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"I feel very divided in scoring this game!"

Tecmo had to release a Dead or Alive game sooner or later, and now it's time for the Xbox 360 to get it's own taste of jigglyness. All this being said, and all the hype around this game being known, I don't think it lives up, even if it's still pretty good.

Yeah sure, it's the Xbox 360. Yeah sure, it's Dead or Alive. The graphics for the characters and environments are stunning, but they honestly don't look much advanced from the last DOA game. They added new characters and new environments and all that junk, but I still don't think it looks like an advancement. The fighting action is smooth and solid as always, and I really liked the new ways the stage could be demolished. The cut-scenes are developed fantastically, and the jiggle is back (bouncy bouncy). I wish they made more of an effort to get it looking even better.

SOUND: 7/10
This has always been DOA's weakest area, and I really don't think they changed much from DOA 3. Not much else can be said from that. The sound-effects and voice-overs all sound pretty much the same since the last time, although I did like the change in music. Mediocre at best.

The big draw here is the online play. They took the formula from the awful DOA Ultimate, improved it, and made one hell of a multiplayer here. The offline stuff is pretty fun to, with stories for each character, survival mode, team battle, all pretty cool stuff. The only real tweaky complaint I can make is that the lobby system's potential is somewhat not realized. Other than that, Kudos Tecmo!

The action like I said before is fast, furious, and very smooth. The controls are easy enough to pick up and just start mashing buttons, but yet they also have advanced combos for masters to try. They have multi-tiered and destructible stages to goof around with, and I like where they're going with it. That being said, the biggest complaint is that even button mashers will have a hard time beating the computer. IT IS SO FREAKING CHEAP! Even on easy difficulty, this game is hard. I did have fun playing this game nonetheless, and the fact they have a Halo character makes a shameless plug for Halo 3 (MAKE IT AWESOME BUNGIE!). It's a good job, just fix the cheap AI.

I do feel they did many things right again with this new game, but there are still some tweaks they need to improve upon before going into the next installment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/24/06

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