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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mrbort / Drunky

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 10/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ________                         ______  __                ______         
       ___  __/_________________  __    ___  / / /_____ ___      ____  /_________
       __  /  _  __ \_  __ \_  / / /    __  /_/ /_  __ `/_ | /| / /_  //_/_  ___/
       _  /   / /_/ /  / / /  /_/ /     _  __  / / /_/ /__ |/ |/ /_  ,<  _(__  ) 
       /_/    \____//_/ /_/_\__, /      /_/ /_/  \__,_/ ____/|__/ /_/|_| /____/  
    	_______                       _____                     
    	___    |______ __________________(_)___________ _______ 
    	__  /| |_  __ `__ \  _ \_  ___/_  /_  ___/  __ `/_  __ \
    	_  ___ |  / / / / /  __/  /   _  / / /__ / /_/ /_  / / /
    	/_/  |_/_/ /_/ /_/\___//_/    /_/  \___/ \__,_/ /_/ /_/ 
    	___       __             _____     ______             _________
    	__ |     / /_____ _________  /________  /_____ _____________  /
    	__ | /| / /_  __ `/_  ___/  __/  _ \_  /_  __ `/_  __ \  __  / 
    	__ |/ |/ / / /_/ /_(__  )/ /_ /  __/  / / /_/ /_  / / / /_/ /  
    	____/|__/  \__,_/ /____/ \__/ \___//_/  \__,_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/   
    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
    Written by: Drunky and mrbort
    Last Updated: October 28th, 2005
    	Table of Contents
    1.	Updates
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Controls
    4.	Story Mode
    	 4.1) Hollywood
    	 4.2) Beverly Hills
    	 4.3) Skate Ranch
    	 4.4) Hollywood II
    	 4.5) Beverly Hills II
    	 4.6) Hollywood III
    	 4.7) Downtown
    	 4.8) Vans Park
    	 4.9) Skate Ranch II
    	 4.10) Beverly Hills III
    	 4.11) Santa Monica
    	 4.12) Oil Rig
    	 4.13) Skate Ranch III
    	 4.14) Getting to East LA
    	 4.15) East LA
    	 4.16) Skate Ranch IV
    	 4.17) Impress the Pros: Beverly Hills
    	 4.18) Impress the Pros: Hollywood
    	 4.19) Impress the Pros: Downtown
    	 4.20) Impress the Pros: Vans Park
    	 4.21) Impress the Pros: Santa Monica
    	 4.22) Impress the Pros: East LA
    	 4.23) Casino
    	 4.24) The Final Mission
    	 4.25) Skate Ranch V
    5.	Classic Mode
    	 5.1) Minneapolis
    	 5.2) Santa Cruz
    	 5.3) The Mall
    	 5.4) Chicago
    	 5.5) Kyoto
    	 5.6) The Ruins
    	 5.7) Atlanta
    	 5.8) Marseilles
    6.	Side Missions (Story Mode)
    7.	Online Mode
    	 7.1) Hosting a Game
    	 7.2) Game Modes
    8.	Frequently Asked Questions
    9.	Glitches
    10.	Contact/Legal Information
    1.	Updates
    09/28/05 - Finished Classic Mode
    09/27/05 - Finished up to and most of Kyoto
    09/26/05 - Finished The Mall
    09/24/05 - Finished Minneapolis
    	   Started on Santa Cruz
    09/23/05 - Finished Story Mode
    	   Started Classic Mode
    09/22/05 - Finished up to East LA
    09/21/05 - Finished up to Santa Monica
    09/20/05 - Began the FAQ/Walkthrough
    2.	Introduction
    This is a jointly written FAQ.  mrbort has played every THPS game to death yet
    is still not very good; he gets smoked badly by any online player.  Drunky
    picked up THAW as the first THPS game he has ever played.  He has done a
    fantastic job of learning the controls and the game.  This FAQ is a synthesis
    of their two experience levels and will include tips that are good for the
    experienced player and that are good for a beginner.  However, as a disclaimer,
    both of us played this game on Easy Mode to start.  Some of the goals for the
    harder modes may be different.
    3.	Controls
    Start			Pause/Menu
    X			Jump (Ollie)
    X (Held)		Crouch
    O (While in air)	Grab Tricks
    O			Slap
    Square (While in air)	Flip Tricks
    Triangle		Grind (When in air)
    Right Analog Stick	Camera Movement
    Left Analog Stick	Movement
    Directional Pad		Movement
    R2/L2			Revert
    L1+R1			Switch from walking/boarding
    4.	Story Mode
    	4.1	Hollywood
    When you start out in story mode you'll recieve a quick introduction, and then
    you get to choose which skater you would like to play as. You will be able to
    change their appearances during the first level, so pick whoever you like.
    Once you've made your choice you'll see a backstory of your life, and meet a
    rather stupid blonde. God I hope we dont see her again.
    Once you've finished the cutscene you'll be introduced to a new character,
    Mindy. She will be your guide throughout Los Angeles and introduce you to
    fellow skaters. You will automatically be given your first mission.
     A	Change Your Look
    Extremely easy mission. Walk straight forward into Psychosis, the barber shop.
    Get close to the barber and press O to 'chop your mop'. You start off with
    enough money to change your haircut, I'd suggest getting a cheap one to start
    off until you can earn some serious cash.
    You can also change your facial hair if you wish, it is not not required to
    complete the mission however. So if you're saving up money, don't worry about
    it. Otherwise, pick whatever you want.
    Once you're done, click Done and exit the shop.
    *Glitch Warning*
    There seems to be a glitch that puts you in a loop. If you fail the mission by
    running out of the area, talking to Mindy will fail you for not having
    completed the mission. The problem with this is that you will *always* fail.
    This is a random glitch, so be careful. Its not a loss if you have to restart
    the game.
     B	Change Your Clothes
    Another easy mission. Exactly like the first one. Just walk straight into the
    shop and get close to the salesman, and press O to 'change your digs'.
    Same rules apply from the first mission. Change whatever you like, splurge if
    you dont mind spending all your cash right off the bat.
    Once you're done, click Done and exit the shop. Watch the cutscene and save
    your game if you wish.
     C	Learn to Caveman
    Walk straight forward to the skater practicing Ollies. His icon is a pink star
    on your compass. Meet Ian, the skater who happens to be afraid of girls. Wimp.
    Simple mission. First off start skating down the road, and press L1 and R1
    together to start walking.
    Now its time to grind. Start skating beside the ropes, then press X to jump on
    the ropes, and Triangle to grind.
    Now you combine the two. Press L1 and R1 to go into walking mode, run beside
    the ropes. Jump in the air by pressing X and Triangle to grind.
    You've just learned to Caveman.
     D	Do a Sponsor Challenge
    Your first challenge. There are 70 challenges available in Story Mode. You can
    view the ones you have completed by pressing Start -> View Missions.
    Head on over to the 118 board shop located in the top left corner of the map,
    the skateboarding icon on your compass. Dont actually head into the shop just
    yet, you dont need to upgrade your gear. Instead talk to Mindy using the O
    button to recieve your first Sponsor Challenge.
    Sponsor Challenges increase your stats, and they change daily.
    Once you talk to Mindy, then head towards the skate shop. You dont actually
    need to go inside, just press O at their doors to view the posters.
    You can complete any one of the 4 objectives to complete the challenge. The
    easiest way to complete it is to do the Caveman in a combo. Head on over to the
    yellow guard rails just down the road to your left, grind them using triangle
    and then jump off while pressing L1+R1 to complete a Caveman.
    *Note, completing this mission does NOT mean you have completed the sponsor
    challenge. You must still finish the other 3 objectives.*
    You've just earned a Stat Increase and have recieved your first text message.
     E	Kickflip Whofleck
    Part 1
    I'm sure they meant to say Affleck. Head on back up to Mindy who is still
    hanging around the skateshop. She'll introduce you to Duane who puts you up to
    some stupid dare.
    You have to perform a kickflip over Ben Aff---Whoflecks head. The game isnt
    very picky, you were intended to grind the ropes, jump off and hit <- + Square
    over his head. That would look rather cool, but all you have to do is perform a
    kickflip in the vicinity of Whofleck to actually pass the mission. I did it
    right beside him and then slammed into his limo and still passed. So do
    whatever you want in this one. If you grind the rail and jump over his head,
    you should be able to knock off another objective from your previous sponsor
    challenge of ollying up 3 feet along with the other challenges of grinding for
    1 second and gaining a 1000 point combo.
    If the grinding into a kickflip is too hard, go in front of Whofleck on the
    read carpet. Skate towards him, hit X to jump and then immediately hit <- and
    Square to do a kickflip. You'll slam into the limo and actually not jump over
    his head, and you will look slightly pathetic, but it will complete the
    Part 2
    Now that you've proven you're insane, Duane will teach you a new move, called a
    You have to be on your board, and quickly press Up and then Down (Using the
    keypad or the analog stick), this will put you into a Manual. A meter will
    appear onscreen, the objective is to keep your balance by keeping the needle in
    the middle of the meter, if you go to the extreme top (green), you will exit
    the manual, if you go to the extreme bottom (red), you will fall off your
    Once you've done a manual, it is easier to do a Caveman (L1+R1) to get off your
    board, do another Caveman to get back on, and start again.
    You have to do this 3 times, however there is no time limit for a manual. So
    you can just do it for one second and still have it counted. You'll know when
    you've successfully done a manual when a ticking clock appears on screen
    telling you how long you have to add to the combo.
    Part 3
    Once you're done that, you'll be forced to do a 'test' of sorts. You must do a
    manual from the star of Tony Hawk to the star of Tony Alva. (Called a
    You'll start off with a bit of a head start, so hit Up then Down as fast as you
    can to get into a manual. Do your best to keep the arrow in the middle of the
    meter so you keep your balance. Once you've made it to the star of Tony Alva,
    press L1+R1 to get off your board and let the combo timer run out.
    Congratulations, you've added a new trick to your arsenal, the manual.
    *Hint - If you've failed the mission and are running out of time, hit start and
    select Retry Mission. If you do it this way you start back to the Tony-to-Tony
    mission instead of all the way back to Kickflipping Whofleck.*
     F	Learn to Revert
    From where you start, head onto the road and take a left, follow the road
    around the corner until you see an outdoor patio. This is where you meet Duane
    and meet up with Ian again.
    Part 1
    Simply skate up the quarter pipe, as you make contact with the ramp after
    landing, press R2. You've just done a revert, completing the mission. Easy, eh?
    Part 2
    Now you have to combine what you learned in the previous mission (performing a
    manual) with a revert. Start by skating up the ramp, when you land quickly
    press R2, followed by Up then Down on the directional pad or left analog stick.
    Balance yourself for a split second, and you'll be asked to land it. Simply
    press X to end the trick.
     G	Get Your Stuff Back
    Now is your chance to teach the punks who jumped you a good lesson. Head over
    to Hollywood High to start this mission. The location is just North of you.
    Part 1
    This is basically a restricted free skate. You can pull off any tricks you want
    within 60 seconds, but you must stay in the area, if you leave you will just
    get a "Too bad you can't hide" message and lose valuable seconds.
    The punk isnt that bad, he can easily be beat simply by grinding the rails from
    left to right and constantly repeating that one trick. You'll gain a large
    amount of points and get a very nice lead on him. Your best bet would be to
    find a trick you're good at, and you know you can land, and just repeat that.
    If you cant seem to land any tricks at all, just grind the rails, and remember
    its better to go to the extreme green and successfully land your trick than the
    red and fall flat on your face.
    Part 2
    Lying punk, I knew he couldnt be trusted. Now you're forced to chase his ass
    down and take whats rightfully yours. You have 60 seconds to catch up to him
    and knock him with your skateboard using the O button. The punks route is
    severely limited... basically to that one stretch of road. He will just skate
    back and forth, allowing you to close any gaps when he turns around for another
    run through. The only problem you should have with him is when he starts
    pulling tricks on the steps, sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with him.
    Theres a simple solution to this, RUN. Get off your skateboard (L1+R1), and
    just run after him, when he gets within a reasonable range, press O.
    Once you're done with your little bit of street justice, you'll have earned a
    new trick, Whack and Throw.
     H	Get into Beverly Hills
    This may be a challenge. In order to stop the idiots from the People for the
    Ethical Treatment of Sheep, you have to distract them with some of your moves.
    Very straightforward, you're presented with 3 ramps, 3 chances.
    The first ramp is easy, you only need to land a 2000 point combo to make a bit
    of headway with the protesters.
    The second ramp might be a little harder, button mashing wont quite make it.
    You need to be careful to stay within bounds, hitting the corners of the roof
    count as out of bounds. Not only will you have to restart, the game seems to
    mock you with every failed attempt. The best way to beat this one is to do a
    liptrick (press Triangle at the top of the ramp) and try to balance your way
    into 5000 points. If you want to be a hotdog and just start busting out combos,
    go right ahead. As long as you get 5000 points in one combo.
    Oh boy! A 10 000 point combo. Be careful of the small hazard of a hole in the
    roof. Skate around it, jump it, or just avoid it and stay on one side of the
    roof. Again, there is no perfect way to beat this, so you can either try
    liptricking your way into 10 000 points, or pulling off one massive combo.
    Congratulations, you've just skated your way into the big time. Well not
    really, but its a step up from being punched in the mouth by a punk.
