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"The Gears of War have turned, the best is now on the box"

Gears of War is literally the best game on Xbox 360 yet and there is no denying it. The storyline is amazing, the graphics are truly next gen, and the A.I. is actually intelligent.

Gameplay 10/10: The A button does it all, it takes cover, ducks, does roll dodges, swat turns, and etc. It's basically the survival button. There is no lag in the game, no glitches, and the online servers never fail. This game is all about cover, without using it you die. The chainsaw bayonet never gets boring at all. The melee moves are innovative and you will NEVER get bored of any of them. You can stick you enemies with grenades and they explode into pieces, literally. You can curbstomp people, and within 3 feet with a shotgun blast, your enemy get torn apart literally. When I mean literally, I mean it, this is the goriest, most bloody game ever. Heads blow off, guts come out, limbs are all over the floor. For those that say gameplay has been sacrificed for graphics, they are wrong.

Graphics 10/10: These graphics are truly next gen, the gore looks realistic, the shading is magnificent, everything, and I mean everything is VERY detailed. Faces, clothing, guns, cars, you name it. On a standard T.V. it feels like you're playing on HD, on HD it is very sweet eye candy. To know how good the graphics really are, go look at some screen shots.

Storyline 9/10: Very well and planned out. You are Marcus Fenix, a decorated war hero. The Pendulum Wars have ended. The planet Sera now enters a time of peace and prosperity. Until the locust attacked. They emerged in large forces from the ground to launch a surprise attack. They killed the humans ruthlessly, men, women and children. 14 years later, you and what's left on the Coalition of Ordered Governments are going to make a last stand against the Locust Horde, you will attack at the heart of the enemy.

Multiplayer 10/10: Who said 4v4 was boring? It is actually pulse pounding and forces you to use teamwork. If you don't use teamwork then even one person can take down your whole team. Both races are balanced and it is VERY satisfying to kill your enemy with a chainsaw. It lets you have the "OOOOHHHHHHH" feeling. The multiplayer is not disappointing.

Basically, buy the game already, true next generation gaming is ready for you. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/08/06

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