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    Tengu by AtomicStarfish

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Dead Or Alive 4-Dead Or Alive 4-Dead Or Alive 4-Dead Or Alive 4-Dead Or Alive
                                     Tengu Guide                        V1.0
      _____________   _________    ___       _    _________     _         _
     <_____   _____> / ________|  /   \     / \  |  _______|   / \       / \
           | |       | |          | |\ \    | |  | |           | |       | |
           | |       | |_____     | | \ \   | |  | |   ____    | |       | |
           | |       |  _____|    | |  \ \  | |  | |  |___ \   | |       | |
           | |       | |          | |   \ \ | |  | |      \ \  | |       | |
           | |       | |_______   | |    \ \| |  | |______/ /  | |_______| |
           \_/       \_________|  \_/     \___|  |_________/   \___________/
    Symbol                                    Translation
    P..........................................Punch (Y)
    K..........................................Kick (B)
    (F)........................................Free Cancel (X)
    P+K........................................Punch+Kick (Left Trigger)
    F+K........................................Free+Kick (Right Trigger)
    G..........................................Grab (A)
    /\<, \/>. \/<, /\>.........................Diagonals (up away, down forward)
    Difficulty Chart
    X--------Very Easy
    Words used in this guide
    Crush - a move that beats out all attacks of a certain hight. A High Crush 
            beat any high attacks and hit your opponent regardless who attacked
    Launch - any attack that will hit your opponent into the air.
    Juggle - any combonation of moves that hit your opponent while they are in 
             the air. These are used after launches.
    Korean Back Dash - extremely fast backwars movement. Preformed by pressing
                       \/ \/< <, \/ \/< <.
    Stun - any attack that causes your opponent to either stagger, or stop moving
           in some way. Your opponent cannot move, block, or attack while stunned.
           But they are still able to counter.
    Power Attack - any attack that shoots your opponent across the screen.
    Bounce - any attack that causes your opponent to bounce off the ground. This 
             usualy allows you to juggle afterwards.
    Turtling - the act of constantly moving backwards to space yourself between 
               you and your opponent untill you are across the screen from your
    Spacing - moving backwards a small ammount to avoid attacks. Similar to 
              turtling, however is intended for avoiding attacks as opposed 
              to waiting for an opponent to come to you.
    Poking - the act of using attacks in akward and broken combonations. Used to 
             keep your opponent in a stun. When done in extent, can be considered
             cheap or unsporting.
    Spamming - use of the same attack, or attack type over, and over, and over, 
               and over, and over, and over, and over again.
    Untechable - an attack that attacks an opponent on the ground and cannot be
                 tech-rolled to avoid.
    Offensive Hold (OH) - A throw that beats out an attack. Acts as an 
                          offensive counter.
    Wake-up Kick- A kick that is used to get off the ground when hit.
    Ground Game- The act of attacking your opponent while they are on the ground
    Free Cancel- Cancels the combo and ends it wherever you are in it. Done by
                 pressing F in the middle of the combo. EX: combo is P P K. if
                 you do P P F, the K at the end will no longer work.
    Chapter 1-Introduction to Tengu
         1A- About Tengu
         1B- Why use Tengu?
         1C- Pros/Cons
         1D- Tengu Quotes
    Chapter 2-General Stratagy
         2A- How To Not Look Like A Rookie
         2B- The Tactics Of Tengu
         2C- Mixing it Up
         2D- Dealing With Irritating Opponents
         2E- Dealing With Lag
    Chapter 3-Basic Tactics
         3A- Useless Attacks
         3B- Ground Game
         3C- Spacing With Tengu
         3D- Tips and Tricks
    Chapter 4-Advanced Tactics
         4A- Going Off Road (Back Stance With Tengu)
         4B- Juggling
         4C- Tricking Your Opponent
         4D- Tag Team
         4E- Tengu Notes
    Legal Stuff
                           #     HOW TO UNLOCK TENGU    #
                           #  Beat time attack with     #
                           # every character including  #
                           # the unlockable characters. #
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CHAPTER 1 > INTRODUCTION TO TENGU
    1A: About Tengu >
    Gohyakumine Bankotsu-bo is a villain of both our world and his own. He 
    murdered the leader of the Tengu, and decended into our world. He claimed
    that all disasters are not real but mere illusions that he has created. 
