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    Frank the Pimp Walkthrough by BakusaiTenketsu

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/31/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -=[Frank the Pimp Achievement Walkthrough]=-
    By: BakusaiTenketsu
    Date: 1-29-2007
    Version:  1.0
    Email: toogeloo@yahoo.com
    This guide is written solely by Locke Quinn Seavello, or BakusaiTenketsu as 
    known on the GameFAQs community board.  This guide may not be duplicated on any 
    site without my permission, but feel free to email me and ask.  I will not turn 
    down any site who wishes to use my work as long as they ask.
    Table of Contents:
    1 – Introduction [w1]
    2 – Preparation [w2]
    3 – Walkthrough [w3]
    	-Start to Sophie and the Convicts [w3a]
    	-Outta Control to Lover's [w3b]
    	-Cliff's Prisoner's to Frank the Pimp [w3c]
    4 – Other Things to Do [w4]
    5 – Version History and Contact Info [w5]
    [w1] 1 – Introduction:
    	This is the one and ONLY time I will say this:  ((THIS GUIDE WILL 
    AWAY)).  This guide is designed to help players get the Frank the Pimp 
    Achievement with as little frustration as possible.  It is assumed that players 
    who read this guide have at least a basic understanding of the game, such as 
    weapons and items, locations, and escorting survivors.  The Achievement can be 
    accomplished at any level, but the higher the level of the player, the easier 
    it will be.  This guide will not be a walkthrough to help a player achieve the 
    True Ending, nor will it help players attempt to save all survivors.  This 
    guide will not list methods to kill survivors or psychopaths; lord knows there 
    are plenty of those on this site.
    	For the easiest attempt at Frank the Pimp and some of the other 
    achievements listed, it would be advised you do not attempt to go for the Saint 
    or True Ending using this walkthrough.  Other Achievements possible during this 
    walkthrough include (but not limited to):
    Tour Guide
    Clothes Horse
    Sharp Dresser
    Self Defense
    PP Collector
    	Some of the achievements listed above are not directly tied to the 
    Frank the Pimp Achievement, but due to the amount of time you will have on your 
    hands for about an hour or so, they are easy to do while you wait.  Make sure 
    though that you have the items you need to do the walkthrough before you go 
    about trying to do other achievements, which leads me to…
    [w2] 2 – Preparation:
    	There are a few things you will want to carry on you at all times to 
    make your life much easier:
    Food – There is Orange Juice in an infinite supply at the restaurant on the 
    second floor of Paradise Plaza.  The location is in the cooler near the cash 
    register.  Orange Juice is a good healing item giving 4 blocks of health back.  
    There is a better item mentioned during the walkthrough, but OJ should always 
    be stocked up on if you are in the area.
    Weapon – If you have already done Zombie Genocider or 5 Day Survivor 
    Achievements, then the Real Megabuster (will be stated as RMB from now on) and 
    Real Laser Sword (will be stated as RLS from now on)are the best weapons to 
    take with you, but if you have not gotten them, use what ever you can.  There 
    is a Shotgun in the Entrance Plaza the first time you fight zombies if you are 
    brave enough to pull it off a victim.  A Sledgehammer can be found in the top 
    area of the Warehouse, but you will want to avoid using this item once you 
    start getting survivors.  A sub-machinegun is found on the blue awning above 
    the warehouse entrance in Paradise Plaza.  You get it by jumping up to the Blue 
    Awning from the stairs a couple shops down.  There is also a katana near the OJ 
    listed above by jumping out the window by the cooler and landing on the awning 
    outside the restaurant.  For the most part though, Martial Arts is your primary 
    weapon, use the Double Lariat to save ammo or durability on weapons.  Make sure 
    you don't have a weapon equipped or you will have to go fetch it though.  
    Finally, try to keep a couple queens on you if at all possible.  They save you 
    a lot of heartache and are needed for at least one of your female survivors.
