Review by okami007

"Great, but hard"

DOA 4 is a very entertaining games, fulled with all of the DOA stuff seen before and more. They have a lot of good modes and fast paced action. The only problems that I see are that this game is not for beginners. This game can get very difficult and some times frustrating. Not for those people who want to unlock achievements. Overall ,great game and I recommend it.

Online play is yet another feature included to "enjoy" the game to its full potential. But, considering you will be versing people who can probably drain your health bar in one combo, making you throw your controller around in frustration. And if you happen to be winning, then the person will most likely turn off the Xbox 360, ending the match and letting no one win. Any matches where no one does this will be few and far between. Also online is Zack's Shop, where you can buy alternate costumes for the characters (These can be unlocked by completing Story mode or Time Attack mode).

Visuals are quite amazing, and truly put the 360 to the test... Or do they? The cutscenes before fights and ending movies are truly beautiful, but the ingame fighting can leave more to be desired. The whole thing is very colourful and bright, but the same can't be said for the character's hair: Characters who have long hair (I.E Almost all of them) look like they have paper thin ribbons of hair that are made of plastic, which somehow move though the character's shoulders and neck. Considering from first looks that alot of work has been put into the breast physics of the girls (They bounce around everytime the girl moves), it shouldn't be too much to ask for some good hair visuals. This is supposed to be next-gen, isn't it?

Definitely rent. You'll see all there is to see in one story mode playthrough, let alone about 20 more times. If you want to unlock all the costumes for the characters, you could try: But it will take a very long time, especially since you can't save between fights. So if you get stuck on the final boss and turn off your 360 in frustration, you'll have to play through it all again. Maybe I'm not partial to fighting games, but I've played some good ones (And bad ones) before, and this falls under the category of "bad ones". DOA4 had potential, but there are details (Both large and small) that the creators didn't pay attention to, even though it would've been common sense.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/07

Game Release: Dead or Alive 4 (US, 12/29/05)

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