    He has joined the Dead Or Alive World Combat Championship with the intent to
    show the world how they stand no chance against him. His intent is to end the
    In DOA Ultimate he was a cheap character that could send you flying across the
    screen with P, P, K. Now he is a legitimate character of DOA4. Though he has 
    been toned down to the point that he has difficulty beating even the easiest
    opponents, he is still able to win matches. And if you know how to use him, 
    you can cause your opponent alot of pain from the thought that they have lost
    to the alledged "weakest character in the game", and may try to call him cheap
    to hide the shame of their loss.                        
      _____________   _________    ___       _    _________     _         _
     <_____   _____> / ________|  /   \     / \  |  _______|   / \       / \
           | |       | |          | |\ \    | |  | |           | |       | |
           | |       | |_____     | | \ \   | |  | |   ____    | |       | |
           | |       |  _____|    | |  \ \  | |  | |  |___ \   | |       | |
           | |       | |          | |   \ \ | |  | |      \ \  | |       | |
           | |       | |_______   | |    \ \| |  | |______/ /  | |_______| |
           \_/       \_________|  \_/     \___|  |_________/   \___________/
    2A: Why Use Tengu? >
    Tengu may have been weakened to the point of near uselesness, but he is still
    a good character; if you know what you are doing. 
    Due to the fact that the Xbox Live community lacks knowledge of how to use 
    him, or what his moves are, he can be a tricky opponent. Also, people tend to
    underestimate his power, and choose characters that they dont know much about.
    Most people think when you go over him and select him, that you are joking.
    And if you win, you get the right to laugh in their face about how they just
    "lost to Tengu"
    Tengu has some very good launches, stuns, and grabs which we will get to in 
    a minute. He is also able to trick your opponent because most of his obvious
    moves are able to be mixed-up and turned into another attack. For instance,
    say you were to do: /\<P P (backflip and chest ram), that in itself is a 
    somewhat obvious move. Most skilled people will counter it. BUT, if you were 
    to do: \/<+P * /\>+P G (Backflip and Flying Grab), this is not combo in the 
    command list. So people dont expect you to grab them. Not to mention that it
    is a fast move and is difficult to avoid.
    3A: Pro/Cons >
    Excellent launches
    Excellent stuns
    Decent power attacks
    Decent crushes
    Untechable /\P+K
    Has a BIG nose (his true power)
    Slowest in the game
    Lacks some damage
    Many unsafe moves
    Requires a lot of commitment to learn
    Difficult to juggle
    Very bad when pinned against walls
    Lacks moves in command list
    Lacks mix-ups
    Near impossible to use in lag
    4A: Tengu Quotes >
    See how you like this!
    You must die!
    You impudent fool!
    How unfortunate!
    Fillthy maggot!
    I refute your existance!
    I know no mercy
    I have purified and cleansed the land
    Oh the unlabored flawlesness of my being
    Great: This is the power of Tengu!
    Greatest: The blood red flower blooms over your corpse
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CHAPTER 2 > GENERAL STRATAGY
    In this section, you will learn general stratagy with Tengu. Here you will
    learn how to play this character, and learn to understand his movements.
    2A: How To Not Look Like A Rookie >
    Tengu can look like a rookie character if not used properly. If you are ending
    juggles with P P K, then it looks skilless. if you are using his B+P+K, then 
    it again looks skilless. In order to not look like a complete idiot using 
    Tengu, you must do the following.