    Survivors – You will be killing all survivors other than the following: Leah, 
    Pamela, Heather, Kay, Lilly, Kelly, Janet, and Jennifer.  Seven of the 
    survivors listed will be achieved within 10 minutes time; Leah is the only 
    survivor you will have to escort for about an hour.  If you had to Escort any 
    female survivor, Leah is the best one to do though.  Leah can be carried, and 
    while you carry her, most Zombies will not be able to grab a hold of you.  This 
    makes traveling very easy with minimal fighting.  Using a waypoint you can park 
    Leah in safe areas around the mall and go about Frank's business as long as you 
    remember to pick her up again before you leave.  This enables you to pass the 
    time with minimal escorting.  Some other FAQs list other girls to be saved, 
    however I find that this way gives you a minimal amount of tedious (and 
    sometimes frustrating) escorting.  So let's get to the meat of this FAQ…
    [w3] 3 – Walkthrough
    Event Resolution Checklist:
    [] Natalie and Jeff on the Roof (escort, kill, or leave them)
    [] Backup for Brad (kill Brad or do not complete 1-4)
    [] Cut from the Same Cloth (Kill Ken)
    [] Barricade Pair A & B (Kill Burt and Aaron)
    [] A Mother's Lament (Save Leah)
    [] Convicts and Sophie in Leisure Park (leave the park after cut scene)
    	Start a new 72 hour mode and skip through photography and cut scenes by 
    pressing start if you want.  When you finish with Carlito, enter the Security 
    room, grab the RMB and RLS if you have them and make your way to the Entrance 
    Plaza.  Get through the next cut scene and initiate the next cut scene by 
    heading to the pile of benches and garbage in the back area of the bottom 
    floor.  After the cut scene, fight your way to the stairs.  Heading towards the 
    stairways, there is a shotgun on the corpse surrounded by Zombies to the right 
    if you want it.  Once you get to the top of the stairs, get another cut scene 
    and start the actual game.  
    	Talk to Otis to get your map and walkie talkie, and then exit the air 
    duct.  You will meet your first two survivors here, Natalie and Jeff.  You can 
    escort them, kill them, or leave them (make sure you have visually seen both of 
    them).  After you finish with them, head through the warehouse and get yet 
    another cut scene and a handgun.  Depending how long it has taken you to get 
    through the cut scenes at this point, you may or may not have "Cut from the 
    Same Cloth" Scoop, but you can ignore it for now.  Grab some weapons and head 
    out towards the Leisure Park area and move to the food court for "Backup for 
    	After the cut scene, you can either try to kill Carlito, or just kill 
    Brad and never have to worry about Cases for the rest of the walkthrough.  If 
    you kill Brad, the path between Entrance Plaza and Paradise Plaza will not open 
    up, but you will not need to use it for the purposes of this walkthrough 
    either, so it is up to you.  If you haven't dealt with "Cut from the Same 
    Cloth," you can do so now by heading back to Paradise Plaza.  When you get to 
    Kent, go ahead and kill him.  He is a weakling, use the Katana or something.  
    Now start heading back to the Food Court and to your eventual destination, Al 
    Fresca Plaza.  You should definitely have gotten "Barricade Pair A & B" by now 
    and more than likely "A Mother's Lament" as well.  If you haven't gotten "A 
    Mother's Lament" yet, go ahead and screw around in Leisure Park or Food Court 
    for now.
    	Once you have both scoops head to Al Fresca Plaza and head to the 
    barricade duo of Burt and Aaron.  There is a convenient hardware store near 
    them which will make killing them easy (Sledgehammer for the win).  Next head 
    over to the Jewelry store and take care of Leah, you should have about 4 
    conversations with her before she joins you.  Get her to crawl herself over the 
    counter then use the B to Carry her.  You will be piggy-backing this girl 
    around a lot for the next hour or so real time, but that isn't a bad thing.  
    When you carry a survivor, zombies have difficulty grabbing a hold of you.  
