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    Helena by Codemaster92163

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    Dead or Alive 4
    Helena players guide                                  copyright 2007 
    Version 1.1
    Table Of Contents:
    .5.  Sorry
    1.   Introduction to DOA 4
    2.   Key too all letters/symbols you will see throughout this guide.
    3.   Definitions to all of the terms I will use in this guide.
    4.   What you should know and the legal thingy. A.k.a. Legal/help.
    5.   Teaches the basics of juggling.
    6.   The how to use Helena part of the guide.
    7.   Tells you what one of my secrets is to using a good Helena.
    8.   Beginner/amateur combos.
    9.   Skilled/advanced combos.
    10.  Strategies to help in certain situations.
    11.  My guide to moves that keep foes in the air longer.
    12.  The people that I would recommend playing with to learn more 
    or to just have a great time.
    13.  Special thanks to certain people.
    .5 (sorry) .5
    There has been an unfortuneate error when copying this faq. What I 
    originally had bold so you could tell to hold the button down had 
    vanished, and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get it 
    back on. I am very sorry, I suppose I must add " next to certain 
    words and tell you that the symbol is in eqivalence what bold would 
    have meant. Thank you and I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.
    1 (Introduction) 1
    Dead or alive is, as im sure you all know, a fighting game. The point
    to the game is to win. Thats it, win. Beat your foes down using 
    whatever method and player you so wish to choose. That is basically 
    the concept of all fighting games really. Dead or alive though has 
    a story mode in it as well, but this guide does really has nothing 
    to do with the other characters you can pick or how to even play in 
    story mode for that matter. What this guide is going to do is to help
    you better understand some of the methods used in this game online 
    and focus on using the character Helena. I will describe what kind 
    of character she is later on but for now, all I can say is to enjoy 
    the great game that is DoA4!
    2 (Key) 2
    F.............Free (Also used as a cancel, I will tell you when this
    use comes into play)
    U<............Up diagonal back
    U>............Up diagonal right
    D<............Down diagonal left
    D>............Down diagonal right
    "H............There will be no H. Look for the bold letters to see if
    you must hold the direction or not.
    -............A separate set of button combinations (Do not push moves
    at same time, don’t mistake for +)
    +...........Combine both buttons at the same time (Do not hit 
    Half circle...I will also give a direction such as half circle 
    forward to indicate that your joystick must rotate in the specified 
    direction. Such as when I say half circle backwards you should 
    rotate your joystick as such Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, 
    Left. Kapeesh?
    3 (Definitions) 3
    High......An attack that strikes the head. Can be countered, crushed
    and ducked.
    Mid.......An attack that strikes the body. It can be crushed, 
    countered (In certain cases ducked too)(jumped by tengu
    Low......An attack that strikes the legs/feet. It can be jumped over,
    crushed or countered.
    Crush....Beats out another move (meaning it attacks before the other
    Duck.....Crouching ducks you under highs and also blocks low attacks
    Guard....Blocks high and mid attacks but cannot block low.
    Counter.Grabs the opponents attack and then counters, dealing no, 
    moderate, or large damage.
    Jump.....No real use other than to look cool jumping over lows or 
    to avoid throws.
    Throws..Grabs the opponent and deals no, moderate, or large damage 
    depending on throw.
    Parry......Counters/dodges various moves depending on description.
    “Note” When countering, depending on your timing, the damage can be 
    increased dramatically based on how close the counter is to the point
    of the move’s impact. When throwing, depending on if the opponent 
    counters, the damage will be increased dramatically as well. Also 
    keep in mind that a few moves, such as Lei fang’s mid kick counter, 
    one of her throws, gen fu’s and Eliot’s mid attack parry, Kokoro’s 
    P-P-Th combo, and possibly some other moves I cant recall at the 
    time do not deal damage, they either evade the move, stun the enemy 
    or turn them around.
    4 (Legal/help) 4
    What you should know:
    My guide is solely based on players who would like to use Helena as 
    a combatant. This is not a guide for Story mode. This is a guide 
    for Online-play. I might decide to lengthen this guide as time goes
    on but for now this is a short-sweet and too the point guide on 
    the use of the player Helena. My guide describes various combos I 
    have picked up along my playing and some that I myself have created.
    The combos I have made will be listed as such and those that I
    learned from others will be labeled as well (If I remember the one
    who taught me it their name will be posted next to the move.) This
    guide will not tell you how you should play, only give helpful
    hints that I use myself in fighting online. My account name is
    Codemaster92163 and for those who know me, I believe I have a
    pretty decent Helena. In no way am I saying I am the best, I am
    only saying I am experienced with her use. Honestly I hate those 
    who claim to be the best player.
