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"Amped 3 falls short"

Amped 3 falls short

Storyline (9)

This was a leg up from Amped 2 where you just basically conquered the mountain. I liked having a story, although the movies weren't great, it had a better story than most games. The names weren't great, but thats no reason to hate a game.

Gameplay (9)

I will never score a gameplay for 10, everything has its dings and scratches, but this is pretty close to perfect. The story was solid, the gameplay is snowboarding, and there are a bunch of challenges for you to complete.

Graphics (6)

I don't find them better than TES4:O, which had awesome graphics. Not much you can do for a mountain, but that's no excuse. Better graphics than the second one. Not sure what kind of sprites this game runs on, but they weren't up to my 360 expectations.

No Online? No Multiplayer? (0)

Sadly this game falls short due to its crappy multiplayer. Amped 2 had multiplayer, why doesn't Amped 3? The few missions you could actually do that "multiplayer" if you could call it that were short, and pointless. How could you make a sequel (if you could actually call it a sequel, it has nothing to do with the second amped game) that downgrades the game. Why did you not include multiplayer?

Bugs (8)

I'm not sure about you, but I haven't found any bugs yet except for getting "stuck" in the snow at some places in a cliff. Can ruin you on some missions, but not as bad as some other games i've played.

Replay Value (6)

This depends completely on the kind of person you are. If you want to finish the game 100% it has replay value, but if your like me and don't care that you didn't finish EVERY mission, its not something to cry over.

I'd prefer to rent this game rather than buy it, which I bought it thinking it would have been better. I was wrong. I'd rather challenge myself with online than be stuck in a world by myself.

38/60=.633=7 (You round up in this situation)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/11/06

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