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    No Weapon Walkthrough by BobbySoFamous

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    Dead Rising
    No Weapons Walkthrough
    Version 1.00
    Xbox Live: BobbySoFamous
    Why go through the game without using any weapons? Yes I 
    realize that 99% of the fun playing Dead Rising is using 
    crazy weapons to shred zombies. But killing zombies with 
    your bare fists, knees, and disemboweling fingers is fun 
    too. Especially if you are looking for a challenge after 
    spending too many hours using the Real Mega Buster or 
    Laser Sword. You'll start to realize how little you need 
    to rely on weapons to get through the game.
    Some advantages are you'll stop accidentally killing 
    survivors. It's really tough to extract a zombie from a 
    survivor with your katana without taking out half their 
    life bar as well. Also without keeping several melee and 
    range weapons in stock, you'll have ample room for 
    health and some of those books that you always wanted to 
    use but never had the space for. You'll also likely get 
    the Karate Champ achievement.
    I'm assuming you've played the game through at least 
    once and are level 50. You will need many of the skills 
    achieved at later levels to get through the game. I'm 
    also assuming enough familiarity with the game that I am 
    just calling survivors by their names, rather than the 
    Scoop name or description.
    Not using weapons includes not using any Queens or 
    giving weapons to the survivors. If a survivor comes 
    with a weapon I just let them keep it. If you want to be 
    particularly hardcore, you can hand them a healing item 
    so they drop their weapon. I also don't consider using 
    transportation as being a weapon, so I drive cars, 
    skateboards, etc without remorse as to who I'm running 
    These are the important skills to know how to do for 
    this walkthrough:
    Jump Kick - Press X in mid-air
    Even if you're using weapons in the game, the Jump Kick 
    is a great way to clear zombies out of your path without 
    wasting time and losing momentum.
    Football Tackle - Press A while pressing in the LS
    Useful in certain situations, such as the elevator trick 
    explained below.
    Double Lariat - Press X while pressing in the LS
    Great for clearing out a crowd of zombies, particularly 
    if they're surrounding you or a survivor.
    Roundhouse Kick - Press X at the moment you contact the 
    ground after a jump
    Useful for certain Psycopath fights
    Lift Up - Face a zombie and press X+A to lift up. Press 
    X to throw the zombie
    Not a great move in itself, but I've found that lifting 
    a zombie up seems to make you immune to their attacks, 
    although it does slow you. Good in a pinch if you're low 
    on health in a packed area like Al Fresca or North 
    Knee Drop - While jumping, press down on LS and hit X
    A good move in general, it's useful to use when jumping 
    from heights to avoid taking damage.
    Disembowel - Push LS toward a zombie from the front 
    while             pressing X+A.
    Useful against bosses and Special Forces.
    Somersault Kick - Press A immediately by X
    The crown jewel of Dead Rising skills. This is the skill 
    you need to be able to execute at will, as it does 
    massive damage and is indispensable for beating 
    Psycopaths without weapons.
    I recommend early getting a skateboard and skateboard 
    book to make it last longer. The boss fights are going 
    to be long so you'll need to get around fast to make up 
    for lost time. You can get a skateboard book at Paradise 
    Plaza (Bachman's Bookporium & Contemporary Reading) and 
    Sir Book A Lot in Wonderland Plaza, which also gives you 
    a jump trick. Note that the effects of these books 
    multiply, so if you have one the skateboard lasts 3x as 
    long, two it lasts 9x as long, and all three lasts 27x 
    as long.
    My ideal 12 inventory spots: Skateboard, Skateboard 
    book, Cooking book, Survival Guide, 6 Quicksteps, 
    Untouchable, Energizer. Often you'll need one open spot 
    for carrying people. Quickstep is important for boss 
    fights. An easy recipe for the early part of the game is 
    coffee creamer + orange juice (mix at Columbian 
    Roastmasters). After the coffee creamers disappear, you 
    can use frozen vegetables + orange juice. You can 
    usually get frozen vegetables in one of the seven boxes 
    between the air ducts and Paradise Plaza.
    Getting Survivors To The Warehouse Trick
    If your survivors are getting caught up in pools of 
    zombie, for example from the bathroom in Paradise Plaza 
    to the door leading to the Warehouse, go through the 
    door to the Warehouse and then go back into Paradise 
    Plaza. Your survivors won't be surrounded by zombies 
    anymore and should have clearer running lanes. When you 
    enter a new area the game tends to not put too many 
    zombies near the door you came in so this is helpful for 
    setting a rally point there and then making sure to 
    untangle the survivors from zombies on their path.
