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    CD Location Guide by Arschrammen

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    Saints Row - CD Location Guide
    Copyright 2007, Arschrammen.
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    1) Introduction
    2) CD Locations: North Island
    3) CD Locations: South Island
    4) Awards and Achievements
    5) Hardest to find CDs (start here if you've already been collecting CDs)
    Greetings! Welcome to the CD Location Guide FAQ. 
    This task is a bit of a chore and there is a lack of good descriptive 
    guides out there. That's not to assume mine IS a good descriptive guide 
    but I hope it will help!
    Good luck!
    SUBURBS: Misty Lane.
    1) It's behind the house that is the (western) next door neighbour to the 
    Rollerz Mansion. If you leave the front door of the mansion, it's the 
    house on your right and is located in the backyard. 
    SUBURBS: Tidal Spring. 
    2) It's very close to the On This Ice Jewellery Store in Tidal Spring. If 
    you leave the mentioned jewellery store from the back door and look up and
    to your left, you can see the apartment building it's located at. Head up 
    the road and around the front, and its at the top of a staircase leading 
    up to the front door.
    3) The best way to find this one is to leave the Hijacking Mission in the 
    east part of this suburb. Head west along the road that the Friendly Fire/
    Hijacking activity are on until you get to the intersection. Cross the 
    road (directly west) and head into the back yard of this house. Jump the 
    fence, still heading directly west, and in the backyard you enter there 
    should be a little fire. The CD is right next to it.
    SUBURBS: Huntersfield. 
    4) In the complex next to (and west of) the Brown Baggers building in 
    Huntersfield, there is a hotel type thing with a pool out the front. The 
    CD is by the pool.
    5) This one is on the same road as the Brown Baggers and Surgeons in 
    Huntersfield. In fact its pretty much right between the two of them, on 
    the block separating them. Head up the stairs from the west side and its 
    outside a yellow-shining door with ALLEY written on it. 
    6) This one is in the parking block south of CD#5. Take the ramp all the 
    way up. As you come off the ramp to the top floor, you'll see it.
    HIGH END RETAIL DISCTRICT: Atlantis Avenue. 
    7) If you find Atlantis Avenue area on your map (its a relatively small 
    zone next to the ocean on North Island), there's a little pool between two
    large buildings facing the water on the east side. It's by that pool.
    8) This one is located in the Nob Hill mall, which is essentially the 
    entire block west of the Nob Hill Mayhem activity. On the north side of 
    the mall there is a double staircase heading up to a store called 
    "Epiphany & Co." Head up the stairs and turn left, and you'll see the CD.
    9) This CD is just a little bit north of the Museum Station, and on the 
    other side of the road. It's located upstairs outside a store called 
    "Red Devil", which is above Lakafh Cocoon (which is next to the 
    Venice restaurant). Head up the stairs between Lakafh Cocoon and 
    Venice restaurant, and follow the balcony around until you see the CD.
    10) Go to the Image as Designed surgery in Union Square and from there 
    head down the road in a south-west direction. On your left will be a few 
    bus stops. Across the road from these bus stops is the NNC building. Just 
    south of the NNC building is a walkway that goes into a mall area. Enter 
    this walkway, go down the stairs and turn left, and you'll find the CD 
    next to the wall across from the bench. 
    11) Go to the Image as Designed surgery in Union Square. From there, head
    across the road, directly west. You will come into a little park area, 
    and you should see freeway below you and to the right. Keep heading 
    directly west in the park area and head up the big amphitheatre style 
    steps. As you climb the ledge at the top of the steps, you should see the
    CD a little bit to your left between two flag poles. 
    12) This one is located on the block directly west of Rusty's Needle 
    Tattoo Parlor in Filmore. The block consists of a highrise buildings with
    shops on the first floor. If you're outside Rusty's Needle and face 
    slightly south of east, its the big building with the "Green Eye" posters
    and the sign saying "Maddox Office Centre." On the east side of this 
    building there is a shop called Roser, and the CD is located right 
    outside it.
    MUSEUM DISTRICT: Humbolt Park. 
    13) This ones found at the impressive museum/gallery/science centre 
    complex. If you don't know where that is, open your map; its right next to
    the Museum Station, on the east and quite an obvious feature on the map. 
