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"The best shooter on the X360"

Gears of war. This is the best xbox 360 game I have played so far, it has good flowing action and fun game play, not to mention unique and revolutionary game play mechanics. I wish I could give this game a perfect 10 but the multi player is a bit lacking in my opinion, but I will get to that in more specific detail later.

Graphics: Perfect, the graphics in this game are the best I have ever seen. I mean the character models are great, there a bit to bulky looking but they still look great in action. The textures are just amazing, the broken buildings just look fantastic. I mean it honestly looks real, the details on the character's faces is great.

Sound and audio: I would say the voice acting in this game is perfect, the character dialogue is just real, I mean it is funny. The music in this game is great, the level cleared sound is spooky and cool too. I almost have to say the weapons sound very nice.

Weapons: There is a nice variety in the weapons of this game, they all feel real and there are some really cool ones.

Story: This is one of the best stories in any game I have played, it is unique, I wont give anything away though. The back stories of the characters is cool too.

Multi player: The only negative in the multi player of this game is the small size, it only goes to 4 vs 4 so it is a bit disappointing but it is still amazing and one of the best online shooters on the xbox 360.

Game play: The game plays very unique, you need to take cover or you will go down fairly quickly, I love how the action moves, your always going from one point to another but its not so bad, your moving forward always fighting. You have to split up at some parts of the game if your on co op, that was a bit annoying. But it's a good game.

Replay ability: I have replayed this game on every difficulty so I would give this a high score. I mean I have played and enjoyed the single player in this game a good 10 or so times. But this is the best xbox 360 game I have played yet, the only other game that has a chance of competing with gears of war is maybe Bioshock or Graw 2.

Overall score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/29/08

Game Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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