Review by TychoDurandal

"Not bad, but not great"

As the first fighting game for the 360, I was excited at the prospect of a new DOA game - I got DOA3 with the original XBox, and I was hoping this would be better...but, unfortunately, it's more of a letdown than I was ready for.

Graphics 4/10: This is a big part of my disappointment: the graphics might be pretty on an HDTV, but on anything less they look like the game belongs on the original XBox, not the 360. There are numerous graphical errors on the characters themselves, specifically any of the females, whos hair clips through their body continuously in addition to constantly flowing as if it were water. Bass looks like a fool as well in his regular costume, sporting a furry mesh on his shoulders that is a perfect example of bad graphical work. The environments can be good looking, but things like water are sub-par upon closeups while you're fighting. The biggest problem is definately the clipping on the character models though, I honestly don't know how a job that bad ever made it to the market.

Control 8/10: For a fighter, control is important, and thankfully it's one of the things done right in DOA4. Some of the moves can be hard to pull off, and if you're not paying attention you might accidently jump, but that's true of any fighter. Would have scored 9 or 10, but DOA's always suffered from a tendency to award button mashing over precise combos at times.

Sound 7/10: The music isn't bad, but some of the voice acting is horrible...and not horrible in the amusing Resident Evil sense, horrible in the "they paid people for this?" sense.

Story 3/10: It's a fighter, so long, drawn-out stories aren't to be expected anyway. No surprise here.

Fun Factor 5/10: While it serves as an interesting fighter, despite the high level of difficulty the game runs out of challenges fairly quickly as one adapts to the fighting style. Replay value will depend entirely on 2 things: 1, how many friends you have who want to play against you, and 2, whether or not you have XBox Live. As a single player game, it loses its touch around the time you unlock the Spartan, if not sooner.

Overall 6/10: For the moment, this is the only fighter for the 360, so if one HAS to have a fighting game your options are pretty slim right now. If one were to ask my full recommendation, I would say that if you feel you have to play this, wait until it goes down in price, as this game is most definately not worth $59.99

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/04/06

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