it will eventually close.
    	After you've killed all of the enemies in the courtyard it's time to go
    left with your squad.  You're going to encounter a few enemies, but just take
    cover and take them out.  Continue down the area and you'll see a bridge.  Head
    over there with your squad and cross the bridge.
    	So now you're going to see your boys stacking up against a large door,
    which you're going to head through.  So as soon as you go through the door make
    a left and start working your way down that way.  Your squadmates will head
    towards the middle.  Now that you're on the left side you'll have a perfect look
    at the grub hole if you're far enough down the left.  You'll be able to shoot up
    any locusts that come out.  Then after that part is clear, there is another grub
    hole in the corner of the building, so you're going to have to fight through
    that as well.  Take cover, and pop them as they come up.  There's only a few
    enemies so it's not too hard.
    	Now you're going to head down the stairs and you'll be treated to a nice
    little cinematic....
    			Youtube video walkthrough Link
    			Fish in a Barrel
    	The first thing you should do is start to flank right.  The reason being
    that there is a machine gun nest just sitting there, so if you're not careful
    you'll get shot up.  So if you flank right then you'll be able to go all the way
    around the machine gun and you'll be able to chainsaw the guy.  So after you've
    gained control of the machine gun, what I do is use the machine gun for a
    minute.  A few locusts will usually rush you.
    	So now you should continue down the street.  You'll have another
    opportunity to take a right and flank the opposing force.  You'll actually be
    able to totally go around them and chainsaw them in the back, which is always a
    pleasure, albeit a guilty one.  So then you should head into the main courtyard
    and hop into the fountain or whatever and take cover.
    	About now you're going to have total chaos.  There are grub holes that
    will spawn out of the ground and have locusts.  What I do is just sit in the 
    fountain and just pop guys as they come out.  If you start to get run over a
    good idea is to just run out and hide behind something, because when you're in
    the fountain, you'll often get surrounded by all of the locusts.  Just take your
    time, be patient, and shoot them as soon as they come up and you'll be fine.
    The biggest mistake I made was trying to kill that one Locust when I was taking
    serious damage.
    	Follow your squad into the ruined area where you'll finally have a
    checkpoint after your tough battle.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now you should move forward towards the fallen pillars and you'll be
    presented with a choice.  Take the right Path, or the left path.  You should
    ALWAYS choose the left because inside of this building is a machine gun nest.
    If you take the right path you have to go head on against it, if you go left
    you'll have an opportunity to shoot the locust manning it in the head.
    	So assuming you took the left path, you're going to have to go up some
    stairs.  What I do is rush up and take cover behind the pillar.  Usually a
    Locust will take cover on the other side, and then you can chainsaw the guy,
    which is always fun.  You'll have to be careful, there's another Locust who is
    paired with that Locust you chainsawed, so you have to be careful.  Usually your
    squadmate will come up and save you, but I'm not sure on Insane difficulty.
    Continue into the next room and you'll have one more guy to take care of.  In
    the corner of the room is a pair of windows.  You can pop the guy manning the
    machine gun through those.
    	After you take out the machine gunner, go through the other hallway and
    into a bathroom.  There you should open the door by pressing the green button
    and continue into the next room.
    	You are now going to have an intense fight, in which you should
    immediately flank right.  There is one machine gun nest, and a couple other
    enemies shooting at you.  It's an uphill fight, so to even it out you're going
    to have to flank them.  You'll see a door that is below the Locust all the way
    on the right.  Kick in this door and head upstairs and chainsaw him in half.
    You can find a grenade right up there as well.  You'll actually have a pretty
    good look at the machine gun nest from there so if you want to throw a grenade
    at him that wouldn't be a bad idea.  Anyways head back downstairs and make an
    immediate U-Turn to your right.  There is probably going to be one guy hiding
    behind the pillars you'll have to take out.  Then take out the machine gunners
    if you already haven't, by either chainsawing or just throwing in a grenade.
    	So you're now informed that Locusts are bursting through.  You should
    immediately hop onto the machine gun and just start mowing guys down as they
    	This moment for me is kind of funny, because you hear Kim yell out "LOCUST
    REINFORCEMENTS" then you see this one Locust burst through the door, then you
    just shoot him up.  I don't know it was funny for me.  Anyhoo, you should now
    head through the door the Locust came through, then kick down the next door.
    			Knock Knock
    	You start out in this dark corridor, but you'll soon head outside.    As
    soon as you go outside, you should sprint towards the capitol building.  Don't
    expose too much of yourself however, or you'll get shot up in the ensuing
    ambush.  So as soon as the lead hits the fan and there is total chaos you should
    watch the pair of double doors to the right.  As soon as they open, you'll see
    one lone locust there.  Take care of him and go through those doors.
    	You have now gained entrance, and you'll be able to sneak up and kill one
    guy easily.  There is one grub hole in there however, and I strongly recommend
    the use of frag grenades in that scenario.  The reason being that there are a
    bunch of guys in that small space, and not a whole lot of room to go around.
    Take cover, peek and shoot to take out those guys.
    	Once you've taken out those guys then take out the guy who is machine
    gunning.  You'll then be treated to a checkopint
    	Then you should hop onto the machine gun, as the locusts just run in at
    you.  You can easily just pop them as they come running across, and it's sorta
    fun to just mow them down as they come.  No big deal here, just mow them down.
    One thing you can do after you've killed them is pick up some gnashers
    (shotguns) off of the dead bodies, to help you in the next part.
    	Then you should head into the building and fight the guys in there.  There
    are a bunch of them, you're going to have to be patient.  Don't just run in with
    your chainsaw revved up or you're sure to get killed.  After that go through the
    door and you'll be done with the mission.
    			Hammer    	(HAMMER)
    	Proceed up the stairs and stare down into the courtyard.  You're going to
    see one guy fending off a huge attack, and he needs our help.  You're going to
    need to revive him.  So when told, head to the right and down the stairs.
    You'll be in the large room where a couple of locusts are going to be.  Take
    cover behind the cement blocks and work your way towards the locust enemies.
    Kill them and revive the fallen soldier.  After you kill them you'll be treated
    to a cinematic.
    	Go towards the opening after all of this and take a left and go up the
    stairs.  Continue on down the corridor and a door should be opened up.  Take
    this door out and you'll have a long hallway where we will meet a new enemy, the
    wretches while JACK rips this door down.
    	So wretches, which are these monkey like creatures are going to rush you.
    What you do is just shoot them up with lancer blasts.  They probably take only 5
    bullets to kill, so just spray and you'll get them.  Make sure you watch your
    back.  They'll start to climb up from this hole that is behind you.  Just don't
    let wretches get up close to you.  That's when you'll get in trouble.  Distance
    is your best friend when fighting wretches.
    	Now you should head through the now opened door and into the room.  You're
    about to be exposed to the most awesome weapon ever.  The hammer of Dawn...
    	So before I start, let me tell you a little bit about our friend, the
    Hammer of Dawn.  The way the hammer of dawn works is that if you're in an open
    area, and you have sattelite support, which the game will tell you when you do,
    you aim at a point and it will basically just drop a laser beam or something
    that will just kill anything.  Okay, on we go.
    	Okay so pick it up and head outside through the double doors.  You should
    then kill the seeder that is to your right as soon as you go out.  So use your
    hammer by aiming the laser at it, then holding down the right trigger.  Now
    don't just use it for the seeder, use it against all of the drones who are
    probably behind cover.  Take cover, pop out and then hanmmer of dawn all of the
    drones that are in the area.  After you've cleared out the area then cross the
    bridge then continue right, then cross the other bridge to your right.  Then you
    should head into the building.
    	Continue through the building then go through the door, take a left, then
    head through the door on the right.  You'll walk into an open courtyard with a
    Seeder in the middle laying around catching some sun.  But before you hammer of
    dawn the poor sap, just go to the left and shoot up the coupe of wretches that
    rush you.  There gonna come bounding up to you, all so happy to see you, then
    you cap them.  Just some lancer bursts will do the trick.
    	Once you've killed the wretch then you should hammer of dawn the seeder.
    Once you've done that take either the left or right path around and kill the
    drones who are on the other side.  Take cover, move up and lancer or chainsaw
    them.  Choose the side that the drones aren't facing.  They're usually shooting
    up your allies on one side, so take the other and chainsaw the drone(s) on that
    	Continue through the double doors and make a left down the stairs.  You
    can go straight and go on the balcony if you want some ammo.    As you walk down
    the stairs and get to the bottom, a couple of wretches are going to rush you.
    Lancer burst these guys as you walk backwards so they don't get close to you.
    Turn left and follow the hallway until the end of it, then make another left
    into the courtyard with the dead seeder in it.  
    	Now you should head  left into the building and continue down the hallway.
    You're going to encounter some drones at the top of the stairs covering the
    area.  Take cover behind the pillar and just cap the drones with your lancer.
    Be aware though you will encounter some wretches as well.  Wretches will act as
    assaulters while Drones will stay back and "support" them.  Make sure to watch
    your back so you don't get wretch rushed.  Now head towards where the drones
    were, go up the stairs where they were at, then go through the arch way and down
    the stairs on your right.  Once you get down there you'll see a disfigured body.
    Once you're done taking a look at that go to the left, go through the door way
    and head up the stairs and into the room.
    			Youtube video walkthrough links:
    			Part 1:
    			Part 2:
    				Wrath			(WRATH)
    	This level gets to the action right away.  As soon as you can, go take
    cover behind the pillar.  Wait for the drones to rush you.  If they get too
    close, fall back then take cover behind the sofa.  Then head through the doorway
    the drones came from and then hammer of dawn the seeder that is below you.  Be
    careful of enemy fire coming from your right.  I've been killed by that.  Then
    you head back into the building and have a chat with your allies.
    	Now some Drones and Grenadiers are coming for you through this door.  Take
    cover behind the chair on the right, then just pop them as they come through.
    Your allies will do pretty well, but don't just let them do the work.  After
    you've killed them, then head through the archway then head right.  You'll then
    have a good view of your allies who are just getting shot up.  After that then
    hop over the fallen pillar and continue down the hallway, then make a right.
    Continue down this hallway until you're given a checkpoint.
    	Okay rush up and take cover behind one of the desks.  One drone will be in
    the left corner of the room, the other will be rushing you from the right.  Take
    both of these guys out.  Then make a right in the door at the end.  This next
    part is intense.  Run up and take cover behind the big rock on the right.  Start
    shooting the Locusts as they come to rush you.  They'll often take cover behind
    the sofa and they'll pop up and shoot you.  After you've taken them out continue
    towards the sofa.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now to your immdeiate left at the end of the hallway is a troika turret
    gun.  Immediate rush towards it, then head right into the corridor.  You're
    about to run into some wretches and drones.  Just take cover on the pillars and
    your allies will help.  There aren't too many enemies.  You'll see one opening
    that leads back to the hallway where the troika is guarding it.  Don't take it.
    Continue down the corridor you were just in and there is one opening in the back
    that dumps you off right behind the gunner.  Chainsaw him and then hop on the
    troika.  Now a bunch of wretches are going to rush you.  Just mow them down with
    your troika.  Don't worry if one gets by, your allies will take care of them.
