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    Christie by Maccam16

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 02/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    DDDD       OOOO        AAAA     44  44
    DD  DD   OOO  OOO     AA  AA    44  44
    DD  DD   OOO  OOO    AAAAAAAA   444444
    DD  DD   OOO  OOO    AA    AA       44
    DDDD       OOOO      AA    AA       44
    Dead Or Alive 4 - XBox 360
    Christie Players Guide - by Maccam16 - Copyright 2006
                        1. Introduction
                        2. Version History
                        3. FAQ Information
                           - Legend
                        4. Advanced Techniques
                        5. Command List
                        6. Combo Details
                           - Combo List
                        7. General Strategy
                        8. Character Specific Strategy
                        9. Thanks
                       10. Disclaimer
     Hello all, and thank you for showing interest in my Christie Players Guide. It
    includes in great detail, many of Christie's secret (so to speak) combos as
    well as her standard command list from the game.
     This guide is meant to improve your game by giving you the information needed
    to be more effective with Christie. My advice to you would be to practice all
    of this is Sparring mode before trying to use them against your friends. It
    helps to already have a feel for the timing and execution of the combos in
     This is not the be-all-end-all FAQ. It does not include every possible combo
    for Christie in the game. But it does cover many different launchers and 
    subsequent juggle strings. After reading this FAQ, you should be able to piece
    together your own combos, just by learning how they work through these 
     While this guide should help you in become better with Christie against the
    AI, it was written with the intent of helping against a real player. A few of
    the strategies are actually little mind games you can play against them. Not 
    too much, but enough to give you an idea on how to create your own. It's 
    mportant to have a strategy and be very felxible with it, which means you can't
    just remember the best combos in this FAQ and destroy everyone. It's more 
    important to have a grasp on how things work, and then use your brain to 
    destroy your opponent on a person-to-person basis.
     As time goes on, I will continue to update with any new combos I find, or
    are sent to me via e-mail.
     Let's get on with the guide!
         v0.6 - Added Hi-Counter damage to all combos.
              - Added Advanced Techniques section.
              - Added Character Specific Strategies for Gen Fu.
              - Added more combos, strategies and tips.
         v0.5 - Compiled the basic FAQ. All commands have been typed out from in-
    game menus. Several combos and strategies listed as well.
     For those of us unfamiliar with number notation, here is a quick explaination.
    Imagine the number pad on your keyboard compared to a joystick:
    -------  ---------
    |7|8|9|  |ub|u|uf|
    |4|5|6|  |b |n| f|
    |1|2|3|  |db|d|df|
    -------  ---------
     As you've probably already gathered on your own, "7" is equivalent to "ub" "2"
    is equivalent to "down" etc... The following legend covers this and more in 
    order to make sure you know what is going on in the FAQ.
    (Using default controls)
    1 = down and away
    2 = down
    3 = down and foward
    4 = away
    5 = neutral
    6 = foward
    7 = up and away
    8 = up
    9 = up and foward
    P = Punch (Y)
    K = Kick (B)
    F = Free [or block] (X)
    F+P = Free + Punch [throw/grab/hold] (A)
    P+K = Punch + Kick (LT)
    F+K = Free + Kick (RT)
    - = Pause
    ~ = Quickly
    N = Normal Damage
    C = Counter Damage
    HC= Hi-Counter Damage
    H = Number of Hits, not including any throws
    H = High
    M = Mid
    L = Low
    * = Cancel
     This section will reveal some of the more adavanced techniques that may be 
    completely unknown to most players. These techniques are almost required and
    should be learned as soon as possible to immediately improve your game. They
    may be more appropriate in a general FAQ, but I feel the need to include this
    information to make you a better player in general.
