Review by jadex99

Reviewed: 11/27/06

All of humanitys machines run with Gears of War.

As you all know, gears of War is possibly THE most hyped game for the 360, it has been hailed as the savior for this beautifully quirky system released over a year ago.

In all honesty, Gears of War is the most beautiful game ive ever played, but the most fun ? Read On...

Graphics : 10/10.

There is absolutely NO doubt that Gears of War is visually amazing, the graphics are above and beyond anything we have been exposed too on a console, the environments are incredibly detailed, destroyed beauty all around.

The Cogs are highly detailed, you can see scratches on their armor, their faces show the true result of war, tired, somber expressions, all in perfect detail.
Bullets leave burning rings on the concrete slabs they penetrate, dust kicks up as rounds of ammunition pound them.

Enemies are incredibly detailed as well, the locusts look about what youd expect from a subterranean group of fundamentalists hellbent on taking down your planet, gruff, dirty, their armor barely able to cover their filthy disgusting bodies, truly beautiful.

All in all, words can NOT do these visuals justice, its something that must truly be seen to believe, as cliche as that sounds.

Sound : 9/10.

Im not going to go into much detail over this section, sounds something thats truly not that important to me in a game based on killing genetic mutations that emerge from a planets core.

The Guns sound like guns, the screams of agony sound like screams of agony, the music is highly repetitive, but hey, its a game based on killing genetic mutations that emerge from a planets core, so expecting Mozart is a bit pretentious.

Story : 2/10.

This is my HUGE qualm with this game, the lack of any kind of story, we get a PREMISE, but not an actual story, which truly hurts this game.

The opening cutscene is the voice of the Locust Queen (who sounds like a disgruntled lunch lady exacting revenge on the students because of cut-backs ) explaining that humans dont understand why the Locust wage their war on them, and that humans destroy, yadda yadda yadda.

The origins of the Locust Herd is not discussed, their technology is not explained, what caused the attacks is not explained, all we know is that they came, conquered, the Serans bombed their own cities, and the war wages on.

This is not acceptable, in the very least they shouldve explained WHY the locust attacked, and WHY we they will never stop, just being told they wont stop does not sit well with me.

Overall, this was extremely lazy on the part of the writers, and in a game thats based on an epic dilemma of extinction, and the fight for survival, a basic backstory shouldve been added.

GamePlay : 7/10.

THIS is the REASON to even consider a game, the game play is the bread and butter of the game, you know this, I know this, so lets get to it :

Amazing cover-system, truly revolutionary, it might sound kind of silly, and there are those to say " BUT JDEX, WINBACK HAD COVERZ! " Screw them, Winback also had terrible graphics, clunky controls, and crappy enemies.

In this game, if you dont make use of cover, your a goner, no and ifs or buts about it, whats truly great about the cover system is that you can pop up, fire a few rounds, and quickly duck back down.
WITHOUT having to press down multiple buttons to do so.
Its a simple process, yes, but a simple process that wasnt truly capitalized on until now.

Then theres the Movements of your character, you can perform Roadie-Runs, which look INCREDIBLE, there are the Swat-Turns, the Run into a slab of concrete and hope not to die manuever, the Swat Turn to Exit maneuver all in all, movement is AWESOME in this game, and realistic.

The Health System is also great, im so damned glad companies are abandoning the health-pack system of old and adopting this regeneration system made popular by halo.

If you take too much lead, you go to the big immulsion cave in the sky, if you take a few shots and get behind cover, by the grace of the Nine you start to feel better again and you can continue to kill mutants.

It works wonderfully.

Another HUGE plus is enemy A.I;
Locusts behave naturally, they take cover, they know how to bust your chops, they attempt flanks, they grenade you, they try to smoke you out, they wait for you to pop up before taking shots, they truly act like humans, which is incredible...

Your teammates though are another story, the best way to describe your AI teammates is suicidal.

Its almost as if theyre tired of this war and want to end it all quickly, how else can you describe a seasoned soldier running head-on to a turret firing a pistol ?
They are much more harm than help throughout the game, and there are times youl wish you can nade-plant them for good because of their incredibly stupid behavior.

The Bad :

The game is too short, you can pull the higher-difficulty card til kingdom come, but it does not make up for such a short game.

The enemy AI is inconsistent sometimes, ive encountered moments when a Locust drone who had this itch in his crotch to kill me a second ago, suddenly stands there and stares at me, almost as if he feels bad for wanting to rip my head off with a chainsaw a second earlier.

Another problem is the inconsistency with the difficulty, there are times when this game makes you want to punch your sibblings, and then right after a gut-wrenching hard gun-fight your able to breeze through the next area.

Multi-Player :


Online CO-OP is great for the most part, the graphics dont take a hit, and having a HUMAN helping you along the way is fantastic.

Versus is sadly horribly though, lack of game modes really hurts this, hosting/playing is a real pain, if you die you have to sit through the entire session because there is NO respawn option, and finding a good ranked match sometimes is next to impossible.

The Community is also deteriorating rapidly, its getting as bad as Halo 2, which is terrible, the people are the typical " 733T " crowd found roaming message boards, and aside from Co-Op, none to helpful.

Final score : 8/10.

Rent or Buy ? BOTH!

First to those who are kind of broke, not into shooters : Rent

Beautiful graphics and great MOMENTS of gameplay aside, its too short.
Its kind of like a great roller coaster ride, its awesome while it lasts, and you might want to ride it again, but after the second ride, it gets redundant.

Plus Multiplayer is nothing to write home about, after a few gos youl quickly get bored with it.

Thats my review for this sometimes great, sometimes mediocre game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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