    You only have to worry if like 2 or 3 get by you at once.  Once their dead
    you'll get a checkpoint
    	Get off the gun then head to the right and continue down the hallway, then
    there will be a set of stairs to your right and a path to your left.  Go to your
    right for ammo, then go to your left down the path.  Then continue down the
    stairs and go to the right.  You'll now see a room that is similar to the one at
    the very beginning of the mission.  The will be some sofas and a big statue to
    take cover behind.  Start shooting the drones as they pop up.  There's a fallen
    pillar that is right in front of the room which would make great cover for you
    to use against the drones in the room.  There are some grenades in the right
    part of the room, so pick those up as well as some ammo.  Then head to the left
    part of the same room and hop over the fallen pillar.  Go up the stairs, then go
    into a large room where marcus will get on his mic.
    	Now you head up the stairs and chainsaw the guy who's manning the Troika.
    Now you basically just start blasting the guys who are on the ground.  It's not
    really hard.  Don't "give up" at shooting your targets.  If there's a little bit
    of the drones body showing, just shoot it up.  The troika has such good power
    you don't need head shots to kill the guy.  Once you mow all the guys down,
    you're done. good job.
    			Youtube Video Walkthrough part 2:
    			China Shop    	(CHNASHP)
    	This level is basically just that of a "boss".  The boss is a berserker,
    which hunts by smell and hearing.  You can lure it by standing still, then
    shooting it.  It will run in a straight line at you, which makes it's movements
    easy to predict.
    	So now you head down the hallway which leads you to a large room.  Go
    through the door towards the end of the room, and follow the hallway.  The
    berserker will run out and burst through the wall.
    	Head through the door that is in front of the berserker.  Lead it through
    there by shooting the berserker.  It will run through the door following your
    bullets.  Just keep leading it down.  There is a smashable door at the end of
    the big room which you should be in.  Stand in front of the door, then shoot the
    berserker.  Then evade out of the way, much like a bullfighter.  Hey a good
    seinfeld joke is why do they call it bullfighting, they don't try to fight the
    bull?!  Ba da bang!  Anyway.  You just sort of do this until you finally get it
    outside.  Rinse and repeat.  You just slowly inch it towards as it gets outside.
    	Once it's outside pull out your hammer of dawn and waste the poor
    guy/monster/alien/bug/ugly blind alien.  That will bring you to the end of your
    mission.  As well as the end of Act 1.  Yes!!! WOOHOOOO!! Pat yourself on the
    back, you beat the easiest act of the game!!! * sarcasm * but still pat yourself
    on the back.
    			Youtube Video Walkthrough:
    Act 2: Nightfall
    			Tick Tock Boom		(TTB)
    	Welcome to Act 2!  How you doing?!  Well stiffen up because this act gets
    tougher.  Let's do the first level, Tick tock boom.  Move down the sidewalk
    towards the fallen pillar.  Hop over it, then continue down the sidewalk.
    			***CHECKPOINT*** (that was almost too easy...)
    	You now have to make a choice, right or left.  I've always taken left, and
    have done quite well at it.  If you do take the left you cross the bridge then
    continue down the street, then make a left through the archway.  Now you should
    hide behind the long fallen pillar, you're about to be attacked by Boomers.
    	Okay you're now going to be treated to an awesome cinematic where you see
    a rat get crushed.  Pretty good stuff.  Now as soon you get control over your
    character, take cover behind the pillar on the right.  Since boomers don't have
    a quick rate of fire, as soon as they shoot and the rocket's passed you, then
    you should just pop up and shoot them a bunch in the head with your lancer.
    Keep doing this and you'll kill them.  These boomers are pretty easy to take
    	Once you're done with that, head down the hallway, then make a left.
    Couple of steps later and then you'll make a right, which will lead you into
    this big room with a bunch of fallen pillars.  There is only one drone down
    there, who is located under this arch way.  You just have to shoot him up.  Once
    you've done that then you have to continue into the room where he came from and
    continue down the hall until you enter the next room.
    	Now walk up to the door in the corner and press the green button.  Doing
    this will open it up.  Now you can head to your right for some ammo if you want
    it, if not then just head left.  You're now going to come out into an open area.
    Notice the fence that is going around.  Some grenadiers are going to rush on the
    other side of it, which is where your allies are.  You need to help them take
    those guys out, who are mostly grenadiers.  Beware the sniper who is 12 oclock
    from your position, in the bombed out building above.  Once you kill all of the
    guys, the metal door on your side will open up, and drones will start to come
    out.  Beware that they have chainsaws on their gun, you don't want to be cut in
    half.  Once you've killed the drone rushers, head inside but beware the troika
    that is sitting there.  Use grenades if you have to.  Then you basically just
    have to clear the area out.  There may be a couple of wretches in there too, so
    be ready.  Once you do clear it out, head towards the door in the room.  Kick it
    down, but you can't, so jack has to open it.  Walk into the middle of the room
    towards the left and get next to the door.
    			GRIST  		(GRIST)
    	Go through the door, then go outside into the courtyard where you're going
    to encounter some drones.  Take cover behind the cement barriers and pop them
    with your lancers.  Just keep shooting them and they'll fall eventually.  Now
    head to the right and you'll see a building.  Start shooting up the guys who are
    inside of that, as they'll try to shoot you through the windows.  Now to the
    right of that building should be a door that should be open now.  Go through it,
    and follow the hallway until you get to the big room with stairs all over.
    	Now head up the stairs, go left, and follow the path around.  A couple of
    wretches will rush you by the way.  A couple will be on the railing above you,
    while one will be on the ground.  So now you should head down stairs that will
    lead you to this alley way.  Follow the alleyway until you get to this cement
    divider thing.
    	Take cover behind the cement barricade.  Start shooting at the drones, but
    beware of the boomer over there.  As soon as you deem it safe, move up to the
    next level of cement dividers.  Just keep putting hits on the boomer and you'll
    bring it down.  When you do rush up, just make sure you don't get rushed by the
    drones, because your allies will be a little slow to come up.
    	Now head towards the right for about 100 feet until you come across 2 of
    those cement barricade things.
    	Ok, this is probably the hardest part of the level.  You got a Troika, and
    Emergence Hole spawning Drones to deal with, all at once.  Hop over the cement
    barricades, then move up to the car.  Take cover against it, then press X
    repeatedly to move it toward the troika.  If you didn't do this, then that
    Troika would eat you alive.  As soon as you push the car as far as you can,
    you'll see a stone slab to your right.  Quickly take cover at it, and throw a
    grenade up and kill the troika gunner.  To be honest I'm not sure how you could
    do it without grenades.  Troika gunner is your first priority.  Lobbing a
    grenade up there is the best way to take him out.  Once you do that, you can
    focus on the other guys.  I recommend staying in the same spot you did to take
    out the troika gunner.  Just keep shooting and you'll be just fine. Then all you
    have to do is just shoot the drones up.  
    	Once you've taken all of them out, just keep moving down the street.
    You'll have to follow and weave through the city for about a minute until you
    get to a gate with a guy sitting on it.  Go through the gate, thentake a few
    steps down the street.  You'll be treated to some dialogue between the
    "stranded" as they're called, and the gears.  Then head left, and you'll meet
    Dom's buddy there.  
    			Youtube video walkthrough:
    			End of Mission
    			Outpost		(OUTPOST)
    	Walk down the street and continue going down it.  You're going to see a
    door that is on your left.  Kick down this door, then continue through this
    house until you see the next door. That's the end of your mission surprisingly.
    		Youtube video walkthrough:
    		End of Mission (I know, that was almost too easy...)
    		Lethal Dusk			(LTHLDSK)
    	Before I get started I just want to tell you that this was the hardest
    mission for me to film and do.  This one takes what feels like an eternity.
    You'll get through this mission, just keep fighting, don't give up.
    	With that, let's do this.  Kick the door down and get in the fight.  SO
    when you kick the door down, run up the oven or whatever and take cover.  There
    is a drone with a sniper in the building at the left of you.  You can pick up a
    longshot over there, which I strongly recommend going.  You're going to need it
    this level.  Trade in your shotgun or whatever for it, but hold onto your
    lancer.  Now make sure you kill the guy to your right as well.  
    	After all of that you go to your right and head down the stairs and hop on
    this little boat.  Walk up to the wheel, press X, then press A repeatedly to
    make your little tram cross the river.  Beware that you will encounter drones
    opposite you, but it doesn't matter, because if they start hitting you, then you
    should just take cover, then when you heal up, hop on it again.  After you get
    to the other side you'll have a checkpoint
    	Go up the stairs, then head down the street in the lit areas until you see
    a couple of guys sitting under a light.  Approach where they are and you'll be
    treated to a "cinematic" of some sorts.  
    	SO what you just witnessed is Kryll eating humans alive in the dark.  You
    saw that as soon as they didn't have light, they were screwed.  It's the same
    way for you.  So what you're going to have to do is shoot the petroleum cans
    that are laying around.  When they blow up they'll catch on fire and provide
    light to protect you from the kryll.  I'll tell you exactly where they are.
    	Just to the left of where those guys got eaten is a house.  Enter it and
    head outside.  There is a petrol can just to the right of the car.  Shoot it
    then move there.  Now an emergence hole has just spawned, so take cover behind
    the car and wait for the guys to rush you.  Then when you run up to the car
    there is another petrol can just to the left of the back bumper, by a foot or
    two.  Then after you've killed all of the guys coming from the emergence hole,
    you can move up to the fallen pillar and hop over it, into the main street.
    	Now just to your right in the street, next to the buildings is a petrol
    can.  Shoot it then move up to the car.  Now this is where you're glad to have
    your longshot.  Pull out the long shot and start shooting the guys who are all
    the way down the street.  There is a Troika gunner as well.  Try to shoot the
    gunner in the shoulder, that will kill him.  Once you do kill him, then it's
    easy to pop the other guys.  They'll think their behind cover, then you hit
    their shoulder or something.  You'll see that a petrol can is right in the
    middle of the road, so shoot that.  Then to the left a bit more down the street
    is another petrol can.  Pop that, then there's another across the street from
    it.  Then across from that, inside of the small building is another petrol can.
    Pop that then head into the building.  Go through the door, then go into the
    room with sofas, then make a left towards the next door.  Beware, one wretch
    will jump out of it.  Kill him, then go through the door and up the stairs.
    			Youtube video walkthrough:
    	Kick the door that is in front of you down, then go through it.  About now
    a emergence hole is going to spawn.  Now you should look at the emergence hole,
    but to the left of it, right in front of the door you just came from.  Go
    through there, a couple of wretches will rush you.  Once you come out of the
    path, continue into the small building ahead, where you'll find grenades to use.
    You'll now have a good look at the emergence hole, and the guys shooting you.
    Chuck a grenade in the emergence hole, then start shooting the locusts who's
    backs should be turned to you.  You can also throw a grenade at the locusts if
    you want to. Then you can just shoot up whoever's left.
    	Now proceed out of the building and cross the street where the emergence
    hole was, then go through the alley way.  Make sure to shoot the petrol can that
    is in the left of the alley.  Then head into the building and continue through,
    then head back outside.