    This makes travel through the mall quite convenient.  Leah will with you most 
    of the time so you should not have to do much fighting for a little while, 
    unless you want to.  You can take Leah with you to finish up the Entrance Plaza 
    part of Case 1 if you helped Brad or go about other business if you killed him 
    (See the section labeled "Other things to do" for ways to pass time).  Make 
    sure you grab some wine in the Food Court and use it or OJ to heal Leah or 
    yourself whenever you need to.  Wine is better than OJ, but you have to leave 
    and come back to get more than 5.  After 6pm make sure you take a step into the 
    Leisure Park area and get another cut scene.  Afterwards, just go back into the 
    mall; Sophie will die a couple minutes later.  Some guides say you should get 
    Sophie as one of your girls for the Pimp Achievement, but I found that the 
    scoops were much more difficult to get rid of while trying to escort Sophie and 
    Leah around the mall.
    Event Resolution Checklist:
    [] Outta Control (Kill the clown, open the shortcut)
    [] Kill Greg (In Paradise Plaza)
    [] Take a moment to see cut scene in Warehouse (get a queen)
    [] Japanese Tourists (Kill them)
    [] Shadow in North Plaza (kill David)
    [] Lover's A & B (Kill them)
    	Waste a little time in Entrance Plaza, Food Court, or North Plaza while 
    waiting on Outta Control to come up.  It should be about 8pm when you get the 
    call, so you should not have to wait too long.  When you get the call head to 
    Wonderland Plaza and drop Leah off in the Bathroom.  Set a waypoint there so 
    she doesn't leave.  Go up to the Space Rider and start the fight with Adam by 
    examining the Console.  After the fight, examine the console again to free 
    Greg.  Escort him to the bathroom, which Leah is slowly limping away from.  You 
    should get back there in time to make sure Leah is ok (give her some OJ or wine 
    if needed).  Once Greg shows you the way to Paradise Plaza, use it and then 
    kill him once on the other side.  Grab Leah and go to the Warehouse for another 
    cut scene.  Kill the zombie by the elevator for a queen and keep it tucked away 
    in your inventory for now.  You should have gotten "Japanese Tourists" scoop by 
    now so carry Leah back to the bathroom and warp back to Wonderland.
    	Keep Leah way-pointed in the bathroom and head up to the bookstore.  
    Kill the tourists and then waste a little more time until you get "Shadow in 
    the North Plaza" scoop.  Go back to the Bathroom, grab Leah and head to the 
    North Plaza.  Head to the under construction store close to the Crislip's side 
    of the mall.  David will be inside, so head in with Leah and kill him.  Grab 
    Leah and run around the Mall some more until around 7am for the "Lover's A & B" 
    scoop.  I recommend going to the grocery store to work on Gourmet achievement 
    or something, but stay out of Wonderland Plaza.  Once you get the call for 
    "Lovers" head to the Wonderland Plaza and then go kill Ross and Tanya.  After 
    you kill them you will have some more time on your hands (about 15 minutes or 
    so).  Use the time to get a couple more queens, weapons, or items.
    Event Resolution Checklist:
    [] Hatchet Man (kill Cliff and the Prisoners)
    [] The Coward (kill Gordon)
    [] Save Pamela and Heather (non-scooped)
    [] Restaurant Man (kill Ronald)
    [] Above the Law (kill Jo, save the girls)
    [] Save Jennifer
    	At around 9am, you should get a couple scoops.  The first will likely 
    be "Hatchet Man," so make sure you aren't in North Plaza.  From this point 
    until I tell you otherwise, stay out of Paradise Plaza.  Get wine in the food 
    court for healing if you need it.  Carry Leah to Crislip's in North Plaza and 
    kill Cliff inside.  Do your best to keep Leah behind the counter if possible.  
    After the fight take Leah back into the North Plaza and kill the three 
    survivors in the locked room next to Crislip's.  You will have gotten "The 
    Coward" by now so head to Al Fresca Plaza.  He is in the Hardware store, so use 
    a Sledgehammer to make quick work of him.  