     Get better at the game first. Then get better with Christie. :-)
      Tech rolling is an all important manuever that keeps an opponent from getting
    any hits on you while you're lying down. After someone has knocked you to the
    ground, you'd normally lay there until you either hit up to get up or until
    you use one of the 3 wake-up kicks. Tech rolling is a way to get up the instant
    you hit the ground in by rolling to any direction and immediately getting to
    your feet.
     Remember you have to hit these as soon as you hit the ground:
     2F - Sidestep into the foreground
     8F - Sidestep into the background
     4F - Get up quickly with a little back dash
     6F - Sidestep into the foreground
    You can use P or K instead of F, but you might accidently hit a wake-up kick
    with K, so I'd recommend not using that.
     You wouldn't want to use this technique every single time you hit the ground,
    there are still going to be times when wake-up kicks are the best choice (if
    the opponent is right next to you while you're on the ground just waiting, you
    might want to forego the techroll and hit him coming off the ground.) But this
    technique is a sure-fire way to prevent any ground attacks and/or ground
    throws. So this should be used more often than not.
      Offensive Holds can beat strikes if you connect before the attack frames of
    the strike begin. This can be used to sneak some throws into your game (a few
    examples are listed in the combo list.) Unfortunately, Christie only has one
    OH and one low OH. Also, keep in mind that a regular throw beats an Offensive
      When sparring, always have the Log Display set to Attack Attribute. This will
    confirm beyond a doubt whether or not a particular throw is an OH. It also pays
    to recognize the motion a character makes when they perform an OH. Many players
    refer to them as "Catch Throws" because of the motion you make when going for
    an OH. Practice recognizing OHs and hitting a standard throw to counter it.
      Often times you'd wish there was an alternative to just taking punishment and
    hoping to counter an attack mid counter. Well there is! Slow escaping is a way
    to get yourself out of a stun quicker, just by spinning the stick as fast as
    you can. If the opponent is coming at you non-stop, it might help to slow 
    escape into a crouch by holding down towards the end of the stun or slow escape
    into a block by holding F during your 360s on the stick.
      This can also be utilitzed after you've been hit up against a wall. By slow
    escaping, you will drop to the ground much quicker than normally and will
    ultimately take less damage to all of those wall attacks you escaped.
    |5. COMMAND LIST:|
     I've just copied this straight out of the in-game command list. Many people 
    would find it useful to have the commands in front of them during practice,
    rather than having to go into the pause menu to look at them. I have included 
    a brief description and the damage under normal circumstances for each move.
     I chose not to include any universal attacks (8P+K does a leaping attack to 
    a grounded foe for everyone) as they should be common knowledge. This includes
    |UNIQUE ATTACKS: FACE TO FACE                                           |
    |COMMAND INPUT |ABOUT THE COMMAND (DAMAGE)                              |
    |7P            |High punch that deals critical hit and stuns        (26)|
    |PPPPP         |HHMMM, stuns the opponent                           (57)|
    |PPPP2P        |HHMML, knocks the opponent down                     (55)|
    |PPP6P         |HHMH, stuns the opponent                            (40)|
    |PP2PP         |HHLM, stuns the opponent                            (41)|
    |PP4PPP        |HHHMMMMM,stuns the opponent                         (59)|
    |PP4PKP        |HHHHM, stuns the opponent                           (56)|
    |PP4P2K        |HHHL, knocks the opponent down                      (44)|