    	Now take cover behind the car immediately.  Then you can push it by
    pressing X repeatedly, to get closer to the troika.  Do this and as soon as you
    get as close as you can with the car, turn to the left and Roadie Run past the
    Troika, you'll be fine.  Then you can go in and take the Drones in thre out.
    Beware there are 2 guys in there, so using grenades would be good.  Actually
    there are some grenades if you continue down the hallway inside the Troika
    house, at the end of the hallway by the ledge.  When you do get to that ledge,
    shoot the Petrol can that is under the metal sheet, to provide your next point
    of safety from kryll.  So now you can head inside the building and work your way
    through it.  There aren't any enemies so don't worry.
    			Youtube video walkthrough:
    	So now you can continue down the hallway and kick down the door.  Head
    outside and take cover behind the fallen pillar.  Two drones will try to rush
    you, so just cap them.  Now you can go through the gate to your left and take
    cover behind the fallen pillar.  You now will have to take out an emergence
    hole, so just yank out your longshot and start shooting.  There's a petrol can
    to your right, but don't shoot it until you've killed everyone because then Dom
    will run over there and get killed.  I recommend using your Longshot a lot at
    this part, you'll be able to pop the guys as they try to get close.
    	So now you can head across to where the emergence hole is.  If you
    continue near the dark area on your right, there will be a petrol can to your
    right.  Shoot this then continue.  Then there will be a petrol can to your left
    under the rubble.  Shoot that then move up to the light that's from the street
    	Ok so now you're going to have to go in this house, get on this big light,
    and guide dom across, let's do it.  You can go all the way upstairs without
    encountering any enemies.  So just go through the house, then get up on the
    spotlight.  Guide Dom across to the building on the other side.  Keep the light
    on him, or he'll get eaten by kryll.
    	Once he's across, and all of the lights are turned on head down stairs.
    Be careful, a couple of wretches are going to rush you so be ready.  Once you do
    get outside, start heading down the street to your right, then make a left.
    Just keep walking along and you'll get a checkpoint.
    	You now have another emergence hole, but this one you can actually grenade
    quite easily, which I strongly recommend doing.  If you don't have grenades then
    just longshot them.  You should take cover behind the car because that will
    offer you the best cover.  Once that's all done, go inside the building to your
    left, then go to your right.  You'll see a petrol can right next to the fallen
    pillar, just to the left.  Shoot it, go back outside and then go through there
    and to the other side.  Start heading to the right now, and when you get to the
    edge of darkness, there will be a metal sheet propped on something.  That
    something happens to be a petrol can.  Shoot it then head down the street.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	So now walk into the gas station and chat with the stranded guy.  He'll
    tell you that you have to fill up your ride or whatever.  So press Y when it
    says there's a point of interest, then head over and turn the wheel.  Now you
    can head back inside and pick up some ammo.
    	So now head towards the front door, and you're windows will be blasted in.
    You're now under attack.    Guys will start rushing down from the stairs on the
    left, and guys will start coming from the gas pumps too.  What I do is sit tight
    and camp inside of the building, and shoot out of the windows, the one with
    grates in them.  Pull out your longshot and you'll be fine.  It's mainly drones
    rushing you by the way.  So after you take out some of them, a boomer comes in.
    You immediately have to get out of the building, the reason being that the
    boomer will shoot, and the rocket may fly by your head, but it will hit the wall
    behind you and kill you.  SO head outside and take cover behind one of the
    fallen pillars.  Start long shoting it.  Be patient, wait for the rocket to sail
    over you, then shoot the guy up.  Once you kill that guy, there will be some
    guys to the right of the building you were just in.  Be careful taking those
    guys out.  Use grenades against them, because they are the last guys in the
    mission.  Just be careful to not mindlessly rush them, because they are behind
    cover and they can kill you.  What will usually happen is you'll kill one, then
    the next one will jump over the wall, then you kill him, then the last guy, so
    be ready.  
    			Youtube video Walkthrough link:
    	This is a driving mission. The way the controls work is that you press X
    to switch between the UV turret and driving.  Use the RT to shoot and
    accelerate.  You're going  to have to blast kryll.  They'll come from all over,
    and even behind you.  If you ever hear a shrieking sound then turn around and
    start shooting your UV turret, because that means kryll are on you.  If you ever
    hear you're guy calling out 6 oclock or something respond to that.
    	So as soon as you start, there will be some at 11 oclock at the church,
    take them out.  The next pack of kryll will be right along the hallway, so take
    them out, then some kryll will fly right in front of you, so blast those guys.
    Then you should watch behind you because some are coming.  Now after you take a
    jump, there will be some at 10 o'clock.
    	So continue down the highway, then soon enough you'll have to make an
    exit.  So just continue down the road now, in the city.  The next pack of kryll
    are going to be flying really low.  There going to come out while you drive
    under this bridge or whatever, so aim low and blast them.  Now keep on driving.
    The next pack of them are going to come out from behind you.  So once you get
    through the city, get back on the highway.  Now drive on for a bit, then you're
    going to have kryll come from behind you.  Blast that guy up.  Then you're going
    to be driving off of a jump.  Immediately after that turn behind and blast the
    kryll behind you.  Then you're going to drive just for a few more moments, when
    a bunch of them jump you from behind and start swarming.  Just be ready for it
    start spraying the UV turret all over.  That's the last swarm, so if you have
    good amount of health left, you can just drive through it.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	So what you do is cross the wooden planks, then go onto the wooden catwalk
    area.  An emergence hole will spawn.  So just chuck a grenade in it really quick
    to close it up.  So now I'd head over to the roika that is to your right.  But
    as soon as you see it, there will be some grenades and ammo just to your right,
    I'd pick that up, then hop on the troika.  After you take out the first wave of
    attackers you'll have a checkpoint.
    	So now you're going to have another wave of attackers to deal with.  Just
    keep on that troika, that's your best bet.  Keep shooting the Drones as they
    rush towards you.  So now immediately to the right of the troika an emergence
    hole is going to spawn.  So just throw a grenade at it, it's really close to
    you.  Some of the guys will start to go into the building at the right so shoot
    anyone who does go in there.  You're now going to have some guys rushing you
    from either the middle, and to the right of the troika.  You're actually going
    to see a couple of drones on the top of the building to the right.  A point of
    interest will be a leaking gas pipe.  Shoot it to kill the drones on the top.
    Now a bunch of drone's are going to attack you from that same building at the
    right.  Take cover behind the wall and pop up and down and shoot them.
    	Once you take out all of those guys an emergence hole is going to spawn.
    This isn't just any emergence hole, this one spawns 3 boomers.  Pull out your
    longshot and start shooting them.  It's not too hard.  You can shoot each boomer
    with only having to expose yourself to the boomer you're trying to kill, so
    you're not going to have to worry about 3 rockets being shot up at you at once.
    So just focus fire on one guy and keep shooting him and you'll bring them down.
    Since boomers are so slow, and since they are close together, what I did was
    chuck a grenade down there to do them all this damage.  Once all the boomers are
    dead that's the end of the mission.
    			Youtube walkthrough link:
    			ACT 3: Belly of the Beast
    	This mission is going to introducte to you're a new enemy, lambent
    wretches, or glowing wretches.  They're normal wrteches but they blow up when
    they get shot, so you want to say far from them or you can get killed.
    	With that let's go.  Start heading through the forest into the industrial
    area.  You're going to get a little snapshot of these "glowing wretches".  Keep
    walking along, and then you're going to see another group of "glowing wretches"
    but their far away climbing up a pipe or something.  You're going to see a
    light, with a door right under it.  Head over to there and you'll have a
    	You're now about to be rushed by these glowing wretches.  Keep going
    forward and you'll see a little building to your right.  GO in there to pick up
    some ammo.  Then walk out and keep heading down the street.  Go under the
    archway, and now you're going to be rushed by these wretches.  So here's how you
    do it.  Back up while you shoot, and use your lancer to spray them.  You can
    also use your shotgun to take them out in one blast as well, it doesn't matter.
    Just keep a distance between you and the wretch and you're just fine.
    	Once they're all taken care of, you continue towards the area the wretches
    came from.  There's a door that you can go through, but first a couple of
    wretches are going to jump you, so shoot them up with your lancer or shotgun or
    	So now you go through that door and cross over the catwalks.  Continue all
    the way down those catwalks and into the urban area.  Keep going down there
    until you see a building on the right with an opening.  Go in there and press X
    on the button in there to activate the elevator.  Now you go back into this
    other building that's just where you were coming from.  Be careful, a wretch
    will rush you.  Once you waste the wretch hop on the elevator for a ride up to
    the top.
    	Now continue down from the elevator down the ramp, and hop over the low
    wall into the building.  Go inside there and into the next room.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Okay so what' you're going to do right now is go either right or left and
    try to open the door.  You won't be able to, so go back to where you started and
    go the opposite way.  The other door will work.  Open it up, go though it and
    cross the little bridge.  Then you go through the door and you'll be treated to
    a rather grotesque scene, typical of gears of war.  Now head to the left and go
    through the double doors, and you'll encounter a stranded.
    	Now continue down the hallway with the stranded as you talk to baird and
    	Now go through the door and follow the path around.  Just keep following
    the stranded guy and you'll be fine.  Now walk up to the red door and just wait
    until both of your buddies are underneath you.  You can see them there in the
    sewer below you.
    	Now you just have to do the same thing, which is follow the path around. 
    Just follow the stranded guy around.  Now about now he's going to call you a
    bloodthirsty fascist pig which is pretty funny.  Anyway follow the stranded down
    the stairs and into the next room.
    	So now you're about to see the stranded guy walk onto these wooden planks,
    which fall through, then he gets eaten alive by wretches.  I guess that's what
    he gets for calling you a bloodthirsty fascist pig.  So now I'm going to draw
    for you the path you should take.  It's also on my video walkthrough obviously.
    	I know it's messy ,but what you do is head right, then make a left when
    you can, then cross over the middle then go up then back right again.  Just
    watch it in my video.
    	Once you do cross over continue through the building and through a couple
    of the doors until you get a checkpoint.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    		Okay so you're about to have a huge wretch fight.  Glowing wretches
    of course.  So slowly walk forward until you hear some weird creaking sounds,
    then back up.  You just triggered all of the wretches.  If you had stayed in the
    middle it would be a lot harder because they'd come from all sides.  Now that
    you backed up though, they're all out in front of you.  So just lancer burst
    them and you'll be fine.  You can also pull out your shotgun, or melee them with
    your pistol.  All of those work.
    	Once you've cleared out all of the wretches you have to go up to where you
    were originally headed.  That's right where that one wretch jumped out and made
    the call.  Go up there and through the door.  Then take out the wretch that will
    rush you.  Then continue down then make a right through the dooor way and turn
    the wheel in the middle of the room.  That will open up both of the doors.  The
    one on the right has ammo, the one on the left is your real path way.  Now
    continue down the stairs but instead of making a right when you immediately can,
    go straight and pick up the ammo.  You can also pick up a longshot, so take
    advantage of that.  Then continue into the room, make a right and go around.