    	4.2	Beverly Hills
    Alright, you've just been introduced to the minor players in Beverly Hills.
    These guys wont let you see Iggy until you can prove you're worthy of staying
    at the Ranch. You're now responsible for impressing Boone, Murphy, and Dave.
    And have 5 new missions you can complete in any order. For organization
    purposes the following are listed the way they appear in the View Mission
     A	Learn the Natas Spin
    Now talk to Kurt, he will teach you to Natas Spin. Looks rather complicated,
    but its not as bad. Just a tad bit harder than grinding. Skate towards the pole
    and do an Ollie (X). Now while in midair, press either L1 or R1 while holding
    down Triangle. You will perform a Natas spin. You need to do this for 3 seconds
    on the labelled poles. It has to be the 2 poles designated, otherwise you will
    fail this mission.
    If you find it easier you dont even need to skate towards it. Walk beside the
    pole and press X then perform the Natas Spin.
     B	Learn Parkour Tricks
    Now go talk to Frenchie, hes located in the alleyway. Hes going to teach you
    how to Parkour (or basically, run up a wall). This is probably the easiest
    mission yet, run up to the wall, and press R1. Thats it. Do it 3 times to move
    Now you get fancy, a wallrun WITH a wallflip. Perform a wallrun as usual, but
    make sure you hold down R1 as soon as you start running up the wall, otherwise
    when you try to do a wallflip, you'll just jump away from the wall. You dont
    want to do that, you want to run up the wall, and press Down and X at the same
    time to do a wallflip. Do this 3 times to move on.
    Now its time to shimmy. Do it exactly like you grind, run towards the ramp, and
    press Triangle. You'll grab the ledge, now just use the directional arrows or
    the analog stick to move side to side. Make sure you go all the way to the
    markers to complete this part of the mission.
    The tucks are fairly simple, first just double jump like you would in several
    other video games by quickly double tapping X. Then run forward while double
    jumping. Once you're done that, you've learned 5 new tricks.
     C	Learn Spines, Flips, Rolls,
    	Acid Drops, Banks
    Now its time to talk to Alan. He's located in the top left corner of your map.
    The first thing he'll show you how to do is a Spine Transfer over the roof.
    All you need to do is skate towards the edge of the rooftops, and when in the
    air, press R2. You'll perform a nice Spine Transfer. Do this 3 times to move on
    to flips.
    Okay you need to do 3 flips now. Front or back, it doesnt matter. To do a flip
    you need to Press and hold O and then either double tap the Down arrow to do a
    backflip or doubletap the front arrow to do a forward flip. Do not hold down
    the arrows, this will make you perform a grab, not a flip. Remember to let go
    of O before you land, otherwise you'll hang on to the board and you will not
    land it properly.
    Now on to rolls. Three of them to be exact. Fairly simple, skate up the ramp,
    and press O while doubletapping either the left or right arrows. Same rules
    apply as to flips, hold O but release it before you land, otherwise you will
    not be able to complete the trick.
    Now on to Acid Drops, very simple. Just run off the roof and tap R2 as you go
    along in order to drop into the quarter pipe. Dont get on your board, just run,
    you'll get on your board when you drop off the roof.
    Finally Bank Transfers, easy as the Acid Drop. Skate up to the ramp, and hit R2
    in midair. Turn around, repeat. Do it 3 times to complete this mission and get
    that much closer to the Skate Ranch. You've also picked up several new tricks,
     D	Learn the Boneless and Boned Ollie
    Time to talk to Josh. He'll teach you to gain more air, this will make
    performing tricks much easier.
    Start moving forward while on your board, press the Up arrow twice and then X
    to do a Boneless. Dont worry if you leave the area, you'll start back from the
    beginning for the next part of this mission.
    Once you're done that you'll learn the Boned Ollie. Just go straight forward
    and double jump like you may have done while learning the Parkour Tricks.
    Hopefully you can get in 3 double jumps before hitting the wall. If not, dont
    worry. You'll have plenty of time.
     E	Learn Some Wall Tricks
    Talk to Jeff, he is located right across from the entrance to the Skate Ranch.
    This guy will teach you 3 new wall tricks.
    First, you need to skate towards a wall, when you're a few feet away, jump, and
    press X when you make contact with the wall. You'll slap a sticker on the wall
    and push away, this is called a Sticker Slap.
    When you've done 3 of those, you will do the same thing, but instead of
    slapping a sticker on the wall, you'll push off with your foot. Same thing,
    skate towards the wall, jump, but this time press the Down arrow and X when you
    make contact with the wall.
    Then you'll learn how to wallride. Its best if you skate alongside a wall
    rather than directly towards it, when you're by a wall, jump up and press
    Triangle to skate along the wall.
    Very easy, and once you're done you'll have 3 new moves and you're a little bit
    closer to being accepted into the Skate Ranch.
    Now that you're done learning the tricks, you'll recieve a text message from
    Mindy. (If you dont remember how to check it, press Start and select Text
    Messages.) She'll suggest that you earn some more stats via Sponsor Challenges
    before trying to make it to the Skate Ranch and impressing her friends.
    You can either do that, or skip it if you have the skills and try to get into
    the Ranch.
     F	Impress Murphy/Boone/Dave
    This is a very straight forward task, just do exactly as you were told to do.
    You only need to impress one of the friends to move on, you can can choose
    whichever set of tricks you are most comfortable with or want to attempt.
    First perform a wallrun up the wall (R1 while on foot), then do a wallflip
    (Down+X), and when you start to land, quickly hold down L1 and Triangle to do a
    Natas Spin. Remember to let go of Down, X and R1, otherwise you'll hit the
    ground. Dont worry about aiming properly, as long as you're in the right area
    you'll automatically land on the pole. However if you dont push the buttons at
    the right time, you will miss no matter what.
    	4.3	Skate Ranch
    Head to the Skate Ranch (Green icon on the compass) to continue the story.
    You've finally made it into the Skate Ranch, but unfortunately getting in was
    the easy part. If you want to stay in you have to earn your keep. After you
    meet Iggy Van Zandt you'll be given your first mission in the Skate Ranch.
     A	Skitch Sanchez
    You have to collect wood in order to help Iggy build a new ramp and prove you
    can carry your own weight. So get busy. You'll need to find the spots with a
    suitable supply of wood.
    So head back to the entrance where Murphy is waiting for you. He'll let you
    borrow Sanchez so you can grab the wood for their ramp.
    This is going to be a fairly easy or fairly difficult mission for you depending
    on how good you are at keeping your meters balanced. You need to skate up
    behind Sanchez, you will grab him and he will pull you towards your
    destination. You need to keep yourself balanced, or you will let go of him and
    have to reposition yourself.
    Its not that long of a ride, just outside the Skate Ranch exit is where you
    need to go. You'll see the sign you have to smash. Hit it with your skateboard
    (Remember to get off of it first) and press O to smash it to bits.
    However its not enough wood, so you'll have to get back on Sanchez and find
    another location. This ride is a little bit longer, you'll be heading back to
    Hollywood. Not far in though, about where the Dino head fell. Smash the sign,
    and now its time for a race.
    Its not against the dog though. He'll be long gone before you can even get back
    on your board. You'll be racing against the timer, it shouldnt be a problem as
    long as you dont try to do too many tricks on your way back to the Ranch.
     B	Learn the Bert Slide from Iggy
    Time to learn a new move from Iggy himself.
    The Bert Slide itself is easy. All you have to do is start skating forward, and
    then press R1 and either the left or right arrows or use the left analog stick.
    Do this 3 times to complete this part of the mission.
    Okay, before you start doing the Bert Slide across the halfpipe, just keep in
    mind you dont need to go around in a circle. The simplest way to do this is to
    first hold down X, when you get to to the first icon, press and hold R1. Now
    start wiggling the left analog stick back and forth while keeping R1 and X held
    down. This will complete the mission for you.
    Now you have to Bert Slide on the vertical walls. Press X to gain speed as you
    go down the ramp, then following the paint on the boards, use the left analog
    stick to go over the gap. When you are above the door, press R1 while
    continuing to steer left. You'll finish the trick automatically.
    Thats it for the Skate Ranch missions for now.
    	4.4	Hollywood II
     A	Buy the Dino Head
    Time to head back to Hollywood, the Dino Head is right outside the exit from
    Beverly Hills, and when you get there you'll see a guy named Joey B. waiting
    for you. Talk to this guy to cut a deal for the Dino Head.
    Now you'll need to earn money (if you dont have it already) to buy the head. It
    shouldnt be too hard, you dont need a lot of money, and unless you went on a
    shopping spree to trick out your character, you shouldnt need to do much.
    To earn the money you'll have to do side missions. You can talk to the tagger
    (Yellow spray paint can on your compass), and he'll ask you to tag a spot for
    him. All you have to do is walk up to the white outline and hit Triangle to
    earn easy cash.
    Or you can find the guy designated by a green $ icon on your compass.
    Performing tricks for him will earn you cash. The tricks themselves arent too
    complicated, but do take more work than the tagger missions.
    Choose whichever one you want, and head back and talk to Joey B. You'll see the
    same cutscene, and have the option to either buy the head. Obviously you want
    to buy the head, so give him the cash.
    You've just earned whats in the game called a Skate Ranch Piece. When you
    rebuild the park you'll need the pieces you collected to help build it. You
    will recieve a text message and the option to return to the Ranch.
    Heading back to the Ranch will continue the missions, but if you want to free
    roam for a bit, choose not to return.
    	4.5	Beverly Hills II
     A	Get the 69 Gas Station Sign
    Head on over to the Gas Station, its just to the East of the Skate Ranch exit.
    Murphy will be waiting for you behind the bus.
    You will have to Spine Transfer (R2) up onto the roof next door and Sticker
    Slap (x) the gas price sign to knock the sign over.
    From where you start, immediately hold down X to gain speed, you'll be launched
    upwards, when you're in the air press R2 to do a spine transfer, then use the
    wooden ramp on the right side of the roof to do a Sticker Slap. (Wait until
    you've made contact with the sign and then push X).
     B	Get the Naked Lady Statue
    Useless Dave will be waiting for you outside the Museum. Talk to him to receive
    your instructions.
    Now you have to climb over the wall to get past the guards. What should you do?
    Spine Transfer? Nah the wall is way too high. I know! Climb up the ladder thats
    conveniently located directly in front of you behind those plants.
    Once you're inside, break through the two glass walls and drop down into the
    courtyard and head for the statue.
    Ollie (X) over the statue to get the key, and when you have it head back
    towards the gate to let the crew in.
    Now that you're in you have to get the statue. Grind around the fountain until
    the timer runs out. When the timer runs out, end the trick and recieve your
    newest piece. You can either return to the Ranch or get the remaining pieces if
    you havent already.
     C	Get the Green Top
    Boone will be scoping out a green top  for the ranch. He will tie a rope to it,
    and he'll instruct you to pull it down. This is an extremely simple button
    mashing mission.
    In fact you only need to mash one button, X. You have until the timer expires
    to charge the meter on the screen all the way to the top. Just keep mashing X
    until its fully charged. Sometimes the screen will move upwards away from you
    and show the green top shifting position. For this brief period you may stop
    mashing, but once the screen shows you again, start mashing. Once you're done
    you have a new addition to the Skate Ranch.
     D	Get the Metal Awning
    Murphy will be waiting for you to the right of the Gas Station. This is where
    you'll find the perfect grinding piece, a metal awning.
    You'll have to use the signs on the ground as ramps to get onto the awning.
    Dont worry about turning around, there are two ramps that will keep you on a
    straight path back and forth. You need to grind the rails and do the tricks
    that Murphy will call out to you. You need to complete them before the timer
    runs out to get the awning.
    Once you've collected all 3 pieces, you can return to the Skate Ranch to
    recieve more missions.
    	4.6	Hollywood III
    Just like in the last set of missions, you're objectives will be to acquire
    pieces for the Skate Ranch. This time your path of destruction will take place
    in Hollywood.
     A	Get the Red Velvet Ropes
    Meet Duane near the end of the ropes you used to kickflip Whofleck.
    Security has probably been tightened since your little trick, so you have to
    ride in a pickup.
    When the truck is near the ropes, jump out and start grinding, when you get to
    the end of the ropes, jump back in.
    Not as easy as it sounds. You need to have fairly good timing. Stay in the
    truck until you get to the icon telling you to start grinding, jump out and hit
    Triangle. Now you dont have to worry about the truck, it will either go past
    you or fall behind. Doesnt matter, just keep grinding until you see an icon
    that says Jump. You'll only have a second to jump off before you fall off the
    ropes and get pummeled by security, so make sure you time it right.
     B	Get the Giant Record Needle
    Meet Boone outside Big Buck Records (Just North of where you had the showdown
    with the punk who punched you). He'll explain that they want to get the big
    needle on top of the building as a new addition to the Ranch.
    So do what he says, and follow him directly up the ladder. Once you're at the
    top, you'll have to grind down the side of the building. So just press Triangle
    and run down the side of the building and get ready to be dizzy.
    You only need to grind for a few seconds, but make sure you try and keep your
     C	Help Mr. D. Get into Downtown
    Talk to Mr. D.  He's trying to get downtown.  He can open the entrance but he
    needs his bag of tricks.  Distract the cops by grinding the rail and bank
    dropping onto the police car.
    You wont have much time once you start grinding the rail, so just mash
    Triangle, X and then R2 in quick succession to finish off this mission.