    1. End most if not all with U+P P U+P+K (two high punches then the tengu dive 
    bomb ground attack)
    2. Do Not turtle
    3. Do Not EVER use the chest ram unless you are jumping and pressing P+K
    4. Do Not start with P P P or P P K \/K
    5. Do Not run at your opponent
    6. Try to avoid being obvious and never do the same combo twice
    7. And finally, never, ever, EVER use P P K and not do the D+K. it is a 95 
    frame recovery and will get you beat into the ground.
    By following these guidelines, you will not only avoid looking like an
    idiot, but you will also most likely win the match. Do not disregard these
    guidelines because if you do, you will have major difficulty defeating
    your opponent. And the point of picking Tengu is to win; not to lose.
    ----------------------------\  |If you have not yet checked the difficulty  |
    2B: The Tactics Of Tengu     > |chart, please do so now. the difficulty     |
    ----------------------------/  |chart is in the legend at the beginning.    |
                              ****N O T E****
                         @ Best Start-Off Moves @
                         @ 1. \/P P             @
                         @ 2. P+K               @
                         @ 3. Back away         @
    Tengu is generaly a well rounded character. he can be played as a juggler,
    a poker, or a grabber. 
    Juggling  XX
    Tengu as a juggler is not too difficult. The only part that may be considered
    difficult is learning and mastering the juggles, and then making your own. 
    tengu has plenty of launchers, and in air juggle sequences that will be talked
    about in the Juggling section (4B). Here we will talk about the basics of 
    Tengu juggling.
    In order to juggle you must get a launch off. This can be hard because Tengu's
    launches dont launch on normal hit. You will need to stun them. Tengu's best 
    stuns are as follows in order of best to worst.
    1. P+K
    Frames: 13
    Damage: 20
    Hit: Critical
    Guard Break: No
    Chance of being countered: 8%
    Recovery: 8 Frames
    Launch: No
    Notes: Excelent juggle starter, and a decent starting move. This will beat out
    almost any middle attack. Allows you to follow up with \/>K for even more stun
    and a launch. Also good of interupting attacks by your opponent.
    2. \/P P
    Frames: 16
    Damage: 12
    Hit: Critical
    Guard Break: No
    Chance of being countered: 17%
    Recovery: 7 Frames
    Launch: No
    Notes: Tengu's best starting move. This move can be followed up with \/>P
    to launch and then you may juggle how you wish. Also his best way to interupt.
    the reason it is number 2 on this list is because after the attack is done,
    there is not much room to follow up. Very few attacks can hit after this.
    3. \/>K
    Frames: 21
    Damage: 25
    Hit: Critical
    Guard Break: No
    Chance of being countered: 30%
    Recovery: 10 Frames
    Launch: No
    Notes: Very slow. This stun should only be used while the opponent is stunned.
    Otherwise your opponent will attack you first most likely and get a heavy 
    damage combo on you.
    4. P P P
    Frames: 22
    Damage: 22
    Hit: Critical
    Guard Break: No
    Chance of being countered: 70%
    Recovery: 14 Frames
    Launch: Yes
    Notes: This attack is a good stun, and can launch if the stun is deep enough.
    However, this attack is dangerous because not only is it rather slow, it has
    a poor recovery and can be countered easily. It is easy to follow up on 
    5. >>P P
    Frames: 20
    Damage: 25
    Hit: Critical
    Guard Break: No
    Chance of being countered: 20%
    Recovery: 7 Frames
    Launch: Yes
    Notes: I rarely use this move due to the fact of its low speed. However i have
    yet to see alot of people counter it. I asume that is because the attacks look
    like highs. It can launch if the stun is deep enough, but it also will not 
    launch on counter or high counter hit. It is slightly difficult to pull off 
    on its own, and I suggest using the recovery of an attack like P+K to put the
    directions in so you dont run forwards or get in any other "not so good"
    position. This is because it is very dangerous to pull out of no where.