    The CD is pretty much right in the middle of the complex, at the base of a
    monument outside the Science Centre.
    14) This CD is located quite close to a cliff edge on the east coast of 
    the North Island. The easiest way to find it is to find the bus stop north
    of the Science Centre complex/Theatre on the map. Then cross the road and
    head down towards the cliff. If you head left once you reach the cliff's 
    edge you'll soon see the CD.
    MUSEUM DISTRICT: Amberbrook. 
    15) This one is in the same lot where you find the Bulldozer in one of the
    missions. It's in the lot directly east of the Forgive and Forget in 
    Amberbrook. There are a lot of industrial size garages there. 
    DOWNTOWN DISTRICT: Union Square. 
    16) If you look on your map, there are five bridges connecting the two 
    islands. This CD is right next to the second bridge from the left. It is 
    behind the building labelled Torin Bank. 
    17) Follow the little walkway behind the Loan Office in Union Square down
    to large circular building on the waterfront. The CD is outside this 
    building's main entrance. 
    18) This is a tricky one. Its a few doors northeast of Scratch That Music
    in Brighton, and is behind the Irish Pub (which is the closest shop to the 
    underpass of the freeway). At the back of the Irish Pub there is a tall 
    grey concrete wall that follows the freeway around. There is a wire fence
    on top of it. If you follow the wire fence around to the right until it 
    ends you'll be able to jump up on a ledge. If you jump over it you'll end
    up in the water, so be careful! Jump onto the ledge then get around the 
    fence onto the grassy area, and there you will find the CD. 
    ARENA DISTRICT: Ultor Dome. 
    19) This one is found at pretty much the most north-western point of the 
    south island. Right next to north tip of the aqueduct there is some kind 
    of facility. To get there you can take the dirt road next to the freeway 
    exit, or just cut straight across from Ultor Dome. At the north-east side
    of this facility there is a fenced off area. Go in there to find the CD. 
    20) This one is pretty easy to find. It's along the southern part of the
    Ultor Dome, just west of the Demolition Derby activity between all the 
    portable toilets. 
    ARENA DISTRICT: Pleasant View. 
    21) In the block east of On the Rag Clothing and south of The Big Picture 
    Theatre there is a bar called Zatro's, which has its shop front on the 
    south side of this block. The CD is found out the back. If you approach 
    Zatro's from the front, you'll have to jump a wire fence to get to it. 
    PROJECTS DISTRICT: Sunnyvale Gardens. 
    22) This CD is located on the north shore of the southern island and is 
    just a bit east of the jetty/pier behind a little run down fishing shop.
    PROJECTS DISTRICT: Shivington. 
    23) If you leave the bar where the Projects Hitman Activity icon is and 
    head west, the road starts to curve around and into a north direction. 
    Where this curve is, there is a little playground outside a rundown 
    apartment building and the CD is located in here. There is also a tagging
    location in this playground. 
    24) Across the road (to the east) of The Big Picture Theatre in Pleasant 
    View, there is housing block and on the north-east corner of this block 
    there is a house laying in pretty much ruins. The CD is located in this 
    house. Another way of finding the house is by finding the midpoint 
    between The Big Picture Theatre (Pleasantview) and the Brown Baggers 
    Liquor Store in Shivington.  
    25) If you press START you'll see a spot just under the Shivington Brown
    Baggers where the train line ends on the map. If you go to this location
    you'll see the train tracks come from out of a tunnel and begin to raise.
    The CD is found under the train tracks here, and concealed from the main
    road by wooden/concrete fences, which you can jump over. 
    RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Bavogian Plaza. 
    26) There are only four blocks in Bavogaian Plaza and this CD is located 
    in the south one. There is a big parking lot with some trailers and dump 
    bins, and in this lot there is a big pink/purple sign that says Uranus 
    Theater. The CD is under this sign. 
    RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Rebadeaux. 
    27) Locate this district on your map then head for the shore. It is 
    located on the northern-most jetty/pier, which is near where the road 
    comes up from the underpass. 
    RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Prawn Court. 
    28) This CD is located at the entry to the Transportation Center, which is
    at the bus station in Prawn Court. The bus station is located on the west
    side of the block south of Peep This Theatre in the Red Light District.
