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"The Want to Know Factors."

Story The primary story is the Earth is under attack by an enemy race known as the locust. Instead of giving up the land, the surviving humans decide to go out with a fight ultimately destroying cities and civilization as we know it. Billions have died, and more keep dieing. Your role is to save the world or at least try dieing. The personal story of the main character does not go into much depth, but we do know he was known as a traitor to the military, and now is serving his "second" chance. I won't ruin the rest for you.

GameplayGears of War is not going to be what you expect, and by that I mean it will probably be better. When playing this game you will experience a new tactical environment and play style. The difference between this and other shooters is when fighting in this game you will not just be aiming at distant pixels or randomly popping enemies, you will have to use your environment to survive. Ducking, sprinting, and dodging will be primary defense other then your arsenal. There is no option to jump around like in most games. Almost all of your battles will be done in a relatively close range combat. The game creators really made sure that you get a futuristic yet real feel of battle.

Graphics The graphics on this game are particularly amazing. The environments are breath taking, and the physics engine is great. This really sets the example for next generation games. Now when I first played through the game I wasn't all that impressed, but after taking some time to observe my surroundings thats when I realized just how great these graphics are. This is something you must experience. It's to the point where you enjoy watching other people play because it's simply satisfying.

Characters The characters in the game are military based of course. You get to find out bits of information about each main character as you venture along. There are adult jokes, and cursing in the game so if your sensitive to such material this is a warning. Your enemies are comprised of a "locust" race in which you will encounter throughout the game. The artificial intelligence of the enemy seems to appear as human opponents at times. You will be pleased with the difficulty, and challenge before you. However for your comrades I notice them getting in your line of fire, and leaving without you. That can be solved by simply following them, or using the regroup command.

Online Coop/battle You are able to go online and join a game to help out with missions and or play with friends. This is a great feature of the game because it adds to the fun and experience. If you don't have a gold account with X-box live then I highly recommend getting it. There are different types of battles to engage in, and ranked matches as well. Even without online play, the game is still worth getting.

Conclusion If your looking to showoff the power of the X-box 360 and enjoy a great game at the same time, then you are looking for this. My personal opinion about the game is I would recommend it to all who have a X-box. Even if you don't primarily enjoy shooters, you can't pass up this game. Excellent team battle, online play and different features to hold you tight for quite a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/10/06

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