    After you do this mission, you can now go downtown.
     D	Get Some Stars
    Meet Murphy on the sidewalk just past the area where you stole the ropes. He'll
    tell you you're going to steal stars from the Walk of Fame. You need to grind
    the shovels that have been placed under the stars to pry them out of the
    You can try to do them all in quick succession by skating, jumping, grinding.
    But that takes great timing.
    If thats something you dont have, do it my way. Get off your board, walk up to
    a shovel, jump and grind. Get off, walk, jump, grind, repeat. It'll get all
    those stars up in a small amount of time without having to retry the shovels
    you missed.
    Once thats done the stars will have formed ramps. To get them out of the
    sidewalk you'll need to Bank Drop them. Just press R2 as you go over the edge
    of the ramp.
     E	Get the Radio Tower
    Head over to the movie theatre and talk to the attendant. Enter the theatre
    doors to meet Dave up on the roof. He'll tell you to grind the support wires so
    you can take the tower back to the Ranch.
    Jump up and grind either of the two wires, it'll lead you around the tower and
    back to where you started. You only have to grind for 2 seconds or so, so you
    shouldnt have to worry about balance.
    When you're done that you need to footplant the tower. Use the ramp to gain air
    and when you're about to make contact with the tower, press Down + X to do a
    footplant to knock the tower over.
    Now you have to take it down for good. Run or skate to the end of the tower,
    and jump up on the white ball to do a Natas Spin for a few seconds.
    	4.7	Downtown
     A	Knock The Fire Escape Down
    Skitch jorge's car to lip the parts of the fire escape.  Skitch the car until
    prompted to let go.  Once in the air, lip trick the various sections starting
    at the bottom.  You have to lip three sections for the fire escape to fall down
    and Jorge tows it back to the ranch.
    You dont need to hold down X, because when you let go you'll Ollie, slowing you
    down. Just tap down on the directional pad or on the left analog stick to let
     B	Smash the Chinatown Tower
    *Note - For this mission Master Zen is on the roof, you need to go inside the
    building marked on your map in order to find him.
    Grind around the edge of the quarterpipe.  At the end, hit the green tower. 
    Then do it again, jumping as you hit the tower.  The tower will fly off into
     C	Help Joey B. Get to the Manhole
    The same guy who sold you the dinosaur for $100 now needs to get to the
    manhole.  However, the street is blocking it.  If you can break it up, he can
    get to the hole.  Launch off of the kicker and acid drop onto the ramp near
    him.  Do the trick that he says and then press R2 to acid drop onto the ramp. 
    The angle of takeoff is crucial here.  You need to be essentially aiming at the
    left top part of the kicker to hit the other ramp.  Also, if you find that
    you're not getting enough air, try doing a boneless (up, up, x) off the ramp or
    changing the time at which you push x to jump off of the ramp.
     D	Learn the Board Stall
    Demonstrate to the master that you can rail stall three times. Use the rails to
    the left of you. Just skate up it and press and hold R2+Triangle, do this three
    times.  Then stall above the ventura freeway.  Transfer from the ramp to the
    sign and press R2 and triangle when you're about to hit the sign.  The sign
    will fall and open a new area.
     E	Kick Off the Bell
    Murphy wants you to natas spin the bell and then he'll call out tricks as you
    spin.  Then he has you wall plant on the bell and send it flying out into space
    back to Skate Ranch.
     F	Loosen the Pyramid
    YOu have to climb up onto the building and natas spin on the indicated pyramid.
     While spinning do the moves that flash on the screen.  Once complete, you must
    once again climb the ladder but this time, you must hit the pyramid with your
    board.  This sends it skyward and presumably to Skate Ranch.
     G	Learn Special and Focus
    Fill your special meter by linking together tricks.  Then get focus and keep it
    for 6 seconds.  Then learn the tailblock slide by getting special and pressing
    down, left, and triangle.  Finally get focus and do a 360 hardflip over the
    trashcan at the end of the rail. 
    Some people have trouble with the hardflips, so heres a piece of advice.
    remember, you need to be grinding. So from the start, jump up and grind the
    rail. When you're a few feet away from the dumpster, hit L3 (Press the left
    analog stick into the controller), and jump and then press the combos for the
    360 Hardflip. As long as you make it over the dumpster, you're doing it right.
    You might not land it, but if you make it over you're on the right track. Just
    keep doing it, and try different grinding position like the 50-50 or Nosegrind.
    Eventually you'll land it.
    Once you have learned Special and Focus, you will be able to go to the Van's
    Tony Hawk Am. Now head to the green arrow icon in the bottom right of the map,
    not the one in the top left, that will take you to Hollywood. Skate all the way
    down the corridor, you'll see a garage door opening at the end. Enter there.
    	4.8	Vans Park
     A	Get into the Tony Hawk AMJAM
    Go speak to the guy with the pink star over his head.  He'll tell you that the
    registration is full; another guy has just taken the last spot.  You'll insult
    another skater and he'll try to show you up.  You have to beat two of his
    combos.  After you beat the combos, he'll try to show you up one more time but
    will bail at the end.  Since he's hurt, you get to take his place in the AMJAM!
    If you have trouble beating his combos, just go with the stall or liptrick.
    Keep yourself balanced until you surpass the goal.
     B	Pay the Fee and Get Sponsored
    Talk to the AMJAM Judge and pay the $50 entrance fee. Same thing as when you
    bought the Dino Head, if you've been doing side missions and have the money,
    pay the man. If not, seek out the tagger or the $ sign guy who will give you
    money for completing tricks.
     C	The Tony Hawk AMJAM
    The competition is elimiskate, so whoever has the lowest score after each round
    is eliminated.  Remember that if you use moves in the early rounds, the
    multiplier and score will be lower for them in the later rounds.  So if you've
    got moves that are super high-scoring, you might want to wait until the later
    rounds.  After you win the competition, you will get a text message from Mindy
    telling you to meet her back at the ranch
    Go back to skate ranch and see Iggy getting busted.  Word got out that Iggy is
    living there.  Now you have to find his other friends.
    	4.9	Skate Ranch II
    While at the ranch, you can find Mindy and try out the new pieces that you've
    been collecting.  
    -Dinosaur Head
    -Ben Whofleck's premier velvet ropes
    -Hollywood Stars
    -Broken Floor from Beverly Hills
    -Concrete ramp
    -Huge Roll-In
    -Green Dome kicker
    -Freeway accident sign
       Note:  This one is up the steep ramp from where you start.  Once you launch
    off of it, it will send you over the suspended section of the broken floor from
    Beverly Hills.
    -Charged up pyramid 
       Note:  You will need to do a focus combo here
    -Piece of road
    -Fire escape
    -Big Chinese Tower
    -Deep pit with a naked lady
       Note:  This one is quite tricky.  She is in the bottom of the pit surrounded
    by spikes.  The sides of the pit are surrounded by a rail spiraling downward in
    a counter-clockwise manner.  You should do a few tricks before you jump down
    onto a natas spin on the lady statue.  Once you've spun for a bit, jump back
    onto the rail - making sure to skate to the right - and grind on up to the top
    where you can land the trick.  If you end up going left, you will be able to
    get up by constantly wall riding and doing wallies.  It will probably take a
    few tries to get down onto the statue in the first place and a few more to get
    out of the pit.  
    -Elevated lift to the quarterpipe
    	4.10	Beverly Hills III
     A	Prove Yourself to the Skateclub
    Find the Skateclub Leader.   You want to get into the parking garage.  The guy
    spouts some stuff about corporations and you being the poster boy of evil.  To
    gain acceptance into the skate club, you must renounce the corporations.  Then
    he says you must trick on all of the objects before his stopwatch runs out.  
    The best strategy here is to just find a line of them and grind them.  The only
    objects you need to trick on are glowing so finding them should not be
    difficult. Easiest way to do this is to get off your board, run to the right to
    the end of the first glowing object, jump up and grind, when you're nearing the
    end, jump and grind again, and again. Get off your board. Run to the other
    side, and do the same thing back to where you started.
     B	Learn Flatland from the Skateclub Guys
    Finally you're going to learn flatland tricks.  These are basically just little
    flip/spin things that you do while you're manualing.  They are great for
    increasing multipliers on combos.  
    The leader takes your clothes and says you must never talk about the skateclub.
    Fight Club reference, anyone? 
    Manual and do the tricks that he calls out.  Keep an eye on your balance as the
    balance meter becomes more unstable with the more tricks you do.  Land whenever
    the balance bar is becoming unstable or you will risk the tricks overwhelming
     C	Distract the Cops!
    You're still trying to get past the cops and the parking garage.  The
    Demolition Committee of Project Wasteland is targeting major corporations for
    destructive operations.  Follow the Skateclub guys to the Welshore hotel.  This
    involves skating straight through the middle of the level to the other side. 
    The hotel is located on the opposite side of the block from where you are.  To
    get to the roof of the hotel, spine transfer (R2) off of the quarterpipe near
    the entrance to the hotel.  If you're not going high enough, you're probably
    not in the right spot; move down to the right a little ways and try again.  The
    top of the hotel is surrounded by quarterpipes.  The DCPW has rigged the beams
    above to fall if they're lipped on.  First lip the lower red beam.  Then lip
    the second red beam.  This will take a little more speed.  Boneless (up up x)
    if you need even more height.  Finally, lip the second red beam again and do
    the tricks that they call out.  
    The beams will fall down and the cops will rush out of the parking garage,
    leaving you free to go down.
     D	Prove Yourself to the Skateclub V.2
    Find the Skateclub Leader in the basement.  He wants you to try to beat his
    best flatlanders.  Just try to stay in a combo for the entire run.  There is
    some AI here and the game won't just run the score up on you. You need to end
    the combo to score the points, so keep going until you're sure you have the
    higher score. Dont break off the tricks until near the end.  Beat the first two
    guys and the leader will bring out the man of flatland himself: Daewon Song. He
    says that he'll let you win if you just make it look competitive.  Beat him
    like you beat the first two.  Some tips for this section:  Explore all of the
    different flatland tricks.  Don't forget to try Triangle->Square if you've been
    doing Square->Triangle.  Mix them all in.  You can also push Square Square to
    do a flip for whatever trick you're doing.  Also, Triangle Triangle and Circle
    Circle are tricks as well.
    	4.11	Santa Monica
    To get to Santa Monica skate towards the door at the end of the garage, then
    skate past the bus to the next open door.
     A	Get to Alva's Bro
    Find Alva's bro up in the courtyard.
    Grind across from one planter to the other without touching the ground. Okay,
    just to be clear, you do not jump from one planter to another. Its possible,
    but very hard. The way you're suppose to do this is jump from planter, to the
    theatre, to the next planter. If you dont know how to do this, fail the mission
    and watch Alva's brother do it.
    Start grinding the rail, and when you make the first turn, ollie off the
    planter and grind the back of the theatre platform for a split second, before
    ollying again and hitting the next planter. Make sure you jump as soon as you
    make the first turn, your momentum will give you a nudge forward and help you
    hit the stairs, if you jump too late you'll swing around and travel in the
    wrong direction.
    When you're grinding the back of the theatre platform, make sure you jump while
    you're still heading forwards. Same as the first planter, if you jump too late
    you'll travel in the wrong direction.
    Then get up to the top of the theater roof without touching the ground. Skate
    forward, but aim for the ramp, this will launch you into the air. You should
    see cables running from one end of the courtyard around to the theatre roof.
    When you're in the air, grind these wires. It'll take you around a corner of
    the courtyard, there is a broken section here. Ollie to get on the rooftop.
    Finally get to the dude without touching the courthouse grounds.  Do this by
    starting on the wall to your left.  When it curves to the left, jump across the
    gap.  Follow this around and use the same method described above to get to the
    top of the roof.  The guy is standing in the pavilion underneath you.  Just get
    off your board, go over to the side and hang down.  Drop onto the floor and go
    up to him.
    An Alternative solution offered by estoy:
    On the third part, I tried and tried what you said in your guide, but to
    no avial.  So intead of hopping on the left wall, I grinded on the right
    wall, jumped to the next ledge, then after that ledge I fell to the lower
    level.  From here, I was able to stop and realign myself (since this is not
    technically part of the court ground) and I jumped to the planter right near
    me, grinded and jumped the gap to the theater stage.  Worked like a charm
    first time.
     B	Ride the Wheel and Scare the Seagulls
    Lip trick on the ferris wheel for a full rotation of the car on which you're
    riding.  Start on a car right at the bottom and just ride it around until
    you're back at the bottom and it tells you that you can hop off.
    Next, ride the rail around the end of the pier.  The tricky part of this one is
    timing the jump at the broken portion. As you turn the corner around the shack,
    you'll be skating on ropes instead of rails, this is your cue to jump off as
    you near the broken gap.
    Now you have to scare the seagulls away.  First grind the rope on the edge of
    the pier and scare away all of the seagulls. Dont skate the rail, jump over the
    rail onto the rope running beside the rail. Then grind the other rope the guy
    shows you.  There is no Skate Ranch piece for this goal.
     C	Shoot the Valley Kooks
    Tony Alva is out in the water with some valley surfers.  His buddy has rigged
    up the telescope into a cannon.  Shoot all of the surfers in the water by
    pressing square. You have unlimited ammo, so just keep firing.
    Start from the left, there should be 3 surfers on your screen. Take those 3 out
    first and pan to the right. There should be another 2, take them out as fast as
    you can, but you may need to move back to the left and get the ones who have
    climbed back up on their surfboards.
