Review by Y2JkicksRVD

Reviewed: 01/19/06

My first and last review for a Xbox 360 game.

First off, I do not own an Xbox 360, nor will I ever buy one. That, however does not matter. What does matter is that the Dead or Alive series is one of my favorites. It is definitely in the top two, the other being the Gradius series. With that being said, whenever a DOA game comes out, I will play it. It does not matter what system it is for, I will play it. DOA 4 is very good, and features many new things, such as characters, stages, and moves. If you own a 360, be damn sure you get this game.

The graphics aren’t bad. No, they’re great. The reason I am giving it only a 9 is because I don’t see a difference in graphics from DOA Ultimate, or even from DOA 3, for that matter. The 360 is more advanced than the original Xbox, and with that being true, I think they could have beefed up the graphics a bit. They look smoother and more vibrant, but not necessarily better. They are very good graphics nonetheless, and they are receiving a 9 out of 10.

The voice acting and sound effects are great. With ambient sounds ranging from crickets to stone tile, the effects in this game are very realistic. When you hit a wall, it makes a thud, and no two thuds are the same. The character voices are also good. They range from the screams and yells, to the victory taunts. All with great emotion and feeling. The music, however, is a different story completely. It is often the same song over and over, and gets repetitive and annoying, very quickly. That is the only downside of the Sound/Music. Otherwise it is very good and gets a 9 out of 10.

The for the DOA series have remained virtually untouched since the very first DOA game. There is Block/Counter, Grab, Punch, and Kick. As in most (if not all) fighting games, pressing buttons in variation, up and down, simultaneously, and in all different kinds of ways, allows for combos and different attacks. There is also, like I said, the option of countering attacks. In certain fighting games *looks at Soul Calibur* you can’t counter moves, you can only block. This game offers you the ability to grab, and perform a counter attack. This prevents from combos which consist of the same (often times, dirty) move. Since it has such a wide variety of things, and it remains easy at the same time, I give controls a 9/10.

The Gameplay of the game is great. Well, all DOA games have great gameplay. It has many modes to play, and many things to unlock as well. It also offers the ability to create an account, which then saves all your stats. This is particularly good for multi-player. The many modes include, Story mode, Survival mode, Collection mode, VS mode, and Online. There are others as well. With such a wide range of things to do, this is one fighting game that will not get old quickly, or at all. Each mode allows you to unlock things varying from alternate costumes to photos to specific character items. With so much to do, you can enjoy this game for years. It also helps to have friends who play this game, because everything is better with more people. So much to do, I can award no less than a 10 out of 10, a perfect score.

For all the reasons listed above, this game won’t get old for many years. In some cases, it won’t ever get old. There is so much to unlock, so many modes to play, and so many hours that will be spent playing this game with your friends. The game has an abundance of things to do, I can’t say that enough. Play the game, and find out for yourself. This category is rewarded with a 10 out of 10.

This is easily my favorite “pure” fighting game (I would have to say I like SSB:M better). There is no better. I have never played a DOA game that I have not liked. I cannot stress the fact enough, this game is amazing. Buy it…now.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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