    Very easy to follow up on. 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Poking XXX
    Annoying to do. Poking with Tengu is not like with Jann Lee or Gen Fu. For 
    Tengu, you must constantly use broken attacks and incomplete combos. P P , K,
    P P, \/ KK. It almost seems random to an extent.
    He has very few critical hit on strike. Has a lot of unsafe moves. He also 
    lacks speed and veraity. In order to poke with Tengu, you must break up your 
    combos and make them expect one thing but come out with another. The idea is
    to in essence, dance around their counters; make them expect a low and come 
    out with a mid.
    Poking with Tengu is very akward and I would suggest using a Juggling or 
    Grabbing tactic over this because this is difficult to find ways to do because
    of the lack of moves.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Grabbing X
    The grab game with Tengu is played just like any other. Fool your foe into
    countering and grab. He has a good set of grabs. I have put together all his 
    To Standing Opponents
    G                                       >G
    Grab Type: Normal                       Grab Type: Offensive Hold
    Frames: 5                               Frames: 16
    Damage: 45                              Damage: 50
    Suggested: No                           Suggested: Yes (Best against walls)
    (can be broken out of)                       (End with P if against a wall)
    < \/< \/ \/> >G                         <G
    Grab Type: Command Throws               Grab Type: Command Throws
    Frames: 12                              Frames: 8
    Damage: 68                              Damage: 47
    Suggested: Yes                          Suggested: No
    /\>P * G                              
    Grab Type: Command Throw                             
    Frames: 28
    Damage: 58
    Suggested: Yes (Read "Tricking Your Opponent" for more information)   
    To Crouching Opponents
    \/G                                     \/>G
    Grab Type: Command Throw                Grab Type: Offensive Hold
    Frames: 5                               Frames:
    Damage: 68 (78 against ceiling)         Damage:
    Suggested: Yes                          Suggested: No (check Juggling section)
    /\> P * \/G
    Grab Type: Command Throw
    Frames: 40
    Damage: 50
    Suggested: No
    2C: Mixing it Up >
    A main key to tengu is mix-ups. Due to his lack of base moves from the 
    command list, you must make your own mix ups. So, that means you must Free
    Cancel a lot of moves. Some examples that will be dealt with in the 
    Advanced Tactics section include:
    P P <P (F) /\K K
    P * \/> K * \/K K
    /\<P * /\>P G
    These are some examples of moves that require you to go outside the limits
    of sequences in the command list. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FINISH EVERY ATTACK.
    Doing so is sure to get you countered in one way or another. The only way to
    truely stay on top in a battle, is to keep an open mind. Stay away from using
    attacks over and over again, stay away from using the command list like rules
    carved in stone. And the most important rule of all, for all Tengu users, is 
    to NEVER EVER EVER EVER think "oh it worked once, i am gonna do it again!". 
    The second you think that, you've lost already; no questions asked.
    2D: Dealing With Irritating Opponents >
    There are a few types of annoying opponents. They are:
    Constant backwards motion. They will make very few attemnts to attack you and
    will spend most of the match across the screen. They will usualy sit and not 
    move. This is most observed in Jann Lee players, but not 100% of the time.
    Turtle back. Dont make any attempts to rush them because Tengu has a poor 
    running attack. Wait till they run to you and press F+K K. Tengu will spin 
    through the air and do two kicks that will beat out any dashing attack your
    opponent can do. It will also send them flying away allowing to start again
    the same way. No one ever counters these kicks because no one knows what they
    They will use broken attacks and not finish combos to keep you in a stun. The
    idea is to make you as confused as possible so they can get away with what 
    ever they want. They will usualy hold you in a stun for a long time, then 
    launch you and juggle you. Then hit you on the ground, and start the whole 
    thing over again.
    Block. All attacks have recovery time at the end, the perfect time to hit with
    \/P P. The key is to interupt their attacks or punish them for using high
    recovery attacks. Punishing their slower attacks with grabs is always good. 