    Legal thingy:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal/private use. It may not be given to any other website 
    unless it is hereby authorized by me to continue with your actions. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    5 (Juggle, juggle, juggle) 5
    					How to juggle:
    Juggling is a basic concept in which the user (that’s you) tries 
    either to ground or air juggle the opponent. I will give detailed 
    instruction on how to accomplish both manners of juggling but for 
    the time being, I will mainly be describing the use of Air combos. 
    Some of the juggles that will soon be listed will be variations of 
    the two but for the most part, it will encompass the use of air 
    How to juggle step 1.) What you want to try to do is put your enemy 
    in a Critical state. This means that you want them to stagger when 
    you hit them. Staggering is your main form of starting an air/ground
    juggle. The use of which allows you to send them higher in the air 
    with a launcher move (an attack that sends them in the air or bounces
    them off the ground into the air.) We will get into more detail 
    about these moves later.
    How to juggle step 2.) The use of the Free button (In this case its 
    used to cancel) is key to juggling. When you are performing written 
    moves (the ones you see in the sparring exercise list) hitting the 
    F button will cancel your move. This means that your move will stop 
    short of what it normally does and you can then continue to string 
    more moves to the mix. Without the F button your moves will only be 
    delayed, not stopped entirely, and this, we cannot have.
    How to juggle step 3.) Once you make use of the first two steps 
    (Stagger/critical states and the F button) you can then use your 
    launcher. Some characters have numerous launchers and others, a 
    mere few. Helena has an abundance of launcher moves and they range 
    from highs to mids. Her main mode of launching (the one you will 
    familiarize yourself with) is the U<K attack. This move can also be 
    done using P-<P-K. Her launcher moves also include <K, <K-K, UF+K, 
    P+K, "D>P-P, "D>P-P, >K, Sometimes half circle forward P, DK-K and 
    ^P-P. Some of her launchers only work if the opponent is stunned. 
    She also has many launcher moves in her bokou stance and also has 
    some while her back is facing. These include....well hold on there’s
    a lot so I’ll make a list...
    Bokou stance:
    >P-<P-F (This launcher I had just discovered thanks to BICMACK8 
    using it accidentally, stun them a bit then use it, it then enables 
    certain back facing moves as a result)
    Th (Keep in mind that some throws count as launchers only because 
    they enable juggling.)
    K (This move does not launch them high up, but since if you stun 
    them just enough you can actually use a move afterwards [U>K] I 
    must include it, but do not recommend its use...only use this move 
    for a quick strike.)
    Back facing:
    How to juggle Final step.) Once you have utilized all three of the 
    beginning steps, it is now time to begin your seemingly endless 
    juggles! What your task is in the final step is to use written move 
    sets while the opponent is up in mid-air. These add onto your combo 
    strings and, since the enemy is flying (so to speak) they cannot 
    counter nor retaliate in any way. With Helena, anyone who has seen 
    someone use her with skill or can use her themselves, they know 
    that Helena can keep people up in the air longer than any other 
    characters. Her main attacks are relatively weak, but that is made 
    up with her ability to air juggle flawlessly and her diverse and 
    annoying move sets. Once they are in the air the fun begins for you 
    and the torture of your opponent. Learn what moves keep them in the 
    air longer and you can become a champ. What? You don’t wanna learn 
    by yourself? You’d rather learn how to use Helena the quick and 
    simple way? Well that is why you are at this guide is it not?
    6 (How to use Helena) 6
    The fun begins...
    When using Helena, I normally focus on two main things. The cancel 
    (F) button and the multitude of launchers she can employ. The way 
    to get the most enjoyment out of your opponent’s pain is by pinning 
    them to a wall to normally get up to 15-21 hit combos that deal out 
    the majority of their life gauge. Juggling is what any Helena 
    player MUST LEARN. Without it she becomes a mere character who’s 
    punches hurt no more than a extra-soft pillow. To utilize this 
    power to it’s fullest, that is what this guide also details. You 
    want to know how to own all your friends with her right? Then you’ve
    come to the right place my friend!