    	If you have been quick you should have no scoops or possibly just 
    "Restaurant Man."  Head to Wonderland Plaza and use the Bathroom to go to 
    Paradise Plaza now, which you should have been avoiding.  Carry Leah and head 
    to the Toy Store where Pamela and Heather are.  Use the Queen you should have 
    and save Pamela.  Then jump through the window and get Heather to join you.  
    Escort the three girls to the bathroom and waypoint them there.  If you have 
    "Restaurant man," go kill Ronald, otherwise warp to Wonderland Plaza until you 
    get it.  Keep the 3 girls way-pointed to the bathroom at all times.  
    	After you kill Ronald stay in Paradise Plaza until you get the call for 
    "Above the Law."  Warp to Wonderland, save if you feel the need, and way-point 
    the girls to stay in the bathroom.  You will notice that Sally and Nick are not 
    present.  This is because you have 3 survivors already and the 4 from Jo will 
    give you 7.  You cannot have more than 8 in total, but don't worry the last 
    girl is easier to get than Sally would be.  Head to the store with Jo and the 
    girls and kill Jo.  Save the girls and then immediately jump off the top floor 
    and run to the bathroom to re-way-point the group.  Make sure you have all 7.  
    If you have Queens use them on any girl that may have gotten surrounded by 
    zombies.  Give wine to any girl who got low on life during the return to the 
    bathroom.  This may be the most difficult part of the walkthrough, but keep 
    your cool.  Stay in Wonderland Plaza until 1pm, save again if you feel the 
    need, and then warp back to Paradise Plaza.
    	You will get a cut scene as soon as you warp.  Quickly kill the 
    Cultists and save Jennifer.  As soon as you get her to join you will get your 
    Frank the Pimp Achievement (and Tour Guide if you had not gotten that).  For 
    the purposes of this guide, you no longer have to keep playing.  
    Congratulations on one of the more difficult Achievements to acquire.
    [w4] 4 – Other Things to Do:
    	This part of the guide is just for time filler.  You do not need to do 
    any of these things to get Frank the Pimp, they are just for other achievements 
    if you feel the need.  I will not give a walkthrough for these achievements 
    since you can find them on GameFAQs by other authors.  Doing Frank the Pimp 
    requires a specific type of run through the game, one most players aren't 
    generally proud of.  These extra things help you get things done in games you 
    would not normally have time to do.
    Gourmet – Eat all the different foods in the mall.  Seon's Food has almost 
    everything you need, but bear in mind you need Pie from Al Fresca or Paradise 
    Plaza.  You also need Thawed veggies (hold frozen veggies for a while), Rotten 
    Pizza and Rotten Meat (hold Uncooked and raw versions for a while), and Golden 
    Brown Pizza and Well Done Steak (cook the uncooked pizza and raw meat in a 
    microwave).  The seven mixed drinks are also a part of this achievement.  Use a 
    Juice Mixing guide for more information on these items.
    PP Sticker – Photograph the little stickers around the mall (there are 100 in 
    total).  You will not be able to complete this until after you get your Frank 
    the Pimp achievement from this guide. This is because you need to be captured 
    by cultists get two stickers, and you will have gotten the achievement as soon 
    as the cultists appear.  Use a PP Sticker guide for assistance on this 
    Clothes Horse (and Sharp Dresser) – Since you will have a lot of time on your 
    hands, you may as well try a few things on.  This achievement is the easiest to 
    complete while doing Frank the Pimp.  Use a Clothing guide for more info.
    Version 1.0 – The initial writing of this guide.
    Version 1.1 – Corrected a few times for scoops, grammar, and spelling.
    Contact Info -
    This guide was written by:
    Locke Quinn Seavello
    Xbox 360 gamer tag: Toogs
    GameFAQs handle: BakusaiTenketsu
    Email: toogeloo@yahoo.com

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