    Grab Spammers 
    Basicly the notorious "punch punch grab" tactic. They will constantly try to 
    get you to counter so they can be stupid and grab you.
    Dont counter. Or atleast avoid it. The whole trick of grab spamming is to get
    the opponent to counter. So if you avoid countering, you will avoid the trick.
    Mainly try to block, and attack within every lull in their attack pattern. use
    attacks such as \/P P or P+K to interupt them.
    Counter Spammers
    They will attempt to counter everything. Any stun you put them in they will 
    counter randomly every chance they get.
    Avoid juggling and poking. Grab as often as possible. You get easy High 
    Counter grabs off these people. Block and counter their attacks too.
    Trash Talkers
    Yell at everything. What more need I say?
    Laugh at them.
    2E: Dealing With Lag >
    Lag is a terrible thing. It screws up all your timing, your ideas, and eats
    your brain away as you fight in a virtualy created Matrix bullet time fight.
    Here are some tips on how to deal with lag when using Tengu.
    1. Fight off animation
    In lag, everything moves slower. So, you will have to fight off the animation
    rather than instinct. Tengu is a slow character already. And with lag, his
    moves become somewhat obvious. That means that you must play off what your
    foe does. If you see your foe counter, grab. If you see him duck, use a mid. 
    In order to survive with Tengu in lag, you must focus and make sure you know
    what you are doing.
    Also fight slower. In other words, slow down your command input so that the 
    game will still register it. Remember, in lag if you fight too fast, the game
    will not register your attacks. Also make sure that you use his faster attacks
    even more often in lag. That will make you get countered less, which makes 
    you more happy.
    2. Countering
    Countering is somewhat simpler in lag. Since the game drops down from 60fps 
    all the way to near 25fps, everything moves MUCH slower. So, use that to your
    advantage. Remember Tengu is a slow character so his attacks are simply 
    countered. Try to counter your opponent more often, but dont spam them out, 
    you will lose the battle if you do.
                  |           The enemy gets the easier      |
                  |***NOTE*** counter bonus as well in lag.  |
                  |           dont forget that.              |
    3. Use his large size
    Tengu is very big. He's not fat, anyone that has played DOAU and seen the
    shirtless Tengu know he is not fat. But he is big due to his puffy yamaka
    that means, it is difficult to tell what attacks he is doing. So, you are
    safe to attack to an extent, not fully, but to an extent. I am not saying 
    that in lag you should never attack, but be carefull what attacks you do.
    No super slow moves like <K.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CHAPTER 3 > BASIC TACTICS
    3A- Useless Attacks >
    All of the following attacks are comepletely and utterly useless. They fail at
    life. And should be seen as an attack thats not in the command list. Scale is 
    from 1-10
    <K+F--------------------------------------------- 13/30
                    Speed: 2
                    Power: 7
                    Range: 4
    Too slow and too low range to be useful
    <P+K--------------------------------------------- 20/30
                    Speed: 4
                    Power: 6
                    Range: 10
    Excellent range, however absolutely too slow. it is strong, but you will get
    countered 90% of the time
    \/<P P P----------------------------------------- 9/30
                    Speed: 3
                    Power: 3
                    Range: 3
    Only usefull if your opponent is already stunned.
    \/ \/> >K \/K ----------------------------------- 14/30
                    Speed: 3
                    Power: 6
                    Range: 5
    Just do P P K \/K. you dont need to delete the two punches. Not to mention the
    speed on this attack sucks.
    /\>P P P G--------------------------------------- 25/30
                    Speed: 10
                    Power: 5
                    Range: 10
    This is a good move. Flying at your opponent can be helpful. So why is it in 
    the useless list? One reason: NEVER DO ALL 3!!! Only do one. In other words,
    do /\>P G instead, It is less predictable. (read Tricking Your Opponent 
    section for more details)
    Air Grab (G while opponent is in air)------------ 18/30
                    Speed: 10
                    Power: 8
                    Range: 0
    Looks soooo cool, but you will do more damage with a juggle.