    	You are now going to be reunited with Cole and Baird.  SO there is a wheel
    in the middle of the area.  Turn it to open the doors up then go inside.  You're
    now about to have a major ambush.  You're going to deal with some wretches as
    well as drones.  The best spot to be is a cement block to the left.  There's
    this one block that is just around the corner.  Use that block as cover and sit
    there.  Guys will start coming from around the corner, so just camp there and
    cap them as they come in.  Having a shotgun is actually good at this part, if
    you need something different.  
    	Once you're through that ordeal you should now go all the way straight
    down and all the way around.  You might be ambushed by a couple of wretches, but
    nothing you can't handle.  There's actually a couple of grenades on this little
    step that is to your left as soon as you do turn around the corner.  So pick
    those up.
    	Continue down until you see a door on the right.  Try to kick it in.  You
    won't be able to, so about now a boomer is going to come.  Hide behind a cement
    block and pull out your longshot.  Just shoot him as he is reloading as you
    usually do.  You can also just chuck grenades there too.  He is accompanied by a
    grenadier, so be careful, take that guy out first if you can.  Once you do kill
    the boomer and grenadier you head inside,  That will bring you an end to our
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    		This is a fun mission where you're basically riding around in a
    little roller coaster getting shot at.  There's another part where you have to
    take out some boomers, but that part's easy.  One of the main things to remember
    is that you don't really have to shoot that many enemies.  You'll have to shoot
    one drone, and some wretches but that's it.
    	With that let's get into it.  So at the start head to the right and press
    this button that is next to the computer.  Now you can go down the stairs and
    get into one of the carts.  Okay so now you're in a cart and going.  There will
    be some drones to your right that will be shooting at you.  Don't even pop up
    because they can't hit you.
    	So now you're going to keep on heading into what looks like a fire, but
    you get rerouted just in time.  Now once you make that turn to the right, there
    will be some wretches coming at you from the top of the railing.  Just lancer
    blast them, you'll be fine.
    	So you're going to now head down the rails, Dom will pass you and you'll
    ride through an open area.  Just stay low.  The drones can't hit you.  Now when
    you're heading into the tunnel, there will be a drone on the left.  IF you have
    a shotgun then blast him, or blast him with your longshot.  Right when you drop
    him then look up because wretches will then rush you.  You're going to go across
    another open area, with a boomer shooting you.  Stay low, he won't hit you.  He
    only hit me one time.  I was playing co-op with a friend, other than that he's
    never hit me.  You'll be fine if you just stay low.  You'll then go on a booster
    thing and elevator and before you know it you're back on your feet again.
    	Now walk through the door, and press X on the next door.  Now look at the
    air vent or whatever in the middle of the room.  A wretch will jump down from
    that, so have your lancer at the ready.  Now you can go through the door, which
    will lead you out on some gangplanks, with wretches who will jump you from
    behind.  Take care of the wretches and head through the door and into the
    tunnel.  The wretches may keep on coming at you once you're in the tunnel so
    watch your back.  Keep heading down until you see the platforms.
    	So look down and you'll see these circular platforms.  There is a platform
    on the right and on the left.  This is when you're glad to have your longshot. 
    A boomer is going to walk up on each.  This sounds like a deadly encounter but
    it's not because the boomers are so far away they can't really kill you.  Just
    pop them with your longshot and you're good.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    				Darkest Before Dawn	(DRKSTBFRDWN
    		Alright this is a pretty long and intense level, with a lot of
    ranged combat.  With that let's do this.
    	Okay head down the path until you get to a fork in the road.  You'll be
    able to pick up some ammo to your right, so I recommend doing that.  From the
    point you get ammo turn around then head down the path to the right.  Beware,
    wretches are going to rush you.  Use your lancer to spray them and kill them
    with well aimed bursts.  Actually a bunch of them are going to rush at you so be
    ready for that.  
    	Once you take out all of the wretches continue down the path.  You'll make
    a left turn so when you do that keep walking, but right about now wretches
    should come for you.  Walk backwards while shooting and just lancer burst the
    wretches.  Once you're done with those guys you just cointune down under the
    tunnel until you have a brief cinematic.
    	Okay so now you should head off to the left and continue down the path.
    Take cover behind one of the big rocks laying around.  You're about to engage
    some grenadiers and drones.  They're going to head up to the small building on
    the right, as well as take cover behind the big metal pillar in the middle.  Use
    your longshot to take them out quickly if you want to.  You can actually go to
    the building at the right and pick up ammo so if you want to do that then you
    	Now you head down the path and you're about to have a point of interest.
    It's a weakened column.  Pull out your lancer and shoot bursts at the thinnest
    part.  It will collapse and it will kill the drone who had the sniper who could
    shoot you otherwise.
    	Now you keep heading down the path.  You're going to go through a small
    tunnel then you're out in the open area again.  Keep walking and a couple of
    wretches are going to rush you so have your lancer at the ready.  Once you wack
    the wretches keep continuing down the path until you have a checkpoint.
    	Wretches are going to rush you as you keep on walking.  If you have a
    shotgun then use it, but your lancer will get the job done.  After you take care
    of the wretches then you're going to be shown a boomer.  Pull out your longshot
    and shoot it in the head.  The boomer doesn't pose much of a threat because it
    is so far away that the rockets just miss.  Shoot as soon as the rocket flys by.
    And of course take cover behind a fallen pillar or rock.  Just keep headshotting
    him and he'll collapse soon enough.  Then you continue down the path.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Continue down the path just a few steps, and you'll take a pretty nasty
    drop.  You'll get right back up though of course.  You're going to be involved
    in a huge wretch fight.  You're in a small little cave and there are tons of
    wretches coming at you.  Use a lot of evasive actions while you lancer blast
    your enemies.  You have to keep on the move if you're going to stand a chance.
    This is one of the most intense wretch fights in the game, so if you can get
    through this then you're doing good.  Just keep evading and then hsooting.
    That's your best shot.  (no pun intended)
    	Once you've killed all of the wretches a part of the cave will open up and
    you can get out.  So head out of the cave and walk down the path.
    	Now walk down the path and you're going to have to make a choice between
    going right and left.  I will always go left.  Left is easier because there is
    more open areas so that if a drone rushes you, you can easily cap him with a
    Longshot or something.  The enemies will have to cross over a lot more
    	So when you're taking that path progress through the area by taking cover
    behind the fallen rocks and pillars.  Just progress your way up through each one
    and you'll be doing good.  You're going to notice that if any wretch or drone
    tries to take you out they're going to have to cross a lot of ground to get to
    	With that let's get to it.  After you take out the initial drones and
    attackers then you should move up to the next area.  You're going to make a
    curve left, then take cover behind one of the rocks because a drone is coming
    for you.  Just in general use your longshot because you're going to have plenty
    of chances to cap guys at a distance, which is exactly what this gun offers you.
    Now coming up on your left is going to dom, who is on the other path.  He might
    need some help, so go ahead and pop the drones he's taking.  Again just take
    cover behind the big rocks and move up.  Keep going down the path until you meet
    up with your buddy dom.  Both your path and his will meet together.
    	Okay now you can go down the path, make a right and go down this ramp to
    pick up some ammo.  Then go back up the ramp and go to the right down a bit.
    There will be a cave opening on your left.  Take cover behind the fallen pillar
    and start capping drones as they come.  There are going to be quite a bit of
    drones rushing you, so hang back and take your time.  Grenades would be quite
    useful as well because it's a pretty cramped area. 
    	Once you do take care of that area walk through that area and go outside.
    You'll have a Corpser as a point of interest.  The corpser will go away, so
    don't worry about him for now...  Just keep running across the wide area until
    you get an end of mission.
    			Part 2 Youtube walkthrough link:
    		This is basically just a boss level.  So what you have to do is try
    to hit the corpser in the belly, then when it opens it legs up you hit it in the
    face.  You'll hear a weird shriek when you do.  Now beware, at some point he'll
    try to kill you by bringing a couple of his legs up on one side, then smashing
    them to the ground.  Another thing you're going to see is that wretces will also
    come down at you so you're going to need to be ready to take them out quickly.
    	Now what you're going to notice is that you can't actually kill the
    corpser with your lancer.  You're just going to have to push it back and farther
    back until you get it on this little island thing.  So a point of interest
    should come up, and it should say "smashable clamp" or something.  So thre are
    two of those.  Stand on one of those, then shoot the Corpsers legs.  When it
    pulls it's legs up, get ready to evade.  Then when it attacks dodge the attack
    and the leg will smash the clamp.  Do that for the other clamp and you'll
    submerge the Corpser in the lava or whatever.  That will kill it and you'll be
    treated to an awesome cinematic.  Afterwards you go and regroup with your squad.
    	In conclusion the main things to remember is shoot the belly of the
    corpser through it's legs.  Then when it opens up shoot it in the face.  Keep on
    forcing it back until it gets on the little island.  Then stand on the clamps
    and then shoot the corpser to get it's attention.  Then evade it when it tries
    to smash you.  Do that for the other clamp and you'll be all set.  Now one thing
    to remember is that wretches will rush you, so if you hear Dom call "Wretches!"
    then turn around and take care of them.
    			Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    		This is a pretty good mission.  You're going to be exposed to both a
    new weapon, the Torque bow, as well as a new enemy, the theron guard.  So to
    talk a bit about the torque bow, the torque bow is a bow that you have to charge
    all the way up, that is pull the string back and hold it for like 3 seconds.
    Then you release it and if it hits an enemy, the enemy is dead.  Even if it's a
    boomer.  SO keep that in mind.  Now about the Theron Guard, the theron guard are
    basically just upgraded Drones.  They have a lot of armor, and tend to have
    either Toruqe bows or Lancers.  Okay let's do this.
    	So start down the path and go to the right.  You can pick up a torque bow
    here, which I strongly recommend doing.  So now you should head up the hill
    towards what looks like a fuel complex or something.  So just walk down the path
    until they show you an up glimpse of the new enemy, the theron guard.  So
    continue down the path until you get to the little ramp that lets you go up into
    the complex.
    	 Now take cover behind the pillar and have your lancer out.  Get ready for
    some therons to come for you.  Just stay where you're at and you'll be fine.
    Take out a couple of therons if you can, then move up and take cover behind one
    of the fallen pillars.  I really recommend using your torque bow because Theron
    guards can be tough, but if you have a Torque bow then you'll be able to take
    them out in one shot.  Now when you get to the top of that ramp move forward and
    take cover behind one of the pillars.  Take some shots with your torque bow at
    the drones and therons ahead.  Keep working through the area and you'll be good.
    One of the harder things is that you're going to have quite a bit of guys to
    deal with in a close range situation.  Once you take out the guys in the corner
    of the gas station, then go around and keep shooting at the guys.  It's hard for
    me to give you a lot of advice at this part because you should basically just
    use your Torque bow to get quick kills.  Once you do clear through the whole
    area you just walk down the ramp on the other side of the gas station then the
    mission closes.
