How do I beat Akasha on Insane?

  1. I'm having a bit of trouble defeating Akasha on Insane. Does anyone have a few tricks/hints?

    User Info: breed101

    breed101 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well there's a few ways. I know what you're going through, I had trouble with her on insane. One way i recommend is to start an online co-op match and get a full party. ( Then it will be you and other people vs. just her ). If you choose that method, you're pretty fullproof.

    Another way if you want the glory of beating her all by your self. As soon as the match starts, rush to the area by the U-damage power up ( It'd under the sewer things that can be accessed by a small area. ) There's a rocket launcher by there, get it. Now camp in the U- damage area right next to the U-damage BUT NEVER GET IT. If the U-damage is there she will just keep trying to get it, if you camp there and just stop her everytime, you've got it.

    User Info: EPICgames

    EPICgames - 9 years ago 0 0

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