     D	Rip out the Steps.  Impossible!
    If you are able to get the stairs torn down, the construction worker will take
    them back to the ranch for you.  All you have to do is jump down the stairs
    while doing a trick.  It can be tough to clear them though.  Get speed on the
    quarterpipe behind you. Do a boneless as you take off (try going later and
    later) and eventually you'll clear them.  Then you must do it three more times.
    Finally you must do a 360 Impossible over the same stairs.
    If you cant clear the stairs, then there is an easier way to complete this
    mission. First get off your board or skate to the top of the steps. (Do not go
    down them). Turn around so you're facing the building, skate up and do a
    liptrick on the ledge, end the trick and hold down X. When you fall back down
    and are above the steps, release X and do the Impossible. (Up and Square). Keep
    doing this every time.
     E	Shark Attack
    Meet mindy near the board shop.  She points out the huge shark head statue and
    wants to grab it for the Ranch. She says to use the kicker next to the shark
    and acid drop onto the head to shake it loose.  You'll be pointed in the right
    direction and your launch angle off of the kicker isn't a huge deal.  Push R2
    when you're over the shark head to acid drop onto the shark.  Next, she says to
    launch up and stall (triangle + R2) on the nose to knock it loose.  Again, your
    launch angle isn't crucial off of the kicker.
     F	Show up 'The Man'
    The guy wants you to take down the Skate Park sign so that the Man can see that
    he ain't the man.  Ollie and then grind on the Skate Park Sign.  He'll call out
    tricks as you grind.  If you do enough, the sign will fall.  The sign is sort
    of wavy so it will be hard to jump to change your grind.  Try to wait until you
    can see a spot to jump to to change your grind.  If you get off of the thing in
    a place that will be too tough to get back to the kicker, it will return you to
    the beginning point.  Sometimes it's easier to just jump into the water and be
    returned automatically to the beginning than skate back there and have to line
    up the ollie.  It is also good to wait for certain tricks of the same type to
    pile up and then get rid of them all at once.  The nose bluntslide is a good
    example of this.
     G	Tear Down The Roof
    Talk to the freaking out kid who just ate 20 sugar packets.  He wants to bring
    down the roof of the theater in the courtyard.  Somehow, by cavemanning off of
    the roof, you can get this to happen.  You'll start on your board so hop off
    (L1+R1) and run to the edge.  Jump out and push L1+R1 as you're in the air to
    caveman onto the ground.  Do this three times and the building will collapse. 
    You've got a new piece for Skate Ranch.
     H	Bomb the Hill with Tony Alva
    He say's you have to show off some old school skating moves to really impress
    him.  First you have to pogo (triangle triangle while in a manual) down the
    hill between the cones.  For this part, it really helps to have a lot of speed
    going into the manual.  Next, do the same thing with a handstand (circle
    circle).   Finally, you have to bert slide down the entire ramp.  This is the
    tough one.  Here are a couple of tips to help:  Keep pushing back and forth
    really quickly to keep your skater from going out of control.  If you fail,
    actually go back and retry the mission rather than wait and keep trying for
    your timer to run out.  If, during the mission, you select retry mission, you
    will only have to retry the part that you are currently on.  This holds for a
    lot of the missions in THAW.  However, if you let the timer run out and fail
    the mission, you'll have to do the first two parts again.  While they're not
    super hard, this can be a pain.  Finally, the game seems to be pretty lenient
    as to how far down the ramp you can actually start your trick.  It may be that
    you just have to go across the line at the end while doing it for it to
     I 	Scare Away the Carny
    Before you start this mission, you need to go back to Hollywood to buy the
    Alien mask.  If you try to start the mission without it, Tony Alva will just
    send you packing.  You can hop on the bus to get back to Hollywood.  Go to the
    clothing store (just the normal one - not any special costume store).  The
    alien suit will be listed under "shirts."  Buy it for $150.  If you don't have
    enough cash, you can complete some of the really easy tasks from the hobo. 
    Find him by following the dollar sign on your radar.  Once you've got the alien
    suit, ride the bus back to talk to Tony Alva.  
    Create a new grind trick.  An easy one that looks pretty cool is just a
    handstand for the duration or something.  Practice using it.  Then go and talk
    to Tony Alva again.  He says to pull your crazy trick on the coaster track
    right in front of the carny to scare him.  Watch out for the coaster car
    though.  Do the created trick (default is up, down, triangle) on the track in
    front of the carny and land it.  
    Next, go to the opposite side of the ferris wheel from where you started the
    mission to where the carnie was standing.  There is a small lever here.  Jump
    up onto it in a natas spin and do the tricks that they call out.  If you don't
    get a trick right in time, it will tell you that you missed it.  Keep an eye on
    your balance as the number of tricks that you pull will decrease the stability
    of the meter.  The ferris wheel will topple into the water, summoning a boat
    that will take you to the oil rig.   Luckily, you'll be automatically changed
    out of the Alien Suit. 
    You will now have the light bulb icon on your map for a create a trick spot.
     J	Pay the Ship Captain
    The Captain has used up all his gas cruising for the ladies. So he needs to get
    some more otherwise you are not going anywhere. You need to earn the money and
    pay the captain to take you to Mega. So if you have the money, pay him.
    Otherwise you need to earn money by doing the tagger missions or doing tricks
    for the guy with the $ icon.
    To get to the ship head to the lower right corner of the map, you'll see a gap
    in the railing from where the ferris wheel smashed through. Skate on the left
    side of the broken railing to get to the ship.
    	4.12    Oil Rig
     A	Feed the Shark!
    Go find Mega and talk to him.  He wants you to help him feed the pet shark. 
    Make a big bang by grinding on the cleat and acid dropping into a grind on the
    next cleat.  
    Next, grind the coiled cable and jump at the last second to get onto the cable
    above the water.  Grind this out until there is a gap on the wire.  The camera
    angle will change.  Just push jump at the top of the bent upwards portion of
    the rail.  You'll fly above the shark and land on the other side.  Don't worry
    about balancing for the rest; the goal is over.
     B	Help Mega blow up the USGA$ sign
    Mega wants to rile up the derrick workers so wants you to create some
    explosions.  He has activated the pipes that cause the three pressure release
    valves to pop up.  Take the lift to the upper level.  Do this by just skating
    forward into the lift.  Next, fetch the explosives by grinding on the pipes.  
    Start out and grind the pipe in front of you.  Then jump up to the steeper
    angled grey pipe and grind upwards.  Once you slow down and turn the other way,
    you will see the final valve on the same pipe on which you are already
    grinding.  Hit it to trigger the final part of the mission.  
    Grind on the yellow railing in front of you and jump before the gap.  When you
    hit the railing on the tower, the camera angle will change to a far away shot
    of you spiraling upward.  Just keep an eye on your balance until the camera
    returns to normal.  At the end of the pipe, jump and fly towards the USGA$
    sign.  Wallplant or sticker slap the sign and the explosives will go off.  Now
    Mega is going back to the Ranch to dig up the old green snake.  He tells you to
    pick up some pieces while you're out here anyway.
     C	Tear Off the Corner Piece
    Talk to the worker.  There is a problem with a wedge of concrete, grind the
    rail sequence to knock it free.  First start out grinding the yellow rail to
    your left. Jump where it says jump, make sure you jump before the turn,
    otherwise you wont be able to land on the gray wedge. You'll go in another
    direction. Grind the gray wedge all the way around until it says Jump again,
    when it does, make sure you jump to the left and grind the yellow railing.
     D	Drop the Grate and Balls
    Talk to the welder.  He wants you to climb up to the crane to talk to him
    again.  Get off your board and walk up to the ladder.  He tells you about his
    huge skeet ball course that he has created.  Skate down the crane and jump off
    the kicker at the end.  Bank drop onto the cup and jump toward the second cup. 
    Bank drop into this one and finally launch yourself at the wall.  Wallplant on
    the wall to complete the goal.  
     E	Destroy the Antennas
    The welder has a funny little smiley face [:-[ next to him.  He has messed up
    the antennaes on three ships by sending out a text message with the rig's
    computer to his internet girlfriend.  You need to go out to the end of the
    scaffold and spine transfer to the boats.   Grind out to the end and jump off
    onto the quarter pipe.  Spine transfer down onto the first boat.  Then do a
    series of spine transfers along the boat until you go over the main antenna. 
    You have to be in the middle of the boat for it to register.  If you bail, it
    isn't hard to get enough speed to keep the spine transfers going.  Once you've
    got the first antenna, spine transfer to the other two boats and get the other
    two the same way.
     F	Dismantle the Combo Pipes
    The tool pusher is mad at the welder who has placed the wheels out on the pipes
    where he can't get any leverage to turn them.  Grind out onto the pipes
    starting with the one on the right.  Get some speed before you do this.  As
    soon as you hit the right hand wheel, ollie over to the middle pipe.  Again, as
    soon as you hit the wheel, ollie over to the leftmost pipe and grind the wheel
     G	Get off the Oil Rig!
    Talk to the tool pusher near the top of the rig.  The suspended walkways are a
    problem with the safety inspector.  He wants you to get to the helipad by
    pretending that the walkways are corroded out.  Additionally, the elevators are
    not working so you can't use them either. Simply head directly to your left,
    and go up the ramp, follow it as it goes towards the left, and you should see
    the helipad along with red quarterpipes below it, spine transfer using one of
    the quarterpipes to get on the helipad.
    Next, spine transfer over the helipad onto the pipe and smash the seal.  You'll
    fall into the pipe - the conduit back to Santa Monica.  You'll receive a text
    message from Mega saying that the crane that he's been using to dig up the
    snake run is dead.  Go back to the Ranch to meet with him.
    	4.13    Skate Ranch III
    At this point, you should go talk to Mindy and do the combos for the various
    skate pieces that you've picked up since you were last here.
    -Ferris Wheel
    -Control Panel from the Oil Rig
    -Building Chunks
    -The stairset from Santa Monica
    -Santa Monica rooftop
    -Santa Monica Pier Sign
    -Modified telescope baloon launcher
    -Oil rig floor
    -Storage Tanks
    -USGA$ Sign
    -Pipe in a hoole
    -Chunk of Oil Rig (Focus test combo - seems to register without being in focus)
     A  Help Mega oil the crane
    The crane has locked on him and is rusted over.  He needs some help getting the
    crane oiled.  Climb up to the top of the crane and press triangle as you're
    walking on the top of the crane at the indicated spots.  It might help to leave
    your board behind.  To get to the top of the crane, once you've climbed the
    ladder, walk around to the side and jump up.  Press R2 to grab a hold of the
    ledge and then pull yourself up by pressing up.  Do this again to get to the
    top of the crane.  Then be careful to not fall of while you're dodging the
    wires during this part.  
    	4.14	Getting to East LA
    *Note - The following mission takes place in numerous cities so are listed
    under their own section*
    The Black Widows, a notorious LA street gang have locked up Boone in a tunnel. 
    You need to get past the black widows to get to Boone.  Go downtown and follow
    the red star to where the Black Widows are hanging out near the tunnel
    entrance.  Talk to them and they'll tell you that true taggers are the only
    ones allowed in the tunnel.  First you have to prove yourself to them.  If
    Hector is cool with you, then these guys are cool with you.  Before Hector will
    talk to you, however, you need to get a Black Widow tattoo on your chest. 
    There is a tattoo parlor in Santa Monica where you can get this done.  Get on
    the bus and head down there. 
    The tattoo parlor is in the same row of stores as the skate shop and is marked
    by a purple icon.  Choose the Black Widow tattoo for your chest and go back
    downtown.  Once there, speak to Hector to start your goal.
     A	Get the Black Widow Tattoo
    Hector tells you that to prove that you're a real Black Widow, you must show
    that you can skate.  Manual down through all of the cones.  At the bottom of
    the hill, the path veers right.  At the end, it veers left again to complete
    the goal.  Don't forget to watch your balance while you steer.
     B	Build an All-City Tag
    Once this is complete, you have to go and do all of the tags...
    Downtown tricky tags:
    -Climb up on the ladder behind the tagger and hang off the edge to tag the
    -Go up the halfpipe to the ledge.  Walk along the ledge to the spot.
    -Wallrun up the side of the building near the pipe.  Grab on the pipe and pull
    yourself up.  Wallrun again and grab the top of the building.  Pull yourself up
    and hit the tag.
    -Straight across from you in the distance is a building.  Use the halfpipe to
    get up to the second ledge and find the spot up there.  The spot is NOT on the
    hollywood sign.
    Unlock Downtown Style:  Throw-Ups
    Hollywood tricky tags:
    -On the floor right in front of you
    Unlock Hollywood Style: Stencils
    Beverly Hills:
    -On the wall next to the tagger
    -This one is on top of the green glass roof.  Get up there using the
    advertising kicker and then jump off of your board and grab a hold of the blue
    pipe. Pull yourself up and immediately jump forward onto the platform with
    himl. The spot will be next to him.
    -There is a ladder on the back of the orange building by the skate shop that
    will allow you to climb up to where he is.  Again, the spot will be right next
    to him.  