    29) Go to the entrance of On The Rag Clothing and jump the fence directly
    south. As you jump over, you should see it straight away in the parking 
    SAINT'S ROW DISTRICT: Mission Beach. 
    30) There is a construction site on the shoreline in Mission Beach, west 
    of Saints Row Loft Crib, and the block northeast of the surgeons in 
    Harrowgate. It's on the ground floor of the building being constructed 
    closest to the road. 
    31) In the southeast corner of this district just where the freeway starts
    to curve around and cross the trainline, there is a bunch of housing and 
    some blue dumpsters, just north of the trainline. The CD is by these 
    SAINT'S ROW DISTRICT: Harrowgate. 
    32) On the map, between Saint's Row Station and Sloppy Seconds 
    (Harrowgate), there is a row of houses in the small area between the 
    freeway and the train line. The CD around the back of an orange house 
    TRUCK YARD DISTRICT: Copperton. 
    33) On the west-most boundary of Copperton, there is a construction yard 
    which the freeway passes over. Its just east of the Chinatown Chop Shop 
    icon on the map and is surrounded by a green fence. On the north-west 
    corner of the site, there is a trailer and the CD is right outside it. 
    34) The simplest way to find this one is in Go to the Rim Jobs in 
    Copperton and get out of your car. Go down the west side of Rim Jobs 
    heading north, and head straight for the fence in front of you. Jump over
    it and you'll see the CD to your left. 
    35) This CD is contained in the northeast block of Copperton, just south
    of the freeway between two shipping containers. 
    36) This CD is found in a power generator yard in southeast Copperton. 
    Its very close to the water, and also close to the southwest border of 
    37) The block northwest of the Chinatown Chop Shop icon is some kind of 
    truck yard and is surrounded by a green fence. The CD is located in here 
    in the south east section of the truck yard and if you jump the fence 
    directly across the road north of Asia Food you'll pretty much land on it. 
    38) The CD is found under the ornate entrance on the west side of the 
    building with the Hitman icon. 
    39) This CD is located under a Chinese gazebo in the Chinese gardens 
    across the road (north) from the Chinatown Insurance Fraud icon. The 
    gazebo is located on the east most island of the park. 
    40) On the same block as Scratch That Music in Sommerset, there is a block
    of apartments that consists of three identical three storey buildings. The
    CD is located on the top floor of the south side of the north-west 
    41) This one is located in the block that is south-east of the block with
    Scratch That Music where the previous CD was located. It's pretty much in
    the middle of this block in the middle of an outdoor area with seats and 
    tables, just east of the apartment building that is closest to the ocean. 
    42) In the block northwest of Do It Up Hair Salon there is a large block 
    of apartments. In about the center of this block, there is a pool that is
    fenced off from the road. The CD is next to the pool. 
    43) Go to Friendly Fire in Sommerset. The CD is behind the fence nextdoor
    to it. 
    44) Just south of the Los Carnales mansion is a staircase leading up from
     the road to a large gazebo, under which this CD is found. 
    BARRIO DISTRICT: Encanto. 
    45) This one is located pretty much exactly between Sloppy Seconds in 
    Ezpata and Scratch That Music in Cecil Park. If you were to leave Scratch
    That Music and turn directly left, you could see the alley its located in. 
    46) Across the road from the surgeons in Cecil Park there is a little 
    courtyard garden with benches and so forth. This isn't where the CD is. 
    But there is another park very similar within walking distance and on the
     same side of the road just south, and the CD is in there. 
    BARRIO DISTRICT: Cecil Park. 
    47) This CD is located in a mall which lies on the border on the map 
    between Cecil Park and Black Bottom. It is outside a green shop called 
    Blurrybaby Liquors. The shop is off the road though and a bit difficult 
    to find. Probably the best way to find it is find the theatre called 
    "Cabaret" which is on the same block as the surgeons in Cecil Park, but on
    the east side. Then cross the road and follow the yellow and orange signs
    to Loony 88s Video Store and you'll see the CD soon enough. 
    AIRPORT DISTRICT: Wardill Airport. 
    48) Drive down the main road leading to the airport (ie same main road as 
    the Escort Mission in the Airport District). When you get to the 
    t-junction, straight ahead you will see four large cylinders. Behind these
    cylinders is a jump ramp that will take you onto the roof where the CD is,
    so take a fast car!