    <G----------------------------------------------- 10/30
                    Speed: 5
                    Power: 5
                    Range: 0
    There are better grabs... this just looks good is all.
    3B- Ground Game > (BS = Back Stance)
    Tengu's ground game is very good. I have listed all of his ground hits here
    and a number from 1 to 10 on how good they are.
    ! \/K \/K ----------10 forces tech roll!
    ! \/P -----------8 forces tech roll
      P P K \/K -----4 slow, forces tech roll
      <K+F-----------2 very slow, forces tech roll
      \/ \/> >K -----5 slow, forces tech roll
    ! \/K+F ---------8 slow, sends oponent a distance away, forces tech roll
      /\P+K ---------10 hits tech rolling enemy, very fast
    ! (BS) \/K ------1 Fast, Requires back stance, forces tech roll
    ! (BS) \/P ------1 fast, requires back stance, forces tech roll
      K+F B P -------6 forces tech roll
      (BS) /\K ------1 requires back stance, forces tech roll
      \/>K K --------5 slow, forces techroll
                                 |                                      |
                       ***NOTE***| ! <-attack can be followed with >G   |
    Ground Game is Important!!
    3C- Spacing With Tengu >
    Spacing is not a tool you will need...much. The only spacing tecniques you 
    will probably use is either a backflip (/\<P) or a Korean Back Dash to back
    away from your opponent while they preform a wake-up kick. 
    Also you may want to space away from your opponent if they go into a random
    crazy insane attack frenzy of some sort. But other than that, there is really
    no need to space with Tengu, and people that learn him well should see that.
    3D- Tips and Tricks >
    1. End /\<K with /\P+K. You get more damage, and get a chance to see if the
       /\<K hit or not, so you dont accidentaly do the chest ram (P) at the end,
       and risk a long recovery or counter. (you can also end /\<K with /\>P G.
    2. >K is your best block breaker. You can follow up with \/>P to get a 
       GARUNTEED launch.
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ CHAPTER 4 > ADVANCED TACTICS
    4A- Going Off Road (Back Stance With Tengu) >
    Setting up Back Stance
    Tengu only has two attacks that put him in back stance, but there is another
    way to get your back turned.
    1. Attack with <P or P P <P then Free Cancle with F and do your attack
            -Useful for tricking opponent
    2. Knock the opponent down, and jump over them either with /\> or /\>P.
            -Useful for enemys that do not do wake-up kicks
    While in Back Stance
    Tengu has an excellent back stance. It comes with plenty of moves to choose 
    from. Here is a list of them and their effects. 
    /\K K
    Damage: 30
    Frames: 26
    Effect: Hit1=Bounce   Hit2=Power Attack
    One of his best. It will send your opponent flying across the screen. Both 
    hits have wall damage as well. P P <P * /\K K is a great sequence of attacks.
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    K K
    Damage: 35
    Frames: 35
    Effect: Hit1=Stun   Hit2=Power Attack
    This attack is best started with <P at a distance away from your enemy. It 
    will go partialy across the screen, but not all the way. its best to do this
    just as they start running at you, OR if they are turtling but not all the 
    way across the screen from you. This attack comes out rather slow, but it
    does a good amount of damage.
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    Damage: 28
    Frames: 22
    Effect: Stun
    One of Tengu's only sitdown stuns. A sit down stun makes them... sit down. 
    and it allows you to immediately launch them. But it doesnt have much range, 
    and other than looking really really funny, i wouldnt suggest this one.
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    Damage: 35
    Frames: 25
    Effect: Launch
    A very nice launch. It launches all weight classes high enough to juggle,
    and it comes out reletively fast. damage is excellent for one attack as 
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    Damage: 15
    Frames: 18
    Effect: Stun/High Crush
    Hardly any damage but it does crush highs, and has a stun to it. The stun
    itself is not very deep, but it is enough to halt your opponents attacks.