    Unlocked Beverly Hills Style:  Graphics
    Santa Monica:
    -Behind him on the ground
    -On the wall behind him down toward the skate shop
    -On the ledge above the halfpipe surrounding the cannon
    Unlocked Santa Monica Style: Tags
    You can tell which tagging styles you have unlocked by talking to the tagger
    and designing your own tag.  Under graphics, the styles you have unlocked will
    be listed with the place in parantheses: Stencils (HO), Graphics (BH),
    Throw-Ups (DT), Tags (SM).  Once you have all four styles, create a graphic
    using at least one graphic from each of the four categories.  Return to Hector.
    He won't be marked on the map but will be by the bus, bike, and skate shop.  
    Once you have the correct tag, you'll have to tag the four spots around the
    downtown area that Spat has tagged.  You'll need to hurry because he'll come
    along behind you and cover up your tags.  You'll likely need to cover each spot
    twice before you have them all covered at the same time.  If you need to, make
    sure you know the layout of all four and get a strategy for doing them fast
    before you make a real try at the mission.  You can always retry it over and
    over so doing trial runs is a good thing here.  Once you have gotten all of the
    tags, Hector says that the final challenge for you to do will be on the BMX. 
    Find his buddy to complete it.
     C	Prove your BMX skills
    You need a bike for this mission.  You can find one with the bike icon on the
    map/compass.  The first challenge is to do a tabletop (square) off the kicker. 
    Next you must do a crankflip (up with the right stick).  The next challenge is
    to do a tailwhip (left with the right stick).  Finally, you must manual down
    through the cones and do a wallplant off of the wall at the end.  The game
    doesn't seem to be very picky about where you start your manual as long as
    you're in a manual when you get to the end.  
    The tunnel to East LA is now open.
    	4.15    East LA
     A	Talk to the Black Widow
    Talk to the cholo outside of a store.  He tells you about the guy that they
    beat down (Boone) and shows you his pants that they strung up.  You have to
    board whack the three sprinklers and then grind Boone's pants off of the wire. 
    It can be frustrating here to even find the sprinklers and the board whack
    doesn't seem to register every time.  In the median of the road is a grass area
    with a green pipe running along it.  The sprinklers are the red things sticking
    out of it.  They're hidden by the grass to some extent.  Keep whacking with
    your board (circle) and hopefully you'll hit them.  Once you've hit all three,
    go back up to the top and grind the green pipe down and jump onto a grind on
    the spear of the statue.  This somehow animates the statue and he throws his
    spear setting off a bizarre series of events that open a hole in Boone's cave. 
     B	Save Boone in East LA!
    Find Boone in his tunnel and talk to him through the broken slats.  Break the
    wood open a little more with board whacks (circle while on foot).  Then he says
    to throw him your board (square).  This might take a few tries but just keep
    pressing square and throwing him boards until it registers.  He'll hop on and
    jump out of the now huge hole in the wood into the canal.
    There will now be several mission options available to you.  For this section
    of the game, the level titlers seem to be enamored of using exclamation marks.
    **After one of these goals, you'll get a text message from Mega saying that
    some crazy moron is trying to commandeer his crane.  He wants you to come back
    to the ranch and get the guy off his rig.
     C	Take the bum's bed!
    Dave wants you to take the bum's mattress so that you can have a bed at Iggy's.
     Apparently, by acid dropping onto it, you somehow get to keep it.  Grind on
    the railing and jump to the yellow pipe.  At the end, launch off and acid drop
    onto the red square.  This might take a few tries to get it all lined up.  If
    you're not getting enough air, wait until the very last moment to jump and
    you'll get a big boost.  The bum will be sent catapulting into the air and will
    also destroy a burned out car.  
    The car parts are now scattered around East LA.  You need to find and collect
    them before the Black Widows come looking for them.  This just involves
    starting a combo by grinding on the curb at the first one and keeping the combo
    going all the way to the bottom to complete the goal.
     D	Chopper drop!
    To get to this challenge, go through the grate door that is at street level and
    be transported to the roof.  Talk to Boone.  Jump up onto the helicopter by
    jumping near the runner and pressing R2.  Wait for it to fly to the first spot.
     Drop down onto the bank and drop onto the shack by pressing R2.  The Black
    Widows will be pissed that you're stealing it but by busting the flatland
    tricks in a manual on the top of the shack as it's suspended from the chopper
    should impress them enough.  Finally jump off the small kicker and do a bank
    drop onto the couch.  
     E	Grab the Coyote Runner's sign!
    Talk to Murphy and watch Boone eat it on the Coyote Runner's sign.  Skate off
    of the kicker and press R1&L1 to get off your board in mid air.  Grab a hold of
    the sign by pressing R2.  If you get too low, jump up to the higher part of the
    sign.  Then grind the sign by jumping off of the kicker.  Finally, wallplant
    the sign to get it to fall.   
    	4.16    Skate Ranch IV
    When you get back, you can take the opportunity to do the combos on the newly
    acquired pieces.  Talk to Mindy to do these:
    -Murphy's Bail Bonds Limo
    -The Couch
    -Car Parts
    -Tool Shed
    -East LA Sign
     A	Keep the repo man away from Mega!
    Talk to Murphy to start this challenge.  The repo man keeps trying to climb up
    the crane.  Launch balls at him to keep him off of the crane until Murphy can
    find enough money to pay off his boss.  Once you hit him enough times, he will
    fall off.  This part is kinda hard.  You just need to track him steadily up the
    ladder and make sure that almost all of the balls hit him.  There is a little
    counter at the bottom left of the screen showing you how many you have over how
    many are needed.  Once he falls off, take the bag of money to Hollywood to pay
    off the boss.   
    You'll get a call from Iggy.  You need to get back to the ranch and keep them
    from digging up the snake run.
    	4.17	Impress the Pros: Beverly Hills 
     A	Get Tony Hawk To Be in the Video
    Find Tony Hawk near the stores in the middle of the level.  After you talk some
    smack to him (you're a little punk!), you'll go up to the roof of the hotel and
    he'll show you an airwalk/spine transfer.  You just need to do the same thing. 
    Get some speed on the quarterpipe and spine transfer with an airwalk over the
    large pile of rubble to the right.  If you just transfer over the area linking
    the two areas, the transfer won't register for the goal.  
    Next, he shows you the Frontside Hurricane.  This is left+triangle+triangle. 
    Grind along the entire length of the stairs.  The triik might not register so
    you may have to do it a few times.  It might also not register if it is a FS
    Hurricane rather than a BS Hurricane.  
    Next, he'll show you a gymnast plant.  To do this, just do an inverted lip
    trick (Down+Triangle) on the ledge and then press Circle+Circle to switch to a
    gymnast plant.  You don't have to hold it for any set amount of time.  
    Finally, he'll show you the 900.  Spine transfer over the place indicated and
    press left then right + circle in the air.  You may have to get special before
    you do this.  If the trick isn't registering, you should try to get special and
    try it out on just the normal quarterpipe where you start.  
    After you complete this goal, there will be goals available in all of the major
    city locations.  These can be done in any order.
     B	Impress Deawon So He Joins The Cause
    To convince him to be in the video, you need to double bluntslide the ledge
    (Down+Left+Triangle+Triangle) and heelflip (Right+Square) into a manual.  
    	4.18	Impress the Pros: Hollywood
     A 	Get Rodney Mullen In Your Video
    Talk to Ian outside the school to start this goal.  He introduces you to Rodney
    Mullen.  First, he wants you to perform 10 unique tricks over the stairs.  If
    you are having trouble thinking of unique tricks, remember that double tapping
    buttons will make you do different tricks.  Then, you need to design your own
    trick.  Talk to Ian again after you've become very good at throwing your trick
    quickly.  You need to pull it three times in thirty seconds.  Make sure you
    have special before you talk to Ian.
     B	Get Andrew Reynolds In Your Video
    First follow Andrew's line to Bronson Park.  The pieces you need to hit are
    glowing yellow.  Once there, You will need to take a huge combo into the cave
    to explode the Hollywood sign.  The cave is to the right as you're going up the
    hill from the main Holllywood area.  Get a big combo by manualling and doing
    flatland tricks after you've busted some huge airs.  Manual into the cave
    (walking while extending your combo multiplier might work too) and you'll be
    shot out through the sign while it explodes.  If it doesn't explode, your combo
    wasn't big enough.
    	4.19	Impress the Pros: Downtown
     A 	Help Mike V Get Some Sick Footage
    He wants you to do some tricks for his photographer so he can see if you're
    legit.  You have to do these tricks down the stair set in front of the
    fountain.  As you pull the trick, the camera will go into a strange "photo"
    mode and it will be hard to see what you're doing.  Just press the correct
    button combo and don't worry about looking at it.  First land a Triple
    Impossible (Up+3square).  Next, a triple kickflip (Left+3square).  Finally,
    land a triple heelflip (Right+3square). 
     B	Help Paul Rodriguez Get Back His Gear
    A shipment of his shoes has gotten scattered out of a delivery truck.  You need
    to collect them all before the time runs out.  Skate along the pipe between the
    road and the lower road.  Jump across the cross street and continue on the pipe
    on the other side.  Grind around the corner and jump to the curb and again to
    the halfpipe.  Jump into a manual and cross the street to the left.  Grind on
    the far side along the raised concrete section.  At the end of this, jump to
    the yellow fence to the left.  Then jump down into a manual and go over to the
    yellow fence past the boxes on the ground.  Grind on the yellow fence around
    the corner.  Just past the corner, jump to the left and up onto a grind on the
    concrete wall.  Grind around the corner onto the awning and further onto the
     C	Photo Gaps with Tony Trujillo
    He needs some sweet footage for Vans.  First he needs you to do some grab
    tricks over a gap.  First a melon, then a nosegrab, and finally a tailgrab. 
    Grind the railing and hit ramp at the end.  Launch over the sidewalk in slow
    motion and pull your trick.  Land in a grind on the other side.  
    Next, you have to pull a series of spines in one combo.  As soon as you land,
    revert (R2) into a manual and hit the next spine.  If you fail the combo,
    you'll have to do the entire goal over again.  
    	4.20	Impress the Pros: Vans Park
     A	Help Ryan Sheckler Drop The Jeep
    Jump out the window onto the yellow awning.  Go straight toward the middle of
    the girders and grind the pipe in the middle.  Grind around the corner and jump
    to the next pipe.  Continue grinding around the next corner and jump off to the
    left onto the sloping beam.  Grind upwards until you lose speed and start going
    down.  Grind downwards and you'll be directed onto another wire heading towards
    the jeep.  Once you're heading towards the jeep, jump onto the round thing
    above it and natas spin.  Hold the spin for a few seconds and the goal will be
     B	Show Mat Hoffman You've Got Skills
    To impress Mat, you've gotta show off your BMX skills.  First, you have to do
    three flairs.  To do a flair you need to do a backflip and a 180 while in the
    air.  Don't try to just pull backwards on the stick to do a backflip.  It won't
    work.  Push L2 while pulling back on the stick to do a backflip in the air. 
    Also give it a push right or left to do the 180.  It might take a few tries to
    get this one down.  Next you need to tire tap and do a decade.  Press R2 while
    you're in the air and then once you're in a tire tap, press either right or
    left on the right stick.  Finally, you need to do some doubles tricks with
    Hoffman on your board and you on his bike.  He'll skate back and forth int he
    halfpipe and do short liptricks.  You'll need to do a number of unique tricks
    on the bike in the air over him while he is in the lip trick.  Timing on this
    one is crucial.  Get into his rhythm and try to launch as he's getting on the
    lip.  Once you've done enough unique tricks (up, down, left or right on the
    analog stick to name a few), he'll agree to be in your video.  You have a lot
    of time for this goal so hopefully if you get synched with him, it won't be a
    problem.  Remember, if you're getting close to failing the time limit, just
    retry the goal before you fail it so you don't have to do the first parts over
    	4.21	Impress the Pros: Santa Monica
     A	Doubles with Bob Burnquist
    First, you need to hold a lip trick on the ramp while Bob does a trick over
    you.  Any lip trick will work here.  Next, you need to find Bob.  He'll have a
    pink star that you can find on your compass and will be standing outside of the
    tattoo shop.  After you talk to him, you'll need to trick over him while he is
    holding a lip trick.  After you do this, he'll run off to the end of the pier. 
    Find him here for the final trick.  You'll need to grind the pipe out to the
    building on the end of the pier and get into a lip trick.  You'll be
    interrupted by a cutscene after you get into your lip trick.  After the
    cutscene, you'll see a balance meter again.  Hold the trick until he tricks
    over you.  Land it to complete the goal.
     B	Show Tony Alva You're Hardcore
    You have to ride in the bowl and do the tricks he calls out.  For the first
    part, you just have single tricks to pull.  For the second, you have to do two
    at once.  For the third, he gives you a list of tricks you need to pull in one
    combo.  If there are too many, you could try retrying the goal to see if you
    get a bunch that are the same.  Link them together using revert to manuals.
    	4.22	Impress the Pros: East LA
     A	Nollies With Stevie Williams
    To impress him, you have to do a nollie (press L2 before you jump) from one
    kicker to another.  It won't register if you are even a little bit short (even
    if the gap registers).   For all of these challenges, if you're running short
    on time, just retry the challenge from the start menu.  That way you won't have
    to repeat some of the more annoying jumps so far in the game.  Just try jumping
    later if you're having trouble clearing the gap.  Next, you have to nollie and
    then hardflip (up + left + square) over the gap to the storage container. 