    			Youtube video Walkthrough Link:
    			Act 4: The Long Road Home
    			Campus Grinder		(CMPSGRNDR)
    		Okay so when you start the level go into the courtyard and head
    immediately left.  Take cover behind the fallen pillar and start using your
    lancer on the drones farther down.  Once you do take out a couple of them then
    move up to the tree that is in the little cubicle all the way down the
    courtyard.  You'll then have a great view and look at the enemies that are in
    the building to your left.  Go into this building and you'll encounter a drone
    who is armed with a longshot.  Pick this up if you want to, but if you have a
    torque bow then hold on to that.
    	Once you take out that guy in the house then head out the door into the
    courtyard then hide behind the cubicle with the tree just to your left.  See if
    you can shoot any drones up, but if not, then just keep moving up the street.
    You're going to encounter some theron guards so be ready for that.  Kill them
    then grab their torque bow because you'll need that badly in a second.
    	You're going to need to circle around the courtyard because that's where
    the theron guards are going to be.  IF you can take them out you'll be good.
    Just keep sweeping around and your allies will distract you.  You'll be able to
    get good looks at them so take advantage that.  Now use your longshot/torque bow
    to kill them quickly.
    	Once you've killed all of the guards and drones in the courtyard 2 boomers
    are going to burst through this wall on the very left of the courtyard area, all
    the way down.  Pull out your torque bow and just shoot them up.  Take cover and
    wait until they're not shooting at you and shoot them with the torque bow while
    they're loading.  This is one of those things that if you have the torque bow
    it's not hard at all.  If you don't have the torque bow, this is going to be
    very difficult.
    				Youtube video walkthrough:
    	After the cinematic you're going to have to take a choice between taking
    either a right and going through a courtyard, or going left and into this house
    and having to cover your allies.  I will go right because you're going to get a
    lot of action, but also you're going to get a lot of torque bow ammo.
    	Once you're in the courtyard on the right you're either going to get
    rushed from your right hand side, or from your left through the hallway.  Most
    of the rushers are going to be Theron Guards and some Drones.  Theron guards=
    Torque bow ammo so pick some up.  Use some torque bows on them as well if you
    have to, especially because they'll be vulnerable when they're rushing you.
    	Now that you've cleared out the courtyard you can go to the left and go
    through the hallway.  Now you're going to go out into the courtyard that is on
    the right of the hallway.  You can torque bow any of the Theron Guards and
    drones that are in the area.  You're going to notice that there is a hammer of
    dawn that happens to be laying around.  Pick it up and start using it on the 
    seeder and kill it.  Now you're going to notice that there is a large cross that
    is a grave.  An emergence hole is going to spawn underneath that grave.  Pull
    out your hammer of dawn and just sap up the hole real quick.
    	Now that you've cleared the entire courtyard you can continue through this
    archway that is to the right of the emergence hole.  Go through it and then
    continue through the hallway until you get a checkpoint.
    	Head down the hallway and go outside.  Take cover behind the parking
    barrier and wait for the wretches to rush you.  Wretches will run right at you.
    Several of them will come so be ready for that.  Once the wretches are don
    rushing you can take cover behind the gate way you have to pass through.  Take
    out the drones/grenadiers who are coming for you.  As soon as you clear them you
    can take out the next Locusts.  Now there are going to be some Locusts by the
    house on the left side as well, so take cover behind the fallen pillar that
    leads to the house.  Once you kill the Locusts there then go into the house
    	Now go through the house and into the church.  You're going to see some
    stairs that are up on your left.  Go up the stairs and you'll see some sandbags
    to take cover behind.  Use those because drones will start to rush you from up
    the stairs.  Just use your lancer and you'll be fine.  There are only 2 drones
    you actually have to deal with.  So just throw a grenade and you can chainsaw or
    just lancer the guys up.  Then go down the hallway and continue down the stairs.
    You'll pass by a couple of rooms, one of which leads outside.  Go outside, then
    shoot up the petroleum cans that are laying around this pick up truck.  Shoot
    those up then you'll have the end to your mission.
    				Youtube video walkthrough:
    			HAZING		(HZNG)
    	Walk into the open courtyard and head to the left, into the door.  Then go
    left again and go all the way down the hall then make a right into the
    courtyard.  As soon as you can pull out your hammer of dawn and use it to blast
    the troika gunner.  If you don't use your hammer it's a lot harder to do this,
    so use your hammer.  Then after you take out the troika gunner you should now
    head towards the right.  About now an emergence hole should spawn right near you
    towards the right.  Use your hammer of dawn to seal it right back up.  Beware
    that wretches will be rushing you so you may want to melee them first.  Then
    swing around right of the troika, then go up onto the troika and kill whoever is
    there, if anyone.  Then hop on the troika, as a Emergence Hole should spawn.
    Just mow down whoever comes, which should be mainly drones and wretches.
    	No once you kill all of the locusts from the emergence hole turn your gun
    all the way to your left.  You may see a drone in the church.  Take care of him
    if you can.  Then head towards where you popped the drone in the church.  Hop
    over the barrier and grab a checkpoint.
    	Now walk out into the courtyard on your left.  Sprint towards one of the
    potted plants and take cover immediately.  The reason being that there is a
    Theron Guard who is going to try to torque bow you.  He won't only try to torque
    bow you, he will actually hit you so you need to clear out.  Now there is a big
    round fountain or whatever to your right, take cover behind that.  This is good
    because there is an emergence hole in the far corner of the courtyard.  Your
    hammer of dawn has gone offline though so you're going to have to take it out
    the old fashioned way.  Drones are either going to rush you by going to your 
    left, or by going straight at you.  It's important you keep those who are going
    to your left in check, don't let them get behind you or to the side of you.
    Once you take out the Emergence hole in that corner, drones will start coming
    from behind you by jumping out of this house that's behind you.  Go face these
    drones with your lancer and just shoot them up.  There will also be a boomer.  I
    recommend running up and grenade tagging him, that's what I did.  If that
    doesn't work then you can also just take cover and lancer him as well.
    	Now you go through the church on your right and continue into the hallway
    that is inside of the church.
    	Now go into the small courtyard, past the dead seeder and into the
    building.  Continue through the house then kick down the door and head outside.
    Now you should go to your left and make a right on that big street.  Then you
    make another right then up by following the streets.  
    	You should now be just to the right of some stairs.  Go up them and you'll
    be rushed by a bunch of drones and grenadiers.  I recommend staying at the base
    of the stairs and waiting for all of the drones/grenadiers to rush you.  Then
    when you feel like you've secured that area, move up the stairs and take cover
    behind the next barricade of whatever.  A Grenadier should jump down from your
    left side.  Be ready to waste that guy, then also be ready for the guys who are
    still at the very top of the stairs.  Just keep shooting them until a boomer
    comes.  Now this is one of the hardest boomers in the game.  What makes him hard
    is that you're in a small alley and he's got a boomshot.  Best thing to do is
    either grenade tag him, or just throw grenades at him.  You need to take him out
    quickly because if you don't he'll just hit you with his boomshot.
    	You now just have to wend your way through the streets.  Just head to the
    left, then make a right, then head down the corridor, make a left, another left
    and a right.  I think that gets you there.  If you get lost, then just watch my
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    			Close to home	(CLStHM)
    		Ok this is a pretty good mission if you like the Torque bow.  There
    are a lot of theron guard to give you ammo and junk.  Anyway when you start the
    mission you should go straight.  Don't go down the stairs on your left.  Go all
    the way to the stairs opposite them.  Now sit yourself down and take cover on
    the low wall right by the stairs. on the curb and start shooting guys, who tend
    to be theron guards and drones.  
    	Be really careful about sticking your head out for too long because if you
    do you run the risk of being torque bowed.  Speaking of which...if you do have a
    torque bow try and use that a lot because you'll be able to get a quick kill on
    anyone you shoot.  Once you feel like you've killed the guys in that little
    area, then go over there and then head to the very left and go under the archway
    into the cemetery.  Pull out your lancer and just start shooting the drones and
    grenadiers up.  Use the tombstones for cover as you move up.  Once you kill all
    of the locusts in the area then go up to the top of the stairs.
    	Now pick up the ammo under the statue.  Now go to the left and roadie run
    up to the fallen pillar that is at a slant.  Now this is a perfect spot because
    you get to cover the troika gunner area, as well as the guys coming from the
    left.  Keep shooting, just stay low.  Use your torque bow to score quick kills.
    Once you've cleared the area and secured it go forward on the left path.  Then
    go down the stairs at the right.  You'll see a troika sitting there.  Half the
    time there's a drone.  So you can kill him if he's there.  If you don't he'll
    come up behind you and kill you.  Now once you cleared that bottom troika out
    you can then go up and take out whoever is left on the top troika.
    	Now once the top troika is cleared then go back down the stairs then make
    a right.  Start heading towards the gate that is there.  A theron guard will
    rush you so be ready for that.  Make sure he doesn't torque bow you.  Once he's
    dead go through the gate and through the street.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	One thing I'm going to tell you before I start is that this level is that
    It has two multiplayer maps inside of it.  Escalation in the beginning, then
    Mansion later on.  
    	Okay continue down the pathway.  Then go left and start heading up the
    stairs.  Start working your way up the stairs.  Just take cover and keep using
    your torque bow on any of the enemies.  There actually aren't that many locusts
    in your area, so just keep shooting and there will only be 5 drones/therons or
    	Now once you get to the top of the stairs head into the courtyard and then
    you'll get a cinematic.
    	Okay so now you're going to head into the door ahead of you.  Now when you
    go into the mansion head to your left and have your grenades out.  As soon as
    you go into this room at your left you're going to have an Emergence Hole spawn.
    Chuck a grenade into it to close it up.  Then you can go up the stairs and go
    all the way around the upstairs area, clear it out.  There aren't many guys up
    there.  Take cover behind one of the pillars on either side and guys will start
    to rush it.  A few of them will come for you, but it's not hard to take them
    out.  There's one drone that's opposite the staircase, on the other side.  Take
    that guy out as well.
    	So now you've cleared the upstairs, lets clear the downstairs.  Head
    downstairs and go to the door at the left.  You can't open it up, but a
    grenadier will open it for you.  So you'll hear a violent shake.  About then a
    grenadier will burst through that door.  Pop this guy then head through the
    doorway, then down the hall and take cover by the door at the right.
    	Now an emergence hole is going to spawn in the next room.  This hole is
    hard to take out with a grenade.  You're just going to have to shoot guys as
    they come running out of the other room.  It's not hard to hit them because they
    have to cross a lot of territory to get to you, where as you're hanging back and
    you can just shoot them up as they come for you.  If they take cover behind the
    sofas you can shoot those up by the way.
    	Once the hole is sealed up than go into the room and then make a left and
    go down the hallway.  GO down the hallway into the area at the right, which is a
    big room with pillars and all that.  Then head to the left and go through the
    hallway at the left.
    	Now walk forward and there is a wheel at your right.  Pull this wheel and
    it will open up this gate.  Start walking into the basement but be careful,
    because there are 2 drones sitting there having a conversation.  Chuck a grenade
    in there, or just rush in with your lancer or chainsaw.  After that go through
    the door, then head to your right , then go back left then go though the middle
    hallway to enter into what looks like a wine cellar.  That will bring you to an
    end to your mission.
