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"A complex fighter game with an AI that owns you."

I'll keep my review simple and brief because I don't have definite feelings for fighter games. So, I'll tell you off the bat: I rented it. This game doesn't have a lot of replay value to it. I started it by picked my favorite character from DOA 3, whom is the one and only Jann Lee. After selected him, I realized he looks almost the exact same as he did in DOA 3. Is it that DOA 3 mastered the Xbox's potential, or did DOA 4 not even tap into the Xbox 360's power? After playing other games, I soon realized that the graphics on this game don't even tap into what the 360 can do.

As in all DOA games, there is a storyline. However meek the storyline may be, it is still there. Most of the time I can't figure out who knows who, who's enemies, or who wants to fall in love. After playing the game, I find cut scenes and storyline building pathetic and a waste of time. This game doesn't need a storyline. It's a fighter. Fight another guy/girl and beat them down. I could care less if Kasumi is some runaway out to kill some guy who doesn't affect her life one bit.

The Sound/Effects is the game is accurate and realistic. The music isn't that bad either. In my opinion it's one of the better quality parts to this game. I just don't understand why they can't make it in English. I find it quite odd when an American wrestler speaks Japanese fluently and in the correct dialect. Odd...yes very odd.

The graphics are mediocre at best. The characters have accurate builds and have great detail on their bodies and muscles. Oddly enough, you'll find all guys to be buff and all females to have a large set of cleavage. Their appearances are a bit anime in my opinion and could be made better to look more realistic. I guess the plastic/shiny look to them takes away from how accurate they look anatomically. The environments are very detailed and developed. I've always like how you can go through walls and make unusually long drops and somehow not die. My favorite is when the other character that wasn't thrown out of a building lands perfectly on cement. DOA fighters are demi gods who can only die by each other's hands.

The game play to this game is highly advanced for a fighter game. Every character has a huge set of skills that provide interesting combat flow and realistic fighting. Finally a fighter game has made it so that characters can perform move after move after move! Kudos to them. But this brings up another point. The AI in this game is insane. If you can't push the buttons in the complex, entropic pattern that needs to be done to perform something, you'll get hit seven or more times before you either die or fall down. Yeah...the computer really knows its stuff. However, there's always the multiplayer on Xbox Live. Enjoy it because it's there to have lots of fun if you can't fight the AI. I've only encountered a few players who could beat the harder leveled AI. The Xbox Live offers a lot of fights and fun. It's just a major bummer when someone is able to walk out of a match because they are losing. Hmmmmm...I guess people can't handle a loss on their records. This is defiantly something that should be fixed.

Overall, I am able to enjoy this game but I doubt I'll ever pick it up to play it again. This game is their to collect achievement points in my opinion and that's it. So for those who insist on buying a fighter game, I give you my warning: WAIT! There's bound to be a better one in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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