    |PPKK          |HHHH, knocks the opponent down, knocks them away    (37)|
    |PP2KP         |HHLL, stuns the opponent                            (46)|
    |PKKK          |HHHH, knocks the opponent down                      (43)|
    |PKK2K         |HHHL, knocks the opponent down                      (42)|
    |6PPPP         |MMMM, knocks the opponent down                      (42)|
    |4PPP          |HMMMMM, stuns the opponent                          (36)|
    |4PKP          |HHM, stuns the opponent                             (36)|
    |4P2K          |HL, knocks the opponent down                        (24)|
    |3PPP          |MMMMMM, stuns the opponent                          (48)|
    |HOLD3 P       |Mid punch from a crouch, stuns the opponent         (18)|
    |8PP           |HM, launches and brings down the opponent           (38)|
    |9P            |High punch that deals critical hit and stuns        (20)|
    |2PPP          |LHM, knocks the opponent down                       (25)|
    |1PK           |LM, stuns the opponent, can be used as a launch     (36)|
    |66PP          |MH, stuns the opponent                              (34)|
    |33P           |High punch that stuns and can be used as a launch   (20)|
    |46P           |High punch that knocks the opponent down            (32)|
    |236P          |Jumping punch that hits mids and knocks down        (36)|
    |214P          |Hops away and hits mid, bounces opponent            (28)|
    |KKK           |HHH, knocks opponent down                           (43)|
    |KK2K          |HHL, knocks opponent down                           (42)|
    |KP            |HM, stuns opponent                                  (32)|
    |6KP           |MM, knocks opponent down                            (32)|
    |4KK           |MH, knocks opponent down                            (30)|
    |4K2KPP        |MLMH, stuns opponent                                (35)|
    |4K2KP2PK      |MLMLM, launches                                     (44)|
    |8K            |High kick that can launch out of stun               (28)|
    |9KK (2) *1    |HM, knocks opponent down leaves full screen distance(30)|
    |7K            |Mid hitting back-flip that launches, good priority  (35)|  
    |3KP           |MMM, stuns opponent                                 (32)|
    |3KK           |MH, knocks opponent down                            (34)|
    |1KPP          |LMH, stuns opponent                                 (35)|
    |1KP2PK        |LMLM, launches opponent                             (44)|
    |RUN F+K       |Low slide that knocks opponent down                 (20)|
    |66K           |MM, knocks opponent down                            (32)|
    |P+K           |High punch that stuns opponent                      (25)|
    |6P+KPP        |Rolls and hits two middle punches, stuns opponent   (26)|
    |6P+KK         |Rolls and launches with a middle kick               (30)|
    |4P+K CHARGE   |Charge move that knocks opponent down            (35-55)|
    |F+KKK         |MHM, causes opponent to bounce                      (43)|
    |6F+K          |Mid kick that can launch out of stun, back turns    (25)|
    |4F+K          |HH, launches, leaves back turned                    (28)|
    |2F+KP         |LL, stuns opponent                                  (36)|
     *1 -> If you happen to miss this move (which is hard with its huge range) 
    holding down will cause you to switch into her special stance.
    |UNIQUE ATTACKS: BACK TURNED                                            |
    |COMMAND INPUT |ABOUT THE COMMAND (DAMAGE)                              |
    |4PP           |MM, stuns opponent                                  (38)|
    |2PPPP         |LMMMMMM, stuns opponent                             (48)|
    |P+K (2) *2    |Middle punch that stuns opponent                    (27)|
    |F+K           |Middle kick that launches opponent                  (30)|
    *2 -> Holding down after this move switches you to her special stance.
