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"Does it live up to the hype? Well, just look at my score!"

I was anticipating this game since the first time I saw the screen shots. It had graphics that even parents could love. But how about the game play? How well would it play? Would it be the Halo "killer" that many set it up to be? Well the game play is intense, it plays awesome, and it is even better than Halo. And I love Halo!

Graphics: 10
If there was a score any higher than a 10, I would give the graphics that score. The environment is incredibly detailed and the characters look like real people. The game also has a impending sense of doom to it. Just look at the screen shots but this game must be seen to truly appreciate. the greatness.

Sound: 10
Great sound effects like the sounds of lasers flying overhead or the crashing sounds of destruction. Top notch effects and great voice acting add to the overall sense of chaos.

Music: 10
Great orchestrated music which has an intense and war like vibe to it. It really pumps you up and lends alot to the awesome action! Again, great work here!

Game play: 9.5
Cover is essential in this game. If you dash out shooting, you will die, a lot. But the cover system is not as boring as in some other games. When Marcus, the main character, comes up to cover, he smashes into whatever is covering him. And he can just pop out and shoot a locust with ease. Also, if a locust gets close to Marcus, he can saw them in half with the chainsaw at the end of the gun.

Marcus is not alone in his journey. He has a squad to help him out in tough situations. The squad AI is done well and they will us anything around them for cover. But there are times where they dash out and die. It is very annoying because you have to run out in the middle of a battle zone to heal your partner. The locust AI is done brilliantly as they too will take cover and try to flank you.

There are many types of locusts ranging from the little bastards who climb on walls and giant Berserkers who are invulnerable to any weapon you use. Except for one truly powerful weapon that sends a beam from the sky.

The control takes a little time to get used to but you will figure out how to kill stuff, reload, slam into cover, and heal teammates in no time! And the story is good and you will really get into it. However, there are many plot holes that will probably be resolved in the
sequel(s). But you actually care who lives or dies in the game!

Replay: 10
The game is actually kind of short but it has some neat achievements. Also there are more difficulties and the game is so fun that you will want to play it again and again. Plus the multiplayer kicks a lot of ass.

Buy or Rent: BUY!
This game is fantastic and is very cool. Simply put: you need to play this game!

Overall score: 9.9/10.0 (rounded to a 10)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/10/06, Updated 07/09/08

Game Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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