Review by CDuke

Reviewed: 02/06/06

The final of the epic fighters... DOA4

I was never into fighting games before Dead or Alive 3 and I'm still in love with it. Now we are on the final installation of the series, it should be brilliant. Let's find out.

Graphics: 8/10
Tecmo always manages to do something extraordinary with graphics (just look at Ninja Gaiden) even though it is less prominent in this game. It's all the little touches that really show up in this game and in HD I imagine (haven't actually seen it) that this looks fantastic. However it is nothing mind-blowing.

Sound: 7/10
The music is good but not to everyone's taste but luckily you can play whatever music you like. The characters speak japanese but I wouldn't really want them to change it, I've got use to it. Everything is okay but there is no particular sounds that aren't amazing.

Gameplay: 8/10
The engine is pretty much the same but all the characters have been well balanced and moves have been tweaked and improved to do this. The move list is long with some many characters topping 100 and there are also plenty of characters to choose from, 22 in total. There are 4 new characters (Kokoro, Elliot, La Mapossia and... a secret character) and they all play very well and, indeed, one is actually my new favourite (Kokoro along with Hitomi, Hayate and Bayman). Team Ninja have once again made a very difficult game which will have you pulling your hair out by the final boss even though it is not as difficult as Genra could be it is very cheap and aggravating. The story is thankfully more complete this time round apart from some rather odd endings.

There are a host of different modes as per usual and the online multiplayer is fantastic this time round with a great grading system and plenty of incentives to get better.

Long Term: 10/10
It will take you ages to get all the achievements and to prove your the best in the world will take alot of fighting online. There is plenty to do just hope to god you are not one of the unfortunate ones who gets their data wiped and have to start again (I had just unlocked Tengu and my data was wiped).

Overall: 8/10
+ Great system
+ Plenty to do
+ Fantastic online
- Terrible save glitch
- Same old same old
- Not a huge jump in graphics

The final of the series should be embraced by all DOA fans worldwide. This is another Tecmo marvel even if it is not their best work.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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