    				Youtube video Walkthrough link:
    		Alright so on your left there is a wine rack that is sitting there.
    Walk up to it and kick it.  You'll actually be able kick it in.  Then walk up to
    the next door and kick it.  But it won't open, so now JACK is going to have to
    rip it open.  Now right about now you're going to be rushed by Grenadiers and
    Drones, mainly drones.  SO they're going to pour through this hallway which
    branches both to your right and left.  Like this:  The M's mean that that is the
    main hallway that leads right up to you, and that the S's are the branching of
    the hallway.s  You're going to need to watch both of your flanks but mainly the
    middle.  If the Drones are going to get to the side hallway they're going to
    have to go across open territory, then you'll see them so it won't be a problem.
    If they do try and flank you you'll get a good look at them so you'll see them.
    Another thing you're going to see is that guys are at the doorway to the
    sidepath and they're shooting you through the main hallway.  You can go into the
    side hallway they're on then chainsaw them in the back.  Once you hold off all
    of the guys you'll then be able to go through the door and have a checkpoint.
    				  S  	M   S
    				  S   M   S
    		Now you're going to head back up through the wine cellar, but beware
    because you're going to have 2 wretches rushing you in the hallway.  Once you
    take out the wretches then make a right then continue down the hallway.  You're
    going to run into a grenadier.  You can chainsaw him, but I just recommend using
    your shotgun on him.  If you don't have that you can Chainsaw, but since the
    grenadier has a shotgun it's somewhat risky.
    	Once the grenadiers gone then continue through the hallway and up the
    stairs and down the hallway until you get a checkpoint.
    	You are now in a room with 4 pillars in it and you are about to be rushed
    big time by Wretches.  Just have your lancer out, this isn't a huge deal.
    You've encountered more than this.  Just lancer burst them, or shotgun them if
    you want to.  Just keep on the move as usual and evade when neccesary.  Be
    careful because wretches will also be on the ceiling.  Now a drone will burst
    through the double doors so if you have your shotgun pop the guy or just lancer
    him.  Now you just have to continue down the hallway and into the main room with
    the stairs.  Go up the stairs and regroup with your allies.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now that you've seen the cinematic you know that you have to hold the
    attackers and keep them out of the house.  Just sit yourself right by the front
    door and camp.  Shotgun is your preferred weapon, the reason being that you'll
    be able to pop them really quick.  What I did with the torque bow was pull it
    back then as soon as the Drones came rushing through the fire I just released it
    and instantly killed him.  Shotgun is probably going to be your preferred
    channel.  You're going to want the torque bow later though because a boomer will
    come in.  If you have to retreat then you can, but don't fall to far back into
    the house.  You can let the drones rushing you get upstairs, but then you'll
    have to track them down.  Now a boomer is going to come for you through the same
    door, so pull out your torque bow and nail the guy.  What I did was just go into
    the side of the room, then pull back the torque bow.  So when the boomer walked
    into the middle of the room, I quickly took him out.  Then you'll have a Theron
    guard you have to kill.  You can torque bow him, or you can chainsaw or lancer
    him, do what you want.  You're not quite done yet though, you still will have a
    couple of drones coming for you.  This isn't much though, and you can handle it.
    Just Chainsaw them and you're good.
    	Now enemies are going to be coming from the back of the house, so you're
    going to need to head into the hallways on the ground level and take out the
    drones there.  I took the hallway on the right and ran up to the drone and
    chainsawed him in half, then continued into the next room.
    	Now head up the stairs on the right and take out the drones you can in the
    courtyard.  There will only be 4 or 5 in there so it's not much.  Once you do
    kill them you'll have a point of interest which is a blocked door.  You'll see
    some planks of wood blocking the door.  Shoot the planks of wood to "unblock"
    the door.  Now head back downstairs and go through the door on the right.  Go
    across the now cleared courtyard and through the double doors across it.  You'll
    encounter a drone in there so be ready to chainsaw him.  Now continue through
    the house and outside.
    	So you now have a bunch of boomers in the area and all of these enemies.
    You just have to make a mad dash across.  Hold A to roadie run and just run by
    all of the boomers.  You don't have a chance if you try to kill all of them,
    Once you pass through the second archway you'll have an end to your mission, as
    well as act 4.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	This is a really easy, short mission.  Let's get this over with.  So right
    off the bat you're going to have to deal with some snipers.  They're on the
    bridge above you, and they don't take that many shots to kill.  When you do
    shoot them their Longshot will fall down and you'll be able to pick it up.
    There are a few snipers that are in the buildings above you, but they're not a
    problem.  Just use a couple of lancer shots and you'll waste them.  Drones and
    wretches will start to come out of this garage that is to the left of where you
    began your level.  You can longshot the drones if you want to kill them quickly,
    or you can use your trusty lancer.  Take cover behind the cars when you're
    trying to kill these guys by the way.  The thing that is really easy about this
    level is that there aren't a whole lot of enemies, but more than that it's just
    that they are all sort of spread out, so you're not going to have to take on
    more than 2 guys at a time, which is easy.  
    	Once you've cleared out the courtyard area then go onto the train and
    cross the tracks.  Then go onto the next boarding platform and that will end
    your mission.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    		This is the last real mission of the game.  The last one is a boss
    level.  This level also happens to be one of the longest in the game.  With
    that, let's get this done.  One thing you're going to notice about the layout of
    the level is that it's very linear.  You're going to work your way down a train,
    so it's pretty narrow.  This means that all of the action will be out in front
    of you, you'll be able to see everyone, and anything.  You're not going to have
    to worry about getting flanked much because you're on such a thin platform.
    	So move up until you see enemy movement, then take cover behind one of the
    large boxes and start shooting the Drones up.  You're going to encounter quite a
    few Theron Guards at this next part as well as your usual assortment of drones. 
    Just keep shooting the guys up and move up.  I strongly recommend picking up a
    torque bow as soon as you can because for one, the Torque bow is just awesome,
    number two is that you're going to really be glad you have the Torque bow when
    you're at the boss fight next level.  Be really careful of theron guards at this
    point in the level because they all have torque bows, so when they're pulling
    the bow back make sure to get your butt back behind cover and wait until they
    shoot.  Just keep moving up and shooting until you've taken out all of the guys
    on the platform, you'll then get a checkpoint.
    	Now walk up onto the door on the left and try to kick it down.  You won't
    be able to so JACK is going to rip it open for you.  Then you hear a horrible
    sound.  BERSERKER!!!!  But you don't have a hammer of dawn.  Oh dam, you're
    screwed right?!  Wrong.  It's a very easy way to take this guy out and I'm going
    to tell you how to do it.  So what you do is walk down towards the caboose of
    the train, the very back.  Just keep luring the berserker over there.  Once you
    get it on the very back platform you're going to see a little button that you
    can press that should be to your left from the back carriage.  Get the berserker
    on the Platform, then go onto the other platform and quickly press that button
    to detach the platform, thus taking care of the bersker.  Once that's done then
    just go through the door that JACK ripped and go inside.
    	Ok so now head through the doors and into the next room, which looks like
    a passenger section of the train.  You're going to have some drones to take out
    at the end of this small room.  They'll be taking cover behind the large walls.
    There are only 3 drones in that small space, so just chuck a grenade in there
    and you'll probably get at least one of them.  The other thing is that since
    it's such as small area grenades are especially effective.  Once you clear out
    the room, then go through the doors which will lead you outside.  You're going
    to have some theron guards as well as drones to deal with.  Just take cover
    behind some of the crates on the train and use your torque bow to shoot the guys
    up.  Notice that there are 2 doorways at the end of the platform.  One to the
    right and one to the left.  Enemies are going to be coming out of each one.  The
    enemies are mainly going to be drones, so your normal lancer routine will work
    just fine.
    	Now once they're all dead go through one of the door ways and then go onto
    the next platform.  You'll then finally get a checkpoint.
    	Now right in the middle of the room should be a ladder.  Go ahead and walk
    up to it and climb up it (Notice he climbs using only one hand).  Then hop on
    one of the troikas at the end of the platform.  Reavers are going to start to
    come up to your train so you just shoot them up.  These things will basically
    just ride right up to you and try and take you out.  It's not hard to kill them,
    just focus on the Reavers on your side.  There's not a whole lot of strategy to
    this part.  Just shoot them up and they'll fall.  If you have to switch troikas
    then go ahead and do that.
    	Once they're all dead then you just have to go back down the ladder and
    head outside and onto the next platform.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	Hop over the little gate thing, but be ready because wretches are going to
    rush you.  There only a few so I'ts not a big deal, but it's enough that you
    don't want to be caught sleeping.  Now go over the next little barricade and
    into the next room.  Then you open the door and walk into the next room, but
    quickly go back.  That's because wretches are going to jump at you from all
    around you and if you're still in the middle of the room you're going to be in
    serious trouble.  If you back out though you'll be able to shoot them as they
    come in to rush you.
    	Now you should go past this room and through the next door.  You're going
    to encounter a couple of wretches, but more importantly a Theron Guard and a
    drone.  Take out the theron guard with your torque bow, if you still have it.
    Beware of the wretches that will rush you, there will only be a couple, but
    that's enough if you're not paying attention.
    	Once you take out the theron guard and his Drone pal then go onto the
    joiner of the two platforms and go right.  Press the button to release those
    huge canisters, but don't walk near them, you can get killed.  Reevers will
    start to pull up near your train, but don't pay attention to them.  Now move up
    the platform, but be careful because a couple of wretches are going to rush you.
    Now head into the next room where you're going to get rushed by wretches big
    	So when you walk into this room you're going to hear some scary sounds,
    then you're going to see a wretch jump through a window.  Don't be fooled,
    that's the only one that will come from the window.  So when you look down at
    the ends of the room, there are a couple of air vents at each end.  In the
    beginning the wretches will come down from the one on the far side, then they'll
    come down from the one that's near the door you came through, then once you take
    out that wave of wretches they'll come from each.  So just sit in front of the
    vent they're coming through and just shoot them up.  This part is actually not
    too hard.
    	Now head through the door at the end of the room, then just hold A and
    roadie run past all of the wretches.  They actually won't hit you at all,
    surprisingly enough.  Once you get into the next room you'll have another
    	Now press X on the door to the left like ten times to open it up.  Then go
    through it and go to your right.  Press X on the thing to release the canisters,
    then cross and go into the next room.  That is the end of your mission.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	This is the last level of the game, and it's not really a level as much of
    a boss fight.  You're going to want to use your torque bow on this guy, because
    that's the weapon that is going to do the most damage.  Now when you start the
    level don't go out yet.  To your right, then behind you is a longshot you might
    want to pick up.  Okay, onto the bossfight.
    	I can't really totally walk you through this, but I'm going to give you
    some good pointers.  Number one is use your torque bow.  The torque bow is the
    most powerful weapon in the game, and if you have full ammo you'll be able to
    totally waste this guy.  So when you're shooting at him keep in mind that when
    he has  those bats around him, he's invulnerable.  So as soon as those bats
    leave just release the bow.  If you are using the torque bow keep two things in
    mind.  Make sure you're holding it back long enough, because you might get a
    little excited and release it a bit early.  Another thing is even with the
    torque bow, try to get headshots.  You'll just do that much more damage.
