1. Ive already checked the FAQ and Cheat areas but they were no help because i kno for a fact that the only way to get a certian amount of costumes you need to play throught the different difficulty lvs. my problem is that ive pretty much gotten all of them but i wasnt awarded the achivement for getting the costumes. are there DLC only costumes or did i miss some? if i did how? ive used every character on every difficulty in every costume.... yeh im just that awesome.

    User Info: Sion_bazhard

    Sion_bazhard - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Um, you stated that you knew 'as a fact' the difficulty level had something to with unlocking costumes. That means you got the information from somewhere, so it looks like you were misinformed. Difficulty level doesn't have anything to do with unlocking the costumes. And I don't think anyone has over 8 costumes, at least according to the FAQ and cheat section they don't.

    User Info: Wongatello

    Wongatello - 8 years ago

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  1. Difficulty is not a factor for unlocking extra costumes, you have been misinformed. Characters that show up in story mode have to have their costumes unlocked by finishing their respective story. Some characters have upwards of 6 costumes, so you will have to go through the story with them more. Time trial is the means to unlock costumes for characters that do not show up in story. Either way, the settings must be on default to unlock a costume.

    The only other method of unlocking costumes is via Zack's shop with money earned in online matches. No additional costumes are offered here, all can be obtained offline. There aren't any DLC costumes either.

    Here is an FAQ listing how many costumes each character has:

    User Info: XeroShinobi

    XeroShinobi - 8 years ago 2 0

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