    |COMMAND INPUT |ABOUT THE COMMAND (DAMAGE)                              |
    |2P+K          |Switches Christie into her special stance            (x)|
    |6             |Moves foward and leaves stance                       (x)|
    |4             |Moves backwards and leaves stance                    (x)|
    |8             |Sidesteps (hold down to stay in stance)              (x)|
    |2             |Sidesteps (hold down to stay in stance)              (x)|
    |8PP           |MM, stuns opponent                                  (30)|
    |2PP           |MM, stuns opponent                                  (30)|
    |8PKP          |MHM, knocks opponent down                           (43)|
    |2PKP          |MHM, knocks opponent down                           (43)|
    |8PK2P         |MHL, knocks opponent down                           (48)|
    |2PK2P         |MHL, knocks opponent down                           (48)|
    |PP            |Two mid punches with a huge range, knocks down      (30)|
    |6P            |Mid punch that knocks opponent down                 (25)|
    |4P            |Mid punch that knocks opponent far away             (38)|
    |K             |Mid kick, stuns opponent                            (20)|
    |6K            |High kick that stuns, can launch on stun            (23)|
    |4K            |High kick that stuns and leaves your back turned    (20)|
    |P+K           |Mid uppercut that stuns, can launch on stun         (20)|
    |4P+K (2)      |Mid punch that stuns, hold down to stay in stance   (22)|
    |1KK           |LH, knocks opponent down                            (33)|
    |1K6K          |LM, stuns opponent                                  (30)|
    |1K(2)K        |LL,knocks opponent down, hold down to stay in stance(30)|
    |THROWS:                                                                |
    |COMMAND INPUT |ABOUT THE COMMAND (DAMAGE)                              |
    |F+P           |Throw                                               (40)|
    |4F+P          |Throw                                               (47)|
    |4F+P          |Next to wall                                        (57)|
    |236F+P        |Offensive Hold                                      (45)|
    |236F+P        |Next to wall                                        (50)|
    |6F+P          |Leaves you to opponent back                         (25)|
    |63214F+P      |Throw                                               (52)|
    |F+P           |To foe's back                                       (58)|
    |2F+P          |To crouching foe                                    (55)|  
    |3F+P          |To crouching foe, Offensive Hold                    (45)|
    |2F+P          |To crouching foe's back                             (65)|
    |2F+K F+P      |Hits a throw off of a low kick                      (45)|
    |SPECIAL MOVES:                                                         |
    |COMMAND INPUT |ABOUT THE COMMAND (DAMAGE)                              |
    |6P+K          |Rolls foward                                         (x)|
    |3P+K          |Gets into special stance                             (x)|
    |1P+K          |Gets into special stance                             (x)|
     That takes care of all the basics. Now lets get into the meat and potatoes of 
    this FAQ...
     This section details many of Christie's different combos, including 
    launch-juggles. I've come up with a sort of chart for each of the combos, so 
    please familiarize yourself with it by using this example:
     Let's examine the first combo listed to get an idea of what everything means!
     HH  LM  HHM                - This line shows High, Mid, Low and Cancel.
    7PP 2PP 4PKP  | N:| C:|H:|  - This line shows the commands for the combo.
    ------------  |n/a| 95| 7|  - This line shows the damage/hit ammounts.
      attacks                   - This line shows what is going on in the combo.
     -> This line will be used for more information regarding the combo.
     A lot of launchers will be repeated because of the amount of juggles that can 
    continue them. "Why not just list the most powerful juggle? The attack 
    properties don't matter much in a juggle because they can't counter you 
    mid-air!" This is true, but I've decided to leave it up to the player themself 
    to determine which juggle they prefer, and they may base that search on 
    something other than damage count. Variety is the spice of life!
     The damage count may vary depending on who you are fighting. Larger characters
    that have more gravity have a lower bounce, a lower launch, and generally take 
    less damage from juggles. The numbers that I provide are accurate when facing 
    most other characters. Bass, Spartan, Tengu, Leon, and Bayman will probably 
    take less damage and allow less hits on the juggles.
     Counter damage is earned if you interupt an opponent's strike with the combo.
    Hi-Counter damage is earned if you interupt an opponent's throw with the combo.
    The number of hits is practically irrelevant, but I've included it in an effort
    to be complete.
     I only list the attack attributes for setups and launchers. The attributes 
    (whether it hits high, low, etc...) become a non-issue during a juggle as 
    there is no way for the opponent to defend once they are in the air.
     Get it? Good, let's proceed!
     HH  LM  HHM
    7PP 2PP 4PKP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------   |n/a| 95|115| 7|
     -> This combo can only be performed after a counter, otherwise the kick will 
    whiff and there will be an opening for a poke/jab. It's fairly easy to perform,
    but must be used sparingly. Any player worth their salt could put this to 
    sleep fairly quickly.