    	Another thing to keep in mind is just stay behind cover when you're not
    shooting him.  This guy's got a huge gun, so if you expose yourself for too long
    then you're going to chopped up like mince meat.  Once you hit the last shot
    you'll be treated to an awesome cinematic.  That's the end of your game,
    	In this section I'm going to be going through the multiplayer part of this
    game.  I'm going to break down each map, tell you about the weapons that spawn
    on it and their uses, and just in general break down the whole multiplayer just
    for you.
    1. Always communicate with your allies
     	Gears of war is a game where if you lose one guy, that's it.  He doesn't
    respawn, or come back in any way shape or form.  It's really important for
    everyone to know where everyone else is at all times for that very reason.  Even
    if you do lose a guy, if you know where he got killed, you'll be able to take
    good action at killing whoever took out your ally.  You'll also be able to
    inform each other of where the enemies are, then you'll be able to formulate a
    strategy with your teammates.
    2. Be cautious
    	In gears of war there are no respawns.  So if you or one of your allies is
    the first guy to die.  You are instantly at a disadvantage.  A 3 on 4
    disadvantage.  Now I'm not saying you never move up and that you always play
    defensive, but don't just run pell mell into the battle.
    3. Capture Special Weapons
    	Now what I mean by this is grab the boomshot, the longshot, grenades what
    have you, and use it against your enemies.  If you have a good long shot guy,
    then you're going to be able to do a lot more damage to the team, and your
    rushes will be more effective, because you'll have sniper support.  Boomshots
    and grenades are awesome because they can take out multiple enemies at once.
    And as for the torque bow, if placed in the right hands can be instant death to
    any players.  That goes for the hammer of dawn as well.
    4. Don't get in a habit of Chainsawing
    	This one appears to be pretty obvious but it's true.  Use your shotgun
    instead of always going for the chainsaw.  When I first began chainsawing was
    all I did.  I was that guy that would get about 2 feet from chopping someone in
    half, only to be shotgunned in the face.
    5. Use the Cover system
    	The reason I use the cover system so much is two fold.  One being that you
    are protected from enemy fire, but I think more importantly you can view
    territory without having to expose yourself, not just to enemy fire but as much
    as just being seen.  When you take cover you can see anyone, but they can't see
    you.  Often I'll hide behind a corner with my shotgun and just as they get close
    I gun them in the face.
    6. Use your evasion moves
    	Using your evasion move is a great way to get away from your enemies in a
    non predictable way.  A guy will be lining up a shotgun blast at you but then
    you evade just as he shoots, then he misses.  That will enable you to line up a
    headshot on him.  You'll make your body a lot harder to hit.
    7. Don't be afraid to retreat
    	Don't be afraid to turn tail and run back to cover, especially if you're
    getting shot up really bad.  If there are 2 guys trying to kill you, the best
    thing to do is press LB to locate your allies then head towards them and regroup
    with them.
    		VII		Game Mode Specific Strategies
    		In this section I'm going to go through each of the game modes,
    (Warzone, Execution, and Assasination).  One note is that there are no respawns
    in any of them.
    	In warzone if you get downed, the only way you can get up is by being
    revived by an ally.  Pressing A repeatedly will slow your bleed out time, but if
    you don't get revived soon, you're going to die.  This means that you should
    often travel in pairs so that if someone gets downed you can revive the guy.
    	In execution if you get downed, you can get back up on your own power by
    repeatedly pressing A.  This means that to finish a guy off you're going to have
    to go right up to him and either curb stomp him, or you're going to have to
    execute him.  So you need to get up real quick if you want to finish that kill
    off, if you don't he'll get right back up.  **Note** if you get downed 3 times
    you're dead.
    	In this game type each team has a leader.  If you find that leader and
    kill him, your team wins.  It's that simple.  So if the leader is the only guy
    to get killed on his team, the game still ends for them.  So you need to protect
    your leader, and his back, because if you don't you're going to lose the game
    fast.  Just have your leader hang back, don't send him into the rush of the
    	In this section I'm going to break down each map, and break it down into
    where the weapon spawns, and then talk about that.
    		1 long shot, 1 grenade spawn, 1 boomshot
    	This is an awesome map, maybe the most popular on xbox live.  If you go
    out of your spawn you'll have the Longshot that is just up those steps.  All the
    way across from that is the Boomshot, which is located under the archway.  Then
    you finally have the grenades which are located between the boomshot and the
    	So this is a really important weapon.  The reason being that if you can 
    get this to someone who is skilled with it you're basically going to be able to
    counter your enemies if they go boomshot.  Your team will be able to snipe
    anyone going to or coming from the Boom shot.  
    	This is my preferred area to go.  The reason being that I can easily flank
    any enemies heading towards the longshot, and I can see if any enemies are going
    boom shot.  That's huge because I can basically see where any enemies are going
    to be.  Just be careful grabbing grenades  because your enemies up at longshot
    might lancer you.
    	I don't really like to go this way, just because you're vulnerable to the
    longshot, and it's sort of quite a run to get there.  It's also because I'm just
    not that great with the Boomshot.  If you do decide to go boom, make sure you
    get there quick, because if any enemy gets Longshot that can be trouble.
    				CANALS 		(CNLS)
    			2 long shots, 1 torque bow, 1 grenades
    	This is a good map for snipers, mainly because there is a longshot on each
    teams spawn.  I tend to like to follow the path instead of go under the bridge
    by the torque bow, mainly because rushing torque bow is risky business.  I'll
    get into that later.
    	The Longshots are both located at the bridges on each teams side.  One
    thing you want to keep in mind is that you really want to be careful rushing the
    Longshot, because if your enemy gets there first there's a good chance he'll be
    able to snipe you as you're picking the Longshot.  Once you're at the longshot
    you're two best options are to either go down the stairs and cover the long
    pathway, or go into the building that is level with the bridge.  The longshot is
    awesome for covering the long pathway at the base of the stairs, but it's also
    useful to flank around through the building.
    	The torque bow is really risky.  The reason being that you are rushing to
    the very middle of the map.  The location at which the torque bow is doesn't
    have much cover either, so if there are a couple of guys waiting to lancer you
    you'll be screwed.  Just keep that in mind when rushing the torque bow.
    	The grendes are located on the bridge that is right above the Torque bow.
    This has similar issues as to the Torque bow, but you can get there by taking a
    more protected way.  After picking up longshot the path you can take leads right
    by that bridge with the grenades, so you don't have to run out into the open to
    get them.
    				MANSION		(MNSN)
    			1 longshot, 1 grenade spawn, 1 boomshot 
    	This is a pretty small map, which has 2 main parts.  The mansion itself
    and the cemetery surrounding.  I'll get into these areas later.
    	This is located inside of the Mansion at the top of the stairs.  This is
    located right inside of the middle, so there's a high chance you'll get shot up.
    You want to be really careful when rushing this area because if you're not
    you're going to end up dead.  If you do get a hold of the longshot and survive,
    then you'll be able to effectively cover anyone coming from the grenade or
    boomshot spawn.
    	The grenades are located right at the door that is the entrance to the
    mansion from the cemetery.  Be careful getting these, these are also located in
    the "middle" of the map in terms of if you rush them you might run into someone.
    Once you do get grenades you can then make a move on the longshot, or any
    enemies that are inside the mansion.
    	The boomshot spawns all the way in the cemetery, as far away from the
    mansion as it could be from the longshot.  Capturing the boomshot will be really
    helpful in terms of taking out enemies that are located in the cemetery because
    you'll be able to shoot guys who are hiding behind headstones.
    			2 hammers of dawn, 2 grenades, 1 torque bow, 2 longshot
    	This is a very interesting level because each team has a Longshot and a
    hammer of dawn on it's side.  This means you're going to encounter a lot of
    ranged combat, so be ready for that.  You're going to want to be cautious when
    rushing because if you aren't you'll get either hammer of dawned, or
    	The hammer of dawn is located in the small building right outside of your
    spawn.  There isn't much "tactical" thinking to getting it, so there's not much
    to say.  IT will be useful when trying to take out enemies coming from the
    torque bow.
    	The Longshot spawns where the path that leads out of your spawn goes.
    Like the Hammer of dawn, there isn't a whole lot of tactical stuff gained by
    getting that location, but the longshot is quite useful on this level.  You're
    going to be able to use it when you're trying to pick off guys who are getting
    the torque bow.
    	The grenade spawn is located when you go up the ramp and then head
    immediately towards the balcony to either side.  Again, not a whole lot of
    importance in the position, but the grenades are important again when taking out
    torque bow wielding enemies.
    	Now we're cracking.  The torque bow is located in the middle of the map so
    rushing there can be dangerous.  The torque bow as always is a dangerous weapon
    to have, and if it's in the right hand it's death.  It's the same thing here.
    Once you do have the Torque Bow you can continue down the large area and enter
    into enemy territory.  
    			1 Grenade Spawn, 2 Torque Bows, 1 Hammer of Dawn
    	This is an interesting map because you have 2 torque bow's spawning on
    each side for each team's.  This means that you're going to have to be really
    careful about exposing yourself considering that Torque bow's are really
    accessible.  You also have to worry about the Hammer of Dawn, so you don't want
    to show yourself, especially when going up top.
    	One more thing to remember that is that underneath the level there is a
    path way that leads up to the rails, so you can get up there.
    	This is my preferred route, the reason being that you're safe from both
    the Hammer of Dawn, and Torque bowers, in the beginning.  The Grenades are
    located underneath the level, in the middle.  You're going to notice that
    underground the area is divided in two sides.  One by the car, and the pillars
    dividing it.  You're going to find that you can grenade tag people really easily
    at this area of the level.
    	The Torque bows spawn up on the rail platforms, all the way to the side.
    This is a great area to look around the top area and make sure no one is coming
    from the railroad.  Then if they try and cross the railroad you'll easily be
    able to torque bow them and kill them.
    	The Hammer of dawn spawns right on the railroad, and this is pretty risky
    to get.  If you are going to get it you're going to have to go right in the
    middle of the action.  You're going to risk a lot just by getting that, although
    if someone's really good with it the risk will outweighs the rewards.
    			2 Longshots, 2 Grenade Spawns
    	This is an awesome map, with one team starting at the base of this hill,
    and the other team starting at the top.  At first it sounds like a huge
    disadvantage to be at the bottom, but it's actually not.  The reason being that
    if you start at the bottom, you have access to 2 longshots and 2 grenades.  So
    you may start at the bottom, but you're going to have a lot more in terms of
    weaponry and an arsenal.  Since this map's weapons are placed in tactical
    positions I'll just tell you where they're located, then go into how to play
    this map top and bottom.
    	The Longshots are located right at the bottom of the hill, in a little cut
    in on the level.  They are right next to the trees.
    	Same thing as the longshot, except they're at the base of the stairs, near
    the middle of the level.
