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"Ninjas Vs. Pro Wrestlers"

Dead or Alive is Tecmo's long running fighting series that stars Ninjas and a bunch of Pro Wrestlers. It is totally sweetness. It always has been.

Back when i played Dead or Alive for Playstation 1, I would have never imagined this series had a serious shot at sustaining itself as a fighting game mainstay. Dead or Alive 4 is a unique and very different from its precursors, yet gives us the meat and potatoes that DOA has always offered.

Graphics - 10-

Ok, Many people say, "This doesn't look Next gen"! What is next Gen?!?!?!?! This IS next GEN! Team Ninja had the most solid visuals of the current gen and their minor improvements make this game a graphical marvel. It moves amazingly fast and super smoothly no matter what's happening on the screen. The fluidity of characters movements, the visual blurs, the lens flare, the stage and background detail, the animations, are all stunning.

Gameplay - 9 -

This is DOA redux. It plays so much like DOA 2 or 3 with such fine adjustments. The reversal timing is different....which is frustrating for someone who is a veteran to the series at first, yet I got the hang of it fairly quickly. There are more interactive stages this time around. Giving you the ability to knock your Pro wrestler opponent through a window onto a huge staircase....or into an on coming car, or into a Pterosaur, Cheetah or Raptor....

There have been several new moves and combos given to characters and move lists have been shuffled and stratigies have been changed with each character. 3 new characters Eliot (Kung Fu Kid), La Mariposa (Muy Caliente Lucha Libra), and of course, the Spartan (Muy Caliente Halo Chick). Which, are all great additions to the series.

There are more unlockables than ever before, such as Spartan, Tengu from DOA 4 and more costumes that DOA 3, and with Xbox 360 Achivements, more gameplay is there for the Achivement point lovers out there.

The difficulty has been ramped up. Its gotten quite a bit harder, yet, not so much that you (or I, I should say) get pissed, moreso that you want to win and when you do win you feel a sense of accomplishment...unlike DOA 3, in which you beat the tar out of every one in 3 seconds no matter what the difficulty was.

of Course, the online mode, which, sometimes has lag fits, yet for a game that looks this good, it works surprisingly well. The new lobby system is an interesting touch. Winning matches gives players Zack bucks to buy new avatars, accessories, and lobby settings.

For a DOA game...there is alot of crap to do.

Music and Audio- 6.5 -

I have never liked the music in this series and DOA 4 is no better. Instead of just one Aerosmith song, we now get 2. "Eat the Rich" and "Amazin'". I apoligize if you like Aerosmith but, what the heck? Aerosmith? Again?

The rest of the music is really generic.

the sound effects are good, not great, they sound clear and crisp and actually coincide with whats happing on the screen, unlike Deadly Towers or Mutant Virus.

The voice acting, I can't tell if its good or not...its Japanese.

Overall, this and Call of Cuty 2 are the must own 360 games. Dead or Alive 4 is a fresh and beautiful new addition to the series and will keep you fighting for months if not years. Another wonderful game from Team Ninja.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/06

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