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    Damage: 25
    Frames: 19
    Effect: Laying Down Stun
    This attack is fast, and is a stun of such that you can launch very nicely
    off of it. It also does good damage on its own but it fails to crush any
    4B- Juggling >
    The juggles with Tengu are able to do 100+ damage on normal hit, and most
    work on all weight classes. Juggling, in some cases, is the key to vicotry.
    Here are some juggles with Tengu.
                     Start With P+K * \/>K * \/K K
    P P K \/K 
           Damage: 81
           Difficulty: XX
    \/F+K \/K \/K
          Damage: 76
          Difficulty: X
    /\P P /\P+K
          Damage: 101
          Difficulty: XXX
    /\<K P
          Damage: 81
          Difficulty: X
                     Start With \/P P \/>P (doenst work on heavys usualy)
    /\<K P
          Damage: 49
          Difficulty: X
    P P K \/K 
          Damage: 49
          Difficulty: XX
    /\P P * /\P+K
          Damage: 69
          Difficulty: XXXX
                     Start With P P \/K K
          Damage: 82
          Difficulty: X
    P P K \/K
          Damage: 78
          Difficulty: XX
    /\<K P
          Damage: 78
          Difficulty: X 
    /\P P * /\P+K
          Damage: 98
          Difficulty: XXX
                     Start With P+K * \/>K * >>P P
    /\P P * /\P+K
          Damage: 101
          Difficulty: XXXX
                     Start With P+K * \/>K * \/F+K K
    /\P P * P P K \/K
          Damage: 96
          Difficulty: XXXXX
    4C- Tricking Your Opponent >
    The ultimate tactic any Tengu player could have, is trickery. The abillity to
    sucker your opponent into your trap is key. There are sevral simple tricks, 
    and there are some harder ones, but all of them are almost always going to
    work; over, and over, and over again.
    TRICK 1
    P P <P (F) /\K K
         Effect: Two punches, a spin, and two flipping kicks
         Use: Your opponenet will misjudge the end of the combo. The slight delay
              between the spin and the kicks make the combo seem over. They will
              let down their guard and attempt to attack you, but you will get
              the kicks off and hit them in the face.
    TRICK 2
    /\<P * /\>P G
         Effect: Back Flip, Fly towards the enemy, grab
         Use: Your opponent will assume you are going to do the backflip chest ram
              combo (/\<P P), which I have already told you, should never be 
              finished. There is so much more you can do from it, like the move
              stated above. Here are some more moves you can do from the flip:
    1. F+K K
    2. (jump) P+K (use if opponent keeps ducking, or hitting you out of the 
                   /\>P G)
    TRICK 3
    P P \/K * \/G
         Effect: Two punches, low kick, low grab
         Use: This one is a bit risky. It works beautifuly if done right. Also,
              your opponent needs to play along a bit for this one. It will work
              on low counter spammers, and those that think there will always be
              two low kicks from this. 
    The rest of trickery with Tengu requires your opponent to play along. If you 
    spam a certain attack alot, they will look out for it. And as with any other 
    character, you will be able to set your opponent up easily. And you dont 
    always need to end punish your opponents gullability with a grab, you can 
    launch and get a deadly juggle on them as well. And you dont need to use 
    tactics such as Punch Punch Grab, which doesnt even work well with Tengu due
    to his slow punches, try playing your opponent into traps that get you into
    a "groove". Because if you get into a "groove" with Tengu, you have practicly
    4D- Tag Team >
    Tag team is one of the main reasons people stay away from Tengu. But tag grabs
    are not everything. Tengu's launches go very high. And can be folloed up with
    devistating tag juggles. But some people dont tag well with Tengu. These 
    characters include:
    Brad Wong
    However with characters that don't work well. Of these characters are:
    All these characters work exceptional with Tengu. But that doesnt mean that
    you can't be a good Tengu/Brad Wong player, this is merely based on my own
    experience and doesnt reflect how you may play. I am sure anyone could be 
    good with one of the characters that dont tag well and may find a way to
    dominate with them. 
