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Reviewed: 09/25/08

When Have You Ever Heard the Wind Whisper Intruders?

The poster child of the Xbox 360 makes quite an impact on gaming. Gears of War lives up to the hype while delivering an intense an horror driven war game that matches up there with the "doomsday" games. Doomsday has already come and gone for the characters in Gears of War. Now it is up to four gung ho mercenaries to take the fight to the enemy.


Gears of War is basically a quick set up for a sequel. Everything builds up to make this game an ongoing series so you do not get much plot detail in this game. All you are given are the basics to what has happened to Earth since the day some alien creatures arose from deep beneath the Earth's crust. The aliens have taken over by using several underground tunnels and it is up to the COG crew to find the heart of the enemy presence and wipe them out. The story is pretty good with plenty of dialogue in the game that keeps the pace going and the imagination left to fill in the blanks, but the concept of Gears of War is definitely out of date. Such games like Contra and even Halo have already taken over the invading aliens concept and run away with the idea. Gears tends to focus more on the personal lives of your teammates and the people and situations you encounter while leaving the whole doomsday concept to the imagination.

Game Play

The controls are easy to get used to as you move around in the third person. You cannot control another player besides Marcus unless you play cooperatively, however, you get plenty of controls to direct your other teammates to cover. They will do their own shooting and you will also be responsible for healing your teammates as well if they get hit. The weapons make a juicy mess with the chainsaw bayonet making for one very intimidating combination. You also can switch between four different weapons including a shotgun and pistol, and sniper rifle. The grenades are a bit odd as they resemble throwing a sling like if you had a ball in a sock. There are many various enemies to encounter and deal with including some that you will have to need additional support to take down.


The graphics are definitely what you would expect for a game of this caliber as well as the sound too. The game features plenty of dialogue and interaction between you and your squad and this makes for some very entertaining conversation. The violence is graphic and there is plenty of gore to go around.

Replay Value

The replay value is very good for Gears of War. I was never good at the online multiplayer this game offers but it is very competitive and great for a skilled player. Gears of War is a great game for cooperative play either online or splitscreen and you also have plenty of Xbox Live achievements based on the difficulty that you play on.

Final Recommendation 8/10

As it is now, Gears of War is definitely a recommended rental. You can get through this game fairly quickly and since all it does is set up for the sequel (which is due out soon) then the only reason you would be getting it now is to be ready for the sequel. It really is not worth the buy because you have to be very skilled to even compete on the online multiplayer and Gears of War is really just one of those games that would be comparable to a summer blockbuster.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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