    How to use Helena step 1.) What you want to do is vary between mids,
    highs and lows. Don’t be repetitive as I sometimes am or else you 
    will be countered non-stop. The variations of these moves will leave
    your foes guessing what will come next and that is the fast-track 
    to victory. Keeping your opponent confused is Helena’s secondary
    skill. She has so many different move sets and so many different
    moves in her stances that she can be sometimes impossible to
    counter. In essence, confusing your enemy is step number one
    How to use Helena step 2.) Helena’s skill comes from her moves that 
    keep everyone up in the air for so long. Unfortunately for you 
    though, that part comes later in this guide. The moves that keep 
    those enemies of yours airborne longer will come up at about #12 in 
    the index. This step is only telling you that you should juggle them.
    Haha I know a waste of your time to read this step. But, for those 
    of you who decided to read the rest of this anyways I have a nice 
    hint for you. When pinning your friends against a wall or setting up
    your launcher, the best thing to do is switch your launcher moves 
    A LOT. I say this because if you keep using the same launcher, 
    those who are smart will start to spam counter it making it 
    impossible to launch them. Vary your launcher between mainly the 
    mid kick, high kick and mid/high  punches that she has. Also. I have
    one last tip for you that I will tell after the 4th  step to using 
    How to use Helena step 3.) Throw, throw, throw. This step is more of 
    a desperate type of playing rather than really a step. I know this 
    strategy is sometimes cheap but in the rare case that you must use 
    it, it is your trump card. Unfortunately for you, many people try to 
    counter the hell out of Helena....why? Because without her juggles 
    she is almost defenseless. In a desperate situation on your case, you
    can spam throws like crazy and normally always get them off. Due to
    Helena’s fast hits, a lot of people spam counters like mad. Since 
    this occurs, you can punch them, stop your combo, then throw them a 
    lot and deal major damage to even the playing field. (Don’t think of
    this as Punch-grabbing, a certain form of winning that noobs use, 
    think of it as ummm....lets see, ingenuity/desperation inspired 
    How to use Helena step 4.) The fourth and final step to using Helena.
    Practice. Thats it, practice. Without practice you will never get 
    better with her and if you want to be good, not practicing defeats 
    the whole purpose of using this faq. Now that the tutorial to using 
    Helena is over, I will get to the complicated maneuvers for those 
    who are ready to actually learn her combos and secrets. But first, 
    novice moves!
    Tip: Once you have your opponent pinned to a wall. Use either >K if 
    your standing or <P-K If your in the Bokou stance. Once they are 
    launched (as long as their not fat/heavy characters, oh also you 
    CANNOT be at an angle with the wall, if you do the kick will miss) 
    you should be able to do the following combo. P-P-DK then hold down 
    so your in Bokou stance, then  >(H)P-P-K. It is so far the most 
    damaging wall combo there is once they are in the air. The only other
    time it can be improved is either by tag juggling to launch them 
    higher or doing the Bokou stance throw and adding more moves.
    This combo was made by yours truly :)
    7 (My way to play) 7
    Fighting as Helena: The Codemaster way
    When fighting with Helena, you will notice that her moves vary A LOT 
    when you change stances. Due to this it is always a good idea to use
    these stances to the fullest as the multiple stances almost make it
    seem like she’s a completely new character when you change from one
    to the next. What I generally try to do  is use moves that can 
    cancel out into either a back stance or the Bokou stance. Utilizing 
    these moves will allow you to change your fighting style mid-round 
    and confuse your enemies. The moves that can cancel into the stances
    (or at least the ones I use all the time) are as listed. Not all of
    the moves that can change into a stance are here but for the most 
    part these are what I use.
    Moves that go into bokou :        Moves that go to back stance:
    P-P-"DK                           P-<P 
    DF+K                              P-P-DK F
    >K-K                              <<P or <<P-P or <<P-P-DP UF+K
    U>P-DK                            or<<P-P-DP-P
    <<P-P-DP-P-K                      <P F
    Half circle backwards P-"DK       D<P or D<P-P
    Special move that can also make you go into both stances:
    My friend Adidas10 69(or at least I think thats what it is now) 
    showed me that when you do the move >>K, you can spin your joystick 
    around and go into the Bokou stance or hit the cancel button and 
    stay turned backwards.
    Please note that certain throws, such as half circle backwards throw
    and the throw in the back stance will change your stance from either
    Standing to Bokou stance or Backward stance to Standing
    8 (Kiddy combos) 8
    Ok now that you understand which moves do what, I can start to teach
    you combos. Please keep in mind that I will not give away all my 
    secrets, so if you think you’ve played me and want to know "How did 
    you do that move, it doesn’t say how to in the guide?" I will not 
    tell you because some things I would like to keep to myself. 
