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"How About Just...Dead"

I was originally very excited for the release of Dead or Alive 4, because I am traditionally a fighting fan, but I was not impressed by this game, not one bit. Lets get it started.

Graphics: 6/10
Yeah it looks great BUT its the X-Box 360, I expect it to look great. And at first glance it goes beyond what I expected. The characters look good though there are a few glitches like some of the female's hair moves around and moves through there own body., The environments probably look even better. A lot of detail and they are very interactive which I will get in to later. But its a fighting game, and never do characters show any kind of physical damage (Ie, bruises, heavier breathing when health is low, ripped garments... ect). Its next generation, maybe we can step it up?

Game play: 4/10
A characteristic of a good fighting game (Ie Tekken 3) is the feeling of... I guess fairness. This game, at least to me, constantly makes you feel like you are being cheated. A good fighter can take away half of your health before the other person can throw a punch or kick. A simple jab to the foot can keep your character in the airborne. And most combos are 6 or 7 hits long and there is nothing you can really do to avoid them. It is virtually impossible to 'back off' from a fight and regain yourself, which is frustrating. And its not always you that gets cheated, sometimes you feel like "I should not have been able to do that" and that is just as bad.

The main thing I do not like is that fights last under one minute long usually, and sometimes even less. If these are serious fighters, the likelihood is they would have the stamina to last longer than 60 seconds. Game play itself mainly features a lot of button mashing, unless you really study the combos which takes a good hour of practice to really master and who honestly wants to do that? It was improved over DOA 3 because now the AI responds to how you are fighting a bit better.

That being said the interactive environments are the best of any fighting game ever released. It is fun to try to knock your foe down a flight of stairs or through a window. Game play is diverse enough to where you will not get sick of it for awhile, but you will be wanting more than it has to offer.

Modes: 8/10
Certainly many things to look at, but the main thing people probably will do is the story modes. It is honestly a little annoying to play through some of them, because the plots do not make sense in most cases, and it jumps around. You go from one area to another, and are fighting someone else entirely, and you do not know why this person is fighting you. The story just seems random, and it could have been better. Some of your characters overlap each others paths in the game, and that is semi-interesting how they all overlap but it does not make the mode. 2 player is okay, online is fun if you are good at the game. Training mode helps you get better, a must. There is a lot to do here, which is the games strongest point in my book.

Sounds: 3/10
I wish everything was in English, but it is not a huge deal. However the music is quirky, it sounds like stuff out of maybe a mid 90s 'dance off those pounds' video. The voice acting is good enough, but since it is not in English, I do not really know how it could be considered bad. Before every fight they say the same old annoying phrase. There are like 2 or 3 of them for each character and they never change, so after a few fights you are just like "COME ON...LET ME FIGHT!" And its not necessary to have. The fight sounds are just random grunts and groans, which are typical. After a few fights, you will be bored of the sound because there is a lot of repetition and not a lot to offer.

Value: 5/10
Since you have so much to do, its has some long-term playing value. However, its a question of weather or not you will have any kind of fun doing it. After I would say, 4 hours of playing, if you have not fell in love with this game you most likely won't. Its one of those things. Its not a game where you can pick it up, fight once, and then be like 'ohh I hate it" because it takes some getting used to.

Overall: 5/10
It is not the worst game I have ever played, but certainly it is not anywhere near the best. It has some moments of fun, but mostly button mashing with some confusing cut scenes thrown in the middle and some cool places to fight is not worth the sixty dollar price tag it is sold for. If it is a fighting game you want, may I recommend Electronic Art's Fight Night: Round 3 to relieve your violent impulses.

Rent if you liked the old DOA games a lot. If not. Leave this one rotting on the shelves.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/06/06

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