Review by DevilRyodo2000

"DOA4 is to X360 as SC is to Dreamcast."

Here is what I have to say about the best game I've ever played.


Yes there is a story, sure it's not RPG esque, but it's probably the best damn story in a fighter. Characters have more personality, more cut scenes to interact with, and some amazing CG endings. The story is centered around Helena for the most part and it solves all the answers that left us hanging in the pervious DOA games, some answers are shocking but I don't want to spoil you. Lets just say if you want a story in a fighter DOA is your slice of pie.


Around E3 time Team Ninja decided to show us DOA4 in its early stages, 15% early might I add, some people were underwhelmed and critsized it by making comparisons to DOAU. December 30th is the day that shut them the hell up. DOA4 is the best looking game on the X360 hands down, the clothing texture, stages, and animation are all life like. Although the the characters skins still retain the plastic look, there is still some awesome detail, there are veins in Janns arms, beards on Brad and Bass look real, etc...


The most important aspect of any game and DOA4 is no slouch. The game is deep, so deep that I feel like a scrub, and having played the previous DOA games like crack it would had to have done something drastic. Well there are more frame advantage moves, guards breaks, a plethora of moves, tweaked SS system, catch grabs, and much more, I'm still in my scrub phase so I can't really go on. The oki game(ground game) is probably the most noticeable addition to the gameplay, you can hit an opponent with any low attack while they are on the ground, there is more to it than just that... Still a scrub. For all of that like an accessible game well DOA4 is just that, but this time they perfectly blended much more depth into the system. You can still have fun mashing just make sure you mash with other mashers, because a mid level-high level player will kill you.

Replay value

It's a fighter, usually not meant for single player. There are things to costumes, characters, and levels to unlcok enough to keep you busy for a while, but after that then what? Well unlike most fighters DOA4 has a robust online mode which is what will take up most of your time. They even added an online lobby as to where you can make your own character and customize him in a lobby. There is also a Zack shop similar to DOAX where you buy parts for your avatar, costumes for characters, and other little things. You use Zack dollars that you win in matches, it only makes the online mode more addictive.


What more can I say? It's the best looking game on the X360, it's one of the greatest fighters, it has a perfect blend of depth and accessibility, the story mode is full of surprises and it's the most interesting story I have ever played in a fighting game, 22 characters all unique and balanced, plus there is enough fanservice to keep fanboys running. Lets just hope this helps the offline scene, while the online mode maybe great and all, offline there is a much deeper game to be played no latency or lag to complain about, and DOA4 deserves a chance.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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