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"This game needed to be made for a long time."

Saints Row

This isn't so much a rip off of GTA; on the contrary, it's even better. When the first GTA was made, we didn't have the kind of advanced ideas we have today to make games incredibly outstanding. It had the right concept and it was a great game, but it was just too low-tech. So these guys stepped in and said: "Thats it! GTA's potential isn't living up to it's name! we need to make a bigger, and better GTA than ever! Except change the name and put in all the stuff the makes a game like this next gen!" and so they have succeeded.

Story: 6/10

The game starts out a bit original with you walking down the streets of stilwater viewing the three basic elements of the game: Pimping, Drug Smuggling, and the number one component which you happen to be in the way of, Gang wars. after you join the Row, the story gets a bit dry and cliche, since half of what you're doing isn't even following the storyline. And gang wars are a repeated concept. The ending is when it gets a bit more interesting though but I don't want to give out any spoils. They say it sets you up for Saints Row 2, let me leave it at that. All in all, the story does it's part for the game but nothing more.

Gameplay: 5/10

Some points in the gameplay make me give this section a low rating. What I really hate, though, is how the trigger for your gun is the shoulder button. Ever try driving a car while aiming and shooting? its just really annoying how you have to have two brains to be able to do it. There are some finer points in the gameplay too but there are too much to go over. The thing that you will love most probably would be the physical combat and the gun action. It just feels so good to pick up someone's money after unrightfully killing them.

Graphics: 5/10

Not what you'd expect from an Xbox 360 game to tell you the truth. The in game graphics are okay but the movie graphics are what will baffle you. The characters have a bit more detail since it's all up close, but it's not that great. The background is ALWAYS hazed for some reason (blurr effect or something like that). And all the chars. will have a somewhat bright "aura" around their outline throughout the movie. The graphics aren't horrible; it's just that they're not impressive.

Sound: 9/10

There's a great amount of sound quality to this game. lots of songs that you might like or some of you may not like, it depends from person to person. The sound fx are descent to say the least (eg: when a car blows up, police sirens, punch impact, screams of pain etc.). My personal favorites are when you go on fire and start running around and when that Stephan guy comes up in a commercial for a clothing shop, you know, where shop for clothing. And the idea of finding and buying CDs for your car or mp3 is a nice addition too.

Replay Value: 7/10

This game has a really good amount of replay value since there are so many side missions and quests. And it's also really fun to remake your character and your cars and go about the game in a different way. Also If you have this game, the online play can be very addictive at times so it's actually worth it to play some more after you beat the game for that reason.

Overall: 6/10

Overall there are a bunch of uncalled for glitches in this game. Just playing it for a couple of hours into the game and you will most likely run across one. Even if it is just a minor glitch, you will find more as you continue to progress. Some will be funny, Some will cost you your life; It's just how most games go.
But I don't blame this game for that; with the programing of a huge city and a bunch of other things that make this game so fun, theres bound to be some glitches in every game (more in this one though than others). And that goes for the graphics too.

Rent or Buy: I'd say rent first. This is just one those games that will serve it's fun factor whether you rent it or not, and trust me on that. if you like it. then go ahead and buy it if you want; if you don't, then too bad. this is a great game in my book.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/15/06

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