     HH  LM  H
    7PP 2PP 8K PKKK    | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |  |    | 89|110|133| 9|
     launcher  juggle
     -> This launcher is fairly basic, it has a decent mix-up but can be spotted 
    after repeated use. This particular juggle does the most counter damage out of 
    all the other juggles that compliment this launcher.
     HH  LM  H
    7PP 2PP 8K PP4PPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |    |   | 89|108|132|12|
     launcher  juggle
     -> Same as above, worth about the same amount of damage, but I'd personally 
    use the previous one over this one.
     HH  LM  H
    7PP 2PP 8K PKK2K   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |   |   | 88|109|132| 9|
     launcher  juggle
     -> This might be useful against heavier characters who don't get as high of a 
    launch as everyone else as the last kick hits low. 
     HH  LM  H
    7PP 2PP 8K PPPP2P   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |    |   | 82|104|126|10|
     launcher  juggle
     -> Least effective of the other juggles that come off of this launcher.
     HH  M  HM
    7PP F+K KK PKKK   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |  |   | 93|115|139| 9|
     launcher juggle
     -> This launcher has the potential to really start messing with people. If 
    this is hit with counter damage, it is one of her most powerful combos (of the
    ones covered in this FAQ.)
     HH  M  HM
    7PP F+K KK PP4PPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |    |   | 93|113|145|12|
     launcher  juggle
     -> Simliar to the above combo.
     HH  M  HM
    7PP F+K KK PPPP2P   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |    |   | 88|109|132|10|
     launcher  juggle
     -> Same launcher, new juggle.
     HH  M  HM
    7PP F+K KK PPPPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |   |   | 90|111|135|10|
     launcher  juggle
     -> Same launcher, new juggle
     HM  M  HM
    4PP F+K KK 3PPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ---------- |  |   |n/a|100|122|11|
     launcher  juggle
     -> This launcher has a subtle difference next to the previous launcher. PKKK, 
    PP4PPP, and PPPP2P will also work after this launcher, but this juggle will 
    only work off of the 4PP launcher and not the 7PP one. The combo can only be 
    performed after a counter though.
     LMH  H *  H
    1KPP 7P F 8K PKKK   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------ |  |   | 79| 98|118| 8|
      launcher  juggle
     -> You *MUST* cancel after the 7P *UNLESS* you've started it as a counter. In 
    which case 1KPP 7PP 8K is acceptable and will grant you an extra hit for a bit 
    more damage. The launcher should keep them guessing at first, but the last 
    three attacks all hit high, and you might get countered right before you 
    launch after it's been established.
     LMH  HH  H
    1KPP 7PP 8K PP4PPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ----------- |    |   |n/a|102|124|12|
      launcher  juggle
     -> This combo will only work off a counter.
     HH  LM  HM
    7PP 2PP 4PP P   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ----------- |   |n/a| 91|111|10|
     launcher  jug
     -> This combo will only work off a counter.
     HH  LM  HM
    7PP 2PP 4PP 7K   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ----------- ||   |n/a| 93|113| 7|
     launcher  jug
     -> This combo will only work off a counter.
     HH  LM   M
    7PP 2PP 4F+K PPPPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------ |   |   | 87|108|130|10|
     launcher   juggle
     -> This launcher is good for the fact that it puts your back to the opponent 
    just as they get launched. This opens up some really dirty back-turned (BT) 
    attacks to use in the juggle.
     HH  LM   M
    7PP 2PP 4F+K 4PP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------ | |   | 73| 90|108| 7|
     launcher    jug
     -> This juggle sends the opponent about 3/4ths of the screen away and leaves 
    you open to perform some dashing/running mix-ups. It's a good way to put some 
    space between you and your opponent. Also, the timing is strict, but everytime
    I do this combo, I add a 8P+K ground attack to the end of it. It always
    crushes them no matter what they do.