    Elavator Trick
    Usually to get survivors in the elevator to get back to 
    the Security Room I would first clear out all zombies 
    with the nearby metal rack or hack them all up with a 
    small chainsaw. I've found that it isn't even necessary 
    to have the surivors inside the elevator, they just need 
    to be near the elevator. Set a rally point on the 
    'Caution' sign just left of the elevator door, then open 
    the elevator and immediately do a Football Tackle 
    towards the button inside the elevator. It'll knock the 
    zombies out of the way and you can press the button 
    before anyone attacks you, and your party should come up 
    with you.
    Save Jeff and Natalie. Go outside into Leisure Park and 
    wait for Otis' call about the photographer (2pm). Go 
    back in and take Kent's picture until the segment's 
    over. It's better to do this now rather than later when 
    you'll probably have a group with you getting mauled by 
    zombies while you're taking pictures and pressed for 
    time. Go to the Food Court.
    Carlito I (Food Court) - Jump on the Crates and onto the 
    walkways, run up and jump kick & somersault kick him 
    until he dies, around 5 kicks should do it. Careful if 
    he starts throwing kicks of his own, else he'll kick you 
    right off the platforms. There's plenty of food around 
    so you should be ok.
    Follow Brad to the Entrance Plaza, rescue Bill from the 
    closet before or after the Barnaby cut scene. Wait in 
    Entrance Plaza until you get the call to rescue Burt and 
    Aaron (4 pm), but stay put and wait another hour (game 
    time) for the call to rescue Leah. Go grab them and SAVE 
    in the Gym in Al Fresca before you head into Leisure 
    The Convicts - Avoid them when they first come around. 
    You'll likely have a full party of Bill, Burt, Aaron the 
    weakling, Leah and Sophie so just avoid them for the 
    time being. I like to hug the right wall all the way to 
    Paradise Plaza. Much later in the game I decided to take 
    them on, and it was useful to have some Quickstep to 
    dodge the car and bullets. Somersault kick the driver to 
    death when the car slows down or stops, then do the same 
    when the passenger takes the driver's spot. Once the car 
    is stopped jump the gunner until he's out too.
    When you get into Paradise Plaza with your five 
    survivors, heal them up or save. It will frustrate you 
    if you make it past the convicts only to have Bill the 
    fatass die on the way to the warehouse.
    Cletus - Wait until after you get the calls for 'Out of 
    Control' (9pm) and 'Japanese Tourists' (10pm). This is a 
    very long tough fight and you don't want to worry about 
    answering phone calls during it. Cletus is tough because 
    it's almost impossible to avoid his shotgun blasts and 
    when you get up behind the counter he'll almost 
    instantly throw you back over. To top it off, if you do 
    get a quick hit in, he'll usually block it with his 
    shotgun. Make sure you're completely stocked with health 
    before this fight. Jump over the counter so that he 
    grabs you and throws you back. When he takes a swig of 
    his wine, run up to the counter and do a somersault kick 
    followed immediately by a roundhouse kick. The 
    somersault kick will most likely be blocked and it'll 
    put you on top of the counter. The roundhouse kick will 
    often connect and this is where you'll do the damage. 
    I've only been able to do real damage to him while he's 
    taking a swig, if he's reloading his shotgun or doing 
    anything else it doesn't seem to work.
    The Japanese tourists are very annoying here. Yuu wants 
    to punch every zombie in the mall, and Shinji just 
    follows Yuu around like his little bitch and gets 
    grabbed a lot. I'm convinced his purple fleece is made 
    of 100% solidified Zombait.
    After replaying this part, I noticed that Wonderland 
    Plaza gets really packed with zombies after your fight 
    with Adam. For this reason I suggest getting the 
    Japanese Tourists FIRST, bring them to the bathroom and 
    set a waypoint in there. The easiest path is to turn 
    right as you leave the book store and take the stairs 
    there. Go start the Adam cut scene, and immediately 
    after the scene ends jump down and set a waypoint in the 
    bathroom again to keep the Tourists in there. You'll 
    have to do this again after the Greg cut scene, then 
    come back for Greg (trust me, you don't want those guys 
    leaving the bathroom at all).
    Adam - Surprisingly not that hard. The best thing to use 
    is the knee drop. It'll knock him flat and take out a 
    good chunk of damage, but beware because he'll blow 
    smoke from the ground right after so get out of the way. 
