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"A sick game, but really not for everyone."

Remember playing those old online multi-player games, the ones where you strafed, jumped, dodged to victory? Heres a game straight from those days. Now upgraded to new technologies and perfectly up to standard with todays gaming standards. Don't be to afraid to put down that overly strategic Rainbow Six or Gears of War for a game that doesn't rely so much on the same form of strategy. This game, although essentially well without as much strategy of todays games, is still a fast past and extremely fun game. As you'll read on, you'll see why.

Graphics: 9/10
Ever heard of a little engine called the Unreal 3 engine? Of course! Who hasn't? Most games today that has that powerful next-gen graphics pumping through that X Box of yours is using the engine. Can I say its the best graphics I've ever seen? No. Can I say its very well one of the best graphics in a game? Easily: yes. In no way will you be disappointed in the graphics, without a doubt, just not the best graphics ever.

Sound: 8.5/10
Not a whole lot to say here, really. Is the sound goo? Without a doubt. But it isn't exceptional, exactly. Everything sounds good and like it should, but I can't really remember any time that the music or anything like that really made an epic feel at all or really enhanced the game. But Sound never detracted from the game, at all, so I'd give it a good solid 8.5. Not the best, but it isn't bad in any way.

Controls: 9/10
For the most part, the controls work very well. Its pretty easy to get a good grip on the controls and be jumping, dodging, aiming, sniping, whatever within your first sit down with the game. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because you'll be fumbling with the controls a considerable amount at first, especially while you get a grip on vehicle handling. There are many different options for how your driving will work in the main menu, so that is a huge plus, without a doubt.

Story: 7/10
The story in UT3 is definitely the weaker point of the game. It doesn't have to strong of a story, nor to compelling of one. If you play the campaign, you'll get a dose of the story. Its very much not needed to play well throughout the campaign. But the story itself is actually pretty good. If there was actually any direct relevance to story and progressing through the campaign, I'd definitely have a higher mark for it. But, as you can notice, it still isn't a very low grade for the story, and the reason being that the story is a pretty good one. It doesn't exactly connect to any of the previous games, except with returning characters and corporations, but its relatively enjoyable all the same.

Game play: 8.5/10
And now to what really makes or breaks a game. The game play. For UT3 here, its pretty hard to call. Its really a love or hate kind of game. Well, more like love or just kinda like game. Its pretty hard to hate it, really. The game is basically built around multi-player, not so much in a bad way, though. And to those who only play single player, there are bots (up to 16) for instant action and a pretty good campaign mode. The bots are usually pretty smart. I've noticed, though, several times with a bot would just stand there or shoot at a guy and just walk away without killing him at all. But, all and all, the bots work well. For those of you who are strictly into multi-player, as I have said, its basically built for you. All matches and games are all multi-player games. Like CTF, death match, and the like. There isn't a huge variety in game modes, but every mode is very fun and sustainable, especially with mutators (which just change little aspects of the game, like low gravity, slow mo) so its fun to play through again and again. Many vehicles and weapons are included, so you won't be bored ever or run out of weapons and vehicles to try and use over and over any time soon. BUT what will turn some people away from the game is the arena style fighting. If your mostly into strategy and highly strategic games, it may not be for you. Although, I very much am into those games and its about all I play, but I still love this game.

Overall: 9/10
A very good game, without a doubt. Its worth a rent, if not a buy. If your more into focusing on pure strategy, it may be only a rent. Its a very good change of pace, and it still is an arena game but modernized, you could say, to fit those strategists sort of games. If your more into a lengthy single player campaign, it may not be so much for you. But if your into multi-player, online or offline, its definitely worth checking out. Even comes with split screen on every game mode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/28/08

Game Release: Unreal Tournament III (US, 07/07/08)

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