     HH  LM   M   M
    7PP 2PP 4F+K P+K2 - 1K2K2 F+P  | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------ |          |====  |104|120|138| 7|
      launcher      juggle   grab
     -> This combo is especially dirty. Not only do you launch, do some really 
    nasty BT juggles, bring her down into her snake stance, you then can cap it 
    off with a throw. A few things to note: The second sweep will whiff, but don't 
    worry, it actually works as the perfect buffer. By the time you finish that 
    whiff, they should be getting up. An immediate throw from that stance should 
    always connect unless they either jump or hit low. This combo is a bit more 
    difficult than the majority of the others, so it may require practice as the 
    timing is quite strict on some of the transitions.
     M  HH LM  M
    F+K PP2PP 7K 2F+K    | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------ |   |   | 65| 79| 95| 7|
      launcher  juggle
     -> The launcher provides some nice mixup compared to the other set of them 
    listed. The backflip launches and that low kick forces them to roll.They end
    up almost a fullscreen away. You could also use 2P+K to get into the low 
    stance instead after the last hit, if you want to start mixing things up.
     HH  LM   HH
    7PP 2PP - PP4PPP   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------|  |   | 81| 99|n/a|12|
     launcher   jug
     -> Good mixup, nice all punch combo.
     HH  HM   M
    7PP 4PP 4F+K~PPKK   | N:| C:|HC:|H:|
    ------------|   |   | 92|114|137| 9|
      launcher  juggle
     -> Timing is pretty strict on the last part. You have to be quick with the
    commands but you have to start hitting them at just the right time. I haven't
    gotten it to work on heavyweights, but anyone else is no problem.
     -> As a rule, DOA4 follows an advanced version of Rock/Paper/Scissor. Strikes
    beat throws, throws beat blocks/counters, and blocks/counters beat strikes. Of
    course there is so much more to the game as far as depth is concerned. This is
    just a basic rule of the game, although there are exceptions.
     -> This game may be all about speed, but fast isn't always best. If you add
    some delays to your combos, you might end up confusing the opponent and getting
    them to counter early/late. Practice each combo as slow as possible, to get a
    geel for the timing involved. It goes a long way against many players.
     -> P,P,T. Punch, Punch, Throw so to speak. An age-old trick used in many
    fighting games. The average reaction time for someone to start blocking a combo
    is supposedly 2-3 attacks. The idea behind this move is to start a combo a few
    hits deep, but instead of finishing it, adding a throw into the mix to defeat
    the block. Little things like this really start to mess with your opponent.
     Here's a good example:
              HH M H 
              PP4P6P 236F+P   | N:| C:|H:|
              ------ ======   | x | x | 4|
              setup    OH
        The attacks damage at 49 The OH hits for 67 as a counter. The idea behind 
     this is to hit a quick 4 hit combo that will hopefully gain you counter damage 
     (unless they sit there and take it without hitting a single button) the 4 hits 
     is enough to put them in stun. You then have to time the OH to hit *EXACTLY* 
     as they get out of stun. Treated as a counter, the OH is worth 67 points,
     otherwise it's worth 45. It all depends whether or not they come out of the 
     stun swinging or not. Best case scenario: Easy 116 points in damage.
     -> Pay attention to key moments in the match and remember how your opponent
    reacted. I have a friend that ALWAYS hits a low wake-up kick off the ground
    if I'm really close and he has low health. It didn't take long for me to start
    countering it every time. And the more I play him, the more of his mannerisms
    I pick up. If you lose a few rounds against someone, you should start looking
    for his patterns. Unless they're a tournament caliber player, they will most
    likely have some glaring flaws that they don't even realise.
     -> I said it before, variety is the spice of life! You need to mix-up your
    game if you're going to beat anyone remotely good at this game. If you keep
    going for the same moves, the same combos, or just mash buttons, you will get
    countered. There's a million ways to punish someone in this game, and no one
    move is unpunishable. Stop telegraphing maneuvers and start doing things that
    your opponent doesn't expect!