    If he's coughing or sharpening blades then use any 
    variety of attacks. When he blows up balloons, using a 
    somersault kick will pop it and hurt him without making 
    you cough. When he spins around in circles with both 
    chainsaws blazing GET AWAY. This move takes out huge 
    chunks of life if you get caught up in it and you can 
    keep getting hit by flying upwards repeatedly if you're 
    unlucky. After you beat him, drop down to the bathroom, 
    set a waypoint for the Tourists, then come back and get 
    Your next quest is to get David in North Plaza, which is 
    easy because you can use the 'offer shoulder' option so 
    you can guide him through North and Paradise Plazas 
    without getting grabbed. You'll have some time to kill 
    probably before your next 6am mission so work on some 
    achievements or gather supplies.
    Carlito II (Entrance Plaza) - The main strategy here is 
    to get close enough to him so that he starts running. 
    The best way to do that is to use Quickstep and then run 
    for him in a zig zag pattern so his shots miss you. Once 
    you get in close he may try a shoulder charge or kick to 
    get you away but then he'll start running. Chase after 
    him and try to cut him off with a jump kick followed by 
    a somersault kick. He sometimes swings at you with his 
    rifle with an overhead chop after you kick him.
    Steven - Steven's also less difficult than you'd think. 
    You can hide between aisles and then jump up on the 
    shelves and knee drop him. Also if you can run around or 
    dodge him you can get a few somersault kicks in. Try not 
    to get hit head on cause he can drag you around for a 
    long time.
    After you grab the medicine, swing by Wonderland Plaza 
    to pick up The Lovers then head back to the security 
    room. Depending on how you're doing on time, Pamela 
    might be getting swarmed by zombies outside the toy 
    store in Paradise Plaza. Drop off the lovers by the 
    warehouse door and use Double Lariat to clear out the 
    zombies around Pamela. Talk to her and Heather and then 
    take your group back to the security room. You'll 
    probably be really close to the time limit but you can 
    make it. Once you hand over the medicine you'll have a 
    few minutes before the next mission kicks in so you can 
    run and grab The Coward from Al Fresca if you're feeling 
    fast, or you can wait till after the cut scene. Just 
    save first since you won't be able to waste any time.
    Cliff - This battle takes a long time. You have to run 
    around and look for Cliff, while dodging his grenades 
    and flares. If you jump up on boxes near shelves he's 
    standing on, he'll jump down and either attack you or 
    run toward one of his trap doors. When you're facing 
    him, use a combination of jump kicks and somersault 
    kicks. He'll often impale you after a somersault kick, 
    which will leave you with your back facing him. Do a 
    somersault kick immediately; it'll hit him even if you 
    aren't facing him.
    At some point after 1pm you'll have to rescue Jennifer, 
    the oldest looking 27 year old ever. At first it looks 
    intimidating to take on so many raincoat cultists, but I 
    discovered that you can just run up to the crate, free 
    Jennifer, then grab her hand and run away from the 
    cultists. Bring all survivors on hand back to the 
    Security Room.
    I cannot stress enough that you should take care of the 
    'Girl Hunting' Mission as soon as possible. The reason 
    is that even if you think you have enough time to get to 
    Isabela and beat her, you might not. The Girl Hunting 
    scoop bar stays up while you fight her, so the clock is 
    still ticking. On top of that, you have to beat her at 
    some point BEFORE the bar runs out. I have beaten 
    Isabela with a small red bar still left, and the cut 
    scene I get is her driving off on her motorcycle. This 
    must be some glitch in the game, but the moral of the 
    story is do this mission ASAP.
    Isabela - I was really worried about this fight, since 
    getting near Isabela and her motorcycle sends you flying 
    in the air. The easiest way to kill her is to stand and 
    wait for her to charge you, then let loose a well-timed 
    somersault kick. You'll do a ton of damage to her and 
    jump right over the motorcycle at the same time. Then 
    just turn around and repeat. This way is faster and 
    easier than using any normal weapons.
    Head into Wonderland Plaza, then head up to the Above 
    the Law mission but do not go near the Food Court 
    entrance or you'll see Nick and Sally hanging on the 
    giant bunny. You don't want to start that just yet, go 
    up the stairs closer to North Plaza and fight Jo first.
    Jo the Jumbo Cop - Somersault kick her, run away, turn 
    around and somersault kick her when she gets close, run 
    away, repeat. Free the girls, then head over to the 
    giant bunny where Sally and Nick hang for their lives. 
