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"You’re dropped into a world of violence, pure unadulterated violence…"

Saints Row is a new addition to the Sand Box genre and from what's out in that area its one hell of a contender. From the story line to the streets them selves Saints Row is a stellar title. The game begins out of the box letting you full customize your own character. And we're not talking about just picking a shirt and some pants. The character creation is one of the best I've seen in a while. One could spend hours just creating a character alone if they want to put in the effort. From there you're dropped into a world of violence, pure unadulterated violence. In Saints Row you play the role of a new gang member fresh off the street. You must help the Saints reclaim there territory and more. You must gather weapons and wag war on the streets. Just remember to throw some purple on before you do.

Graphics- 8
The Graphics in Saints Row are astounding. From the lighting to the rain everything is just dead on. The people and cars are very detailed and impressive. From the cracks on the highway roads to the reflection of the police lights on your character everything is bright and vibrant. There are some screen tear issues and maybe a bit of pop up while cruising max speed on the highway, but those are few and far between. All in all Saints Row is a next generation game and shows off some of the true power of the 360. Just the Molotov Cocktails and fire effects alone blew me away, especially when the car I used them on blew up and flipped over my head, I almost teared up there.

Game play- 9
Right from the start you are free to do what you want. I feel that's one of the best aspects of Saints Row. It is true to the fact that it is a free roaming game. You could spend hours doing many different things and not even have touched the main tale yet. From taking hostages (my personal favorite) to dealing drugs, or crushing rival gangs, there is plenty to do. The main story missions are great, but this is a GTA style game, so on the down side there's nothing to new mission wise. But hey you don't buy this game for originality; you buy it for violence and evil right? Well, I did...

Sound- 7
The sounds and music in Saints Row is a bit of give and take. One minute its pure brilliance and another you're wondering where it went. When it's dead on its great. Guns sound beautiful (I'm not crazy), people chat up about the weirdest stuff, cars rev and purr, and the music is dead on. One of the cooler aspects is when you're in a car with the radio on and exit the radio still plays but is muffled since you're now out side the car. Plus you get that whole base bump when others drive by you cranking the tunes. As for the dropped sound I've only noticed it once in a great while and only for a split second, so I feel it's no real issue. Did I mention the gun sound effects rock, cause they really do.

Control- 10
The controls are a give and take, they truly depends on the person. Mainly it's the aiming that people may not like. There's no auto target. Yup, you got to work for your food Billy… In other words you actually have to aim at people, which I find completely awesome. Leads to some amazing gun fights (because you know I love the guns). As for everything else, it's pretty standard fair, simple to use, simple to learn. Hell you can shoot 360 degrees from you car, how rocking is that. All in all I say the controls are dead on.

Overall- 8
In my opinion Saints Row could have been called GTA4, it's great. Not as huge as San Andreas but what it misses in size it repacks in content. Saints Row is a must own for any 360 fan. From the graphics to the game play it just works out to be a grand time. I'd say fun for the whole family, but some people might not agree. As for me I'll be playing this game for quite some time. While it's not perfect, no game truly is so why worry. Its fun, it's crazy, it's violent, and it's wonderful.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/30/06

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