    Again, if you're having trouble hitting this gap, try jumping later and
    experimenting with your angle of takeoff.  Next, you have to nollie hardflip
    over another gap, land in a manual along the roof and jump to the other side. 
    Next, do a nollie plus triple heelflip (Right+3square) off the ramp on the roof
    onto the ramp on the street.  This can be a really hard jump to make.  Don't
    use the angle at which you're started facing.  Instead make sure you launch of
    the furthest, highest section of the ramp in the correct direction to hit the
    ramp below.  Finally, you have to pull a boned ollie over the gap onto the
    storage shed.  First jump over the small gap and follow the wall around the
    curve.  Jump off of the roof extension and press x again while you're in the
    air.  This should be done pretty quickly after you've taken off.  You can
    practice the timing on the first little jump.  Your jump should be essentially
    perpendicular to the edge of the roof extension.  If you follow the curve of
    the wall closely, you'll come out at the right angle to make this gap. 
     B	Bam Margera's Crazy Challenge
    To impress him, you have to first do (what he says is a switch) backside
    tailslide (Right and triangle) down the ledge.  Next do a backflip
    (circle+down+down) over him while he holds a liptrick.  Finally, you have to do
    a stall (triangle+R2) a moving shopping cart.  Hold the stall while the cart
    races down the hill.  Once it hits the bottom, the goal will be complete.  This
    will open up a mission (Pay the Taco Truck Girl) to get to the casino.
     C	Smash Into the Casino!
    Talk to the Taco Truck girl and pay her $100 to smash down the gate to the
    	4.23	Casino
     A	Aim At the Old Ladies!
    Use the modified telescope airgun to shoot the old ladies that showed up at the
    casino.  Not very difficult. Just keep firing away at them.
     B	Transfer Your Special to Boone
    All you have to do here is keep getting special and transferring it to Boone by
    pressing circle when there is a little dialogue box telling you to.  By far,
    the easiest way to do this is to keep busting flatland tricks until your
    special meter is full and then landing them and transfering the special to
    Boone.  You can stay right next to him this way and his meter will never be in
    danger of falling.  Also, getting special doing flatland tricks is very easy;
    it shouldn't take more than a few tricks to have the special meter glowing.
     C	Knock Down the Flood Light!
    Iggy wants the floodlight for the ranch.  You have to do here is do a vert
    wallplant on the lights above the pool.  They will be directly behind where you
    are facing when you start the goal.  Just get up a ton of speed here and get up
    to them.  Do a vertical walplant (Up+Triangle) when you get up to them.  If
    you're having trouble getting enough air, try a boneless or try to go through
    the black door up to the roof and acid dropping into the pool.  Next, you have
    to do a To-Tail when you're on the way down.  The lights will be lower here so
    it should be much easier to get enough air to reach them.  On the way back down
    past them, press down+triangle to hit them with the tail of your board.
     D	Get the Triple 777
    First, jump onto the glowing wire in front of you and do a stall (R2+Triangle).
     Do the trick modifiers that Murphy calls out.  Finally, grind up the wire and
    around the 777 machine seven times.
     E	Wreck the Trippy Pool Thing
    Iggy wants the crazy thing that's hanging over the pool for the ranch.  First,
    climb up the diving board and acid drop into the pool below.  Then spine
    transfer into the next pool.  Finally you have to stall (R2+triangle) on the
    wire above.  
     F	Spine Over David and Boone
    First, you have to spine over Dave and do a kickflip.  Then spine from that
    pool over Boone doing a triple kickflip.
     G	Grab All the Chips
    You have to collect all of the casino chips before the time runs out.  It is
    best to do the first roof section in one big combo.  You have a TON of time to
    complete this goal so just be patient.  Start off grinding on the wall.  Jump
    to the light fixture and then over to the right side of the catwalk.  Jump from
    the catwalk to another catwalk.  Grind all the way around the end and around
    another arm until you have to jump to a new catwalk.  Grind around this catwalk
    until this area is clear.   Then ride up the other set of escalators (not the
    ones with Murphy at the top) and into the area beyond.  There will be a number
    of chips here.  Then go into the elevator and explore the roof area.  The rest
    of the chips will be up here scattered around.  The one that is hard to find is
    in the air way above one of the pools.
    	4.24	The Final Mission
    When you return to East LA, it will automatically trigger a cutscene and a
    goal.  You'll need to get back to the Ranch while avoiding the cops.  If you
    try to go some way that you're not supposed to, the cops will just push you to
    the ground.  Grind the pipe leading over the hill.  You'll be flung into East
    LA.  From here, ride down the street down the hill and duck into the ditch on
    either the right or the left side of the street, avoiding the cop.  Go into the
    entrance leading back to downtown.  Follow the red star through downtown and go
    down the escalators into the Hollywood tunnel.  From there, follow the red star
    up the escalators and over to the escalators to beverly hills.  Skate down the
    block to the entrance to skate ranch.  Skate up the skate ranch tunnel to the
    Congratulations, you've just finished Story Mode!
    	4.25	Skate Ranch V
    Triple 7:  You have to jump onto the upper ring and grind on it for it to
    register this piece.
    Rails: From the weird pool piece
    Spotlight: Bank-Roulette wheel
    5.	Classic Mode
    **NOTE - In Classic Mode several of the goals will be combo goals, because we
    cannot walk you through combos, you will have to do it yourself. The goals will
    be listed but not explained. Also note that you do not need to complete ALL the
    goals within the time limit. You can complete some, and then get the rest
    Also note that the goals and scores listed are for normal mode. The goals and
    scores will be different for Sick mode.*
    	5.1	Minneapolis
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	20
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	30 000 Points
    Pro Score -	60 000 Points
    Sick Score -	100 000 Points
    High Combo -	10 000 Points
    1.	-> + O over the Fountain. The Fountain is just North of your starting
    point in the pit.
    2.	Jump over the red carpet using the combo Up & Left on the D-Pad + Square.
    3.	Get the secret tape. This one will take a large chunk off your time
    limit. From where you start, keep skating down the road, dont make any turns,
    follow the main road. Eventually you'll pass by a series of kickers and come
    upon a truck. Jump through the glass using the back of the truck, and follow
    the hallway out onto a rooftop. Once on the roof, you'll see a ramp. Go up the
    ramp and you'll see quarterpipes lining the rooftop, but there will be a gap in
    one. Use the quarterpipes to gain speed, and use the ramp to get to the rooftop
    on the left. The secret tape is on the ramp in the lower left corner of the
    S.	From where you start, jump the ramp on the left to recieve the S.
    K.	From where you start, keep heading down the same road to grab the K, its
    above the bus stop on the right side. Use the kicker to get it.
    A.	The A is on the road to the left of the large billboard.
    T.	From where you got the A, just keep heading down the road until you see a
    quarterpipe with arrows on it, use it to get the T.
    E.	Once you have the T, keep heading down the road in front of you, past all
    the kickers until you get to a truck. Jump the truck to get the E.
    Grind down the railing containing C and O.  Jump into a manual (Up+Down) and
    collect the M and B.  Jump over the little fountain to get the O.
    	Stat Points
    1.	From where you start, take the first right a Stat Point above the end of
    the ramp towards the street. Jump the ramp and collect it.
    2.	From the fountain, head up to the large billboard in front of you, a Stat
    Point is directly in front of it.
    3.	Facing the billboard, turn around and head down the street to the left of
    you. On this street you will find another Stat Point.
    4.	Across the street from the red carpet you will see a billboard for Tony
    Hawk's Demolition Radio. Over the barrier is another Stat Point.
    5.	From where you start, just keep heading forward. There will be a kicker
    on the right side of the road, and this will have the last stat point above it.
    1.	The first one is just in front of you when you start the level. You'll
    already be heading towards it, so just jump it.
    2.	Keep heading down the street, and as you pass the intersection you should
    see a ramp leading down into the open pit area. The second barrier is on this
    3.	From where you jumped 2, head to the left to see another ramp leading
    back to street level. The third barrier is on this ramp.
    4.	When you're back on street level, you'll see a quarterpipe with arrows on
    it. Get on this platform and you'll see a blue ramp against the wall with a
    barrier on it. Jump it.
    5.	If you're facing the wall with the barrier in front of it, take a left
    and head down the road. You should pass the intersection you originally started
    from. Keep heading down that road and take the second right. You'll see the
    barrier on a raised platform. Use the quarterpipe to gain air, then do a spine
    transfer (R2) + X to get over the barrier and finish the goal.
    	5.2	Santa Cruz
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	20
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	65 000 points
    Pro Score -	130 000 points
    Sick Score -	200 000 points
    High Combo -	30 000 points
    1.	<- + Square Flip over the Pier. To flip over the pier head to the end of
    the road and take the last right. (Dont go to the beach, stay on the paved
    road). You'll see a planter with yellow flowers in it. Head past that. What you
    have to do to get enough air is grind the planter, jump the rail, grind the log
    and then do the flip over the pier. If you land on the sand it might not
    complete the goal, try and land on the stairs.
    2.	-> + O Grab over the Bleachers. Head to the bleachers, in front of them
    will be a quarterpipe. Just launch yourself into the air using that quarterpipe
    to do the grab.
    3.	Get the secret tape. The secret tape is on the movie theatre marquee.
    From where you start, turn around and take 2 lefts, the movie theatre is the
    second building on the right.
    4.	Knock the shoes down.
    	1) Go all the way down the first street you started on by the pier.  To the
    right will be some small buidlings that look like bathrooms.  Go up the side
    and grind onto the wire upwards.  The first pair will be on this wire. 
    	2) As soon as you get 1), jump right onto the other wire and grind along
    until you get to the next pair of shoes.  If you can, keep grinding for a while
    more until you get to 3).  If you fall off here, don't be discouraged: there is
    another way to get 3).
    	3) From where you start, turn immediately right and ride up the street. 
    Hit the quarterpipe underneath the line with multicolored flags and get into a
    grind.  As you go around the corner, jump off onto the wire across from you. 
    Grind along this until you hit the shoes.
    	4) On the pier, jump off of the first set of quarterpipes into a grind on
    the wire above, going left.  Stay in the grind until you get to the shoes.  
    	5) From where you start, skate straight forward along the street and take a
    right at the street that bisects the level.  Next to the far door of the shop
    is a quarterpipe.  Launch off this into a grind on the roof above.  From there,
    jump into a grind on the wire and grind around the corner onto the shoes.
    S.	From where you start, turn around and take a left, head straight into the
    next park. In that park you can find the S above the volleyball net. Use the
    ramp on the net to get the S.
    K.	The K is in front of the movie theatre on the bench. From where you
    start, turn around, take a left, and then another left.
    A.	The A is on the left side of the stairs. Head straight from your starting
    point and then take your first right, run up the stairs and jump off the edge
    of one of the landing areas to get the A.
    T.	The T is in the skatepark, on the stairs where you jumped to get the A,
    jump to the other side and go into the halfpipe at the end of the court. The T
    is on the left side.
    E.	The E is just north of your starting point on the white railing going
    down the pier.
    Jump up from the little brown box next to the booth up onto the wire with C. 
    Jump on the wire to the left to get O.  Jump to the right wire for M and
    quickly to the left one for B.  Before the end, jump off to get O.  
    	Stat Points
    1.	From where you start, jump to the beach on your left and you'll see a
    stat point near one of the blue beach umbrellas.
    2.	From where you start, take the first right, and go up the stairs, then
    jump into the skate park on your left. You'll see a stat point in the air. Do a
    front tuck off the landing area on the halfpipe to get this stat point.
    3.	From where you start, skate up to the red striped ramp on your right, and
    get on the roof. Wall run up the wall in front of you until you're on a red
    ledge. There is a ramp on this red ledge on your right, so head to the left and
    aim yourself to the right, skate down the ledge and use the ramp to gain air
    and launch you into the stat point.
    4.	From where you start, turn around and take a left. Head straight into the
    next park. You can find the stat point in the snake run.
    5.	Head to the end of the pier. If you look over the quarterpipe you'll see
    a rope, and along the rope the last stat point. You need to jump off the pier
    and grind the rope to get this one. If you follow the rope you will not be out
    of bounds.
    	5.3	The Mall
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	13
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	100 000 points
    Pro Score -	200 000 points
    Sick Score -	300 000 points
    High Combo -	60 000 points
    1.	Up+Square over the 16 Set. (The giant stairs leading to the lower level
    of the Mall.) When you head into the mall, the stairs are on the left side.
    2.	(Left analog stick bottom right) + O over the escalator.
    3.	Get the secret tape. After the first big room with the fountain and
    sculpture (where COMBO starts) skate to the right but don't go down the stairs
    or ramp.  Instead skate along past the jeep and jump off of the ramp at the end
    onto a grind on the large metal railing suspended over the room below.  Jump
    into a grind onto the twin railing to the left and hold it until you get to the
    4.	Smash 5 directories.
    	1. The first directory is just North of you when you first smash through
    the glass into the actual Mall. Head up the escalator to find it.
    	2. Another directory is on the path North from the first one. When you
    enter the Mall, take the escalator up, where you'll pass by Directory #1, and
    follow the arrows on the ramps. This will lead you past a Fountain Gap. Keep
    going to get to the 2nd directory.
    	3. Go past the double pool to break the 3rd directory. Its just behind the
    planter with the green shrubs.
    	4. Head down the second set of escalators (The ones you are suppose to jump
    over) to find the 4th directory in the middle of the mall.