    Soooooo basically here are some starter combos to try before you go 
    into the advanced controls....Oh and one more thing. When you test 
    these out and say "Oh those don’t work, that guy lied to me!" don’t 
    believe so. Some of these combos require someone online to get 
    stunned by the first hit meaning, some of these cannot be pulled off
    completely on someone or some of them wont work in sparring mode. 
    But from my experience they work almost 100% of the time on people 
    P-P-"DK    >K     P-P-DK-P
    DF+K    P-P F      P-P-<K    After this do whatever back move set
    you want (Such as <P-P-DP-P-K).
    P-P-"DK   >P-P-K    >P-<P-P-K
    U>P-DK    <P-K     >>K-K-P
    U>K   Forward half circle P-K-P
    P-P-<K      <P-P-DP-P-K
    Now I know that these don’t seem like much but trust me, you can 
    morph and mix them anyway you want. These combos are essentially 
    the core moves, better yet, the keystones of the more complex 
    versions of moves I am about to describe. If anyone, speaking of it,
    has any comments or ideas about my basic combos or a new set of 
    your own feel free to E-mail me at Ruagamefreak2@msn.com ...or better
    yet you can send me a message on X-box live. I’ve mentioned my 
    gamertag before so look back to find it.
    9 (Master moves) 9
    Now to get to the heart and soul of the complex combos. Trust me, if 
    your not experienced in this game you most likely will have extreme 
    difficulty pulling these moves off. These are only but a few good 
    combos I have made and for now, I am tired and will stop with the 
    jist of my combos. Once I get more sleep or decide to add more onto 
    this there will probably be 2X as much combos.
    Here begins the list of damaging combos.
    P-<P F   P-P-<P F   <P-K  Finish with a move set of your choice. (my
    P-<P F   P-P-<P F   Get in closer really fast <P-P-P     P-P-DK   
    <P-K-K This particular combo I have to test. I think its ok though
    "D>P F   D>K F    "D>P-<P    P-P-"DK   <P-K-K (My combo)
    >>K Half circle forward   P-P F   DP+K    >P-P F    P-P-<K    
    P-P-<P-P-K-K (14 Hit combo)(my first high hit combo)
    "D>P F   "P-P-DK   F+K    <P-K F   P-P-DK-P (my combo)
    "D>P F (Do not hold)   P-<P F   P-P-<K    P-P-<P-P-P (my combo, I 
    P-P-"DK  >P-<P-P F  get close <P-P-P  Finish off with the moves of 
    your choice. (My combo I believe)
    U>P F   P-P-"DK   P F   DP+K   >>P  Finish with moves of your choice.
    Try P-P-DK  <P-K-K (not sure)
    "D>P F   P-<P F  P F   DP+K (do it fast) >P-<P F   <P-P-DP-P-K    
    (Any stun you want for a first move)  >P+K   >>K(spin joystick 
    forward) F+K   <P-K   P-P-DK-P (my combo)
    (Any stun you want for first move)   P-P-"DK   <P F    <P-K   half 
    circle forward P F    P-P-DK-P (my combo)
    Here is a wall combo for those of you who are wall lovers. As I 
    stated up above this combo (depending on how you begin it) will vary
    from 11-20 hits. Big difference I know but thats the difference
    careful planning and practice can do. Here is one of those moves
    P-P-"DK     >P-P-K     >P-<P F       P-P F    DP+K    <P-K F
    P-P-"DK      >P-P-K
    Be careful when using wall moves because depending on the weight, 
    angle to the wall (This situation, when angled to far to the left 
    or right, causes your last >P-P-K to miss,) and the amount the foe 
    counters, your launcher will vary in heights, sometimes messing up 
    your combos afterwards. That is why I find it best to try to air
    juggle, not wall juggle.
    10 (Strategic...err...strategies) 10
    For now my section on combos and juggling is over. I will 
    periodically add to it, but for now I will continue to tell you good
    strategies and moves to use in combat if your not to good at 
    keeping people in the air. From now until the next ///// divider, it
    is strictly on which strategies are best in which situations.
    For a spam-counter match: These are by far one of the most annoying
    kinds of players. After every single hit they counter the same thing
    hoping that you will try that move once more. It can sometimes make
    fighting them impossible because as you know, you can’t normally
    fight a match with only mids and lows. Sooo in this case you can use
    my "Ingenuity/desperation inspired grappling" method that was stated
    in one of the steps to using Helena. Hey, if there going to play
    cheap why don’t you turn the tables and do the same. After all,
    sometimes the cheaters get cheated :)
    For a grabbing/catch grabbing match: Oh I forgot to explain catch 
    grabs. They are grabs that can normally go straight through your 
    attack and grab you. It is kind of like a counter but in grab form. 
