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"Great Online + Great Gameplay = Dead or Alive 4"

The infamous Dead or Alive series makes it debut on the 360. It is much improved, but everything like before is still so much fun. Dead or Alive is about ninjas, assassins, and plenty of great fighting. The story is basically about a group of ninjas opening an all out war against a brutal organization led by Helena. So another Dead or Alive tournament is set up, so let's get ready to do battle. So how great is Dead or Alive 4? Find out by reading this review.


With fast and furious fighting, Dead or Alive 4 has plenty of fast battles andintense fight action. The game feels smooth and the controls are great. Everything runs smooth and feels nice. The combos are also quite deep. There are plenty of combos to learn. It is also important to learn the combos and mix things up or it will become easier for your moves to be reversed. Anothing important thing is the online. Online is great, as you get to join a match with people from 2-8 people. Online play is great because you get to face off against humans rather than computer. Also the online matches are usually more fun because it allows you test your skills. Dead or Alive 4 probably has the best online gameplay of any fighter.


The graphics look great! You see the hair blowing in the wind. Each fighting move looks smooth and is executed perfectly. The characters look gorgous and has plenty of details. The game also runs at 60 fps, which is really cool because the game is so fast and so much is going on. Also the levels are highly detailed. Getting kicked out of a window doesn't get any better. Also in one of the stages, a car can run you over, but unlike some random nuance, the car actually tries to get out of the way, so it makes it more real. Also, the endings are some of the best graphics I have seen in a game.


The voice acting is great, even though I don't understand Japanese. It still sounds good because some of the voices are really cute. The music also has great variety. Everything in general sounds great.


Dead or Alive 4 is the best fighter ever. Not only is it better than the past games, but it is better than any other fighter. Everything is fast and fun and the online is one of the best. Dead or Alive 4 is simply a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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