Review by PatrickRes9

"Great Graphical Showcase. Not Much More"

Graphics 9/10

Okay, Ill get straight to the point. If you have an HD TV, this game looks amazing. The reflections off the water, the level design, the water itself. It looks really stunning. Maybe the best looking 360 game thus far. If you dont have an HD TV, it looks like its in the middle of the pack of 360 games, graphicly. The Character models are disapointing, but the level designs vary, and are extremely detailed.

Sound 8/10

Theres nothing that'll blow you away with sound, but the game holds its own for what it is. Its a fighter. It has the impact sounds, the ambient level sounds, and the grunts and such from getting hit, or trying to hit.

Gameplay 5/10

Heres where the game really suffers. Towards the later rounds, youd have to know how to block and counter everything. Problem is, if the computer AI is in the middle of a swing, your block animation takes too long to kick in and block, and you get hit anyway. If you block just before they swing or kick, they'll decide not to hit, and throw you. So why not counter right? Thats what its there for?

Well they made the counter system ridiculously complicated. You have to know exactly whats coming at you within the .3 seconds the attack animation hasnt hit you yet. You have to know whether its a high, low, or mid attack, which is standard with most fighters, but the real problem comes in when you have to differentiate from kicks and punches too. Back and counter button for punches, and foward for kicks. Up and back for high punches, up and foward for high kicks. So its pretty much a guessing game. One you seldom win, which means youre left open for the computer to pull off a 10 hit combo on you, because you guessed wrong.

Most of the time you feel pretty helpless. Countering leaves you open more then it works, so you'll get to stage 7 and 8, and the computer AI counters half of all of your attacks, then you get to watch them unleash a 12 hit combo on you, and you'll get the thrill of watching your life gauge drop to half with nothing you can do about it.

Im 21. Ive been playing video games since I was 4, so Im not someone who is horrible with gaming either. Its not that the game is hard. Its that they made the counter system seem like a priority, then made it impossible to use effectively.


A rental. Dont throw away $60 on this disapointment

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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