     -> When fighting heavyweights, it's important to keep in mind that you should 
    use 9K instead of 8K as a launch. Even though it is a weaker attack, it will 
    launch them higher. The exception. and also maybe the best juggle to use on 
    heavyweights is 1KPP 7P F 8K. It can launch even the spartan high enough to 
    hit those tougher juggles.
     -> Christie has some of the fastest punches in the game. This makes it
    incredibly easy to block an opponents combo and come out swinging with your
    own. Utilizing her speed to break your opponents string will come in handy more
    often than any other factor.
     -> Here's a semi-advanced strategy that applies to all characters in DOA4.
    The sweep jump as I call it. The next time you know someone's going to try the
    low wake-up kick, instead of countering it for some static amount of damage,
    try hopping over the kick (the timing will come to you) and unleashing your
    biggest combo. The same can be said about ducking any high attack as opposed to
    blocking. As long as you know it's the last move in a string, otherwise you'll
    probably get clocked with another attack.
      A good way to practice this is to go into Sparring and set Gen Fu to do his
    9K2K on a loop. Just duck his high kick and jump the sweep. Do it a few times
    and make sure to add it to your practice sessions. Not only will these small
    tricks make you look really cool in a fight, but they allow for more punsihing
    attacks other than a simple counter.
     -> A few things to keep in mind while reading this section. I have strategies
    for facing each level of competition. 
      "Beginners" can range anywhere from a complete button masher, to someone 
    that knows a few of the basic commands. Their patterns become more and more 
    obvious after repeated play and they get easier every time you fight. Pretty
    soon, you'll just be using these guys for combo practice.
       A "Novice" would be someone rather comfortable with their character, knows 
    a majority of the commands and has a few strategies. These players may have a
    good idea of when to use what move, but have no idea about a lot of the game's
    inner workings. Using advanced techniques (Offensive holds, crippling juggles)
    will often get under their skin and make them play worse the more you
    aggrevate them. In poker it's called playing "on tilt." ;-)
      A "Skilled" player would be someone who knows a lot about the game's depth,
    and who's matches rely more on mind games than command knowledge. They probably
    know at least one character inside and out, every move, every attribute, which
    move has proirity, etc... These people have a tendancy to play really dirty. A
    good defense will always be to constantly mix up your game. Don't be repetitive
    at all, and start playing your own mind games.
      Here's a strategy for "skilled" player:
            Start a combo that the player is familiar with due to you having used
      it once or twice in the match already. Cancel out the combo after about 3 or
      4 hits and do something different. This kind of mix up is going to go along
      way against many players. But keep in mind, the better a player is, the more
      tricks he's already aware of. Don't be surprised if you cancel that combo and
      go for a throw only to have it countered.
      Strategies for skilled players will be few are far between as you must fight
    your matches on a move-by-move basis. You can't really go into the fight with a 
    set strategy unless you know that particular person's style. When playing
    against someone of this calibur it's required of you to be able to think on 
    your feet and execute your commands flawlessly.
     Of course there are players who fall between these classifications as everyone
    is different and I can't realistically clump every DOA4 player into 1 of 3
    categories. It's important just to realise that there are several different
    ways to play this game based upon what your opponent brings to the table.
     -> An important tool to use in order to start getting better against a
    particular person, is sparring mode. If there's anyone you have a bit of
    trouble against, you should practice blocking/countering their basic combos.
    Key thing to look out for; try and get a visual guage for which moves hit
    where. Characters like Gen Fu and Elliot have High and Mid punches that look
    about the same. Remembering where each move hits will help you out in the long
     -> If a character has any sort of chain throws/holds, it is worth your time
    practicing those moves with that character. It will give you better knowledge
    of when to escape the chain move.
    |GEN FU:|
     One of the greater characters in the game based on his amount of tools and
    endless ways to punish an opponent. In a pair of capable hands, Gen Fu is a
    dangerous character. But in the hands of a beginner, he should be easily
    dispatched. Because of this learning curve however, you won't find many 
    beginners playing as Gen Fu.