    	If you spawn up top one of the best things to do is just wait for your
    enemies to come to you.  Considering that they have Longshots you're going to
    want to be pretty careful sticking your head out.  If you take cover against
    some of the pillars or something you'll easily be able to see enemies as they
    march up towards you.  Use this to your advantage, when enemies come right at
    you you're going to want to pull out your shotgun and pop them in the face.
    	If you spawn at the bottom you're going to really want to use the
    longshots and grenades you've been given.  If your enemies are camping up at the
    top, then whip out those grenades and use them to flush out your opponents.  The
    advantage that you have is that you have heavy weapons, your enemies don't.  Use
    that against them.
    			1 hammer of dawn, 2 longshots, 2 grenade spawns	
    	This is a pretty big map with a couple of major parts.  You got the big
    warehouse in the middle and the helipad.  I'll go into these parts in my guide
    	The warehouse is smack dab in the middle of the map, and this is another
    one of these situations where if you rush in there there's a good chance that
    you're going to get shot up by someone who also happens to be rushing the
    warehouse.  There is some cover inside the warehouse, but you want to be really
    careful because you can easily get shot up from the back if your enemy swings
    	There are two entrances to the warehouse.  You can enter in from the
    middle of the map by the helipad through the huge door.  You can also go from
    the back which is located near each team's spawn.
    	The hammer of dawn is located right in the middle of the warehouse by the
    	The outside area is the biggest area of the map.  Both the longshots and
    grenades spawn out here.  The longshots spawn in these trailers that are right
    by the warehouse on each teams side.  So now that the weapon spawns are out of
    the way now we can get to the tactical importance of this area.  When you're
    going outside you have two options.  You can go either right by the warehouse
    and straight forward.  This area I really don't like to go through, the reason
    being that you're going to be in danger from guys in the helipad coming behind
    you and killing you, as well as guys from the warehouse.
    	The second route is up around the helipad.  This is my preferred outdoor
    area.  The reason is that I can see basically everything, and I can adapt to
    anything, so instead of being the middle and getting shot up, I'm up in the
    helipad doing the shooting.
    				1 Longshot, 1 Torque Bow, 1 Boomshot, 2 Grenades
    			This is an interesting map because right off the spawn there's
    a fork in the road.  You can either go left or right, and I'm going to talk
    about each area that those paths lead to.  
    	This is the route I usually take.  This area containts the longshot on the
    little raised platform near the edge of the level.  There's a lot of cover to
    take advantage of, and from here you can either continue into your enemies
    spawn, which is an awesome way to flank.  You can also just go towards the
    middle by going up the stairs.  
    			AREA 2 (Near the Boomshot:
    	The other path leads to an open area similar to the other.  There are
    steps you can take that lead to a tunnel that leads to where the longshot is.
    The Boomshot spawns in between area 1 and area 2.  Just keep that in mind.
    			1 Longshot, 1 Boomshot, 1 Grenade Spawn
    	This is a pretty small map, I'm going to be going into the two paths you
    can take on this level.  The one that leads to the longshot, and the one that
    leads to the Boomshot and Grenade spawn.  Let's do it.
    	First off the longshot spawns at the top of the stairs, not under the huge
    archway, but above it.  It spawns right between both sides at the very top.
    Just keep that in mind.  Now the tactical significance of this point is huge.
    Most people like to go under the archway.  If the majority of your enemies are
    doing that, then it's smart to go up top.  For one you'll get the longshot, an
    awesome weapon, and you'll also be able to flank your enemies.
    	This is where you go right under the archway.  The grenades are under the
    bridge when you go into that semi dark area.  The boomshot is located all the
    way across from that in the bed of a pick up truck.  When rushing these areas
    use the cars underground for cover, that way you'll be protected.  Watch for
    guys who are rushing in and flank around them.  One thing I used to do is go to
    the grenade spawn and not pick it up.  Take cover behind the car next to it,
    then when some enemy comes to pick them up you chainsaw them or whatever.
    					WAR MACHINE
    			1 Longshot, 2 Grenade spawn, 1 Torquebow spawn
    		This is a huge map.  You're basically going to have a couple of
    options on where you go, which is longshot, torque bow, or troika.  Another
    thing to remember is that there is a troika that is at the very top of the hill,
    so if you want to you can have one guy go up there and start shooting your
    enemies up with a troika.
    	The grenades spawn on your side of the base right in the middle.  Just
    getting that out of the way.
    					THE LONGSHOT:
    	Ok this is one of the paths you can take.  You'll go off to the side and
    go down a couple of steps and there will be a bunch of sandbags laying around.
    In the middle is the longshot.
    	Now onto the route in general.  This is another one of those routes where
    you'll run into the other guys who are going there, so be ready for that.  Be
    careful running out to get the longshot, the main reason being that your enemy
    can easily lancer you if you're not careful.  Now if you don't see anyone going
    for the longshot, then grab the longshot, then go up onto your enemies side and
    flank around.  This is a great way to take out a bunch of those guys.
    					THE TORQUE BOW:
    	The torque bow spawns in the middle of the map on the wooden platform.  If
    you rush this you're going to want to be careful about getting shot up from all
    sides.  It's in a somewhat inconvenient location.  One thing to remember is that
    since it's so close in the middle you'll easily be able to call for help to your
    allies, and they should be able to get right there.
    					THE TROIKA:
    	If you go onto your side and go up the big steps, right in the middle
    between your side and your opponents is the troika.  People often forget about
    the troika, so if you have all of your enemies going Torque bow a lot, send one
    guy to go through the troika area and either hop on the troika or just flank
    around.  You can do that as well, just go through the troika and swing through
    that area and into your enemies spawn.  This is awesome for assassination when
    the enemy leader is hanging out in his spawn.  Just go up and chainsaw that boy
    in the back.
    					OLD BONES:
    				1 Longshot, 2 grenade spawn, 
    	This is one of the two new maps that can be downloaded.  The gears of war
    people released it in about mid january, and they're pretty good maps.  This is
    the first one.  I'm going to go through the three areas you can go.  Longshot,
    Grenades and boomshot
    					THE LONGSHOT:
    	One of the sides is this one.  You'll go out this way and the longshot
    will be on the side, where all of the cement blocks are.  I like to go this way
    because I get an awesome weapon in the longshot, as well as you can flank around
    the enemies.  If there's no one who's at the longshot, you can enter your
    enemies spawn then go around.
    					THE GRENADES:
    	The Grenades are opposite of the longshot.  There are 2 grenade spawns,
    one for each team.  If any enemy tries to go straight from their spawn to
    grenades and you go grenades straight from spawn, you'll see the enemy very
    clearly.  One thing to keep in mind if you see a enemy at the grenades is go
    from the middle, then go to the grenades.  This is good because the enemy will
    be focused on taking care of your ally at grenades while you can hop over the
    barricade and run up to them and pop them.
    					THE BOOMSHOT:
    	The boomshot is located in the very middle of the map.  If you do rush the
    boomshot you're going to want to be very careful becaues you'll be vulnerable to
    guys who rushed either the grenades or longshot.  If the team you're playing
    against never rushes the boom shot, then what you can do is just try to roadie
    run through the very middle and flank around and kill the other team.
    					RAVEN DOWN
    				2 Grenades
    	This is the last map of the game.  It's very small, and each teams spawns
    are broken up into two areas.  I'm going to break up those spawn areas.  Spawn 1
    and 2 are for one of the teams, spawn 3 and 4 are for the others.  One thing to
    keep in mind is that since the spawns are separated there are only 2 guys in
    each one.  That means if you grouped up with your allies quickly then you could
    easily smas the 2 enemies at whatever spawn they're at.  By the way the grenades
    spawn in the bed of the pick up trucks in spawns 2 and 4.
    					SPAWN 1: The garden
    	This is the spawn where you have enemies who will rush you from your
    right.  Take cover behind one of the trees or something and be ready for your
    opponents to come rushing in.  If you want to you can sprint off to your left
    and regroup with your allies, then smash the enemies who spawned opposite of
    you.  Just be ready for guys to rush your right.
    					Spawn 2: (to the left of the garden)
    	This and spawn 4 are basically mirror images of each other.  When you
    spawn in this area you have to worry about guys rushing from your left.  A good
    idea is to pick up the grenades that are in your area, then hide behind one of
    the pillars or something.  Then when a guy comes along, go around him and tag
    him.  It works really well because there's a lot of crap to hide behind.
    					Spawn 3: Across from the Garden
    	This area has to worry about attacks from it's right.  You can regroup
    with your allies at spawn 4 and then hit whoever's in the garden.  You can also
    just try to take on whoevers rushing you, which will be to your right.  Use the
    car that is on the right side for cover, that works well.
    					Spawn 4: Across from spawn 2:
    	On this one you're going to have to worry about being rushed from both
    your left.  I always rush left, there isn't much of an option.  Just be careful
    of any of the guys who are hanging out in the garden.  I really suggest using
    the grenades in the pickup truck to hold off your opponents until your allies
    can give you a hand.
    As I mentioned earlier, I do this sometimes.  What a frag tag is, is when you
    have frag grenades, then you press B on the enemy and you'll stick the guy with
    your grenade.  When the grenade blows up the guy you tagged is dead.  When you
    tag the guy press and Hold A to raodie run away from the guy, other wise you
    will get blown up along with the grenade.  Just so you know, if you do that
    enough, people will get pissed at you, which is sort of fun.  (I shouldn't say
    that but it's true).
    2. The Roll and shoot
    This is a technique that I don't use a whole lot but I've seen used.  It's
    basically when you roll towards the guy then shotgun blast him when you're right
    next to him.  If don't properly this is an instant kill, and a good way to take
    out enemies.  It will surprise them because they'll usually be used to you just
    standing up and shooting.
    3. The Peekaboo
    This is basically when you stay behind cover, then when you see a guy coming
    around a corner you ust shotgun blast him right when he's about to run into you.
    This is a great way to rack up kills.
    4. Flanking Maneuvers 
    This is a very common technique that I almost always use.  When you see an ally
    being attacked by a guy, just go right up to the enemy and chainsaw him or
    whatever.  I knot this sounds obvious but whenever playing the game make an
    effort to sweep around and flank your enemies.
    	Thanks to my family for supporting me in my guides and all that.  Thanks
    to Epic for making one of the worlds greatest games.  Thanks to gamefaqs.com for
    hosting this guide and making the COOLEST web site ever.  Lastly thanks to you
    the reader and to all of the FAQ writers who paved the way and inspired me to
    write this up.  If you want to email me you can email me at
    boardslide30@yahoo.com, that is boardslide30@yahoo.com
    		Thanks to these people for helping out with my guide.
    		My Buddy LockedTHEWALL for doing all of the coop with me.
    The Nightmare Alpha for his awesome enemy guide.
    		Gecko728 for helping me out with this guide.
    		XI.		Legal Info
    	This guide may not be changed, altered, or in any way shape or form
    altered from it's original form.  This guide may not be hosted on any web site
    or forum without prior written consent.  You may get that consent at
    boardslide30@yahoo.com, that is boardslide30@yahoo.com.  You may not copy this
    guide unless for personal use.  If you want to host my guide then just email me
    at the above address.
    				COPYRIGHT 2007 Jake Parker

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