    All I can say is when you expect them to catch grab you, do a 
    normal throw because regular grabs beat out catch grabs. Also if 
    they grab you a lot because they guard the whole match waiting for 
    an opening to grab you, just try not to use unsafe moves. These moves
    make it so the foe can grab you and you cant do anything in turn. 
    Also try to throw them back or, better yet, keep on adding moves to 
    your combo string so you never leave an opening!
    For a turtle match: Turtling is a somewhat noobish way to win. 
    Turtling however, is different that spacing (thanks to bruce norris 
    for clearing that up with me.) Turtling is backing up the whole match
    waiting for an opponent to come to you. Spacing is placing [..] 
    amount of distance between you and your foe so if they wif, you have
    a good chance to counter attack. Turtling is not entirely cheap, but
    seriously, if your any good at this game you don’t have to stand 
    back the whole match waiting for the other person to come to you. I 
    always preach no turtling to everyone because it is annoying as hell
    to be on the other end. If someone turtles the whole match you wanna
    know what? Just turtle with them. As long as you have more health 
    you are ok where you are. In the case where you have less health just
    slowly walk towards them and try to anticipate their moves based 
    on what they previously have done. That is the only way I can really
    tell you how to beat turtles. Otherwise just do what I do and run 
    at them and beat the $#!T out of them. It has worked for me but I 
    advise only the experienced to take this route.
    For a Punch-Grab match: These players are by far the most annoying 
    and the second under the turtle matches in cheapness. These players 
    start hitting you with punches then once your about to counter they 
    grab you to deal major damage. I know I’ve said to use it in 
    desperation, but im still no hypocrite. Is say use it when you fight 
    Spam-counter players, not all the time. But for those who fight 
    players like these, there is really no strategy that can help. The 
    only advice I can give would be to counter A LOT less or even try to
    punch-grab them yourself. Also if you want you can try not to let up
    on your moves so they don’t even have time to attack, that will also
    work. Im sorry I couldn’t be more helpful on this subject but if 
    anyone has any tips for this please let me know and i’l credit you 
    and add the data to my summary.
    For a none-stop fighter match: This is how I normally play. I like to
    get in there and keep on stringing together combos and never letting
    the opponent get up or even hit the ground. Ask my friend 
    EsotericThought all about this, he knows what im talking about. If 
    you are fighting somebody like me...all I can say is brace yourself. 
    Turtling would have to be the best defense when going against a full
    offensive player. Otherwise you can try to guess what moves they 
    are throwing and then try to counter accordingly. What some of my 
    other friends do against me is to mimic me and fight up-close as 
    well. That doesn’t auger too well though but does work better than 
    doing nothing. So to all of you who wanna know what to do in a 
    situation such as this one, I’d stick with either turtling/defending
    (the only time I will EVER not hate a turtler is in a case such as 
    this when they have no real choice) and countering when necessary.
    For a trash-talker and/or little annoying kid match: Yeah haha I 
    know this seems irrelevant, but trust me when I say that its not. 
    Listening to someone such as this can COMPLETELY mess up your game. 
    I didn’t think so either until I played one. That person may be 
    mentioned later but I will leave the rest of his gamertag out so 
    don’t assume you know who it is. Little compulsive kids talk and 
    talk and talk then laugh at you when you lose (such as playing Halo2
    online, not so much 3 now.) What is best to do is NOT TALK BACK! 
    You may want to get your say in or tell them to Stfu but its not 
    going to help. Mute that person right away so there are no 
    distractions for your fighting. And as the person who taught me this
    lesson due to his obsessive trash talking is...well fill in the 
    blanks if you know em’. J _ _ I U _    R A _ E. I advise not playing 
    anyone such as this guy for they will never leave you alone and 
    will annoy you until you just want to go take a plunge off a roof 
    onto the floor, but trust me, the floor will always win.
    11 (Air-borne attacks) 11
    Now, the moment some of you have been waiting for. The moves that 
    keep enemies airborne longer! Woohoo. Okay enough of that, lets get 
    to the move sets. As some of you know, certain moves can keep enemies
    up in the air and do it faster than Lindsay Lohan can raise her 
    blood/alcohol level. Others however, drop them to the ground faster 
    than.......well I don’t have anything catchy to say so leave me 
    alone. Anyways, your saying that you try and try yet still cant 
    figure out all the moves that keep enemies up in the air longer 
    right? And when you do try all you can do is make them fall faster 
    correct? Sooo what do you want to do? Cheat of course, thats why 
    you’re here.You wanna learn all those moves without even having to 
    test it yourself! Well then, pull up a chair and read Mmmkay?