    	5. The last directory is on the outside part of the mall.
    S.	From where you start, head down a level and use the ramp to get the S
    suspended in the air.
    K.	The K is just behind the waterfall to the left of the COMBO letters. Head
    past the escalator to get there.
    A.	The A is in the double pool downstairs. Take the ramp on the right side
    of the mall to get down there.
    T.	Head down the second set of escalators (The ones you are suppose to jump
    over), and past the 4th directory to find the T on top of one of the gray
    statues. It acts as a ramp so just skate or run up it.
    E.	The E is just past the outside part of the mall. When you make the jump
    back inside its right in front of the display on the top level.
    To get to the combo, head into the mall and go past the left side of the
    escalator without going up. You'll see the letters before you. Grind the rail
    to get the letters 'C' and 'O', then when you have the O, jump into a manual,
    and keep your balance while you get the letters 'M', 'B' and another 'O'.
    	Stat Points
    1.	The first stat point is downstairs. Go down the huge stairs on your left,
    and you'll see a Stat point in the middle of the hall.
    2.	At the end of the pool where you found the A, is a stat point. Take the
    ramp on the right side of the mall to get to the pool.
    3.	Break into the store to the right of the 2nd stat point to get the third
    4.	This stat point is on the outside part of the mall, right before you make
    the jump back inside.
    5.	This one is actually right above you from where you start. Go up the
    quarterpipe and wallride, then do a wallie (X while wallriding) to get even
    higher and get the stat point.
    	5.4	Chicago
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	??
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	125 000 points
    Pro Score -	250 000 points
    Sick Score -	400 000 points
    High combo -	80 000 points
    1.	Do a (Down) + Square + Square Flip over the Whoop Gap. The Whoop Gap is
    where the T is located. 2 white railings over a gap. Its to the right of where
    you start. You can use the quarterpipe against the far wall to gain speed to
    clear the gap. I believe you have to clear the whole gap if you want to
    complete the goal.
    2.	Backflip (O+Down+Down) the Pool Hip. The Pool is in the upper right
    corner of the area, so head into it. Its shaped like a backwards C, so head to
    the top edge of the pool, and you'll see two sets of arrows, these outline the
    path you should follow to properly get the Pool Hip gap. So gain some air, and
    when you're in the air ready to jump the hip, press R2, and then O+Down+Down to
    do a backflip. *Note - If you gain the stat point while attempting this, it
    wont work. You'll have to try again*
    3.	Get the secret tape. From where you start, immediately turn around and
    take a left, then head up the quarterpipe to the ledge. Run to the left and
    smash the announcement booths glass. The tape is inside the booth. Or you can
    just turn around the second you start the level and wall run up and through the
    glass into the booth.
    4.	Boned Ollie (X+X) the wall. The Wall is right in front of where you
    start. It had the C over it from COMBO. You just have to jump over this. Keep
    in mind you have to clear the whole thing, including the ramp. So you cant use
    that to get air, otherwise you wont complete the goal even if you complete the
    S.	The S is just to the left of where you start the level.
    K.	The K is on the halfpipe in the upper left corner from where you start
    the level.
    A.	Head North to the ledge on the wall from your starting point, then head
    to the middle of the ledge to find the A.
    T.	Either head South from where you got the A to the white railings, where
    you can grind it to get the T, or just head to the right from your starting
    E.	From your starting point, the E would be in the upper right area of the
    map, near the edge of the pool area.
    Grind on the railing for C and O.  Then jump off into a manual and hit M.  Keep
    going with speed up the ramp for M.  Transfer in the air to the left to the
    halfpipe and revert into a manual when you land.  Go up the other side of the
    pipe for the O.
    	Stat Points
    1.	Right next to the S is a stat point. Just take a left the second you
    start the level to find the stat point.
    2.	From where you got the first one, head North into the halfpipe (The one
    where you got the K from SKATE), and go on the landing area on the top half of
    the halfpipe. A stat point is sitting there.
    3.	When you start the level, immediately take a left, and then another left.
    Use the quarterpipe to get onto the ledge behind you. The stat point is sitting
    4.	From your starting point, head directly all the way to the right to get
    the stat point above the quarterpipe.
    5.	This one is located over the Pool Hip. The Pool is in the upper right
    area, and is shaped like a backwards C, so head to the top edge of the pool,
    and you'll see two sets of arrows, these outline the path you should follow to
    properly get the Pool Hip gap. So gain some air, and when you're in the air
    ready to jump the hip, press R2 to transfer and get the stat point.
    	5.5	Kyoto
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	??
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	165 000 points
    Pro Score -	325 000 points
    Sick Score -	500 000 points
    High Combo -	100 000 points
    1.	Do a <- + Square flip over the Directories. Turn around when you start
    the level, and go up the stairs to the top floor. You'll see the 2 directories
    with benches on both sides of them. You have to grind the benches, jump up and
    do the flip over the directories. I'd suggest starting from the left side of
    the directories, theres a gap where you can gain speed if you go in from a
    diagonal. Jump and grind the benches, use the front slope of the directory to
    get a bit of air, and when you smash the glass, do the flip.
    2.	Do a (Down + Square) flip across the Gate. From when you start the level,
    head down the water ramps and take a right. Keep to the right and head into the
    skatepark, you'll see a wooden door between the quarterpipes. To do this, skate
    towards the quarterpipe on one side of the door at an angle facing the door,
    when you're in the air do the flip and try and land it. Its fairly easy.
    3.	Get the secret tape. The tape is located near the demolished street. From
    where you start just head north, spine transfer twice, and follow the walkway.
    The tape is located above the street, so just use it to gain the air to get the
    4.	Destroy the Arcades. The first arcade is right behind you when you start
    the level, just go up the ramp. You only need to skate into it, you dont need
    to whack it with your board. When you have that, turn around and go down the
    ramps. Then take a left into the little skate area. The 2nd arcade is just in
    the middle of this. When you have that, head to the right and go up the
    orange-ish walkway and follow the path until you're at the construction site.
    When you get off the walkway, immediately take a left to destroy the third
    arcade. Facing the construction area, turn around and head down the road as it
    curves along the wall. When you get to the area underneath the bridge, take the
    left curve and keep heading down the road. The 4th arcade is at the end behind
    the railing. When you have that, turn around and head back down the road,
    taking the right that will lead you back to the construction site. Get there
    and head right, you'll see blue fence, and inside that fence a skatepark. The
    last arcade is in the skatepark in the top right.
    S.	The S is right in front of where you start. Skate down the fountain
    steps, and use the quarterpipe to get the S in the air.
    K.	To get the K, turn around from where you start (or if you've just got the
    S, turn around and head up the left side of the ramp), and grind the rail going
    upstairs to get the K.
    A.	When you have the K, dont go up a level. Stay on the landing area below
    the steps, and head to the left, once you get down the ramp, take a right and
    the A is just next to the payphones.
    T.	Head back to where you got the S, and spine transfer onto the orange
    walkway. Grind the middle railing until you're close to the wire running
    overhead, jump up and grind that to the right to get the T.
    E.	The E is just left of the S.
    For this goal it is much easier to start with the final O. Start grinding on
    the curved street divider.  Keep grinding all the way around the dividers -
    jumping when appropriate -  picking up the letters until you have COMBO.
    	Stat Points
    1.	When you get the K, grind the rail or just run up the ramp to get the
    Stat Point. If you're at the start point, just turn around and head up a few
    2.	When you start the level, skate forward, spine transfer twice, that'll
    put you on a walkway, and just follow that walkway until you reach a demolished
    street that makes a perfect ramp. Use it to get the stat point in the air.
    3.	Directly from where you start, head to the right, go up the escalator,
    and you'll see two drained pools. The stat point is in between the two, so use
    the ramps to get high enough to grind the blue railing, and grind it to get to
    the stat point.
    4.	From where you got the S, head to the little area to the left (where the
    E from SKATE was), and turn around to see the stat point.
    5.	When you start the level, head down the water ramps, and take a right,
    and keep heading right until you get to a planter with trees in it, then enter
    the skatepark just ahead of you. The stat point is in there.
    	5.6	The Ruins
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	33
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	200 000 points
    Pro Score -	400 000 points
    Sick Score -	600 000 points
    High Combo -	125 000 points
    1.	Get the secret tape. To get the secret tape, go up to the Tower Drop.
    (Head straight when you start the level, and go up the steps on the right to
    the doorway. The doors will open and take you to the roof. Skate up the
    quarterpipe and do a spine transfer off the side of the roof. You'll collect
    the tape on your way down.
    2.	Natas the 3 hydrants until they burst. When you start the level, head
    straight and take the second left. The first hydrant is on the corner. (Jump,
    then L1+Triangle) the hydrant until water comes out the side. Skate back the
    way you came, but this time take the first left (Heading back will actually
    make it the first right, but you know what we mean). The second hydrant is just
    in front of the donut shop. Once you have that one, head down the right side of
    the donut shop to get the third one. Its in the parking lot to the left. Follow
    the Drive-Thru paint if you cant find it.
    3.	Collect 5 Road Kill. When you start the level head down the road, you'll
    see the road breaks off into a lane in front of the building. The first
    roadkill is on the right lane. Once you have that, follow the road as it goes
    to the left, when you've made the turn, take the right road leading to the dead
    end to get the second roadkill. Its right beside the fire hydrant. Now keep
    following the main road, and make the right turn into the parking garage. You
    should be in the bottom right of the parking garage when you enter, so head to
    the top left to get the third roadkill. (Dont go up the levels, its on the
    first floor). When you have that, head out of the parking garage using the exit
    to your right. You should be near the donut shop. In front of the fire hydrant
    is the fourth roadkill. Once you have that, head into the donut shops parking
    lot. The last roadkill is in the upper right corner.
    4.	Collect 5 of Derek's Donuts. To get the first donut, head straight from
    where you start. Go up on the little platform. The building you're on and the
    alley between you and the building on your left will be on fire. You'll also
    notice a glass window on the side. The first donut is inside this building, so
    jump through the window (Theres a ramp on the side of the building you're on if
    you need speed), to get the donut. Then head back to the building to the left
    of you. (The Tower Drop) and use the door to get transported to the roof. Then
    skate off the side off the side of the building, when you spine transfer after
    hitting the quarterpipe, get off your board in midair. The second donut is
    right in front of you. You'll be facing the parking garage, so take a left and
    go down the road towards the donut shop. The third one is right in front of the
    donut shop. When you have that, take a left and you'll see an overturned car
    with 2 ramps on both sides, use them to get the donut located above the car.
    Head back to the donut shop, and enter the parking garage using the entrance
    facing the shop, then go up to the top. In front of the second flaming trashcan
    is a ramp, use that to get to the broken off section of the highway. The final
    donut is on the seperator.
    S.	The S is located on a wire near the start. So to get there you need to
    grind your way there. Skate forward to gain a little bit of speed, and then
    turn around and use the quarterpipe that was behind your starting point to
    grind the wire heading left. It'll take you to the S, if you start losing speed
    and start heading backwards, just jump up and grind the wire to get a boost.
    K.	When you get the S, jump off the wire. You should be on the road as it
    starts to curve left. Follow the road, and you'll see the K on a platform.
    Either skate up the quarterpipes to get to the K, or just run up the side.
    A.	When you have the K, jump off the platform and run into the ditch with
    the sewer water. Head right and go up, the A is above the flood gate. So just
    use the quarterpipe to get the A.
    T.	When you have the A, turn around and head back down the ditch. Dont make
    the turn though, you'll notice a tunnel straight ahead of you. Skate through
    the tunnel to get the T. You'll be transported a little ways, so you wont have
    much warning when you're about to exit the tunnel, so when you see the T, jump
    up and get it as you get spit out of the tunnel.
    E.	After you get the T you should be headed towards the donut shop. Take the
    road that goes to the left of the shop, and at the end, past the fire pit,
    you'll see a quarterpipe. The E is just on the roof to the left of this
    quarterpipe. You can try using the quarterpipe to grind the rail above it and
    jump off when you get to the roof, but thats a bit tricky when it comes to
    timing. The easier way would just be to skate up the beam itself. Its right up
    against the wall, so just skate as close to the wall on the left as you can. It
    makes a nice ramp, you'll hit the wall, but you can easily readjust yourself to
    land on the roof. Grab the E thats sitting in the middle of the roof.
    Go up the quarterpipe next to to the parking structure on the left side of the
    road that you start on into a grind for C.  Immediately jump up and left onto
    the edge of the building and grind around the corner for O.  Jump down onto the
    ground and manual into a fast grind on the railing going left for M.  Keep
    grinding on this rail and then jump up onto a grind on the fence for B.  Try to
    increase the speed of your grind by jumping and doing flip tricks.  Jump across
    the gap to a grind on the other side for O.
    	Stat Points
    1.	Above the door of the Tower Drop. When you start the level head straight,
    and go up the stairs to the large building. Enter through the doorway and it'll
    take you to the roof. Go forward a little bit and turn around to see the stat
    point. Use the two quarterpipes to get yourself over the doorway.
    2.	When you start the level, take the first left and stop. You'll notice a
    quarterpipe on your left. The stat point is just next to this building, so use
    the quarterpipe to get it.