    Use the Double Lariat until you kill all the zombies 
    groping for them, then take the whole group to the 
    bathroom to zip over to Paradise Plaza.
    Snipers - Pretty easy but annoying. They move like 
    Carlito when he had the sniper rifle but they lack his 
    kicks and smash attacks. Chase them down one by one and 
    aim to cut them off with a jump kick, followed by a 
    somersault kick or two. Or you can outrun them by two 
    steps, then turn around and rip off a few somersaults. 
    All this while dodging the other snipers' bullets.
    Time might be tight if you rescue the Entrance Plaza 
    survivors before meeting back up with Isabela in the 
    North Plaza. Although the Convicts respawned when I ran 
    through Leisure Park to meet up with Isabela, they were 
    absent a few minutes later when I ran back through to 
    transport her to the security room so don't bother 
    taking them out just yet. Don't forget to grab Kendall!
    Sean - Sidestep Sean's sword attacks and deliver a few 
    somersault kicks. Getting these four survivors back to 
    the security room is a complete nightmare. The mall is 
    packed with zombies at this point and it's night time so 
    they're vicious too. This is especially tough without 
    using any queens. I had a lot of trouble with people 
    dying so once leaving the movie theater and entering 
    Paradise Plaza I set a rally point back into the theater 
    and then ran to the bathroom to save. Load up on Orange 
    Juices from Columbian Roastmasters and start the long 
    trek back to the security room. Find a clearing and set 
    a rally point, then help your individual idiot survivors 
    out as they get into fights with zombies. They'll need 
    health every so often so give them the OJ and then run 
    back up and get more.
    I found a method that works well, but you'll need some 
    juices. Have two Zombaits and two Untouchables 
    (optional). Way Point the group to the little river on 
    the right, then take the Zombait and jump on the tall 
    fountain outside the sandwich shop. The zombies should 
    swarm the fountain, leaving room for the survivors to 
    run to the water along the wall. The water typically 
    doesn't have many zombies. Now run down the path to the 
    Security Room, taking the zombies' attention with you. 
    Set new rally points and drink more Zombait (and 
    possibly Untouchable) until you get to the warehouse. 
    Quick recipe for Zombait: Frozen or Thawed Vegetable + 
    Pie. Untouchable: Orange Juice + Pie. Get your veggies 
    from the boxes in the warehouse and the OJ & Pie from 
    Columbian Roastmasters and mix them there.
    Leave the security room, turn around and take a picture 
    of the Air Ducts. Make sure in the picture it says 'Air 
    Duct' on the right. Go grab the three punks from the 
    Hunting Shack and bring them home.
    Things get a little dicey here. You have to juggle the 
    Bomb case mission, fighting Kent in Paradise Plaza to 
    save Tad, Gil in the Food Court if you haven't saved him 
    already, then in Wonderland Plaza you got sick boy 
    Leroy, old lady Susan, and a boss fight with Paul where 
    you can rescue Debbie and Mindy. At some point during 
    all that mess you'll get a call to grab Simone from 
    Players. If you are going to save all these people and 
    complete the Bomb mission, you can try to take them all 
    up in one fell swoop (gaining you Tour Guide achievement 
    if you don't have it already. I failed at this many 
    times, either because someone would always die or I 
    wouldn't have enough time to shuttle along 8 idiot 
    survivors and rescue the bombs. So while I was waiting 
    for noon for the boss fight with Kent, I decided to go 
    down into the Maintenance Tunnels to get two of the 
    bombs and the maintenance key. I came up just in time 
    for the boss fight with Kent (remember you have to be 
    there before noon).
    Kent - The first thing you'll have to do in this battle 
    is run away so you can answer Otis' call about Kindell's 
    Betrayal. Run around Columbian Roastmasters and keep 
    some distance between you and Kent and you'll get this 
    long transmission out of the way. Then hide around a 
    corner and wait for him. As usual, somersault kick is 
    your friend. Blast off two in a row, since once you 
    connect with one he'll immediately do his own flying 
    kick at you, but your second somersault kick will make 
    his kick pass right through you. Run around him in 
    circles until he tries to kick you again, then walk up 
    and do another two somersault kicks and repeat the whole 
    Bring Tad into the Warehouse, wait for the call for 
    Simone, grab her and bring them up to the Security Room. 