    Overall Strategies:
     -> All of Gen Fu's charge moves hit mid. If you ever see him charging up it
    should set off a red flag in your brain, and you should be ready to counter a 
    middle punch.
     -> Charge moves aside, a lot of Gen Fu's punches hit middle. Not all, and keep
    in mind the frequency of attacks landing in the same range is dependent upon
    the skill of your opponent. Every one of those hip attacks counts as a middle
     -> Another thing to keep in mind is his very short range. Sure he has those
    long combos that just keep marching him foward, but each individual strike is
    usually confined to an area very close to him. Keeping a safe distance is a
    great way to keep the balance shifting from your control to their's.
     -> Avoid getting pressured over to a wall as Gen Fu has incredible wall game.
    He has a few moves that re-juggle off the wall and he can shred your life down
    to nearly nothing once the wall becomes a factor. Remember to Slow Escape out
    of a wall stun/stagger, as it's usually the best option.
    Beginner Player Strategies:
     -> It seems a lot of Gen Fu's popular combos start with mid punches and kicks.
    His basic PPP hits HHM, just about every other combo that starts with a punch
    is either obviously low or in the middle. If you find yourself getting pummeled
    by a masher, a last ditch effort would be to spam 4G and hope for the best. :)
     -> You can get away with the 7PP 2PP combo starters (and boy there's a lot of
    them) almost every time you get an attack opening. The average beginner's
    counter reflexes are 4-5 attacks (due mostly to Christie's speed) based on my
    own research. And since there's a number of ways to finish that string, it
    provides enough possibilities to confuse beginners.
     -> Also a popular telegraphed move that most people avoid using (but not 
    beginners) is his Double spin kick. The first hits high and the second one 
    sweeps low, you know which one I'm talking about. Practice countering this move
    in particular, as it becomes easy to recognize and crush.
    Novice Player Strategies:
     -> Gen Fu has a lot of moves that can easily flow into another one, it can
    become apparent if you peek at his command list and try any of the direction +
    punch commands consecutively, they all connect so fluidly. A novice player is
    bound to have a string with some really good mixup, so a good idea would be to
    take the combo out before it gets tricky. Always try to counter the first punch
    which will more than likely be middle.
     -> Christie's 1K2K sweeps out of the Serpeant stance can break up a lot of
    Gen Fu's basic combos. If you have an aggressive player storming at you with
    a crazy string, the sweeps can take him off his feet before he gets too close.
    |9. THANKS:|
     -> Thanks to everyone at DOACentral who came up with some launchers and
    combos. I've only included combos of my own finding as of right now, I will add
    others' upon recieving an approval from them. I'm not about taking credit for
    other people's labors.
     -> Thanks to GameFAQs and DOACentral for providing a host for this FAQ.
     -> Thanks to Tecmo for creating this game, and Microsoft for making the 360
    which I enjoy thoroughly.
     -> Thanks to me for writing all of this!
     -> Thanks to you for reading this and making it worth my efforts.
    |10. DISCLAIMER:|
     This FAQ is property of Maccam16 and is being districuted by permission on
    GameFAQs and DOACentral. This FAQ is not to be used elsewhere without 
    permission from myself. You can e-mail me at Maccam16atgmaildotcom if you would 
    like to use this FAQ elsewhere. I will more than likely grant you permission
    and append this disclaimer to include your website.
     I do not work for Tecmo in any way shape or form. This FAQ was created by a
    fan, for the fans. I do not claim to own any of the properties discussed in the
    FAQ. Nor do I claim ownership over any of the game's intellectual properties.
     That being said, thanks for reading and feel free to contribute via e-mail.

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