    49) At the west most point of the airport terminal (excluding the runway)
    there is a small building with a radar dish on top. Go around the back to
    find this CD. 
    50) This one is behind the building (south side) which is south of the 
    runway. It's the building with the massive tower that you can see from a 
    mile away!
    51) This is a very small zone on your map. The zone is essentially the 
    whole block west of where you start the Fox Drive Drug Trafficking 
    activity. You'll find the CD right in the middle of this zone out in the 
    open next to a yellow petrol cylinder. 
    52) This CD is located at the end of an old railway line which is hanging
    over the water just west of the railway line and the east-most bridge 
    connecting the Factories and Saints Row Districts. 
    53) It is quite difficult to describe how to get to this one. If you were
    to make a mark on the map where the railroad and freeway cross over, the 
    CD would be JUST to the left of it. It's also down off the road so you'll
    have to drop down a bit to find it. It's outside a small building on a 
    dirt road coming from Fox Drive. 
    FACTORIES DISTRICT: Black Bottom. 
    54) This CD is on a small island under the freeway. If you find Black 
    Bottom on your map, you'll see the four big silo things in the northwest 
    corner. Just below the southeast silo is a squiggly, burgundy kind of area
    just north of the circular freeway exits. This is the water where the 
    island with the CD is on. 
    55) Once again, if you find Black Bottom on your map, you'll see the four
    big silo things in the northwest corner. The structure directly right
    (east) of the southeast silo is some kind of processing facility 
    (I think!?) and this i where you'll find this CD. 
    56) Just west of the Chop Shop in this district and backing onto the 
    freeway is a long complex with Durden's Shipping & Storage written on it.
    If you duck around the back there is a little alcove down a couple of 
    stairs with the CD in it. 
    57) Once again, just west of the Chop Shop in this district and backing 
    onto the  freeway is a long complex with Durden's Shipping & Storage 
    written on it. Across the road (south) you can see two green tanks over a
    fence. The CD is down there next to the tanks but you can't access it from
    the level below, and you cant climb this fence. So you'll have to pull a 
    car up to jump onto and then over the fence, or head east a bit and jump 
    over the traffic barrier to get to the tanks. 
    58) There are three docks on Poseidon Alley. The CD is located on the west
    side of the east-most dock. It's at the end of a small wooden jetty/pier. 
    59) Right next door to Friendly Fire in Poseidon Alley (west) there is a 
    little river/lake type thing with an island on it - you'll see it if you 
    leave Friendly Fire by the back door. The CD is on the island, so you'll 
    have to go for a little swim. 
    60) Across the road from the Docks Station is a ship wrecking yard, and 
    the CD is in the southwest corner of it.
    Every ten CDs you find you will unlock a song for your audio player. 
    Collecting all CDs unlocks the Audiophile achievement worth 10 points. 
    For all the crazy running around it should be more I reckon, but oh well! 
    After 10 CDs you unlock Aisha's "Don't F$ck Me Like I'm Your Wife"
    After 20 CDs you unlock Ghostface Killa's "Man Up"
    After 30 CDs you unlock "Git Out of My Way" by Daz Dillinger. 
    After 40 CDs you unlock "Hurry, Hurry" by Strong Arm Steady
    After 50 CDs you unlock Rhymefest's "Shut You Down."
    After all 60 CDs you unlock the song "Saints Row" by David Banner.
    You do not need to collect all the CDs to unlock the Racket Lord 
    achievement worth 160 points. 
    "I'm missing one CD!!!!! Help!!!!" 
    These are the ones I would try first if you've gone through on your own 
    and are only missing one or two. I've selected these because I consider 
    them the most sneaky ones or the ones I found most difficult. Failing 
    that, you might just have to go through and check them all!!!:
    Hardest CDs to find: 
    CD#18: DOWNTOWN DISTRICT: Brighton. 
    Other tricky/annoying ones:
    CD#3: SUBURBS: Tidal Spring. 
    CD#7: HIGH END RETAIL DISCTRICT: Atlantis Avenue.
    CD#29: RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Prawn Court.
    CD#34: TRUCK YARD DISTRICT: Copperton. 
    CD#37: CHINATOWN DISTRICT: Chinatown.
    CD#57: DOCKS & WAREHOUSES DISTRICT: Charlestown.
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