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"Some balance issues and an infuriating, cheating AI, but great miltuiplayer."

When I first booted up Dead Or Alive 4, it wasn't my first time playing. I had played it with friends before, and thought "Wow, this is a kick ass game. I want it." So I bought a copy for 10 bucks. Was it worth it?

Graphics:7/10. Though the game was released in late '05, 5 years later the graphics still look quite nice. There are a few oddities, such as the choppy, strange way long hair moves, same with long pieces of cloth, such as Lei Fang's dress. That aside, there are quite a few polygons that make up the character models, and the environments look nice too.The characters all animate silky smooth, and there's never a hitch in the framerate. Although the texturing on the environments and clothing are great, the texturing on the character's skin is pretty much non-existent, making them look like plastic Barbie dolls. I don't think I even have to mention the ridiculously over- exaggerated jiggly mammary glands that dominate the torsos of the game's female fighters.

Sound: 6/10. One of the weaker aspects. Though some of the tracks are cool, none of them are really memorable at all. The sound effects aren't very satisfying either. One thing that really bugs me is how everyone speaks Japanese. How am I supposed to believe a character is French, or British, or German if they all look just like the Japanese characters (Except Bass and Zack, maybe) and speak Japanese?? Wouldn't it make sense to have the Chinese girl speak Chinese? Or to have the German girl speak German? Or the American and British characters speak English? The biggest issue with this aspect of the game I have is how freaking QUIET it is. Seriously, every time I wanna play this game, I have to crank the volume up on my TV at LEAST twice as high as any other game. It may be nitpicking, sure, but it gets annoying.

Gameplay: 6.5/10. Here we have the best and worst part of Dead Or Alive 4. The first things I wanna tackle are the countering system and the computer AI. Here's how the countering system works: If you hit back and X at just the right moment at the right height when you are attacked, you'll perform a counter move, damaging your opponent. This is a nice feature, but it's WAY overpowered. Seriously, I've seen one counter move deal more damage than a 7 hit combo. This is also where the cheating AI comes in. If you want to fight a computer opponent, get ready to have your ass handed to you time and time again unless you're a seasoned expert. The computer will successfully counter about every other attack you throw, even when you're in the middle of a combo with absolutely no warning at all. Seriously, you'll be in the middle of a combo, and all of a sudden your ass is on the ground, because their counter animation didn't even play. They just countered you out of nowhere. And they almost NEVER miss. This wouldn't be so bad, if the counter attacks weren't so overpowered. I've been taken out with only three counter attacks. No joke. The last part about the AI is the end boss that you'll come across at the end of some character's stories. I swear, this is by far the flat out cheapest, most ridiculously overpowered fighting game boss I've ever fought, and I'm a long time fighter veteran who owns over 30 fighting games. The boss is a clone of Kasumi, one of the ninja chicks. She can teleport anywhere, anytime. Even in the middle of a combo. I've had her teleport behind me right in the middle of a combo, and take me out with this utterly ridiculous 8 or 9 hit combo that takes more than half your health. And she does it all the time, and you can't counter it because it juggles you in the air. That's another thing I hate about this game. The air is your worst enemy. Seriously, if you are sent into the air, expect to lose a good third or more of your health if your opponent knows how to juggle. You can't do anything while you're in the air. You just have to sit back and take it. One more complaint is simply two characters: Ayane and Kasumi. They are 2 of the 3 ninja characters, aside from Ryu. They are simply better than any other character. Long combos, ultra fast, wild and hard-to-predict attacks and crazy flips and jumps makes them pretty annoying to fight against. I wouldn't call them cheap, they're just the best characters in the game, causing balance issues. NOW, the multiplayer. Playing against another human in this game is MUCH more fun than fighting the computer, since humans can't cheat. This is when it feels like a fair, mostly balanced and well made fighter. Awesome. Also, the stages are interactive and fun as all hell. Knocking your opponent down a flight of stairs, or smashing them through a giant window to see them fall a good story or two is pure bliss. Not so much fun when it's the other way around, though.

Control: 8/10. One of the strongest parts of this game. The characters respond ultra quickly and fluently. Your four main buttons are a punch button, a kick button, a guard/counter button, and a grab button.

Story: 2/10. It's a fighter. You were expecting a coherent narrative?

Replay Value: ALONE (if you can handle getting completely pissed off at the cheating AI): 5/10. WITH FRIENDS: 8/10.

IN CONCLUSION: Cheap, annoying and frustrating as hell when played alone. Good fun when played with others, just like any other fighter.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/22/10

Game Release: Dead or Alive 4 (US, 12/29/05)

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