    Anyways to tag with Tengu, there are some things you have to know.
    Attacks that hold a launched opponent in the air
    /\P P           /\<K
    P P P           
    Juggle Enders
    >[tag]     P P K \/K
    \/K K      \/F-K \/K K
    4E- Tengu Notes >
    In this section there are some final notes on Tengu.
    Special Get-Up: P+K (laying on ground on belly, head towards enemy)
     *Tengu's special get up is best when your opponents guard goes down, or they
      start to run at you, otherwise you risk the 67 frame recovery. Getting c
      countered also is not fun.
    Duck and Jump: 
     *Tengu's duck is very strange. Because of Tengu's large size, he apears to
      not be ducking at all, thus makeing it a useful trick. Think of the 
      advantage you can get over your enemy if you can duck without them knowing
     *Tengu's jump is very unique. If timed correctly, you are able to jump over
      all low and MIDDLE attacks. You can use this to jump over a mid wake-up kick
      and while in the air, hit with P+K causing you to ram into them.
    The Tengu Myth:
     *People see Tengu as a trophy character, and not as a legitamate character.
      No one uses him. And everyone think he is a bad character and has no power.
      Tengu also has a lack of respect from higher ranks, which seem to be more 
      attracted to the ninjas. So, by picking Tengu, some people think you will
      be joking, and will pick characters they don't know either. Even by just
      picking Tengu, you can win.
    Tengu Vs. Ninja
     *Tengu can have trouble vs. ninjas or other fast characters. So, i have 
      broken them down into groups:
    Ayane is easy for Tengu. Just play her like you would any other character,
    but watch out for the plethora of high crushes.
    Hayate again is like the other characters. The only thing to worry about him
    is that not only do people like to grab spam, but people also like to abuse
    his fast punches, which are usualy mid. Low attacks also come out alot, usualy
    kicks. Keep an eye out for these attacks, and try to keep Hayate in the air
    as long as possible.
    Hayabusa is probably on of the hardest characters to fight against. And his 
    style varries alot between players. For people who abuse teleports; side step,
    for those low kick abusers; counter, and for those other Hayabusa
    Kasumi is hard for everyone. It doesnt matter who you are. Just watch for the
    cartwheel kick of doom, and the mid punch of fate. Try to keep her in the air
    because she is rather light, and she gets tossed around easily. DONT LET 
    KASUMI JUGGLE YOU!!!! As hard as it is to juggle Tengu, Kasumi can do it using
    her uber broken attacks, so watch out for those. It also helps to have her
    rush you, so try to keep her across the screen a bit so you can use your
    F+K K to toss her away as she runs to you.
    Other Fast Characters:
    They have speed and you dont? Try to predict their moves, and use your P+K
    and \/P P (mostly \/P P) to interupt their attacks, and get into a "groove"
    The Power of F+K K:
    Excelent if you dont use the punch at the end. If you dont use the punch, the
    attack is not punishable, and you get a shorter recovery time. But if you use
    the punch at the end you will be left open if they block it, and will 
    recieve a beating.
    As said before, if you time it correctly, it can hit a target rushing at you.
    Also since the range on it is above average, you will most likely hit anyone 
    that runs at you.
      _____________   _________    ___       _    _________     _         _
     <_____   _____> / ________|  /   \     / \  |  _______|   / \       / \
           | |       | |          | |\ \    | |  | |           | |       | |
           | |       | |_____     | | \ \   | |  | |   ____    | |       | |
           | |       |  _____|    | |  \ \  | |  | |  |___ \   | |       | |
           | |       | |          | |   \ \ | |  | |      \ \  | |       | |
           | |       | |_______   | |    \ \| |  | |______/ /  | |_______| |
           \_/       \_________|  \_/     \___|  |_________/   \___________/
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