    3.	This one is located in the middle of the donut on top of the donut shop.
    This one will take rather quick button mashing. First, take the first left when
    you start the level, and use the quarterpipes against the shop to get on the
    roof. Then head over to the donut. You'll notice the 2 wires supporting the
    donut are attached to 2 pillars. Get off your board and run up either one of
    the pillars and grind the support wire. This is where it gets tricky, you'll
    have no momentum, so you will immediately start sliding down and off the roof,
    so the second you grind the wire, jump towards the donut and try and get the
    stat point on the way down.
    4.	When you start the level, head straight and take the second left. You'll
    see in the upper corner a road sign that was bent into a quarterpipe. Beside
    that is a wooden ramp, skate up the wooden ramp to get the stat point.
    5.	Head straight from where you start the level, take a left and head into
    the ditch with the sewer water. Take a right and you'll see a wall in the
    middle of the ditch. There are two quarterpipes on each side, skate up one and
    when you launch off the one on the middle wall, spine transfer to go through
    the hole in it and get the last stat point.
    	5.7	Atlanta
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	??
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	225 000 points
    Pro Score -	450 000 points
    Sick Score -	650 000 points
    High Combo -	150 000 points
    1.	Get the secret tape. See the COMBO section to get both goals in one shot.
    Or, from where you start, head straight and turn around into the empty
    fountain. You'll see a gold globe above your head. Use the ramps with arrows on
    it to grind the structure above and jump off to get the tape.
    2.	Do a (Down+Square) flip in front of the bird. The bird statue is just
    North of you, head past the park with the waterfall to find the bird statue.
    You dont need to go over the bird, just do the trick while passing in front of
    3.	Do a (Up+Square) flip through the Transfer Gap. When you start the level
    go forward, and when you hit the paved road follow it North. Take the first
    right down the stairs. The building which you have to do the gap on is against
    the wall.
    4.	Smash 5 Peach Carts. The first one is above the Olympic Pillars, just to
    the right of where you start. From there, get back on the paved road and head
    away from the News Center. Its just on the side of the road. From there, go
    down the stairs just by the cart you just smashed, its right in front of the
    stairs. Once you're done that, head back up the stairs the way you came. Head
    towards the bird. Jump the chains and head down the stairs, the next cart is
    right in front of you. Once that one is destroyed, keep going forward through
    the door to be led straight to the last one. 
    S.	From where you start, head straight and turn right on the paved road to
    get in front of the News Center building. The S is on the awning of of the
    building on the left side. Use the white barricades to the left of the building
    to get the S.
    K.	To the right of where you start are the Olympic Pillars. There is a wire
    at the bottom end of the park. The K is in the middle of this wire. Starting
    from the end closest to your starting point, skate up the quarterpipe and grind
    the wire going to the left to get it.
    A.	Right behind and above you when you start.  Use the ramp with an arrow on
    it to launch up there.
    T.	From where you got the A, turn around so you're heading straight into the
    park with the statue and the structure with the dome roof and the 4 pillars.
    The T is just behind this structure.
    E.	Head into the area past the park where you got the T. There should be a
    bird statue with a wire running behind it. Grind one of the wires (They slope
    to the ground near the ends) to get the E.
    From the start, the C is perched low on a quarterpipe straight ahead and a
    little to the right.  Skate up the quarterpipe and into a grind going left on
    the wire above.  Just keep your grind all the way around the wire picking up
    all of the letters. Once you've got the last letter, grind for a little while
    longer, you'll see the secret tape to the left, jump off the wire to get it.
    	Stat Points
    1.	A stat point is just across from the News Center building on a wire.
    While facing towards the building, theres a quarterpipe on the left, use that
    while going forward to grind the wire above and collect the stat point.
    2.	Above the birds head is a stat point. To get this one run up behind the
    bird, and skate towards it. Jump up on its back, (which acts like a poor ramp)
    and get the stat point.
    3.	This stat point is located near the Olympic Pillar which is to the right
    of where you start. There are 3 pillars in a triangle form. 2 on the top, one
    on the bottom. So using the two at the top, skate between them. Using their
    bases as quarterpipes, keep going back and forth and doing a Boned Ollie. After
    a few tries you'll be high enough to get the stat point.
    4.	Another stat point is just above the parking garages entrance. Use the
    green grass on the left side to gain air, and jump over the sign to get the
    stat point.
    5.	The last one is down the stairs located in front of the bird statue. Its
    above the left hand quarterpipe.
    	5.8	Marseilles
    Goals:	10
    Gaps:	34
    Stats:	5
    High Score -	250 000 points
    Pro Score -	475 000 points
    Sick Score -	675 000 points
    High Combo -	175 000 points
    1.	Do a (-> + Square) flip over the lil' 4. The lil' 4 is a little stairset
    leading into the area to the right of where you start. just do the trick while
    in the air over it.  you don't have to be going fast as it's not a hard jump.
    2.	Frontflip (O + Up + Up) over the Table. Just do an air over the table
    that is leaning against the side of the pool and do a frontflip while you're in
    the air.
    3.	Get the secret tape. To get to the secret area and secret tape, go to the
    trees on the far side of the level from where you start. Skate through one of
    them to break it down. The tree will fall, opening a tunnel to the secret area.
    The secret tape is just on the other side.
    4.	Lip Trick (Triangle) the 3 Extensions. The first one is on the edge of
    the pool if you skate left from where you start and is shown first in the goal
    video. The second is around the corner and is a trashbin perched over the edge
    of the pool. The third one is a little tricky to find but is in the main pool
    area. If you skate a little left from where you start, the closest thing will
    be a a little wall with quarterpipes on two sides. The wall has two levels. At
    the end, at the higher level, liptrick the tip to get the extension.
    S.	On the top of the big sign behind you when you start. Use the funbox to
    launch into a wallgrind and then wallie up to a grind on the roof to get it.
    K.	On the crossbar above the cloverleaf pool at the far end of the park. 
    You can get it in the air but if you're having problems, just wallrun up the
    pole and jump up to get it. 
    A.	In the air above the thin divider between two arms of the main pool area
    T.	On the crossbar straight ahead of where you start.  Air from the pool
    area to reach it.
    E.	On a crossbar above the are to the right of where you start.  Launch off
    the inclined surface to get it.
    Grind the rail with the C.  Jump into a manual and jump onto the rail with the
    O.  At the end of this, avoid the picnic table and manual your way to the rail
    with the M.  From here, jump left to a grind on the ledge of the planter and
    then again down onto the edge of the stairset.  Jump onto the rail with the B
    and continue along that rail.  At the end, jump off onto a manual on the top of
    the funbox and then jump again really quickly into another manual toward the
    last O.  Jump up there to get it and complete the goal.
    	Stat Points
    1.	Aabove the funbox
    2.	On a lip in the main pool/halfpipe area
    3.	Above a trash bin
    4.	On the edge of the trees
    5.	In the secret area
    7.	Online Mode
    This is just the walkthrough for hosting a game, the rest is simple and the
    features are those of GameSpy Arcades. If you have an account you should be
    familiar with those features.
    *Note - The stats of your skater will be the ones of your skater in classic
    	7.1	Hosting a Game
    [Name]:		Default is Neversoft. Make the name whatever you want. Its what
    		players will see when they view the Join Game list.
    [Level]:	This is the location of where you'll play. Any levels that you
    	have unlocked on your memory card from Story Mode and Classic Mode will be
    [Players]:	You can play with up to 8 people. Usually 8 people are allowed
    	into any game because of the low amount of available players,
    				but if you want to limit yourself you can.
    [Observers]:	These are people who wont actually be skating with you, but can
    view what any of the players are doing. You can choose to keep observers out of
    your game or to allow only one in to watch.
    [Teams]:	You can choose to partner up with other players and collectively
    try to win the game, or just do a free for all. The maximum number of teams is
    4. Depending on how many people are in the game, you may not be able to have
    the amount of teams you'd like.
    [Skill Level]:	No real point to this.
    [Rank Restriction]:	For those with GameSpy profiles, winning games will earn
    them a higher rank.  You can choose to limit the ranks of people you play with
    so the competition is fair and you dont have the higher skilled players just
    stomping the newbies.
    [Rank Limit]:	If you chose to have a Rank Restriction, then you can choose
    the ranks you want to be able to join the game. Either less than if you want
    fair competition or greater than if you want a challenge.
    [Password]:	If you and your friends want to play a private game without any
    public players joining, you can select a password and keep your game private.
    [Ready]:	Starts the game :P
    	7.2	Game Modes
    Game:		Trick Attack
    Objective:	Basically a competition to see who can rack up the highest score
    in the given amount of time selected by the host of the game. You can choose to
    stop the game at 0 or keep on going.
    Game:		Graffiti
    Objective:	Vandalize, vandalize, vandalize! Whoever tags the most objects in
    the given amount of time, wins. You cant just use Triangle while walking
    however, you have to use the sticker slap to tag objects. (Jump at a while and
    press X when close to it to slap a sticker on it and push away).
    Game:		Elimiskate
    Objective:	Similar to the Tony Hawk's AMJAM competition, or actually exactly
    like it. You can choose to use points for scoring or how many tags you can do.
    you have to score as many points/tags as you can within the time limit. Unlike
    Trick Attack, there is more than a single round. The skater with the lowest
    score or amount of tags at the end of the round is eliminated until only 1
    player is left. You can also use cumulative scoring, so the scores add up each
    round, or reset the scores so everyone has a fair chance at the start of each
    new round.
    Game:		Score Challenge
    Objective:	Basically like Trick Attack, except instead of a time limit there
    is a score limit. You have to be the first one to get that score to win. How
    long that takes depends on the skill level of all players involved. You can
    play using points or tags.
    Game:		Combo Mambo
    Objective:	Get the biggest combos you can. Whoever has pulled off the
    biggest combo at any point during the time limit wins. You can use tags or
    Game:		Slap!
    Objective:	Slap the other players. You dont need to get off your board and
    actually do a board whack. You just need to get within striking distance.
    Whoever has the most slaps at the end of the time limit wins.
    Game:		Pot O' Gold
    Objective:	Probably one of the most entertaining games, a player will be in
    possession of a 'Pot O' Gold'. They will be designated by an actual pot of gold
    icon over their head. You can only score while in possession of the gold.
    Getting too close to another player will force you to give up the gold, which
    is why its important to avoid falling. You'll be fairly defenceless. You can
    either use a time limit or score limit (the game ends when a player gets a high
    enough score). Instead of scores, you can also use tags. Same rules apply, you
    can only add to your points by tagging while you have the gold. An arrow will
    point out where the gold is currently located.
    Game:		Capture the Flag
    Objective:	Just like the real life game, the objective is to steal the other
    teams flag without being caught, and return it to your own base.
    Game:		King of the Hill
    Objective:	Same as the Pot O' Gold game, except this time you dont need to
    score or tag anything. You just need to be in possession of the crown for a set
    amount of time. The time is cumulative so you dont need to hold it
    consecutively. The arrow will point out where the crown is currently located,
    and the player holding the crown will have a K next to their name.
    Game:		Scavenger Hunt
    Objective:	You have to find the most objects by the end of the time limit to
    win. The host will have 2 minutes to place the objects around the map for
    players to find.
    Game:		FireFight
    Objective:	You have to launch fireballs at the other players. Each player
    starts out with 100 health and getting hit with a fireball will lower the
    amount of health you have. Last player standing wins. You can choose to have
    friendly fire on or off. (Friendly fire is whether you want to be able to give
    or take damage from a teammate or have it not counted).
    Game:		Goal Attack
    Objective:	Pretty much like an online classic mode. The host will choose a
    set of goals for the players to try and achieve. First one to complete all of
    the goals wins.
    8.	Frequently Asked Questions
    	What are the differences between the Collectors Edition and the regular
    You get two secret characters. 80's Tony Hawk and 70's Tony Alva. You also get
    two exclusive classic mode levels (Marseilles from THPS2 and Atlanta from THUG2
    Remix), plus a box cover, and a 'making of' feature with concept art.
    	Why do Sponsor Challenges max out at 40/70?
    No one is quite sure of this right now. But the theory is that you were only
    intended to gain one stat point for each challenge but instead you would
    sometimes gain two stat points, and when you earned all your points, the
    challenges stopped. Which screwed up the totals.
    	Do you know of any cheat codes like perfect balance or infinite
    No one currently knows of any cheat codes for the game. When cheat codes are
    found, if any even exist, they will be posted on GameFAQs.com
    	It wont let me into any of the shops? What do I do?
    Not being allowed into a shop is a common glitch in this game and there are 3
    ways to fix this.
    1) The most obvious option is to save and restart your console and hope it
    fixes itself.
    2) The other is to first save the game under a new file name, and then try
    loading that.
    3) If those two fail, you may just have to restart your game from a new
    9.	Glitches
    If you fail the mission by running out of the area during the "Change Your
    Clothes" mission, talking to Mindy will fail you for not having completed the
    mission. The problem with this is that you will *always* fail and not be able
    to restart the mission. This is a random glitch, so be careful. Its not a loss
    if you have to restart the game.
    During the first mission with the graffiti artist, sometimes trying to create
    your own tag, and then trying to talk to the tagger will result in a game
    In the "Get the Green Top" mission in BH, the mission will sometimes end before
    the meter is full.
    When buying the Alien Suit for 'Scare Away The Carny', it will not allow you to
    purchase the suit if you have exactly $150.
    10.	Contact/Legal Information
    Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Then please email BOTH of us.
    Drunky - GimpyTheGreat[at]Gmail.com
    mrbort - mrbort[at]MBHShield.com
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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