    At this point you have to decide if you want to finish 
    the bomb mission before or after rescuing the last 
    remaining survivors. I prefer to get it out of the way 
    so finish out the bomb mission then head over to the 
    Food Court and grab Gil. Take him to the store where 
    Paul is but don't go inside, set a rally point at the 
    rear section of the store and let Gil hobble in on his 
    own. Susan will be on the giant soccerball, so go clear 
    out some of the zombies there near the stairs a few feet 
    away from the soccer ball. Jump up, talk to Susan, and 
    she should jump off in the direction of the stairs and 
    run towards Paul's store. Grab her hand and lead her 
    there, let go and let her go the rest of the way. Run to 
    the cosmetics shop to talk to Leroy, then clear a path 
    with jump kicks as he runs to Paul's store. Head in the 
    store now.
    Paul - Paul is the most annoying boss in the game if you 
    aren't using weapons, after Cletus. He runs all over the 
    place and is pretty fast. He stops to catch his breath 
    every so often but not for very long. The most annoying 
    part of all though is the bombs he drops as you pursue 
    them. You can usually avoid them but in certain narrow 
    parts of Wonderland Plaza you can get caught up in a 
    blast very easily. You can also get blasted forward into 
    another bomb, forcing you to get caught up in three or 
    four bombs that you can't escape from. Make sure to 
    bring three or four quicksteps for this fight.
    After the cut scene introducing Paul, quickly set a 
    rally point somewhere in the store so your group doesn't 
    follow you around. You should also have a split second 
    to knee drop Paul. The main tactic here is to knee drop 
    or jump kick him, then hit him with a somersault kick as 
    he stands back up, then another somersault kick as 
    recovers from the first one. After that he'll usually 
    escape. He is very hard to pursue and he'll often 
    changed directions quickly. He does stop from time to 
    time though to laugh, catch his breath, or aim a molotav 
    cocktail at you, so take that time to land in some 
    somersault kicks. If you have a skateboard, you can use 
    that to catch up with him.
    Once you defeat Paul grab a fire extinguisher and put 
    the fire out on him. Talk to him, Debbie, and Mindy to 
    increase your group by 3. Set a rally point inside the 
    store and bring Gil to the bathroom/shortcut. Drop him 
    off and set a rally point there. Go back and help your 
    survivors get from the store to the bathroom. Bring them 
    up to the Security Room and finish out the rest of the 
    case missions. Note that if you're running low on time 
    and have to get back to the security room room to start 
    the mission where Isabela takes you to Carlito's 
    hideout, you can leave the survivors in Paradise Plaza 
    or the Warehouse and rush to the Security Room, start 
    the case, then leave Isabela by the air ducts as long as 
    you don't talk to her. Then you can go back and bring 
    the survivors in, just don't leave them too long or 
    they'll slowly die.
    After running back and forth from North Plaza to the 
    Security Room, you'll have to go down to the Maintenance 
    Tunnels to fight Larry.
    Larry - You have some time to get your first strike in 
    as he sharpens his blades. He'll also stop at times 
    during the fight to sharpen so you can get free hits in 
    there. The easiest thing to do is stand right in front 
    of him and continuously somersault kick. He has a move 
    where he tries to grab you like a bear hug but if you're 
    in mid-somersault kick he'll miss. Just keep blasting 
    away with somersault kicks and he'll die easily. 
    Remember the clock is ticking still so don't waste time, 
    if you still haven't fulfilled the survivor requests 
    from Simone, Paul, and Cheryl do so fast then rush down 
    to the butcher shop.
    That's the game. From this point you can do as you'd 
    like, but if you plan on playing overtime mode, now 
    might be a good time to start collecting queens. Shake 
    up some Nectars (OJ + OJ) at the Columbian Roastmasters 
    but make sure you ditch your Cook Book if you have it or 
    else you'll have to wait twice as long for your 'Nectar' 
    status to go away. When the Special Ops come in, the 
    best move is to avoid them and their fire by running in 
    zig zags. You can take them out using disembowl and 
    somersault kicks, but the time you'll spend doing that 
    will draw more Special Ops and you can quickly get 
    surrounded so just try to avoid them. Overtime mode is 
    fairly simple since you'll be avoiding fights anyway.
    Congratulations, you just beat a game people consider 
    difficult without even using any weapons. I found out 
    that although weapons can be great, there are a lot of 
    times where it's better to go without them. Certainly I 
    won't be using so many inventory spots on weapons 
    You can contact me here:
    Xbox Live Gamertag: BobbySoFamous
    YouTube: http://youtube.com/BobbySoFamous
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on 
    any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All 
    trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. 
    Copyright 2009, BobbySoFamous.

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