    Moves while standing:
    D>P-P (I use it sometimes)
    :P-P-<K: (In tag)
    :UF+K: (I learned that in tag, when launched enough, you can use this
    then follow up witha bokou stance move of your choice!)
    Moves in Bokou stance:
    P-P-K F (Can only be used in tag, switch as soon as the first of the
    two kicks hits)
    :>P-<P-P-K: (Only in tag)
    <P F (I use it only when i want to have my back turned to do a 
    specific combo)
    Moves in back stance:
    P-P-<K (Tag only)
    P-P-<P-P-K (Again, only use in tag. Sometimes it works when fighting
    single but I still don’t recommend it)
    Yes, I know. Im sure this isn’t the wonderful amount of moves that 
    you thought it would be but trust me, a select few of these moves 
    can help you juggle and make wonderful combos. Others, well not so 
    much. The majority of the ones I use most often I will suround in : .
    That way you can tell which ones I use that help the most.
    12 (Players to play list) 12
    Now onto the last section of my guide. This section will tell you who
    I think are some kind people who play online and who might help 
    teach you another character. I will also say some of the players who
    are just so damn good at this game that even if you lose horribly 
    to them, you will still learn something from the outcome. Just 
    because there nice doesn’t mean they can teach you though so don’t 
    get your hopes up. If I forget to mention any of you who knows that 
    I know you’re a good person please tell me. Also if you have some 
    suggestions as to who might be good to play against please tell me.
    Esotericthought:(Great sport, always says good game and has a decent
    Adidas10 69:(Taught me a lot of moves with Helena, im not sure 
    whom’s is better but you decide)
    BIGMACK 8:(All around fun to play with, decent with all characters)
    ChAoSGhost6:(Best Lei-fang i played, can teach you juggles and 
    other things of the like)
    DARKNESSRISES:(He is good at the basics of tag juggling, also he 
    knows nice combos)
    KamaKazu:(Best Brad-Wong player I have ever faced. I don’t hear him 
    talk much but see if he can play)
    lripthejackerl:(Fun to play and even funnier to watch him lose =p)
    SODA MASTER:(Funniest guy I’ve met online. Play him and you’ll think
    the same way)
    X DoomHunter X:(Another great Helena player, actually he is all 
    around great with everyone he chooses!)
    Bruce Norris:(One of, if not THE best Jann lee player)
    The_Dark_Wall:(Great guy, fun to play)
    ARC HARRY:(Great Ryu user, can teach you some things by losing to 
    Joltage:(Best tag player in DOA4, play him and you’l get owned, also
    has best Hitomi I ever saw in singles)
    Melted_Snowman:(Hes a moron, but really funny and is the best sport 
    in the game I believe. He never gets mad)
    MARKM4KER & relize6:(Not a lot of girls play this game but they’re 
    fun to play)
    DEVIL LIVED666:(Good in tag and has a great Hyabusa, he has been in 
    a slump lately though, but I know he is really good)
    Note some things here. Im not saying that anyone I didn’t mention 
    isn’t good to play, but im naming the best people I’ve seen to play 
    with. For those of you in MTSN that I didn’t name im sorry but I 
    cant name all of you and then describe ya. Also, though I’d hate 
    hate hate hate hate.....hate hate HATE to point you in this guy’s 
    direction, im forced too ONLY because he is a christie player and 
    not alot of people use her. Sensei viper thinks he has the best 
    christie, but in reality, well im not one to say, but I do know I’ve
    seen better. Problem is I don’t remember their names so I must do 
    the unthinkable and point you in this abominations way. He trash 
    talks, says everyone else sucks, and picks fights for no reason even
    if you’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t admire that kind of behavior 
    and I don’t emplore anyone to even think twice about playing him. I 
    know he acts like a selfish bastard but he can still fight with 
    christie wich, unfortuneately i was obligated to tell you.
    13 (Thank you) 13
    -Thanks to Tecmo for making this game!
    -Thank you readers for making my efforts go un-wasted!
    -Thank you computer for not crashing on me while I typed this!
    -Thank you everyone on my friends list and all those helped me either
    get a combo or write this!
    -Works cited (McMystery), I looked at your faq for help with the 
    legal info.
    Thats about it folks! Have a